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<P><B>Disclaimer:</B> <I>All used items from other shows are © by their owners. Kid Vid is © Burger King. Everything else is © Lamont Stewart.</I></P> <P><B>Note from Author:</B> <I>The tide of battle is about to turn. You won't believe what happens this season.</I></P> <P><I>This is told in first person from Mandy Darnell's view.</I></P> <h3><center>Beginning of a New Team<BR> By Lamont Stewart</center></h3> <P><I>Last Season a lot of Revelations was discovered. Sam Nako a.k.a. Chaos was reviled to be the Baron a.k.a. Charlie Nako's father. While Lamont pulled out the Merger Sword.</I></P> <P><I>Meanwhile a new enemy named Nathan Lee came on to the scene. Lamont had meet Nathan before during the Masked Kid saga. Nathan was also the one in charge of those two that tried to rob the National Mint about a year ago. Nathan gave Lamont new powers, and destroyed the L-team rings. Later he caused Jacob to turn traitor and used the time machine to travel to the battle of Gettysburg. It was there Nathan was discovered to be an Android. Lamont sacrificed himself to save the others and history.</I></P> <P><I>The minute Lamont was gone; the Ultimate Threat escaped from his Black Hole prison, because Daniel got his body back and with it his powers. He became Davis, and had attacks like Solar Blast, Ice Beam, Electrical Lightning, Buzz Saw Slice</I></P> <P><I>But he was stopped by what seemed like several people. There was Flamer with his Flame Ray attack. There was Aquanizer with his Aqua Wave attack. There was Rockite with his Rock Shield attack. Finally there was Windinator with his Tornado Attack.</I></P> <P><I>At the same time a young boy who called himself Prince Mathew Cola also appeared. A guy named Gruy was chasing him.</I></P> <P><I>Then we found out that Mathew, Flamer, Aquanizer, Rockite, and Windinator were all the same person. We also found out that Gruy was working for the Changing History Arounders. An evil force that we thought was long gone. Later the L-team finally broke up. But that didn't prepare us for the biggest shock of our life when later we found out that Mathew is a descendent of Lamont.</I></P> <P><I>I wish we could have a normal day for once.</I></P> <P align="RIGHT"><I>Mandy Darnell</I></P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <B> <P>Monday, November 14, 1994 ~ Vandalia, Ohio</P> </B> <P>Mathew said, "And his father is Lamont."</P> <P>I couldn't believe it. I looked at the remaining people with me, and they were as shocked as I was.</P> <P>Chris finally broke the silence and said, "But that's impossible. All of us show him die in that nuclear blast."</P> <P>Jamie said, "Do you come from another dimension?"</P> <P>Mathew said, "Nope, although that technology is available, we don't use it that much. I am from this dimension, but from the future."</P> <P>Brad said, "But Lamont was caught in that blast."</P> <P>I said, "Maybe he wasn't."</P> <P>Just then Jacob appeared and said, "What do you mean?"</P> <P>I said, "Stranger things have happened. But what if Lamont is in another dimension?"</P> <P>Brad said, "How could that happen?"</P> <P>Just the David walked in and said, "The L-hat. It can transport the wearer to other dimension. I saw the power first hand."</P> <P>I said, "If that's true then Lamont is alive, and we need to get him back here."</P> <P>Brad said, "Why?"</P> <P>Chris hit him on the head and said, "If he is here then it counteracts what happened to Davis and he will be powerless again."</P> <P>I looked at the five people before me. Some of them weren't the brightest eggs in the basket, but right now, it was all I had. I said, "I think the six of us should come together to form a new team."</P> <P>Jamie said, "Sounds good, what are we called?"</P> <P>I blushed and said, "I haven't figured that out yet."</P> <P>David said, "What is our mission?"</P> <P>I stood up straight, smiled and said, "That I can tell you. We have to protect Mathew from Gruy. We also have to stop Davis from bringing his master back to this world, while trying to bring Lamont back."</P> <P>Jacob said, "Sounds like a lot of work."</P> <P>Brad said, "But we can handle it."</P> <P>Just then Davis appeared and said, "So you all have been using my hideout have you, well I'll put a stop to that."</P> <P>Just then Mathew stood up and said, "Flame Power!" He transformed into Flamer.</P> <P>He said, "Fire Ray!" A ray of fire hit Davis.</P> <P>Davis blew him self out and said, "Beware the ides of March." Then he vanished.</P> <P>Flamer turned back into Mathew and said, "That is the day Julius Cesar was killed, and the day Merger Day returned in my time.</P> <P>I took a deep breath and said, "Come on he have a lot of training to do between then and now."</P> <P>Everyone said, "Right!" Then they went off to work.</P> <P>I looked at my friends. The six of us were a team, although we didn't have a name. But I knew together we could handle what ever the evil forces threw at us.</P> <h3><center>The End</center></h3><p>#Ë