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<P> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <P><B>Disclaimer: </B><I>PLEASE READ!!!!!! Kendrix, Leo, and the other rangers belong to Haim Saban. This is my first standalone Leo/Kendrix fic so please don't think I'm a crappy writer. This takes place during and after Journey's End III. The ship never crashed or had any other problems either. It just landed on Mirinoi. And the mentioning of my character, Jessica Hartgrove, means that it's NOT part of my series and she belongs to me. E-mail's above. Thanks. ~Holly</I></P> <h5><center>Love Is All It Takes<BR> By Hollytiger</center></h5> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>She was beautiful, no doubt. Not bad for someone who had been a ghost.</P> <P>"KENDRIX!!!!!" cried Leo as he ran towards her. Kendrix had just come back from the dead and from what Maya could tell, those two were in love.</P> <P>"LEO!" cried Kendrix. They hugged for a long time. Finally, as everyone welcomed Kendrix back, Kendrix stepped towards Karone and hugged her.</P> <P>"Thank you Karone, thank you for protecting my saber. I always knew you were good," she said.</P> <P>"Kendrix, it was an honor to be a ranger. I couldn't agree any more than you."</P> <P>Suddenly, Maya made an announcement. She was home and when the rangers put their sabers back where they found them, Maya's people were freed.</P> <P>"My people are going to bond with the colony and live together and celebrate with a feast tonight!"</P> <P>"Alright!" cried Damon. "Let's party! Come on guys!"</P> <P>"We'll catch up," said Leo. Kendrix looked at him in wonder while the others went off.</P> <P>"Leo, what did you mean by…" Leo put a finger to her lips.</P> <P>"Shhh," he said. "Say nothing." He slowly leaned in towards her and their lips met for the first time. They shared a long Welcome Home kiss and didn't come out of the woods for hours.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>A few days later, Leo picked some flowers from Maya's garden and knocked on Maya and Kendrix's door. Leo was about to take Kendrix on a date. Since they were on Mirinoi now, the rangers decided to pitch in a build their own place. Kendrix, who was sleeping, got up, walked over and opened it.</P> <P>"Leo! What are you doing here? Are those for me?"</P> <P>"Hi Kendrix," said Leo as he handed her the flowers. "Look, about the other night…I.."</P> <P>"You were wonderful. I've never been able to tell you but that night…" Leo quickly changed the subject.</P> <P>"I love you," said Leo.</P> <P>"What?" cried Kendrix.</P> <P>"I love you. Are you mad at me?"</P> <P>"Leo, I love you too."</P> <P>"You do?" She nodded. "In that case…" He leaned over and kissed her. Kendrix returned the kiss and they knew that they were meant for each other. Kendrix pulled away from Leo.</P> <P>"What's wrong?" asked Leo.</P> <P>"Remember the other night Leo, in the woods?" asked Kendrix.</P> <P>"I thought we weren't going to talk about that," replied Leo.</P> <P>"Leo, I- I'm-," stuttered Kendrix.</P> <P>"You're what, Kendrix," stated Leo.</P> <P>"Leo, I think I'm pregnant."</P> <P>Leo did not move for a whole hour.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>The next day……</P> <P>"You ready?" asked Leo. He grasped Kendrix's hand. "Alright you two, what's so important that you had to ruin my date with Hannah?" asked Kai.</P> <P>The others nodded in agreement.</P> <P>"Guys," began Kendrix, "what Leo and I are about to announce is going to shock you a little. Remember the day I came back and reunited with you guys and Leo said that we would catch up?" The others nodded.</P> <P>"Well," said Leo, "we sort of had sex."</P> <P>"WHAT????!!!!" they cried.</P> <P>"You heard me. Well, Kendrix wasn't feeling good yesterday so we asked Alpha to do some tests on her. She thought she was pregnant but I thought it was from the destruction of the Savage Sword. Anyway, he ran the tests and we were shocked with the results. Kendrix IS pregnant." The others began talking at once.</P> <P>"No way!" That was Mike.</P> <P>"You can't be Kendrix!" That was Karone.</P> <P>"You are my best friend! You can't do this to me!" That, of course, was Maya.</P> <P>"You guys are not ready!" That was Kai.</P> <P>"I agree with him for once!" That was Damon.</P> <P>"Whoa! Whoa! Guys! Easy! Kendrix and I have worked on this!" said Leo. "WE asked Commander Stanton that once everyone is situated, if we could get married and he said yes to that. The bad part is that Kendrix and I need our own place to live."</P> <P>"That could be easily situated," came a voice. We turned around. It was Shondra, Maya's best friend from Mirinoi.</P> <P>"Hi Shondra!" cried Maya. "What do you mean?"</P> <P>"Well, I couldn't help but overhear those two in your room when I came to look for you Maya, so I asked some of the villagers to build Kendrix and Leo a house. It's done too."</P> <P>"Oh, Shondra!" cried Kendrix. "Thank you!" They hugged. "We better start packing, Leo."</P> <P>"Right," he said as they went to their separate rooms.</P> <p><center>~*~</center></p> <P>Nine Months Later….</P> <P>Maya, Shondra, Karone, Mike, Kai, Hannah and Damon were patiently waiting outside Leo and Kendrix's bedroom, waiting for Kendrix to have her baby. "Ugh! What's taking so long?" asked Kai.</P> <P>"Patience Kai," said Hannah. "It takes a long time for a baby to be born."</P> <P>"Yeah," agreed Mike. Just then, a series of crying was heard and Leo came running out.</P> <P>"Guys! Guys! It's a girl!"</P> <P>"Oh Leo! I'm so happy that I have a god-daughter!" cried Maya.</P> <P>"And that I'm an Uncle and Godfather," said Mike. "Congrats little bro."</P> <P>"Thanks Mike," said Leo as they hugged. "I'm going back in now so why don't you guys come back in a little while?"</P> <P>"Sounds great! I'll make a feast to welcome the newest addition," said Kai as he and the others left. Leo walked in to his daughter and future bride-to-be and sat on the bed with Kendrix.</P> <P>"Have you figured out a name for her yet?" asked Leo.</P> <P>"I think I'm going to name her after my cousin on Earth. She was a ranger too, you know."</P> <P>"Oh really? Which one was that?"</P> <P>"Jessica. Jessie was the purple ranger. She's long gone past her ranger days. She married her boyfriend Rocky at our age. He was a ranger too."</P> <P>"So we're naming her Jessica?" Kendrix nodded.</P> <P>"Jessica Elizabeth Corbett."</P> <P>"I like that. Kendrix?"</P> <P>"Yes, Leo?" asked Kendrix. Leo got off the bed and pulled something out of his dresser drawer. It was a box.</P> <P>"I've been wanting to ask you this since I found out you were pregnant with my child. I think now is the perfect time." Leo walked over to the bedside and got down on one knee. He opened the box.</P> <P>"Kendrix Elise Morgan, will you marry me?"</P> <P>"I was wondering when you were going to ask me. Yes Leo," said Kendrix. "Yes I will." Leo took the diamond ring out of its holder and placed it on Kendrix's out-stretched hand. She kissed him.</P> <P>"I love you Leo."</P> <P>"I love you Kendrix."</P> <P>And they lived happily ever after.</P><p>s 8Ë