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Jessie's Bio
By Hollytiger

Name: Jessica Elizabeth Alice Hartgrove

Ethnicity: Italian, Hebrew, Irish, English, and American

D.O.B: December 3rd, 1979, the same as her boyfriend Rocky DeSantos!

Age: 17 years old

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Weight: 130 pounds

Team color: Purple

Skills: Psychic powers, very athletic.

Powers: Power coin was given as a gift to her for her powers. It is created from them and are protected by Good so the coin can't be destroyed.

Weapons: Purple Tiger bow, power laser

Zord and misc. items: Tiger Cycle, shares the Sphinx Zeo Zord III with Rocky.

Unknown fact: She is oldest of FOUR children and thinks there is only three kids. She has a twin and doesn't even know a single thing about her. She is the oldest and is the only one to have psychic powers.