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Disclaimer: The Power Rangers and all such characters belong to Saban, not me. I have no intentions of using their names to gain personal reward. However, I do plan to use their names to get my story going along. This Fan Fiction is rated PG-13 due to graphic violence and death. If you have any comments, e-mail me. Now, on with the story!

New Friends
By Jason Festa
Part I: The Tragedy

On this cool day in early June, the Rangers were gathered in Angel Grove Park. Only a week ago, with the exception of Justin, they had graduated from the high school they had all grown to love. The latest villainess, Divatox, had yet to learn of the struggle the Rangers could put up when it came to saving the Earth.

"Man, " Tommy began, "I can't believe we're actually done with high school!"

"Yeah. It seems like only yesterday Kimberly gave me her Powers," Kat stated.

"What do you guys think will happen now? I mean, with our powers and all?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, Zordon isn't going to let us keep them if they begin to interfere with our lives," Tanya said.

"What could possibly interfere with your lives?" Justin asked.

"That," Tommy pointed to the sky. It had begun to grow darker a moment ago and now lightning flashed. As they stared at the sky, Tommy's communicator sounded.

"Come in Zordon."

"Rangers, you must teleport to the Power Chamb–" The communication stopped.

"Tommy, I don't like this," Kat stated.

"Neither do I," he responded.

"Let's teleport," Justin suggested.

"Right." The Rangers raised their communicators and teleported away.

"Porto!" Divatox shouted.

"Yes my Queen?" he answered.

"Why have we stopped moving?" Divatox asked.

"Well," Porto began, "I had to re-route all power to the life support systems."

"Why?!" Divatox screamed.

"There is an atmospheric disturbance in the air and it caused us to lose a lot of power," Porto said.

"Well, what's causing the disturbance?"

"I don't know."

"So find out!"

"Yes your highness!" he cried as she left the room. "You saggy old bucket of slop!"

"I heard that!"

Five bright flashes of light touched down in the desert. After the light cleared, it revealed the Rangers.

"Guys," Adam started, "where are we?"

"I don't know. Justin, you know Angel Grove, what do you think?" Tommy asked.

"It looks like we're on the outskirts of Angel Grove," Justin answered.

"How are we going to find the Power Chamber now?" Tanya asked.

"Man, I miss Billy! He knew the way like the back of his hand!" Tommy said.

"Well, maybe we could focus the power of the Turbo Keys and see if they can lead us to the Power Chamber," Katherine suggested.

"It's worth a try," Tommy said. "Turbo Keys!" They all reached for their keys.

"Red Lightning Turbo Key!"

"Desert Thunder Turbo Key!"

"Mountain Blaster Turbo Key!"

"Dune Star Turbo Key!"

"Wind Chaser Turbo Key!"

In a flash, the keys shone bright and created a ball of light. It swirled around for a moment and then headed off behind them.

"Come on!" Tommy ordered.

"Ai, yi, yi! Zordon! Please come back!" Alpha pushed buttons like crazy attempting to bring Zordon back. "Ai, yi, yi! Maybe if I cross the scanners and the audio wires…." Sparks started to fly as the power went out. "Ai, yi, yi! Stupid wires!"

"Alpha!" A muffled voice cried.

"Tommy?" Alpha asked.

"Yes! It's us! Why wont the doors open?"

"I short circuited the main power core!"

"Stand back, Alpha. We're gonna try to open the doors manually."

"Right." Alpha listened as Tommy ordered Adam and Tanya to help him push open the doors. After a few moments, and quite a few sparks, all the Rangers were standing in the Power Chamber.

"Thank goodness your alright, Rangers!"

"Alpha, what's going on? We tried to teleport but we were dropped off three miles away!" Tommy said.

"That is my fault, Rangers. I tried to re-route power to the scanners to look for Zordon," Alpha stated.

"What happened to Zordon?" Justin asked.

"I don't know! We came across a large mass of power heading toward Earth and Zordon ordered me to scan it. As I began to scan, it released a major power surge and shorted out most of our systems. Zordon disappeared and I've been trying to track him down for some time now." The hyper droid began to flare his arms up and down.

"Maybe I can fix it, Alpha," Adam said. "I've always been able to deal with problem machinery!" He stood next to the main console. "Here goes! Ky-ah!" He kicked the main consol. A moment later, the power came back on.

"Justin, see if you can locate Zordon," Tommy ordered.

"Right!" Justin went over to one of the consoles and began to push buttons.

"Anything yet?" Kat asked.

"No." The Rangers became quiet. "Wait! I've got him!" Justin pushed more buttons and Zordon reappeared.

"Rangers!" he cried.

"Zordon! Thank heavens!" Alpha cried.

"Alpha, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but continue scanning. I want to know who or what caused our problems," Zordon commanded.

"Right." Alpha walked to a different console and began to push buttons again.

"What do you have, Alpha?" Tommy asked.

"I'm not sure. I can't read these power signatures!" Alpha cried.

"I can," Zordon interrupted. "It belongs to a being of pure power who I personally have not faced in many centuries."

"Who, Zordon?" Tanya asked.


"Well? What is it?" Divatox asked.

"It appears that Syberia has returned to this solar system," Porto said.

"WHAT?!" She screamed.

"Yeah, talk louder!" Elgar shouted.

"Syberia has returned and her vessel is presently orbiting the moon!" Porto shouted.

"Oh," Elgar responded.

"I'll give you Oh! Come here!" Divatox screamed as she chased after Elgar.

"Zordon, who is Syberia?" Tommy asked.

"Syberia is a being of pure, horrifically evil, power. The magnitude of power she holds, far exceeds that of the morphing grid," Zordon answered.

"Where did she come from?" Adam asked.

"She was created by a being now named the Dark Master," Zordon said.

"What do you mean by 'now named The Dark Master'?" Kat asked.

"I'll begin in the beginning." He paused as he thought of how to phrase his words. "Long before any records of time were made, there existed a group of beings called the Elemental Counsel. This counsel was in complete control of this sector and controlled a tremendous amount of power. One day, they decided to forge their powers together to create a grid of power. Before they could establish the grid, they were forced to choose representatives to control the power emanating from the grid. They chose four beings: Digitar, Dimitria, Ninjor, and myself."

"Who's Digitar?" Justin interrupted.

"Digitar's history was very unclear. All we knew was that he had certain 'friends' in high places. But he was a wonderful man. He went to different worlds, offering the power to anyone who was willing to accept it. One day, Digitar came across a man who did not take well to the power and lashed out at Digitar for bringing it within his presence. This man's name was Syberdon. Syberdon somehow managed to erase Digitar's memory and broke his connection to the grid. Syberdon began to re-teach Digitar. But, not about the Morphing Grid, but about the power of Syber. After a few centuries, Digitar became a master of Syber and had excepted the power and had become pure Syber power. One day, Digitar's memory came back in full. Upset beyond belief, Digitar used the Morphing Grid to increase his powers until they exceeded his masters. When Syberdon confronted Digitar about this, Digitar destroyed him. He went berserk and left. In a far away sector, he created two beings: The Dark Spectre and Syberia. Digitar went into hiding and kept practicing Syber."

"When you say Syber, do you mean like cyber-space?" Adam asked.

"Yes and no. The Syber Grid operates on the same plain that humans understand cyber to mean but exists in a much darker place."

"Will our powers hold up against hers?" Tanya asked.

"Most likely." Zordon was interrupted as the alarms sounded.

"Alpha, what is it?" Tommy asked.

"Syberia has appeared in downtown Angel Grove and is destroying various buildings!" Alpha cried.

"Go, Rangers! And I pray that the power may protect you!" Zordon said.

"Shift into Turbo!" Tommy shouted.

"Wind Chaser, Turbo Power!"

"Dune Star, Turbo Power!"

"Mountain Blaster, Turbo Power!"

"Desert Thunder, Turbo Power!"

"Red Lightning, Turbo Power!"

In a flash, all five Rangers appeared in downtown Angel Grove, where citizens were fleeing for their lives.

"Ah, Power Rangers! How good of you to come!" The Rangers turned to face a red-headed woman dressed in a long black gown floating in the air.

"Syberia I presume?" Tommy said.

"In the flesh! Zordon still sends teenagers into doom? He will learn not to mess with me. Mechanizers, arise!" The Rangers watched as metal tore apart from the buildings and created human looking creatures.

"Let's go to work guys!" Tommy shouted.

"Right!" They all cried in unison before jumping off the roof. They landed and immediately separated to fight off the creatures. Tommy took off down the street, taking six mechanizers with him. Katherine stayed and started to fight four Mechanizers. She kicked one in the stomach and another in the face.

"Take that, you ugly morons!" Before she realized it, one of them snuck up behind her and kicked her in the back.

"Watch who you call morons!" the Mechanizer said.

"Ky-ah!" Justin shouted as he flew into the group of mechanizers currently surrounding Kat.

"Back off! Kat, are you okay?" Justin asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"You'd better go back to the Power Chamber."

"No one is going anywhere!" Syberia shouted as she raised her arms. A moment later, a force field came up and surrounded Justin and Kat. Tommy stumbled up to the bubble as it shot off into space.

"NO!" he yelled. Syberia began to raise her arms.

"Tommy!" Adam cried as he jumped at Tommy. The bubble surrounded Adam and shot off into space.

"Adam!!!!!!" he cried.

"Come on, Tommy!" Tanya said.

"Go, Rangers. I have what I came for." Syberia opened a portal and walked through. The Mechanizers broke apart and returned to the buildings.

"Come on, Tommy," Tanya said calmly.

"But…the Rangers!"

"They're already gone! Come on!" Tanya pulled him toward her and he reluctantly teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Well, this is what you Rangers look like out of uniform. Normal humans." She shuddered as she said the word. The three kidnaped Rangers were powered down and tied up to a wall. "You'll never get away with this Syberia! The other Rangers will come for us!" Katherine cried.

"You heroes are all alike! You have such faith in your friends when they only care about saving themselves!"

"You're wrong! They're probably on their way up here right now!" Adam yelled.

"I doubt it. They ran away with their zords between their legs! Besides, I will destroy them, too! Right after I drain them of their powers. Speaking of which…." Syberia pulled a panel out of the wall next to them and pushed some buttons. The Rangers were suddenly morphed and glowing.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked nervously.

"I am draining your powers for my own use. In one hour, your powers will belong to me! For now, I have a business meeting to attend to. Ta-ta!" She left the room laughing evilly and locked the door behind her.

"Guys, what are we gonna do?" Adam asked.

"We're gonna hope Tommy comes through for us," Kat said. Before it's too late.

"Zordon, what are we gonna do? We can't just leave them up there! There's no telling what Syberia will do to them!" Tommy cried.

"Tommy, I understand your concerns, but there is nothing we can do as of yet," Zordon said.

"Great!" Tommy sighed. Suddenly, the alarms sounded. "Now what?"

"A new monster has appeared in Angel Grove. You must go and handle him immediately," Zordon commanded.

"Right. Back to action!"

"Porto!!" Divatox cried.

"Yes?" Porto answered.

"Who sent that monster?" Divatox screamed.

"I did." Divatox turned to face Syberia as she appeared on the bridge.

"Syberia, to what do we owe the…honor of your visit to?" What does this moron want?

"Well, I'm here to offer you a business proposal."

"Oh really?" Who cares?

"Yes. Either you surrender and give into my greatness, or I will destroy you."

"Hmm, sounds interesting! Tell me more!" Divatox snarled. "I find your offer somewhat lacking."

"It is non-negotiable."

"Well, make it negotiable!"

"You are a fool. I cannot believe that my brother allowed your birth. Surrender or die."

"I'll have to get back to you on that one!"

"So be it." Syberia's eyes flashed an angry red as she disappeared. A moment later, the ship began to shake.

"Porto?!!" Divatox cried. "What's going on?"

"The computers say that the outside pressure has increased dramatically."

"She's trying to squeeze us to death!" The bolts from the walls burst from their positions as water came in.

"Not trying," Porto began, "doing." Porto spoke the last words as the ship imploded under the pressure. Above the water, the waves began to calm and Syberia turned away. "Like I said, non-negotiable."

"Rangers! Welcome!" the monster cried. "My name is Elector."

"Well, Elector, time to go down!" Tommy shouted.

"I think not!" Elector suddenly grew before their eyes.

"Uh-oh! We need Turbo Megazord power, now!" The Megazord appeared and took a fighting stance. They teleported into the massive zord and took control.

"Alright, let's do this! Turbo Megasaber!" The sword appeared in the hands of the capable Megazord. "You're history, Elector!" The massive sword took a swing at Elector and missed.

"With your particular species, history always repeats itself!" Elector grabbed the sword and broke it in half. Elector then moved back and shot out five cables that attached to each zord. "You're gonna get a charge out of this!" He began to electrocute the Megazord. "But then again, so am I!" He stopped electrocuting the zords and began to drain power.

"Tanya! He's draining our power!"

"What do we do?"

"It's gonna blow! Abandon ship!" The two rangers jumped from their zords as the Megazord blew up. The pieces fell toward the ground. All of a sudden, Elector and the Megazord remains, were encased in a bubble and pulled up into space. Syberia appeared before the Rangers.

"Thank you, Rangers! Your zords are much appreciated!" She laughed as she teleported away.

"Let's go back to the Power Chamber," Tanya suggested.

"Right." They both teleported away.

The two Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, fully morphed. They immediately took off their helmets.

"Zordon!" Tommy cried.

"I know, Tommy. I watched the fight," Zordon answered.

"What can we do?" Tanya asked.

"Nothing right now."

"Nothing? We're powerless against Syberia! She has three Rangers, and our Megazord!" Tommy shouted.

"I know. I have a plan to get the Rangers back. But, because your Turbo powers are so weak against Syberia, I have decided to re-instate your Zeo powers." Zordon was interrupted as Syberia appeared on the viewing globe.

"Hello, Zordon," she stated.

"What do you want?" Zordon boomed.

"Simply, the surrender of the other Rangers."

"No way!" Tommy cried.

"Let me try this again." She moved out of the way to show the three Rangers strapped to the wall. She raised a knife to Kat's throat. "Do you surrender?"

"Tommy! Don't do it! She'll kill us all if you do!" Kat cried.

"Alpha, now!" Zordon shouted. Alpha pushed some buttons on a control panel and the three Rangers teleported out.

"No!!!" Syberia screamed.

"Shut up!" Tommy cried as he raised his blaster and took out the viewing globe.

"You could have just terminated the transmission, Tommy!" Tanya said.

"Tomato, tomoto." the three Rangers teleported in. Kat fell to the ground.

"Kat!" Tommy shouted as he ran to her side. He rolled her over and saw the slit across her neck.

"NO!!" Tommy cried. He tightened his grip and rocked Kat back and forth.

"Aw, man! Not only does Syberia leave us powerless, but she leaves us one Ranger short!" Justin cried.

"Tommy, I am truly sorry," Zordon said. Tommy didn't pay attention.

"Kat!" he cried. He started to cry. "I'm so sorry!" How could I let this happen?

High atop Earth's moon, three human looking beings were walking the terrain. In the background, you could easily spot a city of great proportions. The first being walking is a male, white, and tall. The second being walking is female, white, and average height. The third being walking is male, black, and tall. "I can't believe Syberia found us after all this time!" the first boy stated.

"Yeah, we've been eluding her all these years and then out of the blue, she finds us." the girl said.

"You two worry too much about these things! Syberia will be defeated, like always!" the second male stated.

"Not this time!" Syberia cried as she appeared out of nowhere. "Prince JC! Long time no see!"

"Lucky me!" JC, the first male, cried.

"Don't you wish! Your two monkey guards cannot protect you this time!"

"I wouldn't let them anyway!" JC yelled.

"We'll see!" Syberia raised her arms and pulled forth metal from the city far behind them. The metal came together to form eight Mechanizers.

"Time to go to work!" the other male cried as he and the female flew into the group of creatures.

"Leave me some!" JC cried as he flew into the group after the others. They all began to fight like crazy. JC kicked a mechanizer in the face and then threw a kick backwards into another's stomach. The female hit one in the back and it fell to the ground.

"Take that, you bucket of bolts!" A Mechanizer snuck up behind her and grabbed her by the stomach. "Let go of me!"

"Alysa!" JC cried. While distracted, a Mechanizer hit JC to the ground, and then picked him up. "Back off!"

"JC! Alysa!" the second male cried. A portal opened and the mechanizers threw the two captured beings into it. The male continued to fight off the mechanizers as long as he could. Come on Sanchez, you can do better than this! "Syber Thunder Bolt!" he cried. A lightning bolt appeared in his hands and he hoisted it up to aim. "Ba-bye!" He threw the bolt through all the Mechanizers and they all broke apart. Before the metal hit the ground, it flew back to the city. "You know your stuff kid!" Syberia stated, surprised. "I didn't think anyone still studied the Syber form! In fact, isn't it illegal on this planet?"

"So what?" Sanchez responded.

"Don't give me attitude!" Syberia flared her eyes and a bubble raised around Sanchez.

"Hey! Put me down!" Sanchez yelled.

"No." The bubble shot off toward a portal that had just opened. Sanchez flew through and then the portal disappeared. "Finally, after all my years of searching and planning, I have finally completed the first part of Digitar's master plan." She began to laugh as she entered yet another portal and disappeared.


Part II: A Zeo Homecoming

It was a warm day in Florida and Kimberly Hart was working out hard as always. Her new boyfriend, Eric, was working out with her.

"Okay Kim, I think we deserve a break," Eric pronounced.

"Ah, you're just weak!" she paused. "But I am getting a little thirsty. Okay." Kim walked over to where their bags were and picked hers up. She pulled out a water bottle and took a sip. As she set her bag down, a small picture of Tommy fell out. Afraid of her boyfriend's jealousy, she quickly grabbed the picture and stuffed it in her pocket.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Nothing. Just an old picture," she answered.

"Let me see it." he stated.

"No! It's personal!" she cried.

"So, let me see it!" he reached for her pocket but she moved to the side. "Come on!" He gave up asking and grabbed her by the arm.

"Let go of me!" she asked. He pulled out the picture and looked at it. He let Kim go.

"Why were you hiding this?" he asked.

"Because, I thought that you'd get jealous."

"Jealous? Jealous! I'll show you jealous!" He took the picture and tore it in half. Then, he tore it in half again. As Kimberly's eyes began to water, she slapped him.

"I hate you! Stay away from me!" She ran away, fast. She continued to run until she got tired. She stopped under neath a tree. She sat down and put her hands over her eyes. I hate him! Tommy, I love you! Please forgive me!

Tommy was sitting alone in the juice bar, feeling bad about Kat, when his communicator sounded. It had been two days since Katherine's death, and Angel Grove had yet to know about it. To Tommy, it seemed like the days took forever to go by. He began to have weird dreams about how he had let Kat down. For some reason, he began to believe them. He stood up from his table and went into the hallway, nodding at Ernie as he walked by. Stopping to be sure that no one was watching, he raised his communicator.

"Come in, Zordon."

"Tommy, please come to the Power Chamber immediately," Zordon boomed. Tommy recognized this tone as Zordon's extremely serious voice.

"I'm on my way, Zordon." He once again checked to make sure that no one was watching as he teleported out.

As Kimberly stepped out of the shower, the first thing she noticed was that the lights were dim. "I'll have to change the light bulb later." She made her way into her bedroom and went to the dresser. She pulled out some undergarments and then went to her closet. She opened the doors and was surprised at the bouquet of flowers on top of some of her boxes. Delighted, she began to smell them. She then noticed the card and picked it up. She opened it and began to read.

"Kim, I love you and can't stand to be without you. Will you marry me?"

"Oh, my God!" She gasped.

"Not exactly the answer I was looking for," Eric said. Kimberly turned to face him. Her face turned red as she realized she was in a towel and nothing else.

"Get out!" She screamed as she pushed him out of her room and toward the door. "I cannot believe you would pull such an immature prank…on…me." She paused as she saw the humongous diamond ring on the table covered with gourmet food, two glasses, a champagne bottle, and one candle.

"Who said anything about pranks?" Eric replied.

"Whoa!" Kimberly fell into the nearest chair and Eric knelt beside her and picked up the ring.

"Kimberly Ann Hart, will you marry me?" he asked. Kimberly's attention averted from Eric to a picture of Tommy nestled on her television.

Help me make the right choice! "No."

As Tommy landed in the Power Chamber, he first noticed the serious look on everyone's face and became worried.

"What's wrong?" he asked. The Rangers looked at each other carefully, then Adam stepped forward.

"We need to talk." He paused.

"About what?" Tommy asked.

"Kat," Tanya said. Tommy suddenly grew quiet, and sad.

"We need to decide how we are going to let people know," Adam said.

"Yeah, " Tanya broke in, "she can't be 'staying at my house' forever."

Tommy wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up. "We should tell her parents the truth and then let them decide."

"Rangers, perhaps you should take Justin's lead and take some time off," Zordon stated.

"Where is Justin?" Tommy asked.

"He's with his dad today," Adam said. Tommy nodded.

"We should take some time," Tommy paused, "to mourn Kat. We can't just take time off, because there's no telling when Syberia will attack." Tommy looked over at where the original Pink Ranger suit used to stand. "We will have to find a replacement for Kat though."

"Yes, I have already given this thought and have made my decision," Zordon responded.

"What?" Tommy asked.

"Yes. I began to think about this the same day Kat died. I know this is a touchy subject, but it must be handled," Zordon stated.

"Yeah, you're right," Tommy began. "But I can't do it." Tommy used his communicator and teleported out.

"Great. What are we supposed to do now?" Adam asked. He was interrupted as the alarms sounded. "Now what?"

"Syberia is down in Angel Grove and she has three Syberians with her," Zordon said.

"Syberians?" Tanya asked.

"An advanced race of beings created by Syberia almost five thousand years ago." Zordon stopped. "The three Syberians are Prince JC, Alysa, and Sanchez of the royal kingdom. They must be under a spell. You must bring them home safely, Rangers."

"Right, It's morphing time!" Adam cried.

"Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger Four, Green!"

In a flash, Adam and Tanya appeared in Angel Grove to face Syberia.

"Zordon," Adam cried into his communicator, "call Tommy and Justin," He looked at Syberia as she raised her arms and created an army of mechanizers. "We're gonna need them." Adam took a fighting stance as the three Syberians approached slowly.

"Rangers, how good of you to come! What's this? Only two Rangers to toy with? No matter! Soldiers, Syberize!" Syberia cried. The three soldiers held up rings and stood still.

"Syber Soldier Blue, Velociraptor!" JC cried. The ring began to glow blue and then he began to change. The blue clothing he was wearing a second ago had changed into a blue suit that was made from the same material as the Rangers' suits were. A yellow vest formed around his chest and took shape. In the center of the vest, was a blue 'S'. A blank, blue helmet formed around his head.

"Syber Soldier Pink, Brachiosaurus!" Alysa cried. Her ring began to glow pink and just like JC, her clothing changed. Instead of a yellow vest, a yellow stripe formed down the middle of her chest, stretching down to her belt. A pink 'S' appeared inside of the stripe. A yellow skirt, lined in pink, fell from underneath her belt, and a blank, pink, helmet formed around her head.

"Syber Soldier Green, Stegosaurus!" Sanchez cried. His ring began to glow green and once more, the transformation took place. He donned green spandex, and had only a yellow diamond on his chest. Inside the diamond, laid a green 'S'. A blank, green helmet formed around his head.

"What do you think?" Syberia asked. She began to laugh as she disappeared. The group of mechanizers began to charge at them.

"Ky-ah!" Tommy cried as he kicked down the first line of mechanizers. He then rejoined his friends.

"Nice of you to show up!" Adam joked.

"Had to come sooner or later," Tommy replied.

"Preferably later!" JC cried as he picked Tommy up by the neck and threw him into a nearby car. Tommy stumbled to get up. "Come on, Ranger! Do some damage!" JC mocked at him.

"All right, spinning power kick!" Tommy cried. He flew at JC, but he dodged. Tommy landed by the others as Justin appeared.

"Guys!" he shouted as he ran toward them.

"Justin! Just the man we need! Let's do this, Zeo Power Cannon!" The humongous cannon appeared and the Rangers took their places.

"Zeo two power cell!"

"Zeo three power cell!"

"Zeo four power cell!"

"Zeo five power cell!" As they loaded the power cells, and began to fire, JC stopped and raised his hands. "Fire!" The beam fired at the Soldiers, but had no effect.

"They've got a force field!" Tanya cried.

"Work around it!" Tommy cried as they began to run toward the mechanizers. Tommy threw a kick and hit one square in the face. He turned and hit another one in the chest. When he turned again, he faced JC.

"Hello," JC said as he threw Tommy into the side of a building. JC slowly approached the fallen Ranger. "You humans are so weak! You will be easily defeated!"

"We'll see!" Tommy cried as he rushed JC. He picked JC up and ran his back into the nearest building. He let JC drop and backed up. As JC grabbed at his back, Tommy laughed. "Now who's weak?" JC drew his blaster and fired at Tommy. He hit him square in the chest and sent him back several feet. Tommy struggled to get up again.

"You tell me!" JC ran toward Tommy faster than any human ever could. As Tommy saw him coming, he moved to the left, but was too late. JC slammed into Tommy at his stomach and picked him up. He ran Tommy's back into the windshield of another car.

"Back off!" Justin cried as he flew into the soldier. As Justin and JC struggled, Sanchez approached Tanya.

"Hello," he said. "Are you ready to die?" he asked.

"Not particularly," Tanya responded, backing up slowly, looking for a way out.

"Too bad!" Sanchez bolted at her. As he came closer, Tanya froze. When he was right in front of her, she jumped over him and he flew into the wall.

"You shouldn't run so fast. Sometimes, you can't stop in time!" Tanya joked. Sanchez growled.

"You'll pay for that, human!" he cried. He jumped up, and before she could react, he grabbed her by the throat. "You will feel pain!" He tightened his grip.

"Hey, E.T.! I want my powers back!" Adam cried as he rammed into Sanchez. The Soldier dropped Tanya and fought with Adam.

"My turn!" Alysa cried as she grabbed Tanya by her belt and threw her several feet away. As Tanya crashed into a car, she cried.

"Holy garbage maker!" she screamed, along with a few other profanities.

"You humans have such a vulgar way of speaking!" Sanchez cried as he threw Adam into the same car as Tanya.

"Adam, are you okay?" Tanya managed to get out.

"Ugh!" he cried, "I'll be okay."

"He won't!" JC cried as he threw Justin into the pile. He landed with a flop.

"Guys!" Tommy cried as he ran to their aid. "Are you okay?" At the Rangers' nods, he turned to face the Soldiers. JC began to laugh.

"Mechanizers, Syber-dome!" All of the mechanizers came together to form a small, metal dome over the Rangers and Soldiers.

"This is the time where Kat would have jumped in!" Adam whispered to Tanya. As the Soldiers approached, the dome was lit by an all too familiar light, a teleportation beam. As it cleared, it revealed Kimberly.

"Guys!" she cried as she ran to their aid.

"Kim, what are you doing here?" Tommy asked.

"The job I should've kept!" She blinked at Tommy as she stood up and addressed the Soldiers. "You guys are going to pay for this!"

"Cash or check?" Alysa joked.

"It's morphing time!" she cried. The Soldiers looked in confusion. "Zeo Ranger One, Pink!" She cried. When the light cleared, she emerged the Pink Ranger.

"This is impossible! The Pink Ranger is on Syberia's ship!" JC cried. Alysa smacked him.

"What do you mean?" Tommy cried as he stood up.

"Syberia discovered something about her and decided to keep her," he stated.

"Shut up, you moron!" Alysa cried as she slapped him in the back.

"You have no idea how happy you just made me!" Tommy cried. He raised his communicator. "Zordon, activate the Super Zeo Gems!"

"Right." Zordon boomed.

"Let's do it!" Tommy cried as the other Rangers joined him. "Super Zeo Megazord Power!" The massive zords emerged and came to the Rangers. They immediately formed the Megazord, and used one of its daggers to break the dome. "Payback!" Tommy cried as they teleported into their Megazord. The Soldiers stood still in awe until the Rangers began firing on them.

"Syberia!" JC cried. She appeared in front of them.

"Activate your Zords!" She screamed at them as she vanished.

"We need Dinozord Power!" The Soldiers cried.

"Dinozords?" Kimberly laughed to herself. "Those are so five years ago!" The Rangers joined in her laughter, but stopped as the zords appeared, standing higher than their Megazord.

"They've been upgraded!" JC cried. "Expansion mode!" The three Soldiers grew to the size of the Megazord. "Seriously, upgraded!" They stood by their zords, JC by the Velociraptor, Alysa by the Brachiosaurus, and Sanchez by the Stegosaurs. "Syber armor, power up," he stated. The three zords began to break apart and form into armor that encased the Soldiers' entire bodies.

"Uh-oh!" Kimberly cried.

"Big uh-oh!" Tommy responded.

"Trey, I'm glad you could come on such short notice," Zordon boomed.

"Of course Zordon!" the king cried. "Anything to help out the Rangers!"

"Help is definitely what they need right now!" Alpha responded.

"Right!" He stood back. "Gold Ranger Power!" he cried. As he morphed he was teleported down to the Rangers.

"I hope he can help," Zordon said.

"I call upon the power of Pyramidas!" Trey cried as he appeared in the battle field.

"Guys, it's Trey!" Tommy cried, they all moved forward to look as Pyramidas appeared and transformed to warrior mode. The Soldiers looked up in shock as the zord finished his transformation. "We've got them now!" Tommy cried. "Super Zeo Ultrazord!" The Megazord froze in place as it transferred into Pyramidas, and the Red Battlezord appeared to complete the sequence. As the Rangers appeared in the main cockpit, Trey welcomed them.

"Rangers, welcome!"

"Hey, Trey, time to go to work, prepare to fire an ice beam. Maybe we can freeze them and then de-morph them." The Rangers moved around to their chairs and began to make the modifications to fire.

"Tommy! Ready when you are!" Justin cried.

"We have a lock!" Adam cried.

"Blasters on full!" Tanya cried.

"Stereo's on full blast, as always!" Kim cried.

"She's the humor part of the team, isn't she?" Trey asked.

"Always has been!" Tommy laughed. "All right, fire!" The Soldiers cringed in fear as the beam hit them. When the mist cleared, they were frozen. "All right, now to get the rings! Adam, you take green boy! Justin, you take his Royal highness."

"I've got tall, dark, and pink!" Kim cried. The three Rangers jumped from the Megazord to the Soldiers. Adam landed in Sanchez' hand, Justin landed on JC's shoulder, and Kim landed on Alysa's belt. Adam worked his way to Sanchez' ring.

"I'm taking my powers back!" He slipped the ring off and Sanchez shrunk back down to normal size, and was teleported to the Power Chamber.

"Here goes!" Justin cried as he jumped from JC's shoulder to his hand. He began to work his way to his ring. He settled in JC's palm and slipped the ring off. JC shrunk back down and was teleported to the Power Chamber. Meanwhile, Kimberly had been working her way to Alysa's arm when the effects of the beam wore off. The pink Soldier shook off her chill, and then realized that Kimberly was on her arm.

"Kim! Watch out!" Tommy cried as Alysa reached up and grabbed the Pink Ranger. She held her in her palm and raised the Ranger to her face.

"Now what are you going to do? You're trapped!" Alysa chuckled to herself.

"This!" Kimberly pushed the ring up just enough to de-morph her and shrink her back down. Alysa and Kim teleported to the Power Chamber.

"All right! Let's get back guys!" Tommy cried. They all teleported out, and the zords returned to the Zeo Zord Holding Bay.

"No!" Syberia screamed. "This was my best plan ever! They got back their powers, and they know that I have their Ranger!"

"My queen," a voice reasoned from the shadows. A mechanizer stepped out. "You will get them, and their powers. Those puny humans are no match for your greatness!"

"You flatter me too much, Mallet. No wonder why I kept you! Bring me my spell book. I want revenge against the one who ruined my plans!"

"The Pink Ranger?" Mallet asked as he handed her the book.

"Yes. I want a spell to make her feel like she's just a fill in! Aw, yes! The shadow spell." She closed the book and gave it back to Mallet. She pushed some buttons on a nearby control panel and a large staff appeared. She took hold of it and held it in front of her. "Dejah, turah, malle- tacy, murro, dehan, terro." As she stressed this last syllable, the staff began to glow pink, and then a bright beam shot down to Earth. When the beam stopped, she lowered the staff. "Noone messes with the Queen of Syber!"

As the Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, they took off their helmets and greeted Adam, Justin, and Kim with happiness.

"Kim," Tommy began, "it's been a long time." They gave each other a big hug. Kimberly turned to Adam and hugged him.

"I have to say, Adam. You look better in green!" He blushed as she complimented him. Tommy looked around and then spoke up.

"Zordon, where are the Soldiers?"

"They are in a special cell, where I am removing Syberia's spell. They should be almost completely healed," Zordon said. "There is something I wish to discuss with you, though."

"What?" Tanya asked.

"What JC said earlier, about Kat." The Rangers grew quiet. "I scanned Katherine's grave site and found that her body, is made up of metal."

"What?" Tommy cried.

"Huh?! She was replaced with a mechanizer!" Adam realized. "Syberia must have done it when we were separated!"

"Then Kat is still alive!" Tommy cried, happily.

"Yes. I cannot get an exact lock on her, but I did find that her life patterns were registering from Syberia's ship." The Rangers cheered in joy, but none of them were as happy as Tommy was.

"Rangers," Alpha broke in, "I would like to present to you, the prince of New Syberia." JC walked out with Alysa and Sanchez behind him. The Rangers bowed in respect.

"Please stand. I hate it when people do that! It makes me feel weird!" The Rangers stood. "Thank you Power Rangers. You have helped us gain freedom from Syberia. I would like to apologize to you for our behavior earlier."

"Hey, don't sweat it! We've all been under a spell at some point or another, we know how it feels!" Tommy joked.

"Some more than others!" Kim poked at Tommy, he smiled.

"JC, Alysa, Sanchez, it has been an honor to see you all again," Zordon said.

"The feeling is mutual!" Alysa stated.

"I have decided that you are to keep the Syber Powers and use them to protect your planet," Zordon boomed.

"Thank you. Because of our recent behavior, we have something to offer you," JC stated.

"What?" Justin asked, curiously.

"The truth about the Pink Ranger." The Power Chamber grew quiet. "Syberia discovered that, in a past life, Katherine was actually a Syberian." The Rangers listened in shock. "To be more specific, Syberia's…" He was interrupted by Alysa.

"I'm sorry, but we can't tell you. If we do, it will interrupt your destiny, and I can't allow Prince JC to do that."

"Please!" Tommy pleaded.

"Red Ranger, please know that she is safe, and will not be harmed. I promise you that she will come home safely." Tommy became sad.

"Please, I have to know," he pleaded once more.

"Please understand that we strongly believe that to interfere with destiny, is extremely wrong," Sanchez broke in. "She will be back, and she will be fine."

"We must go for now. May you have luck, and love in all that you do," JC said as they teleported out.

"But…," was all Tommy could say.

The light shone brightly across the lake as Kimberly and Tommy walked the shore.

"I'm glad that Kat's okay," Kimberly said.

"So am I. I was scared when she first teleported in and fell. And when I turned her over, I freaked," Tommy said.

"Yeah, Adam told me. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But at least we know that she's okay."

"So, tell me about this guy you so foolishly chose over me," Tommy joked. Kim laughed.

"Eric. He's a great guy! He really loved me."

"But did you love him?"

"Not in the right way. We had a fight a few days ago."

"Over what?"

"You." Tommy froze, and began to blush. "He found a picture of you that I kept with me, and he tore it up."


"Yeah. I slapped him and ran away from him. The next day, yesterday actually, he proposed to me. Surprised the hell out of me!"

"What did you say?"

"Well, obviously I told him no! Otherwise, I wouldn't be here!"


"I almost said yes, though. But then, I looked at a picture of you and realized…." She paused.


"I never really got over you." They stood in silence for a moment. "Tommy, I want another chance."

"I wish I could give it to you."

"But you can't."

"No. Kat and I kinda got involved, and I'm really happy with her."


"Kim," he stopped her, "she may have taken your place on the team, but she'll never take your place in here." He put his hand on his heart. "I love you. Nothing will change that, no matter who I go out with." He bent down and kissed her. As he did, a pink beam hit Kimberly and she began to glow. For a moment, Tommy began to glow as well, a dark green instead of pink. As they broke apart, the glowing stopped and they continued to walk. As Kimberly began to think about what Tommy said, she began to become sad. He says she never took my place in his heart, but does he mean it?


Part III: A Shadow of Doubt

As Kimberly stumbled through the fog, she tried to figure out what was going on.

"Where am I? I remember laying down, closing my eyes, getting up, and then this! Is this a dream? No, too real!" she continued to think until she heard a faint cry.

"Hello?" she asked. When she heard the cry again, she became scared beyond belief. "Who's there?" all she heard was laughter. Then, she heard the cry again, and she took off, running toward it.

When she heard it again, she froze. She recognized it. "Tommy," she said to herself. "Tommy!" she cried as she kept running. Then she saw the fire. She stopped and looked at it. Inside were the bodies of all the Rangers, past and present, except for Tommy, burned beyond belief. She shrieked. Then she heard his cry again, but not of mercy, but cruelty. She started to walk toward it again, but stopped when a second voice started.

"Poor Kimberly, never did make a good Ranger!"

"Oh Kimmy, help me! I'm so scared!" Tommy taunted. With tears, she turned the corner and saw Tommy and Kat, together, naked. The tears started to flow.

"You're pathetic!" Tommy cried as Kat kissed his neck. Kimberly tried to turn away, but couldn't.

"You never should have been a Ranger, you're so weak!" Kat laughed as Tommy nibbled on her ears.

"You son of a bitch!" Kimberly cried. "If you're so better, then why are all the Rangers out there dead?"

"Because you killed them!" Tommy cried. Kimberly stared in confusion. "Yeah, you killed them! You left us here to fend for ourselves while you went off to play!" Kimberly began to cry. This was the one thing she dreaded the most, being responsible for the downfall of the Power Rangers. She turned, finally able to. As she did, she caught a glance of a shadow but paid no attention. She cried as Tommy and Kat continued to taunt her by enjoying each other's bodies. Kimberly screamed as she woke up. She looked at her surroundings for what seemed like eternity. She finally rose from bed and walked over to the door to her bathroom. As she opened the door, she flicked the lights on and slowly closed the door. She looked in the mirror and jumped back. Instead of her reflection, she saw a pink shadow, in the form of her body. It seemed to stare at her for a moment before it began to laugh the most hideous laugh Kimberly had ever heard. She ran out of her bathroom, and picked up her communicator as the shadow flew at her. She raised her communicator and teleported out just as the shadow dissipated.

As Tommy looked around, he heard Kimberly's cries in the distance. "What is going on?" He looked around and then spotted Kimberly, fumbling around. "Kim!" he cried. She stopped and looked around. "Kim!" he cried again. She looked in his direction. Tommy turned as the fire blazed. Inside the fire were the bodies of all of the Rangers. He turned away in horror to see Kimberly come running up. Then he heard his own voice, joined by Kat's. He turned a corner to see Kat and himself standing together naked, laughing at Kimberly's foolishness. He turned around to see Kim directly behind him. "Kim." She stared at the two behind him, and then walked through him. "What the hell!?" He looked at Kim as she started to cry.

"You're pathetic!" the fake Tommy cried as Kat kissed his neck.

"You never should have been a Ranger, you're so weak!" Kat laughed as Tommy nibbled on her ears.

"You son of a bitch!" Kimberly cried. The real Tommy was surprised to hear Kim cuss. "If you're so better, then why are all the Rangers out there dead?"

"Because you killed them!" the fake Tommy cried. Kimberly stared in confusion as the real Tommy became angry. "Yeah, you killed them! You left us here to fend for ourselves while you went off to play!" Kimberly began to cry again. She turned around and for a moment, the real Tommy thought she saw him. Tommy looked over to see the fakes go at it. He became completely outraged and balled his fists. A few moments later, Tommy sat up in bed and looked around. He got up and went over to his dresser. He pulled out a shirt and put it on, then left his room. He walked down the hallway and then entered the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and saw a green shadow in his place. As Tommy backed up, the shadow came out of the mirror and stopped in front of Tommy. Tommy stared at the shadow and moved his hand up to touch it. Before he could, it hit him in the face, hard enough to send him back into the hallway. He stumbled as he got up and ran for his room. He looked back and the shadow was gone. He entered his room and went to his night stand and picked up his communicator. He raised his communicator so that he could see the buttons, and then teleported out.

The Power Chamber lit up with the familiar light cast from Tommy's teleportation beam as he appeared. Kimberly and Alpha were in a corner of the Chamber, performing some tests. Kim looked up as he appeared, and smiled. But her smile quickly faded as she saw a slight green shadow cast off of Tommy. Tommy froze when he saw a bright, pink shadow coming off of Kim.

"Tommy, why are you here?" Zordon asked.

"As far as I can see, it looks like the same reason that Kim's here," he responded.

"Bad dream?" she asked.

"A horrible one. You okay?" he asked as he approached her.

"Yeah, just a little after shock. When I woke up, I saw a pink shadow in my mirror, in my place, and it attacked me."

"Maybe that's what I'm seeing, then," Tommy said.

"What?" Alpha asked, confused.

"Right behind Kimberly is a bright pink shadow," Tommy stated as he slightly took a fighting stance.

"Yeah, well there's a nice green shadow behind you! But, for some reason, it's not really bright," Kim stated.

"Alpha, run a sensor scan for any extra life-forms that may be in the Power Chamber," Zordon commanded. After a few moments, Alpha spoke.

"The computer has picked up two life-forms. One, very strong and hard-set, and the other weak and fading."

"Construct a mirror image of the Power Chamber in the viewing globe. Perhaps we will be able to see what they are seeing." Zordon ordered. Alpha pushed a few buttons and they all looked in the viewing globe. They saw their reflections but saw something different. The pink shadow seemed to be empowering the green shadow. Finally, the two shadow's became extremely bright and then, Tommy and Kimberly began to scream in pain. In the reflection, it appeared that they were trying to rip out the Rangers' hearts.

"ALPHA!" Tommy cried.

"STOP THE REFLECTION!" Kimberly screamed in pain.

"AI, YI, YI, YI, YI!!" Alpha pushed several buttons and then the image disappeared and they stopped screaming. "I'm sorry Rangers!"

"It would appear that the shadows do not want to be seen. What do the scans show, Alpha?" Zordon asked.

"They show that nothing is wrong, Zordon!" Alpha crie. "I just don't get it!"

"It is obviously one of Syberia's spells, but I have never seen anything like this before," Zordon commented.

"It's like they were trying to steal our energy, Zordon. How is that possible?" Kimberly asked.

"I am not sure, Kimberly. But I do want you both to go home and get some rest," Zordon pleaded.

"I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep again!" Kimberly cried. Tommy and Kimberly teleported out in two bright flashes.

"Why didn't you tell them Zordon?" Alpha asked.

"Because, they wouldn't be able to handle the truth, Alpha."

Kimberly sat alone in her room, contemplating wether or not to go to sleep. "If I go to sleep, I'll most likely have a second dream. But if I don't, I'll never be ready for school tomorrow!"

Kimberly continued carrying on like this for about 15 more minutes until her communicator sounded. She reached over to her night stand and picked up her communicator.

"Alpha, come in."

"Ai, yi yi, Kimberly! The other Rangers are engaged in a battle in the business district of Angel Grove. You must go help them immediately!" Alpha cried.

"All right, tell them I'm on my way!" Kimberly stood up and took a morphing stance. "It's morphing time!" She cried as she summoned her Zeonizers. "Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!" She immediately transformed and teleported away.

She appeared in a dark, cold area with nothing but scraps of buildings around. She looked around in confusion. Then she heard the all to familiar cries.

"Kimberly!" Tommy's voice whispered.

"No, not another dream!!" She began to back up. Then she turned around, and saw it. Millions upon millions of mechanizers. "No wonder why the buildings were so torn up!" She backed up once again as they advanced on her. She raised her communicator. "Zordon, where are the other Rangers?"

"As far as our computers say, they're already there." Zordon's voice boomed. "If this was a dream, his voice wouldn't have sounded so real! It can't be a dream!" She looked all around for the others, then saw how close the mechanizers were, and took a fighting stance. "All right! You wanna play? Let's play!" she cried. She jumped into the hoard of mechanizers and began to fight. She threw punches all over the place, she was kicking and blocking so fast, she lost her balance. "Get a grip, Kimberly." She stood up and took a correct, calm fighting stance. A mechanizer rushed her and she fought. He threw a kick, she blocked it. He threw several punches, she blocked them. Finally, the other mechanizers joined in.

"Oh, crap!" She said as she turned and ran like crazy. Then she heard the cries again. She stopped, turned around, and saw that all of the mechanizers had disappeared and that the buildings were put back together. She looked around and then saw Tommy at the top of a building with a new monster. "Tommy!" she screamed. Tommy became distracted, trying to find the voice that called his name. The monster took advantage of this, and grabbed Tommy by the throat. "No!!" Kimberly screamed as the monster threw Tommy off of the building. She ran like crazy to try and catch him, but got there too late. Instead of saving him, she got to see him hit the ground, in a pool of blood. "No!!" she screamed as Tommy de-morphed revealing his broken body. Kim turned around and got sick. Then she saw the other Rangers, slowly walking toward her. "Guys!" she cried as she ran up to them. She buried herself in Adam's chest. "It's all my fault!" she cried.

"It's not your fault. Kim, we have to put this aside and deal with this monster," Adam said.

"I can't," she stated.

"Fine," Adam said. "Then we will." They abandoned her to go stop the new monster. She heard their many cries as the monster took them out, one by one. She tried to force herself into helping, but was frozen in place due to her fear of dying. She freaked as she felt the familiar pull of teleportation. As she looked up, she realized that she now stood inside of the Power Chamber. She looked around, and then saw Zordon's angry face.

"Are they all dead?" she asked, hoping he would say no.

"Yes, they are," Zordon stated, coldly. Kimberly sank. "You should have helped them, Kimberly."

"Zordon, I tried, I honestly did! But, my legs just wouldn't move. It was like, I knew what was happening, but I didn't want it to happen to me." She hung her head in shame.

"Kimberly, even if you were afraid, you still should have tried to save them, instead of being selfish."


"You let your friends down, and because of your fears, they're dead. Their lives are on your head." Kimberly went into an emotional melt down at that. The one thing she feared more than dying had come true. So many things ran through her head right then, but she tried to push them aside. "Kimberly, you do not deserve to have the power. I hereby strip you of all of your powers, and I send you away in shame." This hit Kim like a rock. Her Zeo armor melted away, and her zeonizers appeared on the consol in front of her, as well as her communicator.

"No!!! It wasn't my fault!!" she cried.

"Enough. Be gone, you pathetic teenager." And with that, Kimberly left the Power Chamber.

She appeared in the park.

"Did that really just happen?" she pondered aloud. She looked around to see where in the park she was at, and then she saw Tommy. "Tommy?" Her chest tightened when she realized that he was transparent.

"Little, poor, defenseless Kimberly. What's wrong? Did something not go right for the perfect little princess?" Tommy sneered. "Zordon's right, you are nothing but a pathetic teenager!"

"Tommy, please," she pleaded, as tears ran down her cheeks.

"I died because of you! I don't see why Zordon wanted you back, Katherine was a much better Ranger!" Tommy looked completely disgusted, now. "Not only is she a better Ranger, but she's also a better girlfriend," Kimberly turned around, in tears. She tried as hard as she could to force the thought that he was right out of her head. As she turned around, she also saw Adam. She freaked when she realized that he was also transparent.

"Please no!" He approached her with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Kimberly, Kimberly, K