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Humorous Disclaimer : The Rangers ain't mine.Their Saban's. Get it? Got it? Good. Michaelangelo from behind: I don't get it. Shut up, turtle boy. I'm talkin'. I hope I got the Ectomorphicons names right. I'm not gonna explain Zord Transformations, 'cuz If your reading this, you're probably a Power Ranger fan. Enjoy. Oh, one last thing, I got the idea of putting the place and time from the X-Files movie.

The Plan Begins
By Mark Drumheller

Earth; Angel Grove mountains 2:45 p.m.


"Ha ha ha!" laughed Ivan.

Zhane looked around. "I wonder whats so funny?" he asked.

"Do we really want to know?" asked TJ.

"No," said Zhane. Suddenly two streaks of purple light flew twards them out of the sky.

"Uh oh," said Andros.The streaks landed behind Ooze and the Ectomorphicons materalized.

"Well now! Ha ha ha!" laughed Ivan. "I'd like you to meet a couple friends of mine.Scorpitron and the dreaded, barbaric Hornitor!" Scorpitron aimed it tail at the Rangers and sent a purple laser blast at them knocking them backward.

"Aghhhhh!" yelled the Rangers as they hit the ground.

"*huff* *puff* We're gonna need the Astro Megazord!" said Cassie.

"Got that right," said Andros. "Astro Megazord power, now!"

Out in orbit, the Astro Megaship transformed into Megazord mode. It then dove into the atmosphere, shield first. It landed and the Rangers entered the control cockpit.

"Hey, pretty fancy, sha-mancy. Too bad I gotta wreck it!" said Ooze.The Megazord turned toward Ivan.

"We'll see about that, slimeball!" said Andros.

"Get them!" yelled Ivan to the Ectomorphicons.The Hornitor walked slowly towards the Megazord followed by Scorpitron.

"Get ready," said Andros. Scorpitron attacked first by sending stinger blasts at them. Sparks shot off from the Astro Megazord's chest where the blasts connected. "Woah!" yelled Andros. "Astro Megazord blaster!" The blaster appeared in the Megazords left hand. The Megazord aimed at Scorpitron and fired, knocking it backwards.

"All right," said Ashley. Just then, the Hornitor grabbed the Astro Megazord's wrist, causing it to drop the blaster. It then punched the Megazord's midsection. Sparks erupted from the impact.

"This isn't fair! It's two on one!" said Carlos.

"I know, " said TJ.

"Saber online!" yelled Andros.The Saber appeared in the Astro Megazord's right hand. It quickly slashed the Ectomorphicon's arm, causing it to let go. The zord quickly got in two more slashes, sending sparks flying. The shield appeared in the Astro Megazord's left hand. It raised it up just in time to stop Hornitor's counter attack..Then, Scorpitron re-entered the battle, sending vollies of purple energy blasts at the Astro Megazord.

"Not again,"said Zhane from behind Andros while trying to stay on his feet. "I hope this ends soon."

"We're down to 50% power," said Carlos. "These things are really draining our main power."

"Alpha, can you try to boost our power?" said Andros.

"Aye-yi-yi! I can try," said Alpha 6 through the intercom. Down in the control room, Alpha started hitting keys on the control panel. "Here goes nothing," he said, pressing one last button.

"There. Power is now at 76%," said Carlos.

"Good," said Andros.The Astro Megazord slashed Scorpitron hard, slicing the stinger off its tail. Purple ooze spurted out from the robot's tail. Power surged into the Saber. It slashed right down Scorpitron's middle.

"Alright!" yelled Zhane as Scorpitron exploded.

"They destroyed my beautiful creation…now I'm beginning to get really…ANGRY!" roured Ivan. His body turned into a stream of ooze shooting into the barbaric Hornitor's spine. It quickly grew taller than the Astro Megazord and its face turned into Ivan's.

"Ew…." said Cassie, sounding strangely like Kimberly.

"Don't mess with the Oozeman," mocked Ivan.

"Really? Why not? Its fun," said Zhane. In response, Ivan shot a powerful purple blast of energy into the Megazord, knocking in to the rocky ground.

"Ahhh," said Zhane, falling over. "This guy is tough."

"First Angel Grove ….THEN THE UNIVERSE!!" said Ivan, laughing loudly.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" yelled Andros. The Megazord got back up and swung the Saber at him. Ivan grabbed it and snapped it in half. He then grabbed the Megazord and threw it against the mountain.

"Powers down to 20%. We gotta do something!" yelled Carlos.

"I'm thinking!" yelled Andros back. Ivan punched the Megazord hard in the chest, causing a shower of sparks.

"Energy nearly depleated," said DECA over the intercoms.

"We're at 10% and dropping. We need a miracle!" yelled Carlos. Ivan pulled his fist back to punch them again. Just then a blast of gold energy struck Ivan in the chest throwing him to the ground. (insert Gold Ranger theme song here) The Gold Ranger's massive Zord, Pyramidas, flew past overhead.

"My turn!" yelled the Gold Ranger. "Pyramidas, fire!" Gold energy shot into the sky. Gold lightning raced along the ground towards Ivan.

"Uh oh," said Ivan, just before the energy hit him. A huge explosion erupted from Ivan. Purple energy shot out from the exploding Ectomorphicon. Ivan appeared on the ground. He looked up in time to see the barbaric Hornitor's final destruction. "YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!" screamed Ivan. He disappeared into a purple transport beam.

The Gold Ranger turned toward the Astro Megazord. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you," said Cassie.

"Can you return your ship to orbit on your own?" he asked. "I wish to speak with you as soon as possible."

"We need serious repairs," said Andros. "Ivan really got us good."

"I will use Pyramidas' tractor beam to help you into orbit so you can begin repairs," he replied.

"Thank you," said Andros.

Earth orbit 3:35 p.m.


"Repair systems online," said Alpha.

"We're at least in better shape than when Darkonda attacked this thing," said TJ.

"Your right about that," said Andros. Suddenly, the main screen came on.

"Me and my companion wish to teleport aboard," asked the Gold Ranger.

"Okay. We're ready," said Andros.

"I wonder who's with him?" said Carlos. Two teleportation beams appeared on the bridge. Two forms appeared from the beams.The Gold Ranger and….Alpha 5!!

"Another Alpha?" said Zhane.

"Alpha 5," said Alpha 6.

"Aye-yi-yi! What happened to your voice?" Alpha 5 exclaimed. "You sound like a girl!" "Hey!" said Alpha 6. "What happened to you?" he said looking the other Alpha over. "You look awful!" Alpha 5 had scorch marks and dents all over.

"I found him on Eltar shortly after Dark Specter captured Zordon…" he said, becoming silent for a second.

"If it hadn't been for Zordon, I'd have been destroyed," said Alpha 5.

Andros looked at Alpha. "I…." he began.

"It's okay," said Alpha. "If you hadn't destroyed Zordon's energy tube, Dark Specter would have taken over the universe."

The Gold Ranger quickly spoke up. "Um…I forgot the introductions," he said. "Greetings. I am Trey, lord of the planet Triforia."

"Nice to meet you," said Carlos, reaching out to shake Trey's hand. Trey looked at it, then remembered what it meant. He shook Carlos' hand.

"I am glad to meet you all," he said. "As you already know, this is Alpha 5, former assistant to Zordon."

"Yes," said Cassie. "All of us except Zhane and Andros met him when we first became Rangers."

"I have repaired him as much as I can," said Trey. "I was hoping you could finish what I started."

"Yes. I'll get Karone to take him to the repair bay……" Andros looked around. "Has anyone seen my sister?"

"Not since last night," said Zhane. All six of the rangers gave Zhane a funny look. Especially Andros. "No! It's not like that!" he said quickly.

Andros started laughing. "Sorry, Zhane," he said.

"You don't think she slept through all this, do you?" said Ashley. Just then, Karone walked into the bridge, yawning. She looked around.

"What?" she said.

"You just woke up?" said Andros, amazed.

"Yeah. I was tired from the trip here," she said. She looked around. "Have I missed anything?"

"Yeah. Quite a bit," said TJ, chuckling. "Like a whole Megazord battle!"

"We really should continue," said Trey. "I believe we both picked up an automated message from the Power Chamber."

"Yes. From Zordon," said Andros. He turned to Trey. "He told us about Ivan Ooze."

"I prepared my Zord and another and came here to help you," he said.

"Another?" said Andros.

"Yes Bil…the Phantom Ranger," he corrected, "helped me construct it."

"What is it?" asked Carlos.

"It is called the Delta…" he started.

"Megaship," finished Andros sounding, excited.

"You rebuilt it?" said Zhane.

"Yes. It is necessary if we are to stop Ivan Ooze," replied Trey.

"Who?" asked Karone. Andros quickly told her everything. "Wow. This sounds bad."

"It is?" said Trey.

"Wow. I overslept a few hours and missed everything!" she said.

"Ow," said Ashley rubbing her ribs.

"Oh. We forgot to get Alpha to check you out," said TJ to Ashley.

"Alpha?" said Andros.

"Yes?" said both Alphas. Alpha 6 looked at Alpha 5.

"I'll take her to the med room," he said. Alpha 6 lead Ashley out of the room.

"What do we do now?" asked Cassie.

"We wait," said Trey.

The Moon 4:56 p.m.


"The Rangers may have stopped Plan A, but Plan B is a whole different story!" said Ivan.He looked around him at the wreckage of the evil bases that once stood on the moon's surface. "What a mess," he said. "Looks like it's the maids day off." He chuckled. "Well, looks like I'll have to clean up."

"Pssst! Hey, you!" said someone from behind Ivan. Ivan turned around.

"And who might you be?" he asked.

"Hi. I'm Rito Revolto," he said. "My sis wouldn't let me help in Dark Specter's attack on everything."

"Really?" said Ooze, sounding annoyed.

"Good thing, too. I'd be a pile of dust right now if I had," he said.

"Do you want something?" said Ivan.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd let me help you," said Rito. "It's kinda boring up here. I might have something you could use."

"What could a dunder head like you have that I could use?" said Ooze.

"Well, let me see," he said. Digging through his bag. "A golf ball….no I need that," he dug some more. "Rubber chicken….how'd that get in here?" Ivan rolled his eyes. "Humm….box with Goldar's ashes in it….no, I was gonna try to bring him back."

"If I bring back your friend, will you shut up?!" said Ivan at the end of his last nerve.

"Yeah! Sure!" said Rito. Ivan zapped Rito's pouch, knocking Rito silly in the process.The bag exploded and everything went everywhere. Goldar appeared in a flash.

"Wa huh?" said Goldar looking around. He spotted Rito. "Oh no…I'm sill there…where's all the fire?"

"Goldie, you're back!" yelled Rito.

"Noooo!! It's worse! I'm alive again!" screamed Goldar.

Ivan, sounding reallyed annoyed, yelled, "Shut up! Both of you!"

Goldar looked at Ivan. "Ahhhh…" He dropped to the ground at Ivan's feet. "It's the legendary Ivan Ooze!" he screamed. Ivan looked around, surprised Goldar had the IQ to recognize him.

"Who?" said Rito.

Goldar got up and walked over to Rito. He smacked him in his boney head. Rito shook his head. "Ooooohhh! That guy," he said.

Ooze laughed. "You two make me laugh. I'll let you stay around," he said.

"What will we do about the Power Rangers, oh, my hideous one?" asked Goldar.

"I was just getting to that….You two go to your former masters bases and bring me every spell book, potion, and whatever else you can find," said Ivan. "I will put my Plan B into action."

"Yeah. Sure," said Rito.

"Yes, master," said Goldar. The two teleported away to do Ivan's bidding.

"Now first," Ivan looked around, "I need a base for my operations." Ivan Ooze began shooting purple energy skyward. Pieces of wreckage and debris began floating up off the surface of the moon. They began merging before Ivan. Pieces of Machine Empire skybases merged to the sides, forming heavy armor. Soon, pieces of Rita and Lord Zedd's destroyed base merged into the structure. Finally, huge mile-high spikes of rock shot up from the surface, forming an indestructable defense for the base. "Ahhhh. This will do nicely," laughed Ivan after the hours of waiting for it to finish. Just then, Rito and Goldar teleported in.

"Hey, Oozie baby! Could you have warned us before taking pieces of the base we're….." Goldar stuck a rock in Rito's mouth to shut him up, cutting off his sentence.

"We've got what you asked for, master," said Goldar setting a large bag on the ground.

"Well done, monkey boy," said Ooze.

"Thank you, my…." Rito interrupted Goldar before he finished.

"When can we start going at those Rangers?" exclaimed Rito. In response, Ivan started making snorting sounds. He then spit a large purple loogie out onto the ground, a good thirty feet away. "Woah! Distant!" said Rito. Suddenly, the loogie bagan to form into a large puddle. The puddle formed into a dozen shapes. Suddenly, they became the birdlike Tengas.

"Alright! Tengas!" yelled Goldar.

"Not exactly. My own special kind Tengu," said Ivan. "They're ten times as strong. And smarter, too."

"Screech! Caw Caw!" screeched the Tengu Warriors.

"Stop your screeching!!" comanded Ivan. They quieted down. "Go down to Earth and split into two groups. 6 of you head to Angel Grove. The other 6 go and destroy the hyperlock chamber that imprisoned me. I don't want it used against me again. GO! And begin the destruction of Earth! When the Rangers show up, TEAR THEM APART!!"

"Yes, master," said the lead Tengu. The Tengu took off toward Earth.

"Now inside!" said Ooze. They headed inside Ivan's new base.

Earth orbit 7:36 p.m.


"Guys, we got trouble!" yelled Andros from across the Astro Megaship's bridge.

"What is it?" asked the now healed Ashley. Andros pushed a key on the control panel. A screen came on with a dozen blips on it heading for Earth.

"What do you think it is?" asked Carlos.

"Where are they headed?" asked Trey.

"Well, 6 are heading for Angel Grove, and the other 6 are heading to Australia."

"Ivan's hyperlock chamber," said Trey. "if they destroy it, we may never stop him!"

"Right! We split up. Me and Zhane will head to Angel Grove. The rest go to Austrailia," said Andros.

"No. Bad idea. Ivan's troops could probably beat you easily," said Trey.

"We need as many in Australia as possible to get the chamber," said Andros.

"Maybe I can help," said a voice. Everyone looked around. Suddenly, the Phantom Ranger appeared.

"The Phantom Ranger…." said Cassie.

"We can go 4 to each place," he said.

"Good to see you," said TJ.

"Yeah, always," said Cassie, smiling.

"Right," said Andros. "You, Cassie, Ashley,and Carlos head to Angel Grove."

"The rest to Australia," said Trey.

"Let's go," said Andros. "Let's Rocket!" The 6 Space Rangers morphed as the already morphed Trey and Phantom Ranger watched. They all teleported to Earth.

Sydney, Australia 7:42 p.m.


Two people; an American guy and an Australian girl, were walking near the construction site. "I'm glad you convinced me to visit. Here, it's great," said the guy.

"Yeah. I figured you….." the girl trailed off.

"What?" he asked. He looked up around in time to see the Tengu land.

"Screech! Hey, aren't you gonna run?" asked the lead Tengu.

"We don't run from Tengas," stated the guy.

"Really?" the Tengu advanced on them.

"Hut sic yaaa!!" the guy yelled, kicking a Tengu in the head. (If you don't know who's battle yell that is, you shouldn't be reading)

"Tommy, look out!" yelled someone from above. Tommy ducked just as a Tengu tried to hit him. The Rangers jumped down from the roof and ran over to Tommy and, you guessed it, Kat.

"You alright?" asked TJ.

"Yeah….TJ?" he asked.

"You guessed it," TJ said, laughing.Trey turned to them.

"You should go," said Trey.

"No way! We're helping," said Kat. Suddenly, the Tengu attacked. One kicked Zhane, sending him falling backward.

"Hey! Cheap shot!" yelled Zhane. TJ did a spinning kick into a Tengu, knocking it down into the construction site. Zhane dove in after it.

"Hut sic sic sic yaa!" yelled Tommy, giving one Tengu three punches and a kick.The Tengu was barely fazed by the powerful attack. "Uh oh," said Tommy. Just then, Trey jump kicked the Tengu, knocking it back. "'Sic yaaaaa!!" yelled Tommy, giving it an extra kick, knocking it over a railing into the construction site. "The Tengas are alot tougher than any I've fought," stated Tommy.

A short distance away, TJ, with some help from Kat, was fighting two at once."Yaaaa!" yelled TJ, kicking one.

"Yeeyaaa!" yelled Kat, punching the other in the head. "Oww, tough guy!" she said.

"Yeah," said TJ. He ducked a punch and kicked the one Kat was fighting in the gut.

"Thanks," she said.

Angel Grove; exactly the same time


Cassie jump kicked a Tengu in the chest, sending it flying into a cement bench.

"Take that!" she said.The Phantom Ranger grabbed the Tengu and flipped it over in the air. His blaster appeared in his hands.

"Uh oh!" screeched the Tengu. Phantom Ranger blasted it and it desolved in the air, leaving only feathers. Another Tengu jumped at Phantom Ranger.

"Another one! Watch out, Cassie!" he yelled. Not too far away, Carlos was fighting two Tengu.

"Lunar Lance!" he yelled. He swung his weapon and tripped a Tengu. The other one tryed to grab him, but he ducked out of the way.

"Star Slinger!" yelled Ashley. She fired her weapon into the Tengu she was fighting. Sparks flashed off the Tengu as it staggered around.

"Ow ow OW!" the Tengu screeched. Ashley jump kicked it, sending it flying into the second Tengu Carlos was fighting.

"Hey, thanks, Ash," he said.

"Don't mention it," Ashley said. Carlos threw the Tengu he was fighting onto the other two. Both Carlos and Ashley pulled their Astro Blasters and blasted the three Tengu.In an explosion of feathers they disappeared.

Australia; same time


"Super Silverizer! FULL POWER!!" yelled Zhane.The four lights on his weapon flashed. Zhane aim his weapon at the Tengu he was fighting. He ran towards it with a laser rapidly blasting the Tengu. At close range, Zhane yelled, "Blade mode!" The blade flipped out and he slashed the Tengu hard, sending feathers flying. "Allright! One down, five to go!" he said. Meanwhile, Trey was fighting a rather annoying Tengu.

"Ha ha! You can't hit me!" screeched the Tengu as it dodged another one of the Gold Ranger's kicks.

"That's enough….ITS TIME FOR A GOLD RUSH!!" Gold energy swirled into the Golden Power Staff.

"Uh oh! Gotta run!" screeched the Tengu as it turned and ran.Trey aimed the staff at it and multiple balls of gold energy shot out, disintegrating the fleeing Tengu Warrior.

"Humm…Better be careful. These guys are strong," said Tommy, backing away from the Tengu he was fighting. Tommy kicked the Tengu in the beak.

"Ow! That hurt!" screeched the Tengu. Tommy suddenly noticed a fence behind the Tengu. It had a sign on it marked "Danger: High Voltage."

"Hey, an electric fence," he thought. "See ya, bird brain," he yelled. "Hut sic yaa!" He kicked it in the chest, sending it flying into the fence. The Tengu started smoking and it exploded, leaving nothing but steam and feathers. Tommy turned and went looking for Kat.

"Spiral Saber!" yelled Andros. He slashed the Tengu he was fighting. Just then, another jumped at him from behind. TJ and Zhane seemed to come out of nowhere and double kicked it. It flew back and was blasted by Trey. It exploded into feathers. Tommy and Kat came up next to Trey. The lone Tengu looked around.

'Ummmm!!" screeched the Tengu.The Tengu took off skyward.

"Wheres the sixth?" said Trey. Suddenly, the sound of an explosion in the site got their attention.

"Ha ha!!" screeched the last Tengu. "I win, you lose!" The Tengu took off, leaving the hyperlock chamber wrecked.

"Oh great. Now what do we do?" said Andros. "We should have payed more attention."

"Theres nothing we can do now," said Trey. Suddenly, the Alphas' (Plural, both Alphas) voice came over the communicator.

"Rangers?" they both said.

"Hey, I'm doing this!" said Alpha 6.

"Sorry. I forgot!" said Alpha 5.

"The remaining Tengu in Angel Grove have retreated," said Alpha 6.

"Of course. They know we had them beat," said Andros.

"It would be best if you brought Tommy and Katherine to the Megaship. They'll be safer," said Alpha 6. "Just in case Ivan got any ideas."

"Right," said Andros. TJ and Andros.

They both yelled. "Galaxy Gliders…HANG TEN!" The Red and Blue Galaxy Gliders zoomed down from the sky and hovered a foot off the ground.

"You," said Andros to Tommy. "You're coming with me."

"Call me Tommy," said Tommy sitting down on the front of the Red Galaxy Glider.

"Kat, your riding with me," said TJ to Kat.

"Thanks," said Kat.

"My turn," said Zhane. "Silver Cycle." His cycle converted to glider mode as it landed.

"I guess I'm going with you," said Trey.

"Yeah," said Zhane.The three Gliders took off toward the Megaship.