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Disclaimer: You guys an' gals know the drill. Power Rangers is owned by Saban Entertainment. I'm just messin' with the characters for my own sick humor. 🙂

Author's Notes: This is set the same night Billy gives up his Zeo Crystal. It is basically a drama/spoof and does not relate to any of my universes at all. Billy is 'right as rain' in those. (Well, maybe not completely…;- )

The Lone Warrior
By Donte Frazier

The Sun was setting on a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, this didn't mean much to William Cranston as he sat on the cliffs overlooking Angel Grove Beach. All he was able to think about were the last few days.

The most terrible days of his life.

"What's wrong with me?" Billy muttered to no one in particular as he tossed as rock off of the cliffs. "Why is my life so damned miserable?"

No one answered.

Well, he really didn't expect anyone to. It's not like William James Cranston, the geek/nerd/dork that nobody likes, mattered anyway.

Billy laid back on the rocks to reflect.

"Where did my life go wrong?"

He could think of a million ways that his life had gone wrong, but only one reason that has caused all of his suffering. The one thing that, maybe if he could change it, would've made his life much better than the travesty that it had become.

_Mom_ Billy thought, _Why did you have to die. Why did you have to leave me with a dad that doesn't gives a pig's eye what I do at night. Why did you, the only one who ever understood me, leave_

Billy sat back up, and looked over the cliff.

_You caused this suffering. My life is a living, breathing hell all because you got hit by that car_

No, he knew who was really at fault.

_No, It wasn't your fault, mom. I'm sorry. It was that bedamned driver. Why was he drinking? Why isn't he rotting in a jail cell this very moment? Because our courts are crooked? Because my life was meant to be this way?_

The sun was setting, but Billy could care less.

_Hmph. The only joys I ever had, Being a Ranger and being Kim's best friend, were snatched away from me by two cruel, heartless people. I know I gave Tanya my crystal, but was it really mine to give?_

He tosses a rock off of the cliff in anger.

_Why the hell did I invent that damned machine!! If it hadn'tve been for that damn aging machine, I wouldn't have had to stay! I could've aged one of them and made them stay! I would still be a ranger!_

The wind blew softly, as if to calm him down. A single tear trickled down his cheek.

_And why did Kim fall for Tommy? Why did he steal her from me?!! Why don't I have any friends? Any true friends? Why does everybody I love leave me???!!_

Billy stared out at the sea, quietly, but for a moment, and thought back to one of the truly happy moments of his life. One word flowed through his mind.


"What?" Billy thought aloud.

_Am I even meant to be here?_

"Oh great" Billy moaned, "Now I'm going crazy"

_Listen you jackass_

"Oh boy"

_Maybe…just maybe, you should stay on Aquitar the next time you go. Maybe you shouldn't come back. You know that the Alien Rangers are the only ones who ever understood you_

"Yeah" Billy thought as he looked out towards the water. "I have always liked the water"

_There ya' go_

"Yeah…yeah!" Billy sounded, with determination in his voice. "Next time I go to Aquitar, I'm stayin'!"

But, as he got up, with a new goal planned, a seed of doubt was placed in his head by an unknown being.


_But, what?_

"But what if I end up being just as unhappy on Aquitar as I am here?"

_Well, then you can always kill yourself…_

The End