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The Stars of the Colonies:
By David Knight and Kenneth Hillis

With high expectations, human beings leave Earth to begin a new life in space colonies. However, The United Earth Sphere Alliance gains great military power and soon seizes control of one colony after another, in the name of "justice" and "peace".

The year is After Colony 195. Operation Meteor: In a move to counter the Alliance’s tyranny, rebel citizens of certain colonies scheme to bring new arsenals to the Earth, disguising them as shooting stars. However, not only does the Alliance catches on to this operation but also members of OZ and one who even at this moment about to try to sabotage the entire operation.


"Sakura!" a man called out to the young girl standing on a platform

The young girl looked like she was Aryan but she was also Japanese because of her father. However she seemed to inherit her mother’s looks. She had long red hair down to the middle of her back. She was dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes were like blue sapphires.

"Yeah Bowie? " Sakura Yo asked Bowie Henderson. He came from earth from Africa but was against the Alliance. He had a haunting look behind his pleasant exterior.

"Just finished."

"Finished what?" Sakura asked.

"The remote for Silentdeath… you don’t have to be in the cockpit to control your Gundam anymore. You can control it anywhere you are now." Bowie said handing her the remote.

"Thanks Bowie… I think I may need this." Sakura said pocketing it.

"Later Sakura." Bowie left her.

"Slientdeath… I can't forget how many hours you and I have trained together." Sakura smiled looking at her Gundam. It had been created out of the plans of Wing Gundam and the Gundam Deathscythe. The head was definitely derived from the Deathscythe as well as its quickness but the rest of the body was like Wing Gundam right down the bird configuration. It had all of Wing's weapons plus a few ‘special’ weapons. She referred to it as a her because even though all the Gundam were masculine like, she was the only female that was going to pilot a Gundam for the Operation.

"I can't wait to prove it myself." Sakura sighed.

"I'm afraid you won't have the opportunity Sakura."

"Commander Ziek… what's with the guards? What's going on here?" Sakura demanded.

"You are no longer the pilot of this Gundam." Commander Ziek replied.

"WHAT!" Sakura exclaimed. "You must be joking!"

"The High Command has decided that you are not qualified to be a pilot."

"What! That's crazy!" Sakura spat. "I've trained for five years as a pilot! I know Silentdeath like the back of my hand!"

"They don't think so and that is what matters."

"And who the hell are you going to have pilot my Gundam?" Sakura demanded.

"Me," A voice said from behind Ziek. Out stepped a young man with dark blonde hair in a pilot's uniform. He walked past her and looked up at the Gundam, then looked at her and whispered, "This isn't something you need to get involved in, little girl."

"Who the hell is this?!" Sakura asked.

"This is Lukaz Renshada… your replacement."

"What! You can't mean this!" Sakura screamed.

"We need the best to make OZ and the Alliance pay." Commander Ziek said.

"Yes…" Lukaz said simply, _Or so you think…_ He thought inwardly.

"I won't stand for this!" Sakura said.

"I'm sorry Sakura. Follow orders please."

"No! This is my Gundam." Sakura spat.

"Men… take Miss Yo back to her quarters… gently." Ziek sighed.

"No! You idiots! Let me go this instant!" Sakura screamed.

Lukaz tried not to chuckle, _That was easier than I thought it'd be…_

"Lukaz! I don't how you did this… but I swear I will be the pilot for Silentdeath! DO YOU HEAR ME!!!" Sakura screamed until she was out of range

Ignoring her, Lukaz turned to Ziek, "So, when do we launch?"

"2 hours. You will take Silentdeath to the shuttle that will take you to Earth Point Omega where you will be deployed at the start of Operation Meteor." Ziek replied.

"Yes sir," He nodded before walking off to get prepared.

"Bowie…" Ziek said.

"Yes sir." Bowie said.

"Is the remote ready. We need to give it to Lukaz."

"Lukaz?" Bowie said confused. "Isn’t Sakura going to pilot Slientdeath?"

"No she won’t. We are sure Lukaz will do better." Ziek said. "Now the remote…"

"Almost done." Bowie said. "It will take about an hour to finish."

"Get on it. That is your highest priority. If Sakura only realized that we wouldn’t have her in a jail cell."

As Ziek walked away Bowie was filled with anger. "You are all fools… Sakura and Silentdeath are a team… you can’t just replace them… and newsflash jackass. My highest priority is not following your orders." Bowie started walking away. "Its to the safety and freedom of the colonies… and my own heart."


"Damn it you fools! Let me out! I’ve been with you all for five years training for this!" Sakura screamed at the guards.

"Sorry… but if the Commander thinks Lukaz is right… then that’s who pilots the Gundam." They said.

"Damn you both to hell! I am the Goddess of Silence! You can’t do this to me!" Sakura shouted.

"What do you want?" a guard said.

"Commander Ziek told me to come down her to get the remote to Silentdeath. She still has it on her."

_Bowie! Not you too… am I just too frail looking to you all…_ Sakura cried. Then stopped. _No… I am the Goddess of Silence… I am not weak!_

"Okay come on." The guards opened the doors and had their guns on Sakura. "Hand over the remote… "

That was the last thing they were able to say before Bowie shot them in the back.

"Bowie what have you done!" Sakura said.

"You know that Lukaz isn’t right… sides there isn’t any real High Command…" Bowie said.

"What?" Sakura said in disbelief.

"This whole place is funded by some big wig. I don’t know who yet but I know he helped convince the other members of the Operation that he was the right choice." Bowie said. "Sides I am going to die soon anyway… terminal cancer. I’ll be dead in three years."

"Oh Bowie…" Sakura cried but then Bowie slapped her.

"Don’t cry Sakura not for me! Cry for the people of the colonies who have been oppressed by the earth. They need to be free… get your Gundam back and show them what the Goddess of Silence is all about. I will pray that Shinagami doesn’t take your life."

"Bowie… thank you… " Sakura smiled.

"Take my gun… use it to fight for the colonies. " Bowie said.

"I will… and thank you." Sakura ran for the hanger.

"Good luck Sakura." Bowie then ran for the shuttle bay to get the hell out of there.


Lukaz headed down the hallway, wearing his flight suit and holding it's helmet under his arm, that led to the hanger the Gundam Silentdeath was being held in. He smirked slightly, _Soon everything's going to be fixed…_

Just then a gun clicked.

"I told you I was going to stop you."

Lukaz stopped dead in his tracks and smirked, "Oh, it's the little girl…"

"No. It's the real Gundam Pilot. Not some rich man's last minute worthless substitution." Sakura growled.

Lukaz turned around, still smirking, "Sorry, but the higher ups decided on me in the end. Now stop being a crybaby and run along."

Just then Sakura spin kicked him in the head and into the wall.

"Two words. Screw you." Sakura smirked.

Lukaz growled and tossed the helmet at her hand, knocking the gun to the floor. He then lunged forward and tackled her, "You're going to regret that…" He spat, reaching for her neck.

"I don't think so!" Sakura then grabbed his arm and flipped him over her. She then with a kick-elbowstrike-kick combo to his body and then sent him back into the wall.

He started to get up again before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

"Thanks for nothing moron." Sakura said as she then stripped him straight out of his flightsuit and then got herself into it. "Time to get going." She said going to the hanger where her Gundam was.

"Attention. Launch in five minutes. Repeat launch in five minutes."

"Time to fly." Sakura smiled as walked up the ramp. She entered Silentdeath and gave the clearance codes needed to open the hanger doors.

As the hanger bay doors opened to let Silentdeath out, Sakura found four Leo Mobile Suits there waiting. As the Gundam began to move out, a voice spoke over the speakers, "Escorts ready to go, Silentdeath pilot."

_Oh crap…_ Sakura groaned. _I am going to be so screwed. Well might as well get it over with. Beamlance is ready to go at a moments notice. They try to fire and I'll be ready._

"Well?" The voice spoke up again, indicating he was waiting for the pilot's response.

_Damn it… not going to be easy. Here we go._

Silentdeath then activated its beamlance.

"What the?" One of the Leos said before Silentdeath sliced it half and it exploded.

"Now that you've seen me I can't allow you to speak of my existence. So says the Goddess of Silence." Sakura stated.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Another male voice, but older, exclaimed over Sakura's communications unit.

"Sorry pal but I don't take kindly to be replaced!" Sakura shouted as she took out another Leo with an overhead slash from her beam lance.

"Who do you think you are?!" The man shouted, then yelled off to the side, "Well, what are you waiting for? Do something!"

"Who am I… I am the living embodiment of Shizukamegami! I am the Goddess of Silence!" Sakura cried as she took down the last two Leos by separating her beam lance into two beam swords and cut them down.

"What right do you think you have to steal that Gundam and try to stop this operation, girl?" The man spat.

"What right? How about the simple fact I spent a good part of my life training with her and now a big shot corporate asshole wants to replace me. Two words: Screw you."

"Stupid woman!" He exclaimed, "You're going to screw everything up!" He shouted off to the side again, "Well?! Do something to stop her already!"

"Sorry but they are all dead." Sakura said. _Crap he wasn’t with the Leos. He's really going to be a pain if I don't find a way out of here._

"Yes sir!"

"What the hell…" Sakura groaned as more Leos were coming into range. "I really don't have time to waste."

"Just get back in here and we may go easy on you…" The man growled, "I'm not going to let you ruin this operation…"

"Sorry but I don't play by your rules!" Sakura then leveled her Buster Rifle at them. "Say good night!"

Silentdeath fired its Buster Rifle and then the Leos were destroyed completely.

The man slammed his hand on something extremely hard, most likely the console he was talking into, "You're going to regret this a great deal, you know…"

"I'm sure." Sakura said. "Oh… and her is my personal screw you to hell mark. See ya." She then switched off the communications signal making radio silence to who ever it had been. "Now to find a way to get to Earth."

Silentdeath was now in space looking for a way to get to earth when she saw a shuttle craft on it's way to earth.

An Alliance Military shuttle.

"Bingo." Sakura smirked as the gears in her head spun formulating her plan. When it worked she would be on earth right before Operation Meteor began.

_I will make it to the Earth… and make the Alliance and OZ pay for robbing me of my family… Bowie… thanks for making my dream a reality._


"So what is your plan now sir?" a man asked the man in the shadows.

"This 'Shizukamegami' has cost me a very good opportunity and she will pay for it in time." the shadow man said. "But for now all that matters is the mission. I don't want just one person on my side on the Gundams. Prepare my shuttle for Colony L1. Have a contingent of troops and a replacement Gundam Pilot ready." he then smiled. "I am actually going to enjoy replacing this one."


"All right let’s clean up this… Lukaz! What the hell happened to you!" Ziek asked as he came over to check on the young man.

"Ugh…" Lukaz mumbled as he got up. After being filled in on what Ziek knew, Lukaz knew what to say, "We had an OZ agent right under our nose… it was that girl, Sakura. I tried to stop her, but she nearly killed me in the process…"

"Sakura… no… it's not possible… she's no OZ… She’s been here for years…" Ziek gasped.

Lukaz nodded slowly, "I'm sorry, but it's true. She was playing all of us for fools."

"I just can’t…." Ziek then regained himself. "We can not halt Operation Meteor now nor can we contact them now without revealing our plans to OZ. Lukaz, as soon as our Seventh Gundam is finished you will pilot it to earth and join the others… but I want Sakura brought back alive and her Gundam salvageable. Slientdeath is our second most powerful Gundam."

"Seventh Gundam?" Lukaz questioned, surprised "You have a seventh?" _Dammit…_ He cursed to himself, _They must have kept this one under tighter wraps than the other six. But then, it could prove to our advantage…_

"We had planed to use it in an emergency… this is one. You will be prepared to pilot Crimsonfire in 10 days time. Once you get there bring that girl back to us. We need to question her. Is that clear?" Ziek ordered.

Lukaz saluted, "Yes sir." He then put a hand, "And I'll try to bring her back in one piece." _Or pieces. Whichever comes first._

"Just make sure OZ falls." Ziek said.

As Lukaz walked away he was smiling. _You are all fools. Just wait until I get my hands on that Gundam. You fools are going to call that girl a traitor and ally of OZ and allow the REAL member of OZ to pilot your precious Gundam. My brother is going to love this when I get a chance to talk to him… and we haven’t finished anything yet bitch. Not by a long shot._


The next day…

The young man looked around staring into space. It wasn't any different than looking out side really. He just had time to kill till it was time.

_The mission… what I've been brought up for._ he thought as he got up from the bed. _Always a mission…_ He looked at himself in the mirror. _What am I still doing here… do I really need this…_ It was then that he reminded by some words by a man that had taken care of him.

_'To live a good life is to act on your emotions…' That's what Odin told me…_ he remembered.

It would always end up like that for him and then he would remember what Odin told him. It was a calming mantra to him. His way of life.

He then picked up his gun. It was his first ever. He always had had it.

The door opened and he spun around with the gun ready and pointed.

"Omae o Korosu!" he shouted.

An old man with white hair wearing a white lab coat, plus having a mechanical arm, held a hand up, "Hey! Put that down, it's just me."

The young man relaxed. "Is it time Dr. J?"

"Almost," He replied, "How are you feeling?"

"Alright for the mission." the young man replied. "He still doesn't know… does he?"


"Good." the young man said. "If he knew we weren't going to commit mass murder like he originally intended he stop us. Some one has to fight but in a way so that the colonies won't be blamed for what will happen. What happens on earth, all blame will be placed on me. Life is cheap… especially mine.

Dr. J didn't really have a response to that, so he just nodded slightly, "Well, we should probably get going, shouldn't we?"

"Right." The young man got up and followed the doctor out.

"We'll go to the capsule where we will store your Gundam." Dr. J replied. "Making it look like a meteor will draw less attention to your self rather than trying to fly out into the atmosphere of earth."

"Either way would be find with me. All that matters is the mission." the young man said.

"Well, if you get caught it won't matter what your mission is now, will it?" Dr. J questioned, "Anyway, we should probably come up with a name for you to use for your cover when you reach Earth…"

"Understood." he nodded.

Dr. J thought for a moment, "How about the name pacifist space leader… Heero Yuy?"

"Fine." Heero said emotionlessly.

"Alright then…" Dr. J replied, "And always remember, first and foremost, our goal is to stop OZ. That is all that matters in this mission."

"Rodger." Heero replied.

They walked into the room… but didn't find the suit.

"What…" Dr. J said before he was grabbed.

"Dr." Heero started but then was surrounded.

"Don't bother." the gun men said.

Just then from the ledge someone was looking down.

"There's been a change in plans."

"YOU!" Heero snarled.

"If you had only been trained to be the obedient cold bastard you were supposed to be none of this would have happened." the shadow man spoke.

"I believe in murder and killing… but I don't believe in mass murder." Heero growled.

"What's the difference?" the shadow man said with out a care.

"You can… you won't stop us…" Dr. J stated, "Heero will get to the suit, and you won't stop him from doing so."

"So now you have named him after the man his guardian killed…" he laughed. "But then I guess I was better since I liked Lowe."

Heero's eyes widened. "You killed Odin!"

"Odin Lowe was becoming a liability to me… and it was his time to die." the shadow man stopped. "What is it?"

"Sir. Our man is ready to drop an colony on target in Eastern Eurasia and our man is at the mobile suit still familiarizing himself with the controls."

"Good. Keep me posted." the shadow man said. "Looks like check and mate. You know I wouldn't have come but apparently with someone stopping one of my spies and taking 06 to earth early, I had to make sure at least ONE of the 'meteors' did cause chaos."

Dr. J gritted his teeth, "You won't succeed…"

"Don't worry good doctor… I still have a use for you." the shadow man said. He pointed to his assassins. "Kill the boy."

"My name…" Heero started as he groin kicked the man behind him and then took his machine gun and mowed down the men in front of him and then took out his own gun and shot his behind man in the head. "… is Heero Yuy." he then pointed the gun at the shadow man. "Omae o Korosu."

"Shoot me…" the shadow man smirked as he showed Dr J hostage. "And I will kill him. My life outweighs his usefulness."

Dr. J grinned and glanced up at the man above them, "You don't know him very well, do you?"

Just then the doors exploded and the man holding Dr. J was shot dead.

"We just found out about the true Operation." one of the Colony Revolutionist said.

"Fools! Don't you know this is the right way!" the shadow man said.

"No… just your way to eternal power… and like I said…. OMAE O KOROSU!!!" Heero then fired the machine gun at the ledge.

"Argh…. I'll never forget this day… Heero Yuy!" the shadow man said with a sneer and contempt. He then fled.

Dr. J turned to the ones that had just helped them, "Do you know where the Gundam is?"

"The fifth hanger. They intend to fly it out in its shuttle casing." one of them replied.

Heero was already suiting up in a tan flight suit. "Then I'll simply kill everyone in that room and take the Gundam and then fly directly to earth."

"Just remember, try to avoid OZ as much as possible before you land," Dr. J warned him.

Heero then paused. "What about what he said… about someone else changing his plans and take out a Gundam… am I too assume there are more then one Gundam in this operation… you never told me that."

"Heero, we don't have much time…" Dr. J said, side-stepping the question.

"Answer the question! Will there be more than just my Gundam on earth?" Heero asked.

"…. yes." Dr. J replied.

"Will they be allies… or enemies?" Heero asked.

The scientist sighed, "There's no way to tell… if they did the same thing with the other Gundams, and succeeded, they might all be enemies, except for maybe the sixth one… unless he was lying about that just to trick us."

Heero nodded. "I'll treat all of them hostle until proven other wise. If I end up making contact I will make sure they don't get into my mobile suit at all."

"Good," Dr. J responded, "Now get going. We have to launch Wing Gundam before they decide to try something else."

"Roger." Heero then ran out.


"All stats are ready." the pilot inside Wing Gundam smirked.

"This is too easy." one of the shadow man's men said.

"LAUNCH NOW!" the shadow man shouted through their comms.

One of the three men picked up the com. "But Sir we aren't…"

"They escaped! Get out of there and in space now!"

They all snapped alert. "Get moving that damn machine right…"

"Omae o Korosu!"

"What?" the two men on the ground said before they were shot in the head.

"What… what happened!" The pilot asked before looking down and seeing Heero with a gun.

"Omae o Korosu." Heero fired and the pilot fell out. He then boarded Wing Gundam and then fired up its engines. He saw the doors were open. "This is for me." he breathed and launched the shuttle and shot out into space.

"Respond! Have you launched! Have you launched! Answer damn it!!" the shadow man's voice came through the set that was left on the ground next to the dead men.

The comm unit was picked up by someone, "Greetings, 'old friend'… I do believe your men were just about one second too slow…"

"YOU!" the shadow man spat. "I'll find a way to get rid of him!"

"I think not," The other said, "Heero is, after all, the Perfect Soldier… just what you wanted, right?"

"Grrr…." the shadow man spat. "One day… one day I will kill him. Know that." with that the transmission was cut.

The comm unit was dropped to the floor and crushed by a shoe. Dr. J smirked and in the direction that Wing Gundam had taken off in, "Good luck, Heero."


In a space station above earth’s orbit, an Alliance officer reported to his superior, "Sir, we’ve just located a Moving object confirmed at Lagrange Point AX, moving in the Y position. Estimated to reach Earth in 600 seconds."

The commanding officer of the station grimaced and leaned over the officer. "Not just one?"

"No, sir. The radar has picked up 5 metal objects."

The CO turned to his communications officer and said, "Zechs is in the atmosphere. Let him know what we found. It’s probably some parts from an old satellite or something like that."

The comm officer replied, "Yes, sir."


Inside the OZ assault carrier, Zechs Merquise sat in his chair. Unlike most men Zechs wore a white mask, which was hiding any emotion he might be having then. Long, platinum blonde hair flowed down past his shoulders to his waist. His red uniform shined in the light of the cockpit. His attention is aroused at the sound of his ship’s copilot reporting.

"Lt. Zechs, surveillance is reporting a meteorite."

Zechs replied, "Figures. The satellite surveillance folks are practically blind. They really think a meteorite would ride the wave-course to enter the Earth’s atmosphere."

The copilot turned his head to face him and said, "So, it’s just like OZ Headquarters told us…"

"Right. It’s Operation M for certain. How many can this carrier catch up with?"

"Just one. The one headed for Eastern Eurasia."

Zechs smiled slightly. "One’s just fine. A hired front-line soldier mustn’t rush to battle."

Questionably, the copilot said, "That’s quite the bold statement, sir."

"I told you. I am a true soldier." Zechs smirked.


The pure white capsule sped toward Earth. Inside, a young man in a tan spacesuit flew the capsule, his gloved hands gripping two flight sticks. It was somewhat difficult to move with the spacesuit on, but the pilot was incredibly skilled and compensated easily.

His recorder was on now. "All areas functioning. We’ll commence operations in seven minutes." The pilot said.

On his scanner, a small beep alerted him to another vessel in the vicinity. He looked at the ID and whispered to himself, "A civilian shuttle?"


The shuttle in question had only two passengers on board: Vice Foreign Minster Darlian, a powerful representative of the colonies, and his rebellious 15-year old daughter. The hum of the engines was the only sound anyone could hear

"Mr. Darlian, the shuttle will soon enter Earth’s atmosphere. Please fasten your seat belt and remain seated." A flight attendant said over the intercom.

Darlian looked over to his pouting daughter, who looked out the viewport. "What’s the matter, Relena? Aren’t you glad to return to Earth?"

Relena turned to him and miserably replied, "No, not one bit."

Darlian patted Relena’s shoulder and said, "I’m sorry I couldn’t spend more time with you, but my work interferes with that, and you know how important my work is."

"Father, next time you go out to space, give yourself a little free time." Relena was about to add something else when she saw a tiny glimmer of light outside the viewport. She looked out and said, "Huh? Father, what is that?"


In space, the capsule’s nose cone flipped up to reveal a beam cannon powering up.

Inside the capsule, the pilot flipped several toggles and reported, "Relative speed to target: 01545. Engaging autolock. Ready to shoot the obstacle down."

His finger reaches for the trigger when a warning flashed onto his screen. The pilot saw the screen and saw what was approaching. "OZ Assault Carrier?!"


On Zechs’ carrier, the pilot reported, "We’ve caught up with the capsule. I’ll bring it on the screen."

Zechs looked at the speeding capsule and said, "Just as I thought. So that’s their little ‘battle seed’, all ready to sprout into new battles."

"Operation M…"

"He has to reduce speed. There’s a civilian shuttle ahead." Zechs said to the pilots.

"Isn’t there a chance that he’d shoot down the shuttle and increased his speed?"

"No. It’s not likely that he’ll shoot it down right in front of us. You have to remember, he’s on a secret mission." Zechs pointed out.


The pilot cursed himself. "The Alliance is already onto me. Damn it."

The pilot now was running through his options. _I can’t shoot down the shuttle now without making my mission known and that ruin everything. Slowing down to change to a more better course isn’t good either. They may get close enough to use weapons me…_

The pilot sighed as he decided on his course of action. _I’ll have to slow down…_ then he smirked. _But only a little… I don’t need much space for what I am going to do…_

With that decision made, the pilot began his decent down to Earth.


Zechs watched as a red glow surrounded the space capsule.

The co-pilot sped up the carrier and reported, "He’s entered the atmosphere. We’ll follow him."

"Stay with him… I don’t want to lose him." Zechs said.

"Yes sir." The pilot said.


The pilot sighed and leaned back. "I’m finally here…I made it to the Earth."

The pilot then looked outside for just a moment. _Now here comes the tricky part… except its nothing at all for me._

He grabbed the controls and swerved around the shuttle.


As the OZ carrier sped up, it started shaking violently.

The pilot called to Zechs, "The pilot has apparently changed course!"

Zechs said, "Is he trying to commit suicide?!"

The co-pilot answered, "He must think that the only way to keep it a secret is to destroy the evidence."

The pilot replied, "But the capsule’s increasing speed. He’s trying to break away!"

"How could he? There’s no way he could survive the heat."

"Not necessarily." Zechs interjected. "Obviously our enemies are very technologically advanced."


In the shuttle, Relena looked curiously at the moving shape outside. "An Atmosphere Entry Capsule?"

Darlian was looking at it too. He whispered, "Operation Meteor…"

Relena heard him, and looked at Darlian. "Hmmm?"


The pilot smiled when he looked at the screen. _ I’ve made it into safe orbit… now I can get rid of this capsule…_

The pilot of the capsule proceeded to activate the separation sequence of the craft. He pushed several buttons, and the craft started to break away into hundreds of pieces.

The rest of the capsule’s hull broke away to reveal a highly advanced fighter, a giant beam cannon sticking out of the craft’s nose, revealed itself out of the capsule. It continued to speed toward Earth.


Zechs’ pilot scanned the new ship. Zechs peered at the screens. The assault carrier’s computer, however advanced it was, was definitely having problems trying to analyze specifics on the enemy. Among blueprints he spotted the words, Next Generation Fighter and Variable Geometry.

The pilot asked, "Lt. Zechs, what is this?"

Zechs replied, more to himself than the pilot. "The enemy’s new weapon is a fighter."

"It moves just like a bird…"

The pilot reported, "We’ve reached flight altitude. We can proceed to attack."

The copilot postulated, "Let’s wake him up with our machine gun!"

Zechs stood and yelled in protest, "No! No machine guns." Both pilots turn to him, startled. Zechs calmed himself and quietly said, "Don’t destroy him. Disable him. Shoot him down."

The pilot protested, "But Lt. Zechs…"

Zechs interrupted. "You were told that the purpose of the operation was to bring in the weapon. But it’s not the weapon we want. It’s the pilot inside."


"… looks like I’ve caught their attention…" The fighter pilot said as the carrier’s gun ports were opening. "I was trying to avoid detection from the beginning."

The carrier fired its guns at the fighter. Its target effortlessly evaded the barrage, its swinging wings carrying it away from danger.

The fighter pilot smirked and said, "I’ll escape. No problem."

Then he heard a beeping on one of his screens, and a written message displaying on it. The pilot read it to himself. "Alter Mission: that craft is carrying OZ Mobile Suits. Judging by its speed, there are 3 Suits on board."

He swerved the fighter around to fly towards the enemy carrier. He said, "Roger that mission. I’ll return right now to shoot down the enemy carrier." The fighter zoomed towards its opposition.


Zechs stood from his chair and walked towards the doorway leading to the hangar. The pilot reported, "Enemy fighter has come about and is heading straight for us."

As Zechs opened the door, he turned and asked, "Is Leo ready for use?"

The copilot replied, "Yes, but you’re going after him with a Mobile Suit?"

Zechs answered with a smirk, "You guessed it."

"Then wouldn’t the Aries Light Speed Mobile Suit be better than the Leo Ground Battle Mobile Suit?"

"My Leo is plenty fast enough. Besides, if it’s a fight he wants, I should at least give him by best." Zechs walked into the hangar and entered the Leo.

The carrier’s rear hatch opened and the Leo sprang out, Leo Assault Gun at the ready. From the carrier, the copilot called Zechs and said, "Lt. Zechs, I’ll send backup as soon as Aries is ready.

Zechs answered, "Roger." He scanned his screens for the fighter. Alarmed, he spotted it. "What the…He’s above!"

He aimed the Leo Assault Gun at the fighter and fired, sending a hard bolt of death at the oncoming opponent. However, the graceful fighter maneuvered out of the way and flew past Zechs, continuing toward Earth. He once again fired his Leo Assault Gun, the powerful blast sending him backwards.

Zechs aim was true as the left engine of the fighter billowed smoke.


"What the hell?" The pilot cursed as he jerked the controls, but to no avail. "Left drive system malfunctioning…

The pilot clenched his teeth. "He’s good… I guess even OZ has some good pilots…"

He began inspecting data given to him from the computer.

"No way I am I going to win if I stay like this… and it’s a sure bet the guy is going to have backup when he tries to get me…" the young man smirked. "So I’ll just let them come and I’ll get rid of them all in one move."


Zechs watched as the damaged fighter sputtered away. The copilot called from the carrier. "Nice shot, Lt. Zechs!’

Zechs snorted and said, "So much for him. But that was far too easy.

The pilot said to him, "Lieutenant, should we go after him with the Aries once you’ve returned with the Leo?"

Zechs answered, "We’ll head after him with the carrier and capture him on the ground. It’s our chance to find out the purpose of Operation M."

Two Aries Suits, zoomed toward Zechs and hovered beside him. Both had machine guns, but one also had a missile launcher. The second Aries carried a parachute pack for airborne ground Suits.

"Any chance he’ll blow himself up?"

Zechs replied, "He’s made it all the way to Earth. He’s not going to kill himself before setting foot on it."


"Enough playing around…" The pilot said. He pulled the right lever, pushed the right pedal…

And the fighter’s sections twisted and spun, and once it was finished, it revealed… a heavily armed, flight-capable Mobile Suit.


Even behind his mask, Zechs’s eyes widen with surprise and shock. "It transformed into a Mobile Suit!"

"Lt. Zechs, what kind of machine is that?" one of the Aries pilots asked.

He answered, "No idea." _I thought only the Alliance and OZ had the ability to create Mobile Suits._

The second Aries slapped the parachute-pack on the back of Zechs’ Leo.

"Lieutenant, leave him to us."

"Do it."

The Aries took off toward the enemy Suit.

The pilot of the suit saw 2 Aries Suits chase him, one firing a machine gun, the other launching missiles. The missiles impacted on the pilot’s suit, send it into a dive. It sped toward the ocean surface.

The Leo deployed its parachute, slowly floating down. Zechs said to himself, "He’s intense. Perhaps…"

Now both Aries were showering bullets down upon him. Suddenly, the Suit turned to face them.

"It moved!"

"Never mind. Just shoot!"

The enemy Suit was carrying a buster rifle in its right hand, which it raised to aim at the Aries. It powered up, a loud whine filling the air. Then a gigantic, bright yellow beam of energy shot out toward the two Alliance Mobile Suits. It reached both of them, and the two pilots screamed as their Mobile Suits-and bodies- were torn apart.


The Suit’s pilot softly chuckled, then broke into a maniacal laugh. He cut the laugh short when he picked up the Leo on his screen. "One more to go."


Zechs stared in amazement. "He blew away two Aries with just one shot! Not too shabby…" He saw it moving up to him from below. Battle-ready, he dropped his gun and detached the parachute, causing the Leo to plummet down toward the rebel suit. The suit noticed, aimed its giant beam cannon and fired. However, Zechs spun out of the way. Before the suit could get off another shot, Zechs ignited his crimson beam saber and rushed toward the suit in midair. As he reached it, the suit grabbed both his arms, pinning him. Zechs opened his cockpit, located in the Leo’s chest. Donning a leather parachute pack, he leapt from the Leo as it and the enemy suit continued their freefall to the ocean.

His comm unit chirped, and the copilot from the carrier spoke to him through it. "Are you all right, Lt. Zechs?"

Zechs replied, "Yeah. Sorry to worry you. I did everything I could."

"We have a complete data analysis on the enemy Mobile Suit."


"Judging by its strength, it could only be made from Gundanium alloy."

"So…that WAS a Gundam!!" Zechs said in realization. Just then Zechs here a crash in the ocean. He looked down Zechs saw his Leo and the enemy suit hit the ocean surface, sending a large ripple into the water. He then went back to the comm link, "The Mobile Suit might be undamaged, but that reckless pilot won’t have survived."

He looked up to see the carrier slowly fly toward him. He heard the copilot through the comm report, "Lieutenant, the Marina mothership is offering to bring up the unregistered Mobile Suit."

Zechs thought for a second, then replied, "Let them do as thy wish. Tell them it sank in the J.A.P. area of the Asia area."

"Yes sir."

Zechs said to himself, "They offered to bring it up? Ha! There’s no bright future for soldiers scurrying for their reward."

Down in the ocean, the Leo came loose from the suit’s grip, and floated farther away from the advanced suit, which hit the ocean floor.


At the Space Port Vice Foreign Minster Darlian and his daughter Relena had landed on earth. Now out of the shuttle, they surrounded by reporters, traveled down an escalator, the only people in the building.

Darlian stood still, not saying a word, as the reporters asked question after question: "Mr. Darlian, what was discussed at the Colony Summit?" "What are the colony’s demands for the Alliance?" "Any comments, Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian?" "Here on Earth, people are concerned whether the colonies will attack." "What do you have to say, Mr. Darlian?" "It’s a hostile situation with the colonies, isn’t it?" "Mr. Darlian!"

The voices soon overlapped, each reporter shoving a camera and/or microphone in his face. Relena just followed Darlian’s example, looking down at the ground, silent.

Once they reached the bottom, the reporters stepped away as they saw an Alliance Major and two other officers approach Darlian.

The major said to Darlian, "We’ve been waiting for you, Mr. Darlian. A military car is waiting for you outside. Please proceed quickly."

Darlian replied hesitantly, "Right away? That won’t do. I have some things to take care of for my daughter’s birthday."

The major quickly responded, "I’ve arranged for a separate car to take your daughter."

Relena finally spoke up, innocently saying, "Don’t trouble yourself about me. I’m quite capable of finding my own way home."

Outside, Darlian sat in the back seat of a limousine, the Alliance major beside him. Relena was behind them on the sidewalk. The major said to the driver, "Well, let’s go. General Septum is expecting Mr. Darlian."

The car drove off. Relena waited until it has disappeared below the horizon, then slowly walked away. She soon found herself walking along the sidewalk, a fence separating her from the base and the coast, several feet below. Finally, she stomped the ground, and said, "Father, don’t you realize my birthday’s coming up soon?" She then sighed, "The average girl would probably flip over this…"

Something blocked the sun, turning the world dark for an instant, but the sun returned after it passed. Relena looked up and saw an Alliance cargo carrier.

"A military plane. This place would be a space harbor by now if it weren’t for those planes…" She sighed. "I guess I’ll head home…"

She continued walking a few steps, but then she gasped when she spotted a man, presumably unconscious, washed ashore, the waves splashing over him. "A body!"

She ran to a fenced door leading to a flight of steps taking her to the shore. She opened it, and ran down the steps. She reached the body, which wore a tan flightsuit. "A military uniform…He’s a soldier."

Suddenly, he starts coming to, a grunt of pain escaping from his lips. Relena gasps in response.

"I’d better go get help…"

Meanwhile at an opera house at another part of the world, the music played as the opera continued. In a far-off balcony, however, one resident was not watching the opera…

Treize Khushrenada, the leader of the secret organization OZ, wearing a regal blue outfit, his brown hair puled back except for a small lock which hung down, instead was looking at a vid-screen, communicating with Zechs Merquise.

Treize asked Zechs, "You’re saying that three of our Mobile Suits were shot down?"

Zechs replied, "Yes sir."

"It’s unlike you to be so careless. It will be quite an effort to calm the Alliance bigshots."

Zechs, leaning on the wall of the carrier on the screen, reported, "We were up against a Mobile Suit made of Gundanium."

Treize was surprised. "You’re joking."

Zechs shook his head. "It’s true. Just imagine if it were built by the colonies…"

"Something like this would never have happened if you and I were here with OZ 15 years ago, that’s for certain!"

Zechs summed it up. "Gundams are on Earth."

Treize replied, "Can’t imagine otherwise. Alliance surveillance was far from adequate."

"The Alliance’s Marina is on their way to gather the evidence."

Treize responded, "All right. Leave that business to my men. I’ll send my specialists in underwater searches, then you can take it from there, Zechs."


Treize told Zechs, "I’m sure you’re aware, but this is an important period. Don’t do anything that would anger the Alliance."

Zechs said, "I fully understand." Then the image disappeared.

Just then a new communication came through.

"Hello brother." Lukaz appeared on the screen.

"So now you decide to call after Operation Meteor has commenced. You couldn’t even tell me what they were using." Treize sighed. "Gundams… I never expected that at all. Which also brings me to the question why aren’t you here with a Gundam… if you are calling from one of the colonies."

"Yes I am calling from the colonies and I'm sorry," He replied, "But that bi- um, other pilot jumped me and knocked me out. But don't worry, it seems I'll have another chance in ten days time…"

"What do you mean Lukaz?" Treize asked.

"There's a seventh Gundam, "

"A seventh… so there are six already on Earth or will be here."

"Exactly," Lukaz responded, "The Gundam Crimsonfire, which I will be taking, will be ready for launch in ten days. The commander at the base wants me to bring her in alive, but of course, we have our own plans…"

"What is the name of this girl?" Treize asked as he took a drink.

"Sakura Yo."

At the mention of that name Treize spat out his wine as if he had heard a ghost.

"Sa… Sakura…" Treize repeated in disbelief. "Lukaz… did you just say Sakura Yo?"

"Yeah… don’t worry, I’ll kill the bitch when I… " Lukaz smirked.

Treize then slammed his hand down on the table and his face was with rage. "YOU WILL DO NOTHING OF THE SORT! YOU ARE TO BRING HER TO ME ALIVE AND UNHARMED! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME LUKAZ!"

In that moment Lukaz was very scared of Treize. His brother was a master of keeping his anger in check. He played games with the Alliance big wigs and others and very rarely did he ever see any anger come across Treize’s face.

But if the mention of thinking about killing Sakura was going to elicit THIS much anger out of Treize then Lukaz knew he had better do what his brother said if he valued his well being.

"Okay… but can I ask why you want her alive?" Lukaz asked.

"You don't need to know."

Lukaz sighed, "Fine. Never could get answers out of you when I needed them, anyway…"

"Just remember who got you there little brother. I need you more than ever. Once this is done, I will be at the head and nothing is going to stop me… not even those damned bureaucrats." Treize said calmly. "Get the Gundam and let us make our mark in history Lukaz."

"You got it Treize." Lukaz smiled as he signed off.

Meanwhile, Treize was now smiling. _Sakura… you are still alive… and a Gundam Pilot too… how ironic. Don’t worry… I’ll find you. I swear I will._


At the Alliance conference room, all of the major Alliance officials had gathered already and had filled the table. Just then, Treize entered. "I’m sorry I’m late."

"Col. Treize, I heard your subordinate lost three Mobile Suits when they entered the atmosphere." The chief official of the Alliance, General Noventa spoke.

Treize took a seat next to General Septum, another official. "Yes sir. Your point being?"

Septum interrupted, and in his grating voice, which Treize and many others often found annoying, yelled, "You wasted three Mobile Suits just to bring a minor rebellion under control?"

"And as a result, we were able to prevent that rebellion from developing into anything."

"I’m not talking about the results! You’re wasting the Alliance’s valuable combat resources!"

"And what do you define as valuable combat resources?" Treize narrowed his eyes.

"Our Mobile Suits!" Septum got up.

"So then I take it you don’t give a damn about what happens to our soldiers so long as your precious machines are still safe." Treize then smiled knowing he had trapped Septum.

Furious Septum grabbed Treize. "Why you son of bitch! I ought to…"

"Septum! That is enough! Either calm down or I will have you thrown out of here and put under arrest!" Noventa ordered and Septum stepped down. Noventa looked at Treize. "Col. Treize, it could happen again. Be careful next time."

"Yes sir." Treize replied simply.

One of Noventa’s aides moved to the far wall, which showed a screen projection. "All right, on to our main agenda, which is obstructing coalition between colonies."

Trieze smiled to himself. _The Alliance military is becoming too complacent during this time of peace. The new future will be created by my organization, OZ and then a newer way of life shall be made for all of mankind._


Relena ran back to the shore after calling for an ambulance. Once she reached the man again, he removed his helmet. She saw a teenaged face, handsome, with dark brown hair. He looked Japanese, around 15. Relena said to herself, "He’s still just a young boy…"

The soldier comes to, and sees Relena. He gasps and stands, covering his face with one hand.

Relena told him, "Don’t try to move. The ambulance is almost here."

The soldier heard the siren in the distance. He said to her, "Did you see?"

Relena was confused, "See what?"

He barely heard her question, as the ambulance arrived at the fence. A doctor and two other personnel jumped out. The doctor yelled, "They’re down there!"

Frightened, the boy opened a panel on his flightsuit, and jammed down a red button. He hit another on his wrist and then a small charge exploded on his suit, flinging him to the ground. It was a suicide charge. Unfortunately, it had malfunctioned, and the boy got up, alive, an extreme amount of pain all he got from the charge.

In a rage, he ran up the stairs toward the ambulance, the doctor and two med-tech blocking his way. He swiftly kicked them out of his way. Once he got to the ambulance, the boy grabbed the top of the door and kicked in the window with both feet. He threw the driver out, and floored the pedal, driving the ambulance away.

By the time Relena reached to the top of the stairs and the still sprawled doctors, the ambulance was on the horizon. Jokingly, she said to air, "My name’s Relena Darlian." She reaches out a hand. "What’s yours?"


At an OZ Mobile Suit factory business was progressing as usual. Equipment and weapons are abundant in the building. Machines manufactured Mobile Suits and welded parts together. Several Leos patrolled the area. Suddenly an explosion set the building afire.

"Are we under attack?" A Leo said before a seemingly invisible blade sliced the Suit in half. The remaining suit also fell prey to the swift blade.

Through the smoke, a jet-black Gundam stood, battle-ready. Its blade, a bright-green beam scythe glowed in the night.

Inside the Gundam, the pilot smiled. His spiky brown hair covering his eyes. He had a yard-long braided ponytail, which hung down onto his black jumpsuit, which sported a minister’s collar.

He spoke into his battle recorder. "This is Duo here! I’ve destroyed the main monitor!"

As more Leos came after the Gundam it then turned around.

"Let’s get rid of them Deathscythe." Duo smirked as Deathscythe used its beam scythe to destroy the Leo. "Anyone that sees me is going to die. I am Shinagami, the God of Death."


At an Alliance Spaceport the only sounds you could hear were explosions and gunfire. The communications officer of the base called reinforcements. "This is Dover Base reporting. We’re under enemy attack."

The officer responded. "Enemy attack? Who’s attacking?!"

"I don’t know!"

In the distance, a red-and-white Gundam walked casually towards its opponents, a giant Gatling gun for a right arm, which it raised, and sent a hail of bullets onto the Alliance machines.

At the helm of the Gundam was its pilot. He wore no expression. His face half-masked by long, spiky brown bangs. He wore a blue turtleneck and white jeans. He said, "Now that you’ve seen me, I can’t let you live! The mission was to destroy just the spaceport. Now I’ll destroy everything!"

The panels on Heavyarms’ chest opened, revealing two Vulcan guns, which added to the fire. Panels on its shoulders opened, and missiles shot out, destroying the tower behind them.

The pilot turned on his battle recorder.

"This is Battle 001. Pilot’s name: Trowa. For the record."


In the Middle East, the light brown color of the desert was the only color that Alliance Leos saw as they searching through it. The captain talked to another soldier. "You’re sure the rebel capsule fell in this area, are you?"

The private responded, "Yes sir."

"But there’s nothing here!"

In the sand around them, camouflaged Mobile Suits hid in the sand. Suddenly, they stood and fired at the Leos. Several Leos were destroyed before the remaining responded.

The captain yelled, "What is it? What’s happening?!"

The private answered, "Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

The two Leos slid down a sand dune, the only Alliance Mobile Suits left. The captain said, "We’re surrounded! Who are they?"

The private yelled, "Captain!"

"What on Earth?"

The two Leos stood to see a mostly-white Gundam, two sickle-like blades attached to its back. Several of the camouflaged Mobile Suits were behind the Gundam. On their comm units, the Alliance soldiers heard the voice of a young man order, "Give up your weapons and surrender and… I’ll spare your lives."

"Fire!" the Leo commander shouted. "Fire!"

The bullets sprayed harmlessly onto the Gundanium. The Gundam sprang forward and took out the two sickles, called Heat Shorters. It then sliced the two Leos in half with the Heat Shorters like a knife through butter, and the broken machines exploded.

In the cockpit of this Gundam was a handsome young Arabian man was at the controls. Shiny platinum blonde hair fell over his goggles. He wore khaki pants, and a white dress shirt with a grey suit jacket. "This is Quatre reporting. I’ve eliminated the leader." He took off his goggles. He had deep blue eyes.

"I told you. You should’ve surrendered." He said remorsefully.


Meanwhile in another part of the world the curse of the Alliance’s bad luck seemed to be continuing.

An Alliance Navy Force was now under attack. Many ships were engulfed in flames. On one, a white-and-blue Gundam appeared. A sharp trio of claws flipped over the Gundam’s right hand, forming a weapon called the Dragon Fang, and the arm shot forward, extending the bridge of the ship, which the Dragon Fang sliced into. It exploded into a ball of fire.

The Gundam spotted two fighter jets approaching. He aimed his Dragon Fang at the fighters, but instead of extending the arm, two red-hot jets of flame shot out from the snout of the fang. The two fighters melted and exploded.

Inside the Gundam a Chinese teenager gripped the controls. He wore a navy blue sleeveless shirt, and white pants. His black hair was pulled back in a small ponytail.

"The name is Wufei. I’m not hiding anywhere." The young man said to no one in particular.

Just then another Leo tried to attack him but then the Gundam destroyed in with the Dragon Fang.

"I hate fighting the weak." Wufei said in disgust.


Meanwhile at an Alliance Space Port and Mobile Suit production center.

"It’s about time you finally got back from space." An Alliance soldier said

"Sorry it took so long this time. The trip from the Lunar Base was hell."

"Alright let’s get these mobile suits loaded up so you can get back there. Now… hey what the…" an Alliance solider said before he was engulfed in fire.

"What the hell is going on that!" one of the panicked officers screamed.

Then coming out of the plane itself was the Gundam Silentdeath. It leveled its Buster Rifle and started blasting anything it saw.

"Looks like I did end up in alliance base after all." Sakura smiled from within the cockpit. "You can’t be allowed to speak of my existence. That is why I am Shizukamegami. The Goddess of Silence."

Several Leos started blasting the back of Silentdeath but then it took out its beam saber-lance and destroyed two Leos with the same swing.

In a very short time the base was annihilated.

"For the record this is Sakura Yo, true pilot of Silentdeath. Mission Complete." She smirked. "This area isn’t going to be a good place for me to be anymore…"

Silentdeath converts to bird mode and starts to fly off.

"Ever since getting that landing pod for Silentdeath to get down here I’ve just been trying to survive… right now I need to find someplace where I can stay for a bit. My hacking skill will work for the job… just need the right place. Hmm…" she mused as she looked down at a building. Her lips curve to a smile.

"I always said I would go to school."


On Zechs’ assault carrier things were getting tight among the small crew.

"Haven’t the search troops arrived yet?" the co-pilot asked.

The pilot responded, "They say they won’t be here for 2 hours."

The copilot angrily yelled, "What’s taking them so long?!"

Zechs, looking at a pair of surveillance photos, said to the copilot, "Don’t get so flustered. That Gundam’s not going anywhere. And don’t forget that it’s quite deep in this part of the ocean. That’s why the Marina’s search will take a long time to complete."

The copilot protested. "But…"

Zechs stood and approached him with the surveillance photos. "Why don’t I show you something interesting?"

Zechs showed him the first photo, which showed a seafaring ship engulfed in flames. The copilot said, "What’s this?"

"An OZ observation craft took these pictures." He shows the second one, which was the same ship, but zoomed in even closer to show-a blue-and-white Gundam firing upon it. "Don’t you think it looks similar to the one we encountered?"

"You think there are 2 of these things?"

Zechs responded, "No. There appear to be many more. There are reports that a Mobile Suit factories, one held by OZ, a spaceport, troops searching for a capsule much like ourselves, and an OZ supply convoy all have come under attack and have been destroyed."

"So there are 4?"

"Five altogether, if you include the one that already sank.

"Five of them? There are five Gundams?"

Before Zechs could reply, an officer ran into the cockpit. "Lt. Zechs you aren’t going to believe this… We just received a report from the Alliance… th