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Disclamer: Unfortunatly I don't own Power Rangers in any way. Or I would be ritch, but I am not, yet……

Authors note: I got tired of hearing about the phantom ranger and not knowing where he came from, so I wrote this, be gentle.

The Birth of a Phantom
By Darkstar

My name is Jake. I won't tell you my last name. Because then you

would figure that we aren't as normal as you are. You see there are six

teenagers who are fighting for the fate of the world. Only I and five others

stand in the way of the sorcerer Zanara. He has plagued the galaxy for

thousands of years, and about 8 months ago he came to earth. Of course we

didn't know it at the time. We were ordinary teenagers with other things to

worry about, homework, classes, girls/boys, but that all changed with a walk

in the mountains…

I was walking on a path through the mountains in Colorado (that is

where I live) one day in January. I had a bad day in school, I had

forgotten my homework, gotten detention for talking back to the teacher, and

almost gotten beaten up by Bulk and Skull (the school bullies) but

I managed to beat the tar out of them. (I am training in the art of Tai Fu) So I

thought that a walk to the waterfalls would help clear my mind a little. While

I was walking I kept having this weird feeling that I was being studied by

something. I couldn't find anything so I kept walking. I finally reached the

waterfalls. I heard a weird noise coming from behind the falls. Being the nosy

person that I am, I decided to check it out.

As I got closer I realized it was a low, deep, hum. And I realized that I

didn't really hear it, I felt it. It felt like all the… the… I can't really describe it,

but it felt awesome. It was calling me and I didn't mind going along to find

what it was. I went around to the side of the falls and I saw a small opening. I

never would have seen it if I hadn't been looking for something like that. The

hum got stronger as I got closer to the cave. The opening was small, but I

could fit, barely. I went in and looked around. There wasn't much there, just

a small cave, but the hum was very strong now. I went in a little farther and

suddenly plunged into darkness as I fell into an almost invisible hole that I

hadn't seen.

I fell, but I was falling slowly, like I was under water. I felt like I was

falling for hours and hours, but it was probably only a few minutes. I landed

at the bottom of the hole, suprised that I was still alive at all. A fall like that

should have killed me. I looked around the hole thinking that I was going to

die down here because there was no way to climb back up out of the hole. I

suddenly realized that I could still feel the hum of power. I searched hard and

still found nothing to help me escape.. I decide to take out my anger and

frustration out on the wall. I backed up to the other side and ran full speed to

the wall. about 20 paces from it I leaped into the air and let loose on the wall

with flying side kick. Much to my surprise, I didn't stop at the wall, I went

right through it.

I picked myself up off the floor and quickly scanned the room for any

dangers. I found myself in some sort of temple. The hum had become almost

unbearable. The temple had several marble pillars and many beautiful

carvings on the walls. The place was an archeologist's dream. I found a path

leading into the temple and decided that I had nothing to lose anyway, so I

started down the path. After about 15 minutes of walking, I came opon a

pedestal. On it was a chest. It was red and seemed to be made out of a solid

block of oak. It had solid gold edges and a silver lid and latch. On the

pedestal, in front of the chest was a plaque. It read, He who takes the Ruby

must be pure of heart or he will surely perish. I wondered what it was

talking about. I opened the latch on the chest and slowly lifted the lid.

Inside the chest, on a cushion of maroon colored velvet, rested a

breathtaking ruby. I realized that it was the ruby the inscription talked about. I

wondered what the rest of the inscription meant about being pure of heart. I

didn't know so I lifted the ruby to get a better look at it, and the hum

stopped. I felt an enormous power drain from the ruby into me. I looked at it

again and it wasn't in my hand, in fact ,I couldn't even see my hand. I was


I didn't know what had happened! I was really scared. I didn't ask for

this. I wanted to be normal again! And the next time that I looked down at

my hands, I could see them again! I looked at the ruby to see if any thing had

happened to it, and it slowly sank into my hand and disappeared! Then I knew

that something fishy was going on. Suddenly I had a very weird feeling. I was

a beam of blackish gray light! I was moving so fast it was incredible!

When I stopped moving I found myself in a chamber full of interesting

objects. They were all flashing and beeping. I also saw a viewing screen and

a humongus computer console. Then I heard a voice speak.

It said," Look at

our newest young warrior Alpha."

I whirled around and behind me was a

giant glass tube with wires and lights attached to it. But that wasn't the scary

part. The scary part was that there was a giant, blue, floating head in the glass

tube. And what was even worse was that it was talking to me.


phantom you have much to learn," it said, "my name is Zordon of Eltar, and

this is Alpha 5."

Just then I noticed that I wasn't the only thing walking

around in this room. I turned around and saw some sort of robot staring at


"AI yi yi yi yi!," Alpha said, "Welcome to the power chamber!"

Now I was really getting confused. "Who the heck are you guys and

what the heck am I doing here!?" I asked calmly. "I want to know what is

happening to me! First I have a weird feeling, then I fall down a very long

hole and am fine, then I find myself in a temple, then I touch a ruby and

disappear, and the next thing I know, I'm talking to a giant head and a bunch

of walking metal! Have I gone insane!?"

"No young phantom, you aren't

going insane," said Zordon, "You have just been taken from the world that

you knew and been given very special powers."

"Why do keep calling me

phantom, and what do you mean special powers?"

"The ruby we placed in

the temple has chosen you to be the mighty phantom ranger," Zordon said, "all you have to do is call on the power of the phantom and it will transform

you into a fighting machine like no other."

"Well," I thought, "I have nothing to lose, I call upon the power of the

phantom!" Suddenly I felt a surge of power throughout my entire body. My

arms started moving in a weird pattern and when they stopped, a beam of

light shot out of each of my hands and converged in the middle of my chest.

The ruby appeared in the spot that the beams came to. Then the ruby shot out

more beams covering my entire body. When I saw them stop, I looked down

and I was in a suit of body armor with the ruby in a harness in my chest. I

realized that I was looking out of a helmet. I took it off and looked at Zordon


"You are the first of six to be a power ranger," he said, "I have to trust

your judgment in picking the other five. I will give you the five astro

morphers and you must choose five loyal friends to receive the power."

"I will do my best" I said.

I arrived at my first choice's house, this was going to be the black

ranger. As I cloaked myself in invisibility, I fazed through the wall. It was

about 11:30 so everyone was asleep. I de-cloaked and went into the

candidates room.

"Carlos," I said, "you have been chosen to

receive a great power. You are to become the black ranger, do you except?"

"Me?!" Carlos said," Yeah right, a power ranger? Me? you have got to be


So I gave him the morpher and told him how to use it. He

morphed and we teleported to the next house, the house of

the blue ranger.

After acquiring blue and yellow, we went after pink. This one might be a

little harder because I didn't really know what to say to her. I guess I sorta

liked her. When I got to her house, I told Carlos, T.J., and Ashley to wait

outside. I went inside and saw her asleep.

"Cassie," I whispered, "Cassie wake

up. I have something to give you."

"Wha… Jake is that you?" Then she

turned and looked at me and I realized that I was still in my suit. No wonder

she screamed, but I quickly took off my helmet and showed her my face.

"Cassie shhh!" I whispered urgently "It's only me!"

"What the heck are you doing wearing something like that?" she asked after she had calmed

down, "And how did you find my house much less get into my room?"

After I had explained it to her and given her her morpher she still didn't get it. I told

her what to do.

"Lets rocket!" she said. <3-3-5 enter>. We went out and

joined the others.

I knew that the last was going to be the easiest. Andros. You

have been chosen to be the red ranger and lead the group when I am gone. I

have chosen you for you courage your strength and your leadership

abilities. Take the mantle and use it well. I gave him his morpher and was

about to tell him how to use it when he said, "I don't need any help, I

definitely know how to use this thing!" Then we went out to join the

others. And I introduced him to the others. Then we all teleported to the

power chamber. It was time for the crew to meet the boss man.

"Zordon these are the five that I have chosen to be the team." I said.

Everybody except Andros was gawking at the big blue head under

glass. You see he has had some experience in his case.

"You all have been chosen to be earth's warriors to protect it from Zanara's evil

minions," he said, "the phantom has chosen you to be his teammates. Now

it is time for you to go into battle against the first of Zanara's army of

monsters. Phantom will give you your zords when the time is right."

"Wait just a dang minute now!" said Andros, "If I am going into battle I at least what

to know who my teammates are. Now I know T.J., Carlos, Ashley, and

Cassie but who is the Phantom?"

"Cassie already knows who I am but didn't tell you because I asked her not to." I said, "You all know who I am but

might have forgotten for one reason or another." then I took off my helmet.

Everyone but Cassie gasped

"Jake!" Carlos cried," I haven't seen you

since last week, now you are as cool looking as I am !"

"Oh shut up Carlos

you know that I've always been much better looking than you!" I replied

"I was hoping it was you." said Andros.

"Well what do you know." said T.J.

"Oh my gosh!" said Ashley, "I haven't seen you since the 7th grade! Boy have

you changed!"

Then Cassie came up to me and gave me a hug and whispered,

"Thank you for letting me be a part of this, and I am glad that it is you."

I was flustered to say the least. Then I put on my helmet and said, "All right

people, it's time to save the world!"

"I've always wanted to say this," said Andros, "All right everyone, Lets Rocket! <3-3-5 enter>

"All right you muck sucking bag of hot air!" I yelled "It's time for

us to pop you!"

"I am the Cyclonator!" It yelled back, "and you are about to

feel my full windy fury!"

"Ah you're nothing but hot air!" I retorted.


furious battle ensued. We were getting the upper hand when a giant lightning

bolt shot down from the sky and zapped it. It grew enormously.

"I think it's

time to give you your zords now." I said.

"We call upon the power of the Mega Voyager!" they all chorused.

And it shot down from the sky a wondrous sight to behold. "I call upon the

power of the phantom!" I cried. And I began to grow also. We then began

another battle. When we were loosing I combined with the zords and we

blasted it out of the sky.

And that is how we came to be. We still fight Zanara all the time but

we are winning. We will defeat him someday don't worry. But for now thanks

for listening. And may the power protect you.