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Author's note: This is a series called Protectors of Space. This is what I would call an introduction. This introduction will try to explain what's happened. From both Defenders and Power Rangers stand points. So enjoy.
Suggested reading: You have to read the Defenders sub-series in Zeo Disaster to understand this.
Time frame: Two years after Aftermath.



On the Talorn Ship, Tommy nervously stands waiting. Andros walks over to him. "Andros are you sure you want to do this by yourself? You know I'd go too."

"It would be easier if only one of is listening. Two of us could raise everyone's suspicion. Besides I thought you were going down to Earth to see your family. It's been two years."

"I know but it'll be so hard to explain what happened. What do I tell the Scotts? I will just have to hope I don't get asked." Tommy looks down at his watch. "I guess this is it. Good luck Andros." Tommy said and they shook hands.

"You too. Don't get too attached to Earth I don't want to be left here by myself OK?" Andros joked. It had been a rough two years but they had been surviving.

"Sure. And you don't get caught." Tommy returned. "See you later."

They both teleported to their destinations.

Charlotte Oliver hummed while making dinner. It had been so much quieter since her eldest son left two years ago. Cory had been a little withdrawn but he was slowly returning to his old self. She also suspected even if Cory wouldn't admit it that he missed Tommy. Charlotte had just placed the lasagna in the over when the doorbell rang. 'Now who could that be?' She wondered. She walked to the door and pulled it open. She shouted with joy. "Tommy!" She hugged her son.

"Hi Mom." He gave her a strong hug back. Tommy walked into the house. "It's quiet in here. Cory not here?"

"Tommy it's only 3:20. Cory doesn't get home from school till 3:30 remember?"

"Oh yeah sorry. It's hard getting used to being on Earth time again. So what are you doing home?" Tommy asked. Charlotte Oliver was a banker and usually worked till six.

"Oh I took today off. I must have subconsciously known you would be coming home today." She stood back and looked at her son. Tommy's hair had gone curly and he had lost some weight in the past two years. Charlotte shook her head and said, "Don't you eat on the Talorn?"

"Yeah it's just with computer generated food it's not as fattening." Tommy said.

"Well I insist you stay for dinner. We're having lasagna. You can invite the rest of your friends too."

"Andros had to take care of something." Tommy said.

"What about the others?" Charlotte asked.

Tommy just looked at the ground and didn't answer.

Charlotte was afraid to ask what was wrong.

"They just can't make it. Don't ask me again OK?" Tommy said.

Just then the door opened and Cory Oliver entered the room. He dropped his books at the site of his brother. All he said was "Hi." And rushed off.

"He really missed you Tommy. We all did."

"I'm sure." Tommy said.

"You should see the high school they got it back up. Do you want to contact some of your friends? Rocky and Adam are still here. Tanya went to New York to work in fashion. Katherine went to London for ballet. Rocky and Adam opened a dojo in Angel Grove."

"So Kat went to London?" Tommy asked.

"I presume when she figured you weren't coming back she knew she should go."

"Is it all right if I call Adam and Rocky?"

"It's fine. I think they are at the dojo. The phone numbers by the phone. Cory has been taking karate lessons from them."

Tommy walks over to the phone and picks it up. Looking at the piece of paper he dials it. The phone rings a few times before Rocky answered. "DeSantos and Park Dojo Rocky speaking."

"Rocky! God it's so good to hear you. It's Tommy."

"Tommy? You're back? That's great! Here I'll tell Adam to go on the extension." There is a slight pause.

"Tommy?" Adam asks.

"Hey Adam!"

"So you're back?" Rocky repeated.

"Just for a visit." Tommy hoped they wouldn't ask about Jason but he knew they would.

"You and Jason should come over here tomorrow and we'll visit." Adam suggested.

"Jason's not here." Tommy said bluntly.

"He's not? Then where is he?" Rocky asked.

"I'd rather not tell you guys over the phone. Look I'll get directions from my parents on where your Dojo is and I'll meet you there."

"OK Tommy. Eleven OK with you?"

"Yeah." Tommy answered. They hung up and Tommy was not looking forward to tomorrow.

The next day Tommy walked into the dojo on time. Rocky and Adam walked over and gave him a hug.

"Jeez Tommy by looking at you I don't think I would survive on the Talorn." Rocky kidded.

"Your dojo not open today?" Tommy asked.

"Classes start at four during the week." Adam informed him.

Tommy sat down. "I bet your wondering why Jason isn't here. These past two years haven't been easy. It all started about a month after we left here…"

"You guys Astronema has sent down a monster to KO-35." Zhane informed the rest of the Defenders.

"What are we waiting for?" Jason asked.

"Your right. It's Morphin time!" Zhane yelled.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called. "Thunder Power!" Jason called. "Wind Power!" Andros called. "Solar Power!" Roland called. "Comet Power!" Alexis called. "Sun Power!" Dallas called. "Star Power!" Zhane called.

When they teleported down something went wrong. Andros, Tommy, and Alexis found themselves in a completely different area then intended. Andros and Tommy landed in the same area Alexis somewhere else.

Alexis looked around. 'Hey guys? Did any of you land in the correct place?' Alexis asked. Astronema appeared in front of her. 'Great here's trouble.' "What do you want Astronema?"

"You!" Astronema pointed her staff and fired. Astronema disappeared, taking Alexis with her.

In another part of KO-35 Andros and Tommy were trying to figure out where they landed. 'Alexis come in? Are you all right?' Andros sent. "Tommy something's happened to Alexis."

"Great. Now if only-" Tommy stopped when he heard noise coming from a different area. "Andros I think the others are over there." He pointed to where he heard the sound coming from. They both ran over to it and stood watching what was happening in shock.

"NO!" Tommy yelled. Jason, Dallas, Zhane and Roland were being fired at by a monster and were now down. Tommy started running towards them and Andros stopped him. "Andros we have to help them."

"Tommy look!" Andros said pointing. The monster had just disappeared. Both Andros and Tommy ran over to check on their fallen friends. Andros raised his communicator to his mouth. "Dimitria teleport us back up to the Talorn quickly!"

When they arrived they demorphed the rest of the group. They were all unconscious and barely alive.

"I have an idea. We have some of these cryogenic units. We have to put them in there quickly!" Andros said.

"OK but for how long?" Tommy asked not totally sure about this.

"Until they are heeled. They have sustained a lot of damage."

"After that Andros and I started looking for Alexis but we didn't need to." Tommy and Andros were walking along KO-35 talking when there was a flash of light. Standing there was Alexis with her hair pulled into a ponytail.

"Alexis! What's going on?" Andros asked.

"I have come to finish you two off. You were lucky last time but now you won't be so lucky."

"Alexis listen to me you have to snap out of it!" Tommy said.

'Lex trust us. You've been tricked. You don't work for Astronema!' Andros tried.

Astronema appeared in front of them laughing. "Nice try Defenders. But this is one spell that can't be broken through your telepathic messages. Or his strong mind powers." Astronema said pointing to Tommy. "This is one you'll have to figure out yourself. That should be hard since there are only two of you now." Alexis and Astronema disappeared.

"After that, Andros and I made many attempts at freeing Alexis. But we failed. We've been able to get through all the battles the two of us but it's been hard. Andros right now is listening in on a meeting." Tommy finished.

"Oh man that sounds like a hard two years. So you and Andros have been fighting by yourselves and Alexis is working for Astronema? Not counting the fact that Jason, Zhane, Roland and Dallas are injured. Jeez that makes the last two years for us sound like a cakewalk." Rocky said.

"After you guys left, Rita, Zedd, and Mondo disappeared also. Rocky was injured while practicing for the big karate match. Divatox showed up and she took Trini and Zack hostage to feed to her fiancé Maligor. Justin Stewart replaced Rocky on the team. We were able to free Trini and Zack and Zack took Rocky's place in the competition. We kept the powers for another year before we passed them down to four more teens. Tanya's in New York at a fashion school. Kat went to London to study ballet. David drops by every once in awhile. Rocky and I set up this dojo and have been here since then. Tommy…" Adam stopped when he saw someone at the door.

Standing there was Kimberly Hart. "Hey Adam, Rocky I was wondering if you guys wanted to go to the Surf Spot…" Kimberly gasped. "Tommy?"

"Hey Kim. It's been a long time." Tommy said with a smile. He gave her a hug.

"Yeah it has. I moved back home a few months ago. I thought Adam and Rocky said you and Jason moved to Los Angeles to open a school?" Kim said confused.

Tommy looked at Rocky and Adam who just shrugged. "Yeah. Well I came here for a visit. Jason couldn't make it though."

"Oh that's too bad! I was just going to invite Adam and Rocky to lunch you come too!" Kim said.

"Sure." Tommy said with a smile.

When they were all sitting at a table Tommy looked around. "So this is the new hang out for Angel Grove?"

"Yep. After it was decided the Youth Center couldn't be rebuilt Adelle decided to create this one. She's really nice." Adam said.

"Hey you guys. Who's this?" A woman came over and asked.

"Hi Adelle. This is Tommy Oliver he used to live here. Tommy this is Adelle." Adam said.

"Well glad to meet you Tommy. Let me fix you up one of my specials." Adelle said and hurried back to work.

"An Adelle special?" Tommy questioned.

"Don't knock it till you try it." Rocky said.

"Well if you like it then I probably will too." Tommy said with a smile.

Tommy turned his attention to the door and saw five teens walk in. He thought they looked puzzled. But he ended up puzzled when he looked at their wrists. They had communicators. One of them, a girl with brown hair, walked over to them.

"Hey Adam. Who's your friend?" She asked.

"Oh hey Ashley. This is Tommy Oliver. Tommy this is Ashley Harmond."

"Hi." Tommy said making sure he had a hand on his left wrist the whole time.

"Nice to meet you Tommy." Ashley said. "Are you new around here?"

"No. I used to live here I just came back for a visit." Tommy answered.

"Oh hey that's cool. Well have a nice visit." Ashley said happily and turned back to Adam and asked him some questions.

Ten minutes later after eating one of Adelle's special hamburgers, Tommy realized he needed to go. "I've got to go. It was nice seeing you again Kim. It was nice meeting you Ashley. Bye Rocky and Adam."

"Bye Tommy! Tell Jason hi for me Tommy!" Kim said. She thought she saw a sad expression on his face but decided it was probably nothing.

Tommy walked out of the Surf Spot and started walking home. He had decided he would go back up to the Talorn tonight. Tommy pulled out his key and heard a noise behind him. Worried that it was Astronema or one of her goons Tommy turned around very quickly. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized it was Billy Cranston.

"Billy! When did you come back to Angel Grove?"

"I came back a month ago. You seem kind of jumpy Tommy are you all right."

"I'm fine." Tommy quickly changed the subject. "So how have you been Billy? Oh and come on in." Tommy said pulling open the door.

"Thanks Tommy. I've been all right you?"

"I've been great. Did you want a soda or water or something?"

"Water would be fine." Billy watched Tommy leave. He wondered why Tommy was so quick to change the subject. It was like he was hiding something. Kimberly had told Billy that Jason and Tommy had gone to Los Angeles shortly after they both lost their powers. He wondered why this was the first time either of them has come back. Just then Tommy walked back in the room with a glass of water.

"Here you are Billy." Tommy said handing him the glass.

"So is Jason back here too?"

"No Jason had to stay back in Los Angeles. I'm going back there tonight."

"Oh so this was just a short visit?"

"Yes I'm just here for over twenty-four hours. I'll come back again soon."

"Get Jason to come with you next time." Billy thought he saw a look of sadness from his friend. 'Something's wrong. Tommy won't say what but I can tell.' "Tommy are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm fine Billy I promise."

They talked for another half-hour before Billy made up a reason to leave.

Tommy teleported back up to the Talorn exhausted. He turned to Dimitria's tube and asked, "Has Andros returned yet?"


"Could you let me know when he returns?"


Tommy walked into the storage room that contained Jason, Roland, Dallas and Zhane. He walked slowly up to the tube that held Jason. It was two years since it happened and he still thought it was his fault. 'I should have ran down and helped you guys. Maybe if our teleportation routes hadn't messed up I could have helped.'

"You couldn't have done anything Tommy." Came Andros's voice behind him. "Astronema did that on purpose. Why we were sent to different areas and not in the area we wanted to is beyond me. But we couldn't have done anything Tommy!"

"What about Alexis?" Tommy asked turning around.

"It's the same thing with Alexis. There was nothing we could do. Now we need to find Antiqua. I was caught at the meeting but luckily I was able to escape. It was just a celebration over the conquering of the Turbo Rangers and the capture of Antiqua."

"You're right about everything Andros. I think the others would be very pleased if they saw how much you've matured."

"You think so? And are you saying I was immature before?"

"Well no but-"

They were interrupted by the noise of their communicators going off. "Yes Dimitria?" Andros asked.


"We're on it Dimitria." Andros said. "We better morph."

"I agree. Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Wind Power!" Andros called.

They teleported down to sector two. 'Andros do you see anything?' Tommy looked around but saw nothing.

'No. There has to be something. Dimitria wouldn't have told us if there weren't.' Andros stopped walking. He thought he heard a noise off to his left. 'Tommy did you hear that?'

'Yeah. You go to the left; I'll go to the right. Be as quiet as you can be.'

They walked slowly around on either side and saw four humans huddled together.

"Just what do you think your doing?" Andros asked. The four teenagers jumped at the sound of his voice.

The African American turned around. "I'm T.J. Look we're trying to find someone."

"On this ship? Do you expect us to believe that story?" Tommy asked. 'They must be working for Astronema.'

Andros nodded. 'I agree.' "Why don't you just go back to Astronema and leave us alone."

The Asian girl looked puzzled. "Who?"

Tommy thought there was something familiar about these four but he couldn't put his finger on it.


"Look I don't know who you are but your coming with us." Andros said.

They teleported down to the park and were met by not only Quanatrons but Elgar also.

"Elgar?" The Hispanic boy asked.

"You know him?" Tommy asked.

"Unfortunately." The Asian girl said.

'Tommy tries to keep your temper in check this time. I'd hate to have to explain your Lightning thing to them.' Andros sent. Tommy hadn't had that many flare ups, but when he did it was a scary sight.

'I'll try that's all I can promise you.'

Andros and Tommy started fighting them. The four teenagers soon joined them. It was a great help. And they were able to send the Quanatrons and Elgar back quicker then usual.

"Thank you for your help. Let's go back up to the ship and talk about this." Andros said and they all teleported back up.

When they got up to the ship, Tommy turned to them. "Would you please tell us who you are?"

The African American was the first to speak. "I'm TJ."

"I'm Cassie." The Asian Girl said.

"I'm Carlos." The Hispanic boy said.

"I'm Ashley. We are, well were, the Turbo Rangers." Said the brown hared girl.

"You're the Turbo Rangers?" Tommy asked confused.

"Yes. But our Power Chamber was destroyed along with our powers. Our mentor, Antiqua was captured." TJ said.

'Andros I think they are telling the truth.' Tommy sent.

'I agree with you. Maybe we should power down.' They both powered down and Ashley gasped.

"Tommy you're a Ranger?" She asked.

"A Defender actually. Kim doesn't know. But Rocky and Adam do. This is Andros by the way. He's from KO-35 and I'm from Earth. We have been going around space after Astronema, Petra and Jet."

"We've never heard of them. We have been trying to stop Divatox. So you two have been up here by yourselves?" Cassie asked.

"Yes." Andros answered quickly. "Well us and our mentor Dimitria."

"Cool." Carlos said.

"I noticed something almost immediately. Why is it that you don't say anything, but do the same thing?" Ashley asked.

"Well there is a telepathic connection when you receive the Defender powers." Andros started rustling through a drawer. "We seem to be all working for the same thing." He showed what he had to Tommy. Tommy nodded. "TJ this is the Blue Astro Powers." Andros tossed it to him. "Carlos this is the Black Astro Power." He tossed Carlos the second morpher. "Cassie this is the Pink Astron Power." Andros tossed her the third one. "Ashley, the last one, Yellow Power is yours." He tossed her the last one. "Please accept these and join our team."

Tommy said quickly. "Welcome aboard. You guys want a tour?"

"Yes." They all said.

"Follow me everyone." Andros said. "The first stop is the Control Room. This is Dimitria. Dimitria this is TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley." Andros introduced them.


"Thank you Dimitria." Carlos said. He and the others followed Andros and Tommy out of the room.

Ashley walked over to the next door and found it to be locked. "Andros what's in here?" She asked.

"Oh that's the Storage Room. It's really a mess that's why we keep it locked."

'Are there any more secrets on this ship?' Cassie wondered. "Oh Okay." Not believing it one bit. 'Come on Cassie! We intruded on their space there's going to be secrets.' "So what's the next stop?"

"Your rooms. Cassie and Ashley will be sharing this room. Andros's is down there. Carlos your and TJ's is right across the hall from Cassie and Ashley's. Right there is mine."

They all went into their own rooms.

The next day Tommy, Andros, and Ashley were walking in the park.

They hadn't gone very far in the park before Elgar, Quanatrons, and Alexis surrounded them. Tommy kicked Elgar in the back. He felt someone behind him and quickly turned around. He saw Alexis fire something at Ashley, and Ashley fell to the ground. Tommy felt the surge. 'Not now!' But he couldn't stop it. He gave a whimper as the energy flew at Alexis. But it never hit her. As Elgar hit Tommy in the head, he heard Andros call his name. But he blacked out. Elgar picked Tommy up and teleported himself, Tommy, Alexis and the Quanatrons back to Astronema's ship.

Andros saw this happen and sank to his knees with frustration.

Back up on Astronema's Ship, Tommy was thrown on the floor. He opened his eyes and looked up at Astronema. "Ah Lightning Ranger. It's time I use your powers the correct way." Astronema laughed.

Andros and Ashley teleported back up to the Talorn.

Ashley went to get the others. She found them in the food area eating lunch. "Tommy was just captured guys." The others sprang to their feet and followed her to the Control Room. They saw Andros sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.

"Don't worry Andros. We'll get Tommy back." TJ tried to assure him.

"You guys don't understand! With Tommy in Astronema's hands she has the Lightning Powers at her disposal. She'll be unstoppable!" Andros informed them near tears. "We weren't going to tell you this, not right away anyway. But the Lightning Powers can be very dangerous. Out of all the Powers, Tommy is the only one that is able to draw on his powers."

The others stood there shocked taking in all of this. They had no idea that a power could be so destructible. Ashley leaned over and squeezed Andros's hand. "Everything will be fine Andros don't worry." She turned to the rest of the group. "We need to come up with a plan to get Tommy back. Astronema won't get away with this." Ashley looked over at Andros again. "Andros maybe you should go lay down. You might feel better." Andros nodded and left the room.

"I wish they would have told us about the Lightning Powers." Cassie said.

"What I'm confused about is why did Andros say Tommy was the only one?" TJ asked. "We don't have the Defender Powers like they do. So why did Andros point that out? And why is the Storage Room locked?"

"I guess those are questions we'll have to wait to get answers for. Let's not push Andros though. He'll tell us when he's ready." Ashley told him. "He needs time to figure out when to share it if there is something he's not telling us."

TJ and Carlos nodded and walked back to their room. Cassie watched them go before turning to her best friend. "Ashley you really like Andros don't you?" Cassie really didn't need an answer she could read it in Ashley's eyes. But she waited for one anyway.

Ashley sighed. "Yes. He seems like a really nice guy. He's really serious too." Ashley opened the wrong door. She walked right into the room Roland and Zhane had shared. She noticed that it wasn't an empty room as she had originally thought. "Cassie could you come in her please?" Ashley asked while dragging Cassie into the room. "I wasn't paying attention and accidentally came in here."

"Ashley whose room is this?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know. It's not any of the others. There are so many secrets on this ship. I'm afraid of what will happen next. Let's not tell Andros we accidentally came in here."

"I agree Ashley. Let's get out of here." They hurried out of the room giving it one last look. And closed the door.

Alexis stood there watching the unconscious Tommy. For some reason she felt a need to yank the plug of the machine he was attached to. She couldn't figure out why. Every once in awhile Alexis heard him cry out. She turned to Elgar, who was standing next to her. She had really begun to like him. If it hadn't been for him knocking Tommy out, she knew she wouldn't be standing there right then. "Elgar what's that machine doing to him?"

"Well Alexis it's scanning the Lightning Powers. Astronema is looking for a way to harness the power." Elgar said. Tommy cried out again.

"Why does it hurt him so much?" Alexis asked looking down at him. Something was nagging her about all of this.

"I don't know you'll have to ask Astronema."

Ecliptor, who had been watching in the shadows, turned around and left the room. He walked into Astronema's room. "My princess. I just came from the room that you're holding Tommy in. I believe the spell we put on Alexis is diminishing. We need to strengthen it before it comes off."

"Call my parents. They might have an idea on what to do with her."

"Right away my princess." Ecliptor bowed ad walked out of the room. He saw Darkonda watching him. "She wants us to contact her parents."

"No need. We're already here." Came a voice behind them. They both turned around and smiled at the sight of who it was.

Standing there was Jet and Petra.

"Go fetch my daughter for me." Petra told Ecliptor.

"Yes mistress." Ecliptor said and hurried out of the room and back into Astronema's. "Astronema your parents are here."

"I'll be right out." Astronema sighed. She hardly ever saw her parents and when she did, It was all because they wanted something. She was raised by Dark Spectre. She knew her half brother that was a year older then she was. Her parents told her he had chosen not to live with them. She walked out and gave them a hug. "I'm glad your here. Follow me. I have something to show you." They followed her into one of the cells. "Look in there."

They peered in and heard a cry. "I hear someone hurting. Who is it?" Jet asked.

"Go on in there and see." Astronema urged them.

They walked in and saw Alexis and Elgar. Nothing new there. They looked over to the right and saw who was in pain. "What are you doing with Tommy Astronema?" Petra asked.

"I'm scanning the Lightning Powers. Of course I used the most painful way I could think of. I want to see if there's a way to harness it. He almost fried Alexis this morning. He has no control. So I figure it would be easier to just steal the powers. My second problem is Alexis. The spell's coming off of her."

"I have an idea. Alexis come here dear." Petra said in a sweet voice and raised her staff and fired. "That should hold her. Now did you want to do the same to Tommy?"

"I don't know. Let me check the scans." Astronema walked over and read the scans. "Why you little…" She signaled to Elgar. Elgar punched Tommy in the stomach. "Tommy was able to fight off the scans. Which is why he was in so much pain. I should have known! Well now we know he'll fight off spells and any attempts of us trying to steal the powers. Have you ever fought against other lightning Rangers?" They shook their heads. "Oh this is just great." She watched Tommy come to as she was unplugging the machine. 'What the heck do we do with him now?' She inserted something in his arm to make him pass out. "Now what?" She asked.

"Just keep him here. With him up here, Andros will have trouble with this. In the span of two years we have severely injured four of his friends, and captured the other two. Even if four others have joined him it won't help just throw him into the dungeon. Do you have any other problems?" Astronema shook her head. "Good then we'll leave." Petra and Jet teleported out after that.

"Alexis and Elgar put Tommy in the dungeon. Then go back up to the throne room. I have an idea."

After they put Tommy into the dungeon the hurried up to the throne room where they were told of a great plan.

Andros sat in his quarters thinking. He couldn't believe this was happening. These had been two very rough years from him. He still couldn't shake what happened a couple hours before the incident happened.

"Andros how could you do that? The monster was turned around and you had a perfect shot! You just stood there! What were you thinking?" Zhane yelled.

"Lay off Zhane. He made a mistake everyone makes mistakes!" Roland said.

"I'm sorry Zhane. I made a mistake. It won't happen again!" Andros said.

"Andros you have to use your head out there! You drop your guard for one second and they will take advantage of it. I can't talk to you right now Andros." Zhane said and stormed off.

That had been the last time he had talked to Zhane. His best friend had been angry with him. And yet he had been messing up over and over again. He should have ran over to help Tommy instead he called his name. Tommy almost fried Alexis, which is enough reason for them to take Tommy. He heard a knock at his door. "Come in." He called.

The door opened and in walked Ashley. "Hi Andros. I wanted to see if you were all right. Everyone is concerned about you."

"I'm fine. I just needed a few minutes alone to think. I'll be out soon."

Andros's communicator went off. He answered it. "ANDROS. ELGAR AND ALEXIS ARE ATTACKING THE MALL. YOU MUST HURRY AND STOP THEM." Came Dimitria's voice over the communicator.

"Dang it! Dimitria notify TJ, Carlos and Cassie. Tell them to meet Ashley and I in the Control Room ASAP." Andros answered. He turned to Ashley. "Come on!" They rushed out and into the Control Room. When they met up with the others they turned their attention to Andros. "We have to stop them right now. It's Morphin Time!" He called.

"Wind Power!"

"Let's rock it!"

They teleported down to Earth. "Oh come on! I thought we knocked the Defenders down to one! Who are these guys?" Elgar asked.

"Miss us Elgar?" TJ asked.

"Oh no not you guys!" Elgar groaned.

"We're not afraid of you!" Alexis yelled. "Fight us now!" Alexis jumped at Cassie and kicked her in the head. "Come on Pink Ranger. Fight me!"

Quanatrons came down and surrounded the others. Darkonda grabbed a hold of Andros and pulled him out of the group. "Come on Wind Ranger. Show me what you've got. Or are you planning to mess up again? I'm sure your glad Zhane isn't around to yell at you. They would all be ashamed of you. You let Tommy get captured. Your not fit to be a Defender." Darkonda taunted him.

"Shut up and fight Darkonda." Andros said and lunged at him. He brought out his sword and went at it with him. This went on for a few minutes with neither of them having a decided advantage. Andros blocked all of Darkonda's attempts and was able to get in a few hits of his own. He had knocked Darkonda down when he heard a scream. Andros turned around and saw Alexis fall to the ground. Andros forgot about Darkonda and ran over to Alexis.

"Alexis?" He started checking for a pulse. He felt someone pull him away. He turned around and saw it was TJ. "What are you doing TJ?"

"What do you mean what am I doing? You just went over to check on an enemy!" TJ reminded him.

"You don't understand TJ!" Andros pushed around TJ and ran over to Alexis.

Alexis opened her eyes. "Andros? How did I get here? I remember being teleported down to Earth and seeing Astronema and that's it." Alexis looked confused.

"Lex your back!" Andros said excitedly. He felt something hit him in the back before he passed out. Standing behind him was Ecliptor.

"Come on Alexis." Ecliptor ordered.

"No way! You just hurt Andros! Why would I want to come with you?"

"Fine have it your way." Ecliptor said and prepared to fire again. But the chance never came. Ashley hit him. "I'll be back!" He warned. He disappeared along with Elgar, Darkonda, and the Quanatrons.

"Ashley knelt beside Andros and was checking on him. "We need to teleport him back up to the ship." She told the others. They all teleported up along with Alexis.

When the Astro Rangers powered down, Alexis stared at them confused. "Who are you guys? Where are the others?" Alexis demanded to know.

"We could ask you the same thing. Who are you and what do you mean others?" Cassie asked.

Before Alexis could say anything Andros came to. "Alexis?" He asked before opening his eyes.

"Right here Andros." Alexis said grabbing his hand she turned to the others. "Who are you?" She asked looking at them.

"Alexis they are the Astro Rangers. That's TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Carlos."

"Pleased to meet you. Andros where are the others?" Alexis asked.

"Tommy was captured." Andros said


"It's Morphin Time!" Alexis called.

"Wind Power!"

"Comet Power!"

"Let's rock it!"

They teleported back to Earth and were met with a surprise. The Quanatrons were holding Tommy!

"We have a proposition for you Rangers. Alexis comes back to us, and Tommy is released." Darkonda said.

"I'll come just let Tommy go now!" Alexis demanded.

"Fine." They dropped Tommy and Alexis walked towards them.

"Alexis no!" Andros yelled. But it was too late. They teleported back up. Andros saw Tommy lying in the grass and ran over to him. He quickly checked him. "It's a dummy!" Andros yelled to the others. He teleported back up to the Talorn.

"They fell for it! They had believed that you were free! It's hilarious." Astronema said to Alexis.

"That's not all. I managed to swipe this." Alexis said holding up a key. "It's what's keeping the other Defenders in their tubes!"

Everyone laughed.

'This can't be happening. Hold on something's not right.' Andros looked at the controls. "Dimitria where's the key? The key to the Cryogenic tubes?" Andros looked around quickly.

"I DON'T KNOW ANDROS." Dimitria said.

Andros ran out of the Control Room. He ran straight to the Storage Room and put his hand on the door. He gasped at what he saw.

To be continued

Author's Note: Really long story. I hand wrote half of it. It took me quite awhile. I hope you all liked it. Email me at Willow@Grrtech.com and let me know what you thought.