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Authors note: This is part of the Zeo Disaster series. Reading the other three stories would be a good idea. This is part one of The Defenders sub-series. Which is still part of Zeo Disaster.

Time frame: Right after Jason loses his gold ranger powers.

The Defenders Part 1


Jason Scott is sitting alone at the lake. Just ten minutes ago he gave the Gold Ranger powers back to Trey. He had really enjoyed being back on the team. He got to know David, Tanya, and Kat who had all joined the team before and during when he returned. He turned around and saw Tommy Oliver approaching behind him.

"Hey Jase. Kat just told me what happened. How are you holding up?"

"It's weird being off the team again. I'm going to miss it."

Just then a beam shot down and then disappeared, taking the two former rangers with it.

Tommy was afraid to open his eyes when his feet hit touched the ground. He was sure Lord Zedd and Mondo were behind this. He opened his eyes anyway and saw a place he had never seen before. A young woman came up to him and was looking him over.

"Welcome Tommy Oliver and Jason Lee Scott to the Talorn ship." She said.

"The what?" Jason asked.

"The Talorn Ship. It's where The Defenders operate out of." She answered.

"Excuse me but you have completely lost me. Who are you and what is the defenders?" Tommy asked.

"I'm sorry. My name is Alexis. This ship is called the Talorn. I am part of a group called The Defenders who are trying to stop an evil force called the Cyviens."

"That explains everything but what are we doing here?" Jason asked.

"The Cyviens next plan is to take over Earth. Our informants have informed us that they are joining up with Zedd. Two of our own have been captured by the Cyviens and we need help to get them back and stop the Cyviens. You two have been chosen because you are great fighters on Earth."

Just then a man with dark hair walked into the room. "Alexis, Dallas is ready." He said.

"Thank you Roland." Turning back to Tommy and Jason. "That is Roland. Follow me please." She instructed.

Exchanging looks, Tommy and Jason followed her into another room. This room seemed to be the main room of the ship. There was a being like Zordon in a tube. This one, however, was female and wearing a white like smock.


Just then a tall woman came out from behind a console. "Hello my name is Dallas. I see you have met two members of this team. I'm sorry you couldn't have met Zhane and Andros, but they were captured."

"Are you guys Power Rangers?" Jason asked.


Dallas walked up to them and held up two gadgets. "We would like you two to join our team."

Tommy looked up shocked. "I'm sorry but I can't take it. Zordon told me I wouldn't be able to hold the powers anymore."

"Tommy we know. This is different then the powers Zordon was referring to. We will monitor you though just in case." Roland answered him. Then turned to Jason. "They will not harm you either."

Tommy and Jason answered them at the same time. "We'll do it."

Dallas smiling hands them each a gadget. "Jason you are the Thunder Ranger. Tommy you are the Lightning Ranger."

Tommy bit his lip to keep from laughing. "What are your powers?"

"I am the Comet Ranger." Alexis said.

"I am the Solar Ranger." Roland said.

"And I am the Sun Ranger." Dallas said.

They started talking about the Cyvens and Lord Zedd.

On the moon, Rita, Zedd and Mondo are discussing their next plans. When a flash of light entered the room. Bringing two beings none of them had ever seen before.

"Who do you think you are barging in here like that?" Mondo asked.

"Foolish robot don't you know who we are? I am Jet." The male said.

"And I am Petra." The female said. "We are…."

Rita fell to her knees. "You are the Cyviens!"

"You may get up Rita we have come to help you destroy those Power Rangers. We will not destroy you three however." Jet said.

Jet snapped his fingers and figures made of rock appeared in the room. They also brought two beings with them. And unless Zedd was mistaken, which was always unlikely, they were Kerovian.

"Ah these must be your famous rock drones that everyone in this galaxy has heard of. But who are those two?" Lord Zedd asked.

"Those are two of the Defenders. We captured them a week ago. Zhane and Andros." Petra said with disgust.

"Defenders?" Rita asked.

"They are like the Power Rangers you have on earth. But this group is much stronger." Jet answered her.

Petra walked over to the blond and brown streaked hared young man, who had been struggling to get loose. "Andros you might as well stop struggling there is no way for you and Zhane to get loose." She said with a laugh.

"You just wait Petra. The others will get come get us soon." Zhane said.

"Not if they don't know where to look." Jet said. "Do you have a dungeon for us to put these two in?" He asked the others.

"Oh yes. Goldar!" Mondo yelled. When Goldar appeared Mondo said, "Take these two prisoners to the dungeon."

"As you wish." He grabbed a hold of them and teleported them down to the dungeon.

When they got there Goldar pushed them into the cell and teleported back to the throne room.

"I hope the others know where to look." Andros said.

"Earth will be in great danger so they better." Zhane answered.

Zordon felt a shift in the morphing grid.


"Oh no Zordon! Contacting them now."

In Angel Grove Park, David Truhart, Tanya Sloan, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Katherine Hilliard are talking.

"Have you guys seen Tommy or Jason since this morning?" Tanya asked.

"Not since I told Tommy about what happened to Jason. He said he was going to go talk to Jason." Kat answered.

"We all said we would meet here tonight."

"Yeah but Tommy is always late." Rocky said.

Just then their communicators sounded. David answered his. "We read you Zordon?"


"OK Zordon." David replied.

When the rangers reappeared they turned their attention to Zordon.


Just then the alarms were going off.


"It's Morphing time!" Adam yelled.

"Zeo Ranger 1 Pink!" Kat called.

"Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow!" Tanya called.

"Zeo Ranger 3 Blue!" Rocky called.

"Zeo Ranger 4 Green!" Adam called.

"Zeo Ranger 5 Red!" David called.

They teleported down to the park.

On the Talorn ship, the Defenders are informed of the situation.

"Guys we better go help them. Remember Tommy and Jason you can't let them know who you are." Rolland said.

"It's Morphing Time!" Dallas yelled.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

Tommy's outfit was silver, Jason's was black, Roland's was white, Alexis's was orange, and Dallas's was purple.

They teleported back to Earth. When arriving they noticed that the Zeo Rangers were having trouble with the rock drones. Tommy wasn't quite sure how he was going to talk to the others without the Zeo Rangers knowing who he was. Just then he heard a voice inside of his head.

"Jason and Tommy we forgot to mention, when we need to talk to each other just think it aloud and we'll hear it. It only works when we're morphed. Comes with the powers." Dallas said.

Tommy saw Adam was having trouble with some of the drones and ran over to her. He pulled the drones off him and kicked them.

"Thank you…" Adam started. But before he could finish the sentence, the mysterious ranger was already back to fighting some more drones. Better ask him later Adam thought.

Jason meanwhile was helping Rocky who was being hit from all directions. Alexis was helping Tanya keep the drones away from the park playground. Roland was helping David, and Dallas was helping Kat.

After awhile the drones disappeared leaving all the rangers confused.

"Thank you for helping us with the drones." Adam said. Before he got a reply the Defenders left.

"That was weird. I wonder who they are?" David said.

"We should ask Zordon." Kat suggested.

Back on the Moon, Lord Zedd was fuming. "Why did you call them off? They were beating them!"

"I didn't realize the Defenders were here. I see they have new members." Petra said.

"Darn it! They are at full force now. We'll have to keep them occupied so they can't help the rangers out." Jet said with a chuckle.

"They are just as annoying as the actual Power Rangers!" Rita fumed.

"Why not use the two Defenders that are in the dungeon?" Mondo suggested.

"That's not a bad idea at all Mondo!" Jet exclaimed. Turning to one of his drones he said, "Go fetch Zhane for me." The drone nodded and left.

"Zhane? Why not both of them?" Rita asked.

"Because Rita it won't work if we turn them both. If we send one of them we always have the other for another plan." Petra said matter-of-factly.

In the dungeon, Zhane and Andros heard footsteps and jumped into a defensive position. The cell was opened and a rock drone walked in. He grabbed Zhane, who immediately started trying to get loose. Andros ran towards them. The drone fired a gadget that knocked Andros out.

"Andros!" Zhane yelled while trying to get free. "Let me go!"

The Drone would have none of it and ignored Zhane. When he got to the throne room, the drone threw Zhane on the floor. Zhane jumped up immediately and before he could do anything, Zedd raised his staff and fired. Zhane fell to his knees and shook his head. He looked up at the others, and a red flash shown in his eyes for a second.

"Ah yes the mighty Zhane has fallen!" Petra said gleefully.

In the Power Chamber the Rangers looked up at Zordon for answers.

"Who are they Zordon?" Adam asked.


On the Talorn Ship Roland was scanning Tommy. "There doesn't seem to be any problems Tommy."

"That's good to hear." Dallas said. "Tommy and Jason you guys should go home."

"Can we do that Dallas?" Jason asked.

"Yes. You will be undetected. When we need you we will teleport you both back up. Since you do go to school we will try not to do it then unless it's a dire emergency. So go home and get some sleep. That's an order!" Dallas said barely keeping from laughing.

"Yes ma'am!" Tommy said, and both he and Jason teleported home.

Tommy opened the door of his house. He looked at his watch and noticed it was 9:30 PM. The phone started ringing when he got into the house. It was Kat, his girlfriend.

"Hi Tommy!" She greeted him.

"Hi Kat."

"We were all wondering where you and Jason were tonight." Kat said.

"I'm sorry Kat. Jason and I hung out, you know talking about losing Power Ranger powers." Tommy said hoping it didn't sound like a lie.

"We can all understand that Tommy. Well I have to go I was just calling to see if you were home. See you tomorrow at school Tommy."

"All right. Bye Kat!"

Tommy walked into the family room and found his parents asleep on the couch. But they woke up as soon as he came in.

"Hi Tommy." His mother yawned.

"Well I have some homework to do before school tomorrow. Goodnight." Tommy said and hurried up the stairs.

Walking into his room he looked around. He picked up his phone and called Jason.

Jason answered, "Hello?"

"Hey bro it's me. So did you get any phone calls from the gang?"

"Yeah one from Tanya when I came into my house. She wanted to know where we were and I said we were hanging out and forgot about the meeting."

"Yeah I got a similar phone call from Kat. Jase you don't think-"

Jason cut him off. "No they don't know Tommy I'm sure of it."

"OK I'll see you at school tomorrow."

Tommy hung up the phone and went to do the homework he had forgotten to do.

Zhane sat in a corner in the throne room watching Lord Zedd, Rita, Mondo, Jet, and Petra converse. He was deep into the spell and didn't once think about what he was going to do.

"Let's surprise the Defenders. We'll send Zhane and a fake Andros down and have them attack!" Petra suggested.

"Wonderful idea Petra!" Jet said. Jet raised his staff and pointed it at one of his drones, and the drone took the look of Andros perfectly.

"These two should keep the Defenders plenty busy. They wouldn't dare attack their leader or the youngest Defender. That is what is the problem with them. Then we can take out the Power Rangers once and for all." Petra said. Everyone in the throne room laughed.

School is just ending at Cornwall High School. Tommy is putting schoolbooks in his locker when his friends came up behind him.

"Hey Tommy, we were all heading over to Angel Grove High School to help with the repairs. You want to come?" Rocky asked.
"Sure just one second OK?" Tommy said.

Tommy was about to turn around when he felt something was wrong. Tommy realized what was going on. "Um have you guys seen Jason?"

"Funny he was looking for you too!" Adam said with a grin. "Did you forget to do something?"

"Yeah actually I did." Tommy spotted Jason walking down the hallway. "Oh there's Jason I'll catch up with you guys later OK?"

"Sure." Tanya said puzzled, as she watched Tommy run down the hall to catch up with Jason.

"Those two have been acting very strange lately." Kat said. The others nodded their heads in agreement.

Tommy whispered to Jason. "Something's up."

"You felt it too?" Jason whispered back.

"We better go find an empty spot and get ready to be teleported up."

They had barely found an empty spot before they were teleported back to the ship.

"We're sorry for having to teleport you up without any notice, but it was important." Dallas apologized as soon as they landed.

"No problem what's going on?" Jason asked.

"You need to hear the whole story of our group so please take a seat." Dallas waited till they sat down before continuing. "We feel that we haven't been entirely honest with you two. First, I am just the acting leader of this group. Zhane is the actual leader of this group. A week ago, we had a fight with the Cyviens and it was going fine. We thought we were beating them back but that was when they struck. Andros, who is younger then the rest of us, was trapped by the rock drones. So Zhane went over to help him. They never saw the gadget that was pointed at them. Before we could warn them, Petra fired. Andros and Zhane were out cold and the drones grabbed them leaving the rest of us standing there surprised. I took control and told Alexis and Roland to get back to the ship. We began a scan for them but didn't find them. But before we even got into the fight, sources told us about the union that the Cyviens were going to attempt. We did our research and teleported you two up here. You know the rest."

Alexis ran into the room. "Dallas you have to see this!" She shouted.

"Come on." Dallas said to Tommy and Jason.

"Roland, Alexis what's the-" Dallas started to ask when they came into the control room. She stopped when she saw what was on the monitor. Zhane and Andros were attacking Cornwall High School. "Oh no." She whispered.

"Dallas who are they?" Tommy asked.

"Tommy and Jason those two are Zhane and Andros."

"We better go see if we can talk to them." Roland suggested.

"Right. It's Morphing Time!" Dallas yelled.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

When they teleported to Earth, Zhane turned around. "Oh look Andros it's The Defenders!" He said sarcastically.

"Zhane listen to me! You are not a Cyvien! You are a defender just like us!" Alexis said.

'Zhane can you hear me? I know you're in there somewhere Zhane.' Dallas tried using her telepathy.

"Your parlor tricks won't work Sun Ranger!" Zhane said.

Well if I can't get through to Zhane there's always Andros, Dallas thought. 'Andros? Answer me Andros! Andros?' That's strange it's like he's not there. Dallas thought.

Tommy watched the exchange between them and turned to see students standing around. I have to get them out of the way.

'Go ahead Tommy.' Roland replied.

Tommy walked over to the students and tried best as he could to signal for them to follow him. When he got to the side of the gym he ran into Katherine and Tanya who were both morphed. They seemed to understand what he was trying to do.

"Don't worry Lightning Ranger we'll get the students to safety." Tanya said

Tommy nodded and ran back the way he came. When he got 100 feet away, he saw a woman standing in front of him. She laughed and pointed a small gadget at him, and prepared to fire.

Tommy thought he had a pretty good idea of what it was and frantically tried to get the others attention. 'Guys!' But he knew his attempt was futile as he felt the energy from the gun hit him and he passed out.

"They all fall for that gun. It's kind of funny. Come along Lightning Ranger." Petra said as she teleported herself and Tommy back up to the moon.

Tanya watched them disappear. "Oh no! Kat?"

"Tanya what's the matter?" Kat asked.

"Kat a strange woman just took the Lightning Ranger!" Tanya said.

"Come on we better let the other Defenders know." Kat said and they both teleported to where the Defenders were.

Dallas slowly approached Zhane. 'Zhane look at me! It's Dallas! I have known you since we were little on KO-35. Don't forget it Zhane! Petra and Jet have tricked you and Andros. You belong with us not them. Come on Zhane come back to the Defenders.' She looked over to where Andros was standing and she saw right through the disguise and groaned.

'Dal? Is that really you? No! It's an illusion! You can't trick me!' Zhane said.

'Zhane, listen to me. I don't know what the Cyviens have done or told you and Andros but we want you back!' Dallas pleaded.

Zhane fell to his knees and looked at Dallas. He groaned. "Dallas I am so sorry!"

Dallas hugged him. "It's all right we're just glad to have you back."

It finally hit Zhane. "Andros!"

Further away Jason was fighting the rock drones. He kicked them away and felt someone grab his shoulder. He turned around and was about to hit the person but stopped when he saw who it was. It was Katherine

"Thunder Ranger some woman just kidnapped the Lightning Ranger!" Kat said.

'Oh no! Guys we have a problem! I think Petra just took Tommy.' Jason sent out telepathically.

Roland, who had been trying to help Dallas break through to Zhane, ran over to where Jason and Katherine stood.

"Excuse me Pink Ranger but what did the woman look like?"

"Hold on. Zeo Ranger 2 saw her better then I did." Kat answered.

"I did get a good look at her. By that time it was too late to stop her. She was kind of tall, maybe an inch taller then Zeo Ranger 1. She had multi-colored hair…"

"That's Petra alright. Thank you for telling us." Roland interrupted Tanya. Roland turned around to see Dallas kneeling beside Zhane. 'Dallas did you get through?'

'Yes I did. Andros isn't here though.'

Roland turned to where she was pointing. There lying on the ground was a rock drone. He figured out it must have been an imposter Andros. 'Great, just great! Now they have both Tommy and Andros!'

'Tommy too?' Alexis asked coming up behind him.

Zhane stood up, but Dallas was still holding on to him. "Let me go Dallas! They've still got Andros I have to go save him!" Zhane yelled. Luckily Tanya and Kat were no longer in the area.

"Just hold on a second Zhane! We have to think of a plan." She raised her communicator up. "Dimitria five to teleport." She murmured.

When they got up to the ship, Zhane looked around accusingly at Roland, Alexis, and Dallas. "I think you have a lot of explaining to do! First who is that? And secondly why didn't you let me go get Andros?"


"Thank you Dimitria." Zhane said, his anger dissipating.

"Zhane there is a lot to fill you in on." Alexis said. "This is Jason. He joined the team to help us out. He took the power of thunder."

"Tommy, who took the power of lightning, came up to help us too. But he was taken by Petra." Roland said.

"This is not going well at all! When I was pulled out of the dungeon, they used that stun gun on Andros. Who knows what they'll do to them!"

"Especially when Zedd finds out who the Lightning Ranger is." Jason said in a loud whisper.

"Hold on. Zedd knows who Tommy is?" Zhane asked.

"Yes we are both former Power Rangers under Zordon." Jason said.

"This just keeps getting better and better!" Zhane said.

Petra pulled the unconscious Tommy into the throne room. "Jet, Zedd, Mondo, Rita! I brought home a surprise." She said with a laugh.

"Ooh another Defender!" Rita said happily.

"Take his helmet off. I want to know who the new Defender is!" Jet said with excitement.

"Sure!" Petra removed the helmet "Ah it's a human! Doesn't surprise me that they'd recruit on Earth." She then stood back for the others to get a good look at him.

King Mondo gasped. "It's Tommy Oliver!"

"Tommy Oliver? Is that of importance?" Jet asked.

"Yes. He was Zeo Ranger 5 for awhile." Rita answered.

"Looks like we'll have a bigger advantage then we thought!" Petra said.

The room filled with laughter, as Tommy remained unconscious on the floor.

To Be Continued