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No Time for Tears


Angel Grove Hospital room 312, Jason Scott is laying on his hospital bed. The TV is on to his favorite show, but he is not paying any attention. He is lost in thought. Jason had not spoken since the day his parents and girlfriend came into the room. Now it was a couple days later.

The door slowly opened and Kimberly Hart enters the room. Kim looked at her boyfriend's sad expression and quietly sits in the chair next to his bed.

"Jase how are you holding up?" Kim asks quietly.

There is no answer.

"Jason I know this all has been hard for you. It has been hard for all of us! You cannot imagine how scared I was when Mr. Oliver called to tell me what happened." She said, hoping to get some sort of reaction from Jason. Come on Jase talk to me! She silently pleaded.

Jason turned towards Kim and just looked at her, not saying anything. Jason wished everyone would just leave him alone. They do not know what happened. Not that he planned to tell them anyway.

Kim sighed. "Okay Jase you do not have to talk. But if you need to talk to someone about what happened, do not hesitate to call me. You do not have to tell the doctors here. Everyone is so worried about you. We are all here for you. Sorry Jase, Dr Tyler told me not to be in here more then a few minutes. You need some rest, I will be by later."

Kim lightly kissed him and walked out of the room, where she literally ran into Billy Cranston.

Kim startled, "Billy! I am so sorry I should have been paying attention."

Billy saw the sadness in Kim's eyes. "He is still not talking?" Seeing Kim shake her head he continued. "This is not good. Whatever happened that night it must have been terrible to witness."

Billy walks into the room and sees Jason sound asleep. "Hang in there Jase," Billy whispered before leaving the room.

** Lunar Palace is absolutely quiet. There was a party the day before over their triumph but now everything was still. Rita Repulsa walks into the thrown room babbling something to Finster about a monster. She does not seem to know she is speaking. She thought over what had happened a few days before. Rita knew her husband watched what happened in the dungeon and that he had been excited about it. But something nagged her about the whole incident. From the moment Dierdra's name was brought up till now. Surprisingly it had been her idea to teleport Tommy and Jason back to Earth. She told Zedd it would have an affect on Jason, and that it did. Rita could not figure out why it affected her. She was not supposed to regret this! Turning towards Finster she excused herself and left the room.

** Oliver house that night. Ryan Oliver had invited David Truhart over for dinner. David had been out of town when all of this happened. Sam Truhart was the one who gave David the news. David was shocked to find out that his brother was dead. He had barely gotten to know Tommy! They had met each other a little over a year ago. Since then he had met the Oliver family and thought they were nice. David knew this dinner would be uncomfortable. David rings the doorbell and Cory Oliver answers the door.

Cory ran into David and gave him a big hug. Charlotte Oliver hearing that the doorbell had rang came to see who it was. She smiled at David and tried to pry her seven-year-old son off of David. She offered her apologies to David.

David stepped into the house "Thanks for inviting me Mrs. Oliver."

"No problem at all David, and please call me Charlotte. Ryan will be here in a few minutes; he had to run to the store. May I get you something to drink? Water, soda, milk?"

"Water would be fine thank you."

Charlotte walks into the kitchen. David looked around at all of the framed pictures in the living room. He sees one of Tommy with a large trophy, another one of Tommy at the age of 11 holding his little brother. A picture of Cory at his kindergarten graduation, right next to it a picture of Tommy at his own high school graduation. The last picture is of the whole family. David turned away from the pictures quickly as he felt himself about to cry. David rubs his eyes as he hears the front door open.

Ryan Oliver smiled at David. "How have you been David?"

"Pretty good sir. Sam offers his apologies for not being able to come. But he will um be there tomorrow," David looked down at the floor.

Ryan sighed before saying "You know sometimes I forget Tommy's gone, and pick up the phone to see if he wants to go fishing. Then it hits me." Ryan pauses before continuing. "We were hoping to wait till Jason was well enough to attend by tomorrow, but then we figured he would not be there. Today at the supermarket I ran into Jacob Scott and he says that they talked the doctor into letting Jason be checked out in the morning instead of the afternoon. So Jason will be there tomorrow."

"That's good."

Charlotte comes into the room and notices the tension in the room. "Dinners ready." With that David, Ryan and Cory walk into the dining room.

** The next day, Mr. and Mrs. Scott walk into their son's hospital room.

Elizabeth Scott smiles at her son and says "Okay Jason were breaking you out of here. Ready to go home?" Elizabeth was not surprised when she got no answer. It was hard for her to see her son like this. Elizabeth starts grabbing the get-well cards, balloons and plants, as her husband starts packing up Jason's clothing.

Jason gets up out of bed and walks to the door. Waiting patiently as his parents get his things together. He looked at his useless right hand wishing he could help carry some of his own things.

Jacob Scott turns to his son "Are you really sure you want to go Jason? I am sure you can stay a few more days" he jokes. Jacob sighs when he sees that Jason does not even smile.

Dr. Josh Tyler walked into the room. "Mr. Scott could you come down and sign some papers? Normally we would have Jason sign them since he is eighteen, but I thought it would be easier if you did so." He looks over at Jason and smiles. "If I did not know better, I would think you wanted to leave. It is customary that the patient is wheeled out of here in a wheelchair. One will be here very shortly."

** In the Scott's car headed towards Angel Grove Cemetery later that day. Elizabeth looks back at her son wondering if they should have not taken Jason to the funeral. She knew Jason would be mad if he was not permitted to go to his own best friend's funeral. Sighing, she turns back around and turns on the radio.

Jacob turns the car into a parking place. "We're here." He turns the car off and gets out of the car. Elizabeth and Jason follow suit. He leads them to some chairs, and then walks over to the Olivers.

"Hello Jacob," Ryan says warmly. Seeing Jason sitting in a chair, he waves to him. "It is nice that you and your family could make it. Jason has always been like a third son to me."

"I thought the same thing of Tommy." Jacob said quietly. "Guess I had better go sit down."

The funeral starts with a few thoughts from Katherine, Tanya sings a song and the minister ends with a short prayer. A pair of eyes watch but are unseen from everyone else.

** The former rangers had decided to get together after the funeral. Half of them were leaving in a couple of days, and they knew they needed a chance to talk before they return to what they were doing. Rocky and Adam would go back to college, Kat was headed back to London, and Aisha and Tanya were going back to Africa. Billy meanwhile was gonna stay on Earth for awhile longer, Kimberly was allowed time off from her practicing to stay in Angel Grove after promising she would practice every day. Zack and Trini were gonna stay in Angel Grove. And of course Jason was staying in Angel Grove. They were all sitting in a circle talking about the past, everyone with the exception of Jason of course.

Kim who had been listening to everyone finally spoke. "We all came here to see each other. Jase and Tommy had planned a great party. We were all excited about coming home. Then it all changed." Kim quickly looked down at the floor. She knew the others felt the same way she did. Her ex-boyfriend dies and her current boyfriend would not even talk. She knew that if she ever found out who did this they would have to worry about her fury. How could someone do this to Jason and Tommy? The question had been repeated in her head. She knew it must have been one of their old enemy's but who?

"I know exactly what you mean Kim. I hate leaving to go back to London but it is something I have to do. My parents have already called the school to let them know I would be a day or two later returning then was planned."

Jason stared over at Kat while she spoke. He wondered if he should ever tell her what Tommy had been planning to ask her. He knew it would break her heart. And Tommy did ask him to keep it a secret. Not that he could do anything about it now…

After several days of being absolutely emotionless, Jason started crying. Soon he was enveloped in a giant group hug, as tears started flowing freely from everyone.

Kim whispered, "It's ok Jase, everything's going to be ok." She hoped that would be true.

** Angel Grove Airport its time to say goodbye to Aisha, Tanya, Rocky, Adam and Kat. It had not been the kind of reunion they had been thinking of, and they would all miss each other. Kat, Tanya, and Aisha's planes had already left and they were all waiting at the gate for Rocky and Adam's flight to be called. It was not like when they had arrived. Now they left after a week of sadness.

After saying goodbye to Adam and Rocky the others started to head for the exit. Just then a blond woman came running through the airport, nearly knocks Kim off her feet.

Kim recognizes the young woman right away. "Allison? What are you doing here? Wow it is great to see you!" Turning to her confused friends she smiles. "Guys this is my roommate in Orlando, Allison Williams! Allison these are four of my best friends. Over there is Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor and of course you already know Jason."

Allison smiles shyly at them. "Kim I know you are surprised to see me. After the coach told me you were staying in Angel Grove for a while longer, I asked for some time off. It is great to meat you guys. Kim has told me a lot about you, I feel like I already know you guys."

Trini smiles warmly "Allison we were all headed to grab some lunch your more then welcome to join us."

With that, they all leave the airport.

** Lord Zedd had been watching what had been happening from the Lunar Palace. He could not believe how easy this all had been. If he had known this, he would have done it a long time ago! But he knew why he had never tried it. The Rangers were no longer Rangers. He watched Jason still in his state of depression eating lunch with his friends. Zedd had to agree that his wife had been right. Though Rita had been acting very strange the last couple of days, he just figured it was because they had finally one. A plan of theirs had actually worked! Lord Zedd had an idea.

"Rito, Goldar get in here immediately" he bellowed.

They came into the throne room quickly wondering what their master was up to now.

Lord Zedd almost smiled at the looks on their faces. "I have decided it is time to crush the original red ranger. He is at his weakest. He still has not dealt with what happened so he is easy pickings."

Goldar nervously, "Do you want me to call for Dierdra?" Goldar hoped that was not what he wanted. Even Dierdra scared Goldar.

"No I think you and Rito might be able to handle this one by yourselves. I will let you know when you need to go down and get him. Leave!"

Rita who was standing in the shadows sighed with relief.

** The next day, Zhane, Andros, Ashley, Allison, TJ, Carlos, Trini, Zack, Kim, and Billy were playing a game of flag football in the park. Jason was sitting on the grass watching them play. He could not join in on the game because of his wrists. The team of Zhane, Ashley, TJ, Trini and Kim were winning, while the other team was playing very hard. It was a very close game. Just as Kim had scored a touchdown for her team, they saw a familiar light appear behind Jason.

TJ yelled a warning to Jason who immediately jumped away from Goldar and Rito.

Andros turns to Allison "Go over to the trees and hide. We will take care of this overgrown monkey."

Allison nodded and quickly did as she was told.

The others ran to help Jason and were met by a whole lot of Tengas and Putties. This gave Goldar and Rito the opportunity they were looking for and grabbed Jason and teleported out of there.

Kim saw this happen and started screaming, till she fainted. The others looked absolutely scared. The one word that was going through all of their heads was WHY?

** Jason falls onto the concrete floor of Lord Zedd's dungeon. He notices no one else is in there.

Just then, Jason hears Goldar's menacing laugh behind him. "Having flashbacks Jason? Only one person missing from this." He smirked at the bewildered Ranger.

"Don't you power punks always have something lame to say? Something ironic?" Rito asked.

Goldar laughed at Rito. "He no longer talks. He is afraid of what his little girlfriend would think if she knew what happened. That is all you have been good at Jason. Messing things up and then not admitting it. You go into that depression and think that you can shut everyone out. Well I have a little present for you." Goldar pulls out a small machine. It is just like the one Goldar used on Tommy in the other world after Tommy lost the green ranger powers for good. "Let us see what you did as a ranger shall we?"

Goldar turns the machine on. The first scene is of the battle between Jason and Tommy when Tommy was the evil green ranger.

"Jason see you almost got beaten then. You knew it, Tommy knew it but you never admitted it to any of your friends. You tried to fool yourself by saying it was just a spell."

The next scene is of when Jason was trying to get the green candle. Shown is when Jason fails to grab the green candle when it was in his grasp.

Jason groaned while watching this? Why are they making me watch these? He smiled at the next scene. It was when Tommy was introduced as the new leader. Jason had never been so happy before.

Rito seeing Jason smile says "Come on you know you were jealous of Tommy replacing you! Even I could have been able to see that."

They showed Jason fighting Tommy in Prince Gasket's arena. What finally broke Jason was the last scene.

On Screen: "Tommy you got a letter from Kim." Scene goes onto show Adam reading the letter to Tommy. And Tommy at the lake crying. Jason watched with tears in his eyes. Bro we did not think you would take it that badly! Why did Kim and I do that? He asked himself.

Turning off the machine Goldar looked down at Jason. "Now do you realize you have messed everyone's lives up? I want you to tell me one thing before I send you to where Tommy is. Tell me I am your superior."

Jason sat there staring at Goldar. He was not about to tell Goldar that. But he wondered what chance he had left? His misery would end and he would be seeing Tommy again right? Come on Jason, Tommy would not want you to do that! Then I will not. I will face my doom with dignity. Well Tommy here I come. Jason thought to himself.

Before Jason had a chance to say anything, Rita Repulsa walked into the room. "That is enough Goldar and Rito! You may go now!" Looking down at the fallen former red ranger. "I have no idea why I am doing this but here goes."

Jason disappears from the room in a flash of white light. That's one wrong that she righted.

Jason landed in the park absolutely confused. He saw his friends rush towards him.

Kim hugs him as hard as she could. "Jason! You had us so worried! How did you get back here?" Then she remembered he probably would not answer.

Jason looked at his girlfriend and quietly said, "I have a lot to fill you guys in on." He hugged his friends and knew everything would be all right.


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