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Familiar Faces and Places


Petra, Tommy, Jason, Dallas, Zhane, Leo, Sora, Andros and Roland ran into an empty ally. They knew that Petra and Andros would be in serious trouble if they stayed in that area. Not to mention the fact that Tommy and Jason had already been spotted. "Well it's official this isn't the correct time period." Roland said looking past Zhane at the people approaching. "We gotta go!"

"You think?" Jason said with a smile and they took off running down the ally.

When they got to the next street Andros, who was in front of the others, stopped suddenly causing Zhane to run into him.

Standing there was 'Andros'. He was shooting civilians. "Come on let's get to the Talorn." Zhane said and they ducked in a corner and teleported away.

Roland hurried over to the consoles. "Dimitria is what I'm reading right?" 'I really wish Alexis was here.'


"So what do we do for the time being?" Leo asked.

"I say we check out this universe." Petra said with a sly smile. The others gave her confused glances. "Just watch." She said and turned into a much younger woman, late teens at the latest, with brown hair. "I didn't lose all my magic when Zordon destroyed the evil in the Universe. Don't worry I'll use it correctly. Do you want me to give you all a new look?"

Everyone nodded. They all wanted to explore the new area. Petra closed her eyes and concentrated. Soon everyone had a new look. Zhane's almost white blond short hair became longer and had a sandier look. Dallas's auburn hair turned a softer brown, as did Sora's red hair. Andros's brown and blond hair shortened and was spiky and black. Roland's black hair turned almost orange. Leo's brown hair turned blond as did Tommy's, and Jason's.

"Don't think we'll be recognized now." Zhane said looking into a mirror. "Let's go check it out." They nodded and teleported down.

When they landed in Angel Grove, they split into groups. They were all somewhat curious what this dimensions Angel Grove looked like.

Sora and Tommy walked to the park holding hands. "Still reminds me of the park back home. Nothing seems to have really changed here." Sora said with a smile.

"It does doesn't it? Wait did you hear that?" Tommy asked and turned away for a second when he thought he heard people screaming. He started running in the direction that he heard the screaming. He saw from the corner of his eye Sora following him. He saw Ecliptor. He started to reach for his morpher when he realized he might cause confusion. He turned around and held up a hand to halt his girlfriend. 'She's right nothing does change. Andros?' He mentally called.

'Hey Tommy what's up?' Andros's voice came through.

'I thought you might want to be cautious. Sora and I are walking through the park and Ecliptor's attacking. Where are you guys?'

'Surf Spot. Need help?' Andros sent.

Tommy didn't answer because Sora, who had been trying desperately to get his attention and finally gave up, shoved Tommy to the ground hard. "Sorry sweetie but would you mind having mental conversations in safe spots?" She whispered.

"Remind me not to ever get you mad." Tommy whispered and then smiled.

"We should help them shouldn't we?" He asked.

"You want to explain to Rangers from here why citizens are fighting Ecliptor?" Sora asked.

"Good point. But I can't allow Ecliptor to do this." Tommy said and jumped to his feet and ran past Sora.

"Tommy wait." Sora called watching him before running to catch up.

Ecliptor turned around quickly upon hearing someone call the name of his number one enemy. He saw a young man with blond hair running his way. It was a false alarm. It was just some crazy kid. Maybe if he attacked this Tommy he could get the Astro Rangers attention. He pulled his sword and prepared to blast him.

Tommy started to reach for his morpher when a flash of pink knocked him to the ground. It was the Pink Astro Ranger.

"Get out of here!" She yelled. "We'll take it from here."

Tommy was puzzled. That voice was so familiar. But it couldn't have been Kim. Could it?

Sora ran over to her boyfriend and pulled him towards the bushes so they could watch and help if they were really needed. "Great job. That's all I need Tommy Oliver. A dead boyfriend."

The Silver Astro Ranger turned around and looked puzzled.

Tommy started to get a funny feeling about this group. The Pink Ranger sounded like Kim. He recognized the Hip-Hop Kido that the Black Ranger was doing. The Red Astro Ranger reminded him of Jason. If his suspicions were correct the Blue and Yellow Astro Rangers were Billy and Trini. He heard a teleportation sound behind him. He turned around and saw Andros and Zhane.

"What's going on?" Zhane asked.

"The Astro Rangers are fighting Ecliptor. They strangely remind me of the original team. I don't know why but they do!" Tommy exclaimed.

"Well we're not morphing." Zhane informed them. "We would confuse everything if we do. Come on. Let's all go to the Surf Spot. We won't be much help here."

The others nodded and followed his lead to the Surf Spot.

They were about halfway to the Surf Spot. Something was bugging Tommy though. He stopped and the others looked back at him curiously. His eyes widened. He knew something was going to happen and he needed to help. Without thinking, he yelled "Lightning Power!"

"Tommy no!" Andros yelled trying to grab Tommy's arm. 'Don't do it Tommy!'

'It's a precog.' He sent. Then ran in the direction they had just come.

"Dang it!" Andros yelled and ran after him. Zhane and Sora exchanged confused glances before running after the Wind Ranger.

Leo, Petra, Jason, Roland, and Dallas were sitting around the Surf Spot waiting for the others to come back. Andros had jumped out of his seat so quickly without warning that it had caused Zhane to run after him.

"I wonder what's going on. I hope everything's all right." Petra said nervously. She had almost ran after her son but stopped and thought that Zhane could handle it.

"Andros really looked worried when he jumped out of his seat." Roland said. "He had just been sitting there quietly then he ran out of the room."

Dallas pointed her head towards the door and the others followed her. When they got to a clear spot that's when they contacted the others. "Zhane come in." Dallas said.

"Hey Dal. Uh we've got Ecliptor problems in the park and are trying to catch up with Tommy. Would you mind joining us." Zhane said and the message cut off.

"You heard the leader let's go." Dallas said and they all locked onto Zhane's location and teleported out.

Tommy meanwhile was running through the park back to where the fight had been. He had a bad feeling about the fight and knew he had to help. Now he would have a lot of explaining to do.

He saw Ecliptor pinning the Silver Ranger to the ground. The other Astro Rangers seemed to have their hands full with the Quantrons and Darkonda and couldn't help the Silver Ranger.

"Now I shall end this Tommy." Ecliptor said holding up a sword to the Silver Rangers throat.

'Tommy? That explains why the Silver Ranger looked in our direction strangely.' Tommy knew he had to act quickly. He took out his laser pistol and shot Ecliptor.

Ecliptor was enraged by this, moved away from the Silver Ranger, and headed directly towards Tommy. "I don't know who you are but your going to pay for that Ranger. I can guarantee it."

Tommy was prepared to kick him but the Silver Ranger was back on his feet. He knew he had to distract Ecliptor in order to give the Silver Ranger a shot at the monster. "I know you but just not here." Tommy answered and watched as the Silver Ranger shot Ecliptor from behind. The monsters left upon seeing the nine extra rangers.

The Red Astro Ranger stepped forward and said, "thanks."

Roland looked at him confused. "Billy?" He asked.

The Blue Astro Ranger was shocked. "How did you know my name?"

"Um long story." Zhane explained.

"Let's go up to our base and we can settle this." The Red Astro Ranger said.

Each Astro Ranger grabbed one or two Rangers. The flashes of color ended up being red/gray, pink/purple/blue, yellow/orange, gray, purple, and silver. When they arrived in the base Leo was shocked. They were on the MEGA ship.

The Astro Rangers unmorphed, Jason, and Tommy were shocked. They were looking at themselves.

The Astro Rangers waited.

"You wouldn't exactly know us but we'll show ourselves too." Zhane said. 'Guys make up a name when we introduce ourselves.' The others agree and quickly unmorphed.

"Your right. We've never seen you before. My name's Jason and I'm the Red Astro Ranger."

"I'm Kimberly and I'm the Pink Astro Ranger."

"I'm Trini and I'm the Yellow Astro Ranger."

"I'm Zack the Black Astro Ranger."

"I'm Billy the Blue Astro Ranger."

"I'm Tommy the Silver Astro Ranger."

Zhane smiled before thinking of a name. "Most of us are Defenders. The other is a Ranger. We're all from a different dimension. My names Zeb and I'm the Star Defender."

"I'm Danya and I'm the Sun Defender." Dallas said.

"I'm Ryan and I'm the Solar Defender." Roland said.

"I'm Andrew and I'm the Wind and Lightning Defender." Andros said.

"I'm Shannon and I'm the Sound Defender." Sora said. "And Danya's sister."

"I'm Travis and I'm the Lightning Defender." Tommy said.

"I'm Jake and I'm the Thunder Defender." Jason said.

"I'm Levi and I'm the Red Galaxy Ranger." Leo said.

"And I'm Penny the Comet Defender." Petra said.

"Pleased to meet you. Travis I want to thank you for saving me." The Silver Ranger said.

"No problem." Tommy said a little bit uncomfortable but he tried not to show it.

"So what brings you here?" Billy asked.

"Well we're trying to get Levi back to his correct dimension." Zhane answered. "We accidentally ended up in yours. We can't try again for another two hours."

"You're welcome to stay on our ship as long as you need." The Red Ranger said. "We're very grateful for your help today."

"Hey no problem. That's what we do." Zhane said in his usual nonchalant way.

Dallas elbowed him. "Ignore him. He's always like that. So uh can we get a tour or something?"

"Sure! I'll give you one." Kim said.

The Defenders and Leo followed her out of the Command Room. Tommy glanced at the other Tommy once more before slipping his hand in Sora's.

What amazed the Defenders so much was the MEGA Ship looked just like the Talorn. Except this ship didn't have Dimitria it had a computer called DECA. Leo felt a little bit more at home then the rest of them since it was the same ship that he and the other Galaxy Rangers used.

"So you've seen the ship." Kim said as they walked back into the Command Room. "Any questions?"

"I have one." Andros spoke up. "Tell us about who you are fighting."

"I can answer that Levi." The Red Astro Ranger said joining them. "We're fighting Petra, Jet, and their children Andros and Astronema. Though from what I hear Andros is only Jet's stepson."

'I guess this is what it would have been like if my father hadn't taken me out of the hospital and away from my mother.' Andros thought sadly.

"So anyway this man named Cordon recruited us all to be the Astro Rangers and well here we are." The Red Galaxy Ranger finished.

"Cordon." Petra whispered. Andros gave her a small smile of reassurance.

"So what's your dimensions like?" Billy asked.

"Where I'm supposed to be, we're fighting a monster named Scorpius on a space station called Terra Venture." Leo answered.

"Ours is a lot different. We are on downtime. There's no one to fight and until Levi appeared we've been enjoying the quietness." Zhane said. "But we don't mind helping Levi."

Kim was looking at them for a second before grinning. "Let me try to figure out who's a couple! I'm really good at it!"

"She is." Trini said. "She'll really surprise you."

"Zeb and Danya, Travis and Shannon, and Penny and Andrew." Kimberly guessed and smiled.

Petra tried hard not to laugh. Two out of three wasn't bad. "No we aren't going out Kimberly. But you got the others right."

"Well still two out of three isn't bad." Andros supplied. "That was pretty good."

"Rangers Petra and Jet have sent down Ecliptor and Darkonda to the shopping district." DECA informed them.

"All right let's do it." The Red Astro Ranger called.

"Let's Rocket!" Jason, Tommy, Kimberly, Zack Trini, and Billy called.

"We'd like to help." Zhane spoke up.

The Astro Rangers thought about it for a second before deciding, "sure." The Silver Astro Ranger said."

"It's Morphin Time!" Zhane called.

"Sound Power!" Sora called.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Wind Power!" Andros called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called.

"Comet Power!" Petra called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

"Go Galactic!" Leo called.

They all quickly teleported to the park. The Astro Rangers and Leo took on Ecliptor and the Defenders took on Darkonda. Quantrons were sent down as well.

Petra smirked as she threw energy at Ecliptor. Tommy and Andros may be the only ones who can draw on their powers but Petra still had her magic.

"You're pretty good at magic Orange Ranger." Ecliptor commented.

"Thanks." Petra said. "Took years of practice." 'Ah shoot I can't talk like this to this Ecliptor!'

"See if you're just as good at magic as you are at dodging blasts." Ecliptor said and fired his sword at Petra.

Petra hadn't had as much experience as the Rangers did at one on one attacks. She usually sent her Rock Drones down to take care of things. Andros, Sora, and Jason rushed over to give her a hand.

"Hmm. A blue, black, red and orange rangers. Your just a few colors short of a rainbow." Darkonda teased.

'This Darkonda is just as bad as the Darkonda was from our dimension.' Jason thought to himself.

'Yeah. We'll just have to treat him the same.' Andros sent back, pulled out his weapon, and shot Darkonda away from his mother.

Meanwhile the Quantrons were keeping the rest of the Defenders, Zack, Trini, and Billy busy as Ecliptor fought the Silver Astro Ranger, the Red Astro Ranger and Kimberly.

"I see you brought reinforcements. You won't win even with them." Ecliptor said kicking The Red Astro Ranger in the arm.

The Silver Astro Ranger called for his Silverizer and shot Ecliptor in the face, which infuriated the monster. "You're going to get it Tommy. I promise you that."

The Silver Ranger just glared at him. "I don't think so Ecliptor. You say that every time we fight and you haven't done it yet."

"Cocky aren't we Ranger? I wouldn't be if I were you." Anything else Ecliptor might have said was stopped as he was knocked down by the Red and Pink Astro Rangers. "You're just lucky."

A monster appeared behind Tommy and seemed to shock him with something. "A present from Ecliptor." The monster snickered feeling the Ranger go limp.

"Hey! Don't mess with my boyfriend." Sora yelled charging the monster.

Dallas watched shocked as her sister started hitting the monster with all she had. Roland came up, pulled Tommy away, and helped Tommy to his feet. Tommy stood there unsteadily and watched his girlfriend too. He was amazed by how much anger she had.

The monster hit Sora hard and sent her flying at her surprised older sister.

That was more then Tommy could take. He could feel the lightning surging and he saw Andros turn toward him. 'Tommy don't!' He sent. But Tommy chose to ignore him and let the energy serge at the unsuspecting monster causing the monster to blow up.

Tommy weakly crawled to his girlfriend and enacted his heeling ability.

Dallas jumped off the ground and fought off the Quantrons that were approaching them. 'Take care of my sister Tommy.' Dallas said before flipping over one of the creatures.

'I will Dal. Come on Sora wake up.' Tommy tried as he finished the heeling.

Andros and Petra looked up wearily as they saw their own counterparts on top of the building looking down on the fight.

'Great just we didn't need.' Petra thought as she and Andros got back into the fight.

'Petra' stood watching the Orange and Red Rangers. There was something familiar about them. She grew tired of the fight and called Darkonda and the Ecliptor back. They would continue this another time.

"Let's get up to the ship." The Red Astro Ranger said looking around and noticing some of them were barely standing. It had been a tough fight even though there were fourteen Rangers.

The others agreed. Tommy cradled Sora in his arms. She was still unconscious.

When they got to the MEGA ship everyone unmorphed. Tommy forced Sora to unmorph.

Alpha hurried over to them. "Take her to the sick bay." It instructed. When they got there Alpha quickly scanned Sora. "She'll be fine soon. Whatever you did Travis helped her a lot."

Roland looked at his watch. "We can continue now." He informed them.

"Cool. Is Shannon all right to teleport?" Zhane asked the robot.

"Yes Zeb." Alpha informed him.

"Well it was nice meeting all of you." Dallas said. "Good luck."

"Same to you too!" Billy said.

They all shook hands and then the Astro Rangers and Leo teleported back to the Talorn.

"Dimitria get us out of here." Zhane commanded.

"ENTERING CODE 987898323 RIGHT NOW ZHANE." Dimitria said and they were gone in a flash of light.

Timari glared at the monitor as he watched the Defenders leave for an unknown dimension in hopes of getting back.

"Tevu!" He yelled and waited for his second in command to come into the room.

"Yes sir?" The large rock formation asked. He wasn't much different from the Rock Drones. Timari had stolen the idea from Petra and Jet.

"I want you to find out what dimension the Defenders are going and alert me right away. We're going to make Petra pay for changing sides. And I know the perfect way to do it." Timari said and threw a fireball at the image of Andros.

To be continued

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