Disclaimer: The Power Ranger Characters & Villains are not mine, they belong to Haim Saban. However, Jannell Park, Steve Park and Molly York are mine. Please email me of course if you want to use her.

Time frame: After A Golden Homecoming and before Hawaiian Zeo.

Authors note: Story is also after The Power of Friendship. But this is not a series. I do recommend you read The Power of Friendship but that is not necessary.

Second authors note: I want to thank McLaughlin Junior (now middle) High School and South Medford High School in Medford Oregon for making us do earthquake drills. Without the knowledge I wouldn't know how to write this story.



At Angel Grove High School, school is just ending. Jason Scott walks over to his locker to put books away. Someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around and sees his best friend.

"I can't believe spring break is already here. This term seemed like it would never end." Tommy Oliver said. Then whispered so no one but Jason could hear him. "Course without having to fight Mondos robots it does make it seem longer."

"I know what that's like! So where are the others?"

"Tanya, Adam and Rocky already left for the Juice Bar, and Katherine said she would meet us at the exit."

"Well there she is." They both hurried over to Katherine Hilliard standing at her locker. Kat turned around and smiled.

"You guys ready to go?" She asked.

Before they could answer they heard a soft rumbling sound.

At the Juice Bar, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos and Tanya Sloan are sitting at their regular table.

"So do you guys have any ideas on what to do next week?" Adam asked.

"I think we should spend some time with Tommy. Lately between Fighting Monsters and schoolwork its like we have not had any time for anything else. It must be tough on Tommy too." Tanya said.

Just then Ernie came over with their drinks. "Here you go. A great way to start your spring break." Ernie put them down and hurried back to the counter.

David Truhart walked into the Juice Bar. He saw Tanya, Rocky, and Adam. David waved and walked over.

"The others aren't here yet?" He asked.

"Not yet."

They heard a soft rumble.

"I think it's an Earthquake!" Rocky yelled.

"Everyone get under tables or in doorways quickly!" Ernie instructed.

Everyone in the Juice Bar did so as quickly as they could.

Jason yelled "Kat! Tommy! It's an earthquake!"

They all ran for doorways. Just in time to see the lockers they were standing in front of topple over. The rumbling grew louder. They heard glass shattering. And people in the distance screaming. Then the rumbling grew quiet. They all surveyed the mess from the doorways.

"In the short time I have lived in Angel Grove that was my first earthquake. Does Angel Grove get a lot of Earthquakes?" Kat asked Jason.

"There have been a few small earthquakes here, but that was a pretty strong one." Jason replied.

Jason was about to say something else when they were hit with an aftershock.

When the Earthquake had stopped. Adam looked around the Juice Bar from his spot crouched under a table. There was glass everywhere. Stools had fallen over. But it was not bad.

"Tanya? Rocky? David?" Adam called. He heard them reply from the tables on his left and right.

"Whoa talk about an earthquake!" Rocky said. Rocky started to move from his spot.

"Rocky don't go out! There's always…" David was interrupted by more rumbling. "Aftershocks."

The aftershock was as strong as the earthquake. Tommy and Katherine were knocked out of their doorways. Jason held on as long as he could. He saw a lighting fixture fall off the ceiling. He screamed and ducked.

When the shaking ceased once again. The school was a disaster.

Tommy sat up. "Jason? Kat?" He called.

"Tommy?" Jason asked.

"Yeah. Jase do you see…" Tommy stopped when he saw Katherine. She was laying in one of the classrooms unconscious. He got up and hurried over to her.

"Kat? Kat can you hear me?" He got no reply. "Jason, Kat's unconscious."

"Hang on bro I'll be right there." Jason got up and slowly headed to where he heard his best friend's voice was coming from.

At the Machine Empires moon base, King Mondo watched on with satisfaction