Disclaimer: Ellie, Mary, and Corinne Jacobson, Dr. James Jospen, Dr. Patricia Taylor, Brian and Breana Jacobson, Lila Martin, Ryan and Charlotte Oliver, Indra, and the Star Fire Coin belong to me. Everyone else belongs to Haim Saban.

Authors note: I know what your thinking, another series? Yes this series will be called the Star Fire Dilemma. However, I have been contemplating this idea for a very long time. Back when I first started watching Power Rangers. The Star Fire Ranger was supposed to be the Orange Ranger in my fantasy world. But I did say Zedd had the coin in Tea.

Time Frame: Second Season Power Rangers with Green Ranger. What can I say? This is my favorite time period.

Destinies Child


Corinne Jacobson slowed to a stop in front of Angel Grove High School. She turned the ignition off. She looked at her younger sister Ellie. "You going to be okay? Do you want me to walk in with you? I already have signed the papers."

"No Corinne go on ahead and drop Mary off. I'll be fine. I'll be home when school's out." She got out of the car and waved to her twelve-year-old sister. "Bye Mary." She paused and watched the car head in the direction for Angel Grove Junior High School. She saw students eyeing her and she smiled. She always felt awkward in front of people. She was over six feet tall. She always felt like a giant. Sighing she opened the front door.

She looked around for the main office to get her locker assignment and schedule. Finding it she hurried into the room.

A student looked up and smiled. "How may I help you?"

"My name is Ellie Jacobson. I just moved to Angel Grove. My sister has already registered me here." Ellie said.

"That's fine. I'll tell Mr. Caplan you're here. Sit down." The girl said.

A few minutes later a man who obviously had a toupee on, walked into the room. "You must be Ellie." He said.

"Yes." She said shaking his hand. She followed him into his office.

"Welcome to Angel Grove. My name's Mr. Caplan." He said. He looked down at the file in front of him. "It says here you are from Palm Springs."

"Yes I am. My parents had CO-owned a resort there. Now my Uncle Brian and Aunt Breana run it." Ellie said.

"I've been there a couple of times. It's a very nice place. Now there are a few rules you must abide to." Mr. Caplan said listing them for her. When he was finished he gave Ellie her schedule. "Good luck." He called as she left the office.

The bell was ringing as she left the office. She looked around desperately for room 5 where her English class was being held. She walked around the corner and ran smack dab into someone.

She started getting up off the floor when a masculine hand stuck out to help her up. "I am so sorry for running into you." Ellie said looking at the guy in front of her.

"No problem. Are you new here?" He asked.

"Yes I am. And am currently late for English." Ellie said.

"Applebee?" He asked. She looked at schedule and nodded. "Me too. Here I'll show you the way. My name is Jason Scott by the way."

"Thanks Jason. My name is Ellie Jacobson." Ellie said smiling.

"Well here we are." Jason said opening the door. They walked in and Ellie saw the teacher give Jason a look. Jason smiled apologetically and took his seat.

"You must be Ellie Jacobson. I'm Mrs. Applebee. Welcome to Angel Grove High School." Mrs. Applebee said. "You can take the seat behind Kimberly Hart if you'd like. It's the second row third seat back."

"Thank you." Ellie said and hurried over to the desk. Jason turned around from the desk next to Kimberly and flashed Ellie a smile before listening to Mrs. Applebee's lecture.

The bell rang to signal the end of class. Ellie collected her stuff and started for the door, when she saw two guys approaching her. One wearing an orange tie died T-shirt, the other in a black and white T-shirt.

"Hey." The heavier one said.

Ellie, trying to be polite said, "Hi. Excuse me I'm going to be late for science." She said and walked past him.

The guy didn't give up. "I'm Bulk." He said.

"I'm Ellie." She said trying to walk around him.

"How about me and you catch a movie tonight?" Bulk asked.

"How about not." Ellie said. Bulk started to reach for her and she took the opportunity to throw Bulk over her shoulder in a move of self-defense.

Jason ran over to her. "You okay?" He asked.

"Fine." She said and Jason led her to her next class leaving a shocked Bulk still lying on the floor.

Lord Zedd watched this with amusement. He saw the earthling had a lot of strength in her. He noticed something was glowing. He turned and saw it was his staff. He knew the one meant for the coin had to be in Angel Grove. "Goldar!"

The winged minion entered the room. "Yes my Lord?" He asked.

"Get things ready. The Star Fire is near by." He said.

Goldar smiled evilly. "Right away."

Ellie was putting her books in her locker when she heard someone cough. She turned around thinking it was Bulk and he hadn't learned his lesson. Luckily it wasn't. It was Jason.

"Hi Jason." She greeted.

"Hi. How was your first day?" Jason asked.

"Great. I think I'm going to like it here. It's much different then from living in a city that's mostly a resort town." Ellie said.

"I bet." Jason said. "You want to go to the Youth Center? It's where everyone hangs out."

"Actually I might not be able to. My sister asked me to stay with my other sister Mary today. She wants me to show her around Angel Grove. She thinks because of all the martial arts training I can protect her." Ellie said with a shrug.

"I noticed you were good. You threw Bulk." Jason said.

"Ah just something I've picked up over the years." Ellie said walking to the exit.

"Can I walk you home?" Jason asked.

"Sure." Ellie said with a smile and watched Jason open the door for her.

"So tell me about yourself." Jason said. "What made you move to Angel Grove? What's your family like? You've mentioned your sisters but nothing else."

"Well my adoptive parents died a few months ago in a horrible car accident. Mary and I weren't there. We were at school. Corinne, she's my older sister, was in Angel Grove. After my parents died, it was decided we would live with my sister. Unfortunately it was a real legal battle. They wanted to make me a ward of the state. But my sisters and I fought it and well here I am."

"So you're adopted?" Jason asked. Ellie nodded. "A friend of mine is too. You don't know much about them? Your birth parents I mean."

"No one can seem to understand my birth certificate. They have no idea how to pronounce my real name. And they can't even figure out what the rest of it says. They can't pinpoint the language. How I got the name Ellie is kind of funny. My parents let Corinne name me. She was eight at the time."

"Quite an age difference." Jason said.

"Yeah I know. Mary's three years younger then me. She never thought of me as anything else but a real sister. Then the trial came up and well she found out otherwise. The one's who really pressed that I be given to the state were my Uncle Brian and Aunt Breana. They insisted since I wasn't my parent's biological daughter that I wasn't really in the family. I'm glad Corinne took Mary and me here. I don't know how much I could have taken of my Aunt and Uncle. They've become impossible. Especially after they found out I was getting my parents half of the resort. I'm sorry I'm just dumping my problems on you."

"No problem. I find it intriguing." Jason said.

"Jason I bet you've lived here along time. Is it true about monsters in Angel Grove?"

"Unfortunately. From what I've heard there are monsters on the moon trying to take over the Earth. But don't worry. We've got Power Rangers here." Jason said.

"Power Rangers? I think I saw them on the news once. In Palm Springs they think that Rangers are some kind of joke. They don't think there are actually monsters. But I don't know what to believe."

"Well there are. Just pray you never run into them." Jason said.

"These Ranger, they wear a lot of spandex right?" Ellie asked.

"Uh huh." Jason said.

"Cool." Ellie said with a smile. "Oh here's my house. Does this Youth Center have things for twelve year olds?" She asked.

"It sure does. Mary would probably enjoy it." Jason said hopefully.

"I'm sure." Ellie said unlocking the front door. "Please come in." She said smiling. Jason followed her.

"Mary?" Ellie called.

A light brown hared girl, who had to be almost a foot shorter then Ellie, came into the room. "Are we going?" She asked.

"In a second Mary. Jason this is my younger sister Mary. Mary this is a new friend of mine, Jason Scott." Ellie said. "Jason told me about this place everyone hangs out in. It's called the Youth Center?" She said looking at Jason for reassurance. He nodded.

"Sure. Some girl in my Homeroom told me about it. She said there's some really cool video games." Mary said.

"It sure does. So let's go." Jason said. Ellie finished writing a note and followed Jason and Mary out the door.

Lord Zedd watched all of this carefully from his place on the moon. He was looking for the one that was meant to be the Star Fire Ranger. He was not having very much success. He watched Jason walk with Mary and Ellie through the park. His staff was flashing very brightly at this. He knew it was one of the two girls. He zoomed in on the tall one. The staff went crazy. 'So it is the strong girl. I should have known.' He turned around. "Goldar! Take a group of putties to the park and kidnap the blond girl." He ordered.

"Yes master." Goldar said bowing then teleported down to Earth.

Jason turned around quickly when he heard someone behind him. He turned to Ellie and Mary. "Run!"

"We're not leaving you here Jason!" Ellie said kicking putties.

"Yeah she's got a black belt in Kick Boxing." Mary said trying her best to hit one of the clay beings.

Jason knew there was no arguing and he couldn't morph or contact the others. He saw Goldar slowly approaching Ellie. Jason went to help but he was sweep kicked off his feet. The putties grabbed his arms and held him down.

Goldar was within reach. However Ellie saw him coming and turned around. She caught Goldar unsuspecting with a kick to the chest. "You little brat!" He said picking himself off the ground.

"Look I don't know who you are but I don't care either." She said. 'Is this what all my dreams have been trying to tell me?'

"Well you should." Goldar said watching two putties come around and grab Ellie's arms. "Lord Zedd wants to meet you."

"I don't think so Goldar!" A voice yelled from behind them.

"Ah so it's the Green Weakling." Goldar taunted.

"Let her go." Tommy said.

"I don't think so Green Ranger. Come and get her." Goldar challenged

Tommy looked over at the others and saw they all had their hands full with the putties. Tommy decided he first had to get the putties off Ellie. He turned his back towards Goldar leaving himself open. He never saw the blast that hit him. He was sent flying into a tree and fell to the ground unconscious. He was gone in a flash of green light.

Goldar looked around and saw that the Rangers still had their hands full. He approached Ellie again. "Now that no one's here to stop me it's time to go." He had a hold of Ellie's arm but she was able to flip him.

"Look monkey boy, I'm not going anywhere capiche?" Ellie said staring down at him. By that time Kim, Zack, Trini, and Billy, who had gotten rid of the putties, were standing in front of Ellie. Goldar growled and teleported away.

"You all right miss?" Billy asked.

"Fine. Where'd the green one go?" Ellie asked.

The others looked puzzled as they realized for the first time that Tommy wasn't there. "I don't know." Zack said.

Jason and Mary hurried over to them. Mary, who had seen her sister, ran over to Ellie and cried.

"You two all right?" Billy asked.

"I'm fine I think. Mary got spooked." Jason answered.

"That…that monkey thing just tried to take my sister!" Mary sobbed.

Ellie put an arm around her sister. "It's all right Mary. He didn't get me." She soothed.

The Rangers looked at them sadly before they teleported back up to the Command Center.

"I want to go home." Mary said.

"Jason it doesn't look like Mary and I will be going to the Youth Center." Ellie said.

"That's all right I'll walk you back home." Jason said. 'What is Lord Zedd up to?' He wondered.

"When they got to the house they walked in. Mary wouldn't leave her sister's side and sat down next to her on the couch. Ellie flashed an apologetic smile towards Jason.

Jason sat down in a chair. "Not the best welcome to Angel Grove. I'm sorry." He said.

"It's not your fault Jason. There was no way you could have known that those things were going to attack us." Ellie said. "Do either of you want some water?" She asked getting up.

"That would be great." Jason said.

Mary followed Ellie into the kitchen. "Mary are you going to be okay?" Ellie asked.

"I'm still so scared." She whispered.

"So was I hon." Ellie said pouring water into three glasses. She walked back into the living room. "Here you go." She said handing Jason a glass of water.

"Thanks." Jason said taking a sip. They sat there talking quietly until Corinne came home. When she did Jason said he had to leave.

Jason looked around to make sure the coast was clear before teleporting up to the Command Center. When he arrived, he saw Tommy was unconscious on a cot. Jason looked up at Zordon. "Is Tommy all right?" He asked.


"He's been out for a couple of hours. Isn't that something to be worried about?" Jason asked.


"Is he going to be all right?" Jason asked.


"What about Ellie? Goldar was trying to take her to the moon. What could Zedd want with her?" Jason asked.


"Okay Zordon." Jason said and was about to teleport home when he heard someone moaning. He turned towards where Tommy was laying. Tommy was sitting up.

"Anyone get the license plate of that bus?" Tommy asked weakly holding his head.

"How you feeling Bro?" Jason asked.

"Like I got hit by a bus. Did you guys help Ellie?" He asked.

"Yeah. Her and Mary are home." Jason said.