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<B>Disclaimer: </B><I>PRiS and PRLG materials belong to Saban.</I>

<h5><center>The Name Game<br>By Crypt</center></h5>

<P>The Rangers and Spices worked extremely hard to get the Astro Megaship repaired. Everyone had their own tasks. The Galaxy Rangers were rather helpful.</P> <P>"You guys don't know how lucky you are to have me around," Damon said to the Spices.</P> <P>Jenny rolled her eyes. "And why is that?"</P> <P>"Because I happen to be a mechanical engineer."</P> <P>"Hmph! So are half the people on my team."</P> <P>"Right," Fulgore added.</P> <P>"Okay, everybody rev her up!" Jenny called.</P> <P>Kai grabbed her shoulder. "You can't just take off!"</P> <P>"Aye-yi-yi…." Jenny sighed.</P> <P>"He's right, girl," Damon said. "I'm not even sure the engines will come online. What if there's a problem? You gonna get out and push?"</P> <P>Jenny shot him a look. "We can do that if we have to."</P> <P>"Engines are online and ready for takeoff!" Fulgore announced.</P> <P>"Show-off….." Damon grumbled.</P> <P>The Astro Rangers entered the bridge and took the stations.</P> <P>"Let's get ready to rumble!" Jenny declared.</P> <P>Andros pulled on the controls. The Megaship gave a hum as it slowly rose off the ground. The ship rocked back and forth as it struggled to gain altitude. However, it didn't last long. The ship headed towards the ground again.</P> <P>"We're losing altitude!" Cassie cried.</P> <P>"Prepare for crash landing," Deca announced.</P> <P>As T.J. gripped the controls, the Spices threw themselves on the floor. Jenny tugged on T.J.'s pants.</P> <P>"I'd get down if I were you," she warned.</P> <P>Soon, the Megaship hit the ground. The Rangers catapulted over the control terminals. Finally, the ship came to a halt. Jenny crawled over to T.J.</P> <P>"I told you to get down."</P> <P>"Okay, we had a little problem," Fulgore called. "Let's rev her up again!"</P> <P>The Rangers manned the controls once again and attempted to take off. But as they soared through the sky, the thrusters went out in a blink. The Megaship dropped, causing the heroes to fly up and hit the ceiling. When the Megaship hit the ground, the heroes dropped back to the floor.</P> <P>"We seem to be having some major technical difficulties," Fulgore groaned. "It'll take some time to repair."</P> <P>"In the meantime, let's all get acquainted with our new friends," the Cryptkeeper said.</P> <P>"I want to know how you all got involved in fighting evil," Kendrix said.</P> <P>"And I'd like to know how you got to be the leader," Kai added.</P> <P>"She brought the group together," the Cryptkeeper said.</P> <P>"Are you questioning my position because I'm a woman?" Jenny asked.</P> <P>"No," Kai said.</P> <P>"Yes, you are; don't lie," Hallie said. "Don't lie, Kai."</P> <P>"Well, since we're stuck here, we might as well get to know our foes," Jenny said. "Hang on while I change."</P> <P>She left the bridge, then came back wearing her Night Prowler costume. The Galaxy Rangers stared in awe.</P> <P>"Girl, you are too freaky!" Damon exclaimed. "You name your team after dried plants and you dress like Elvira!"</P> <P>Jenny's jaw dropped. "I do not dress like Elvira! You'll never catch me exposing my breasts the way she does!"</P> <P>"That's her Night Prowler costume," the Cryptkeeper explained. "She dresses like her mother."</P> <P>"Like mother, like daughter," Spinal added.</P> <P>Jenny approached Leo and wrapped her arms around him. "Come on, Leo. We team leaders need to get acquainted."</P> <P>Leo gave the others a nervous look as Jenny led him out. When they were outside the Megaship, Jenny called on her galaxy glider. She and Leo hopped on, and they flew through space.</P> <P>"See, isn't cruising the cosmos peaceful?" Jenny asked.</P> <P>"Yeah, it is," Leo agreed.</P> <P>"Oh look, there's a planet!"</P> <P>"Hey, you can't just…..whoa!"</P> <P>Jenny headed down to the red planet below. Amazingly enough, it was just like the planet Onyx, an old west town full of monsters. When Jenny and Leo landed, they moved out of sight.</P> <P>"Jenny, what are you doing?" Leo asked. "Are you trying to get us killed!?"</P> <P>"Don't worry, Leo," Jenny replied calmly. "I have a way with guys…..especially evil guys."</P> <P>"But what about me?" Leo protested.</P> <P>"Would they recognize you as a Power Ranger without your costume?"</P> <P>"Uh…..no."</P> <P>"Well, there you go."</P> <P>So Jenny and Leo casually walked into the saloon full of monsters. They both sat at a table.</P> <P>"Check that guy out." Jenny pointed at a monster sitting at the bar. He had a copper-colored face and two long horns protruded from his head. He had sharp teeth and creepy green eyes. He wore a long, black leather trenchcoat. "He's cute."</P> <P>Leo gave Jenny a strange look. "You sure have a weird taste in men."</P> <P>"Yeah, I do. Look; you stay here, and I'll show you what Tonfa Spice is all about."</P> <P>Jenny stood up and moseyed over to the edge of the bar. The monster was speaking to the bartender.</P> <P>"Just what are you looking for?" the bartender asked.</P> <P>"Look around; that's pretty obvious," the monster replied. "Do you see anybody rubbing against me? Do you see me doing the bump on the dance floor with any fine-looking booty? No, you don't. I don't need a bunch of drunken reprobates. Those, my friend, you have plenty of. Now let me ask you something: Where are all the good-looking ladies!?"</P> <P>"How many do you need?" Jenny called, flashing a sexy pose. "Will one do?"</P> <P>The monster was speechless for a second. "Yeah! That…..that's fine."</P> <P>Jenny approached the creature slowly and ran her finger down the center of his face. The monster suddenly put her finger into his mouth. Jenny gasped as she pulled her finger out. She leaned in closer to him, and her lips met his in a passionate kiss. She pulled back and gazed into his evil eyes.</P> <P>"You got a coin?"</P> <P>"Sure." The monster gave her a coin. Jenny made her attractive walk over to the dusty jukebox and rubbed her finger down the glass, making a deep screeching noise. She inserted the coin into the slot. She threw her head back as she pressed the button of her desired song. Her body swayed to the jazzy rhythm. She returned to the monster and dragged him onto the dance floor.</P> <P>Meanwhile, Leo stared at Jenny, his jaw hanging open. He looked like he was going to faint any second.</P> <P>"So…..you got a name?" Jenny asked.</P> <P>"I've had it up to here with that question," the monster said, running his finger up Jenny's neck and gently grasping her chin. "I have a stupid name. But, since you asked, the name's Horn."</P> <P>Jenny shot him a look. "Horn?"</P> <P>"That's right. I would expect no less from you. Tell me your name."</P> <P>"Okay. My name's Jenny…..but you may call me Tonfa Spice."</P> <P>"Tonfa Spice?" Horn asked. "Do you mind if I call you……Jiminy?"</P> <P>"You may call me Tonfa Spice," Jenny said flatly. "Danger is my middle name. My last name is Control. But you may call me Tonfa Spice."</P> <P>Jenny continued to dance with the monster for a while. Then she paused.</P> <P>"Would you excuse me for a moment? I need to help my friend find a partner," she said.</P> <P>"Sure thing, Jiminy," Horn replied.</P> <P>Jenny shot him a look, then went over to Leo. "Now, you saw what I did. Just do the same to that monster." She pointed at a female monster that looked like a fire fighter.</P> <P>"What!? You've gotta be kidding!" Leo cried.</P> <P>"Look, Leo, the best way to get acquainted with the Spice Club is to act like them."</P> <P>"What am I supposed to do?"</P> <P>"Just sweep her off her feet just like you would a human girl," Jenny said. "Hell, who can resist a hot guy like you?"</P> <P>Leo looked up at her, and she smiled.</P> <P>"Go for it," she added. "You'll thank me later."</P> <P>She returned to Horn, who got behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Leo nervously moseyed over to the female monster.</P> <P>"Hey, miss….." he began.</P> <P>"That's Miss Chief to you," the monster said.</P> <P>"Okay. My name's Leo. Listen, I'm your main man. Whaddaya say you and I…."</P> <P>Miss Chief stood up and punched him in the face. Leo fell back into a chair. Horn laughed out loud while Jenny laughed silently. Jenny motioned for Leo to try again.</P> <P>"Think evil!" she whispered.</P> <P>Leo approached Miss Chief again. "Excuse me…..but could you punch me again? I just love how your fist crashes into my face."</P> <P>Miss Chief embraced Leo. "Dance with me, and I'll hit you all you like." She slow danced with him on the dance floor. When Leo saw Jenny, he shook his head in disgust.</P> <P>The monster flirting didn't last much longer. After a while, Furio came into the saloon.</P> <P>"Red Ranger!" he called.</P> <P>Leo quickly pulled away from Miss Chief while Jenny broke out of Horn's embrace.</P> <P>"Give me the Quasar Saber!" Furio shouted. "It wasn't meant for you!"</P> <P>"Go Galactic!" Leo cried.</P> <P>Jenny stepped back as Leo morphed into his Red Galaxy Ranger costume. He and Furio carried the battle out of the saloon. Jenny casually stepped out and watched, and Horn followed.</P> <P>"The Quasar Saber is staying with me!" Leo vowed.</P> <P>Furio swung his sword, knocking the enchanted saber out of Leo's hands.</P> <P>"Horn, get the Quasar Saber!" Furio shouted.</P> <P>Jenny raced out to get the Saber, and Horn ran after her. Jenny rolled over, picking up the weapon.</P> <P>"Leo, I got the Saber!" she called.</P> <P>"Now for long!" Horn said, trying to yank the blade out of her hands.</P> <P>Jenny kicked him in the stomach to get him away. Leo made his way over to her. Horn pulled out a weird-looking gun and fired it, knocking the pair to the ground. Jenny and Leo struggled to get to their feet. Then Horn literally stretched his wrist and grabbed the Quasar Saber. Luckily, Jenny maintained her grip as Horn tried to pull towards him. Leo grabbed Jenny and pulled back. It was an embarrassing tug-of-war.</P> <P>"No!" Jenny screamed. "I won't let the Saber out of my hands!"</P> <P>"Well, I'm not letting go!" Horn responded. "You might as well give it up, Jiminy!"</P> <P>"Never!"</P> <P>"Then you'll just have to come, too!"</P> <P>Horn gave a final yank. Leo lost his grip on Jenny, who was pulled directly towards the monster. She screamed as Horn opened his leather coat, revealing a collection of various weapons. He absorbed Jenny right into him, and he closed the coat again.</P> <P>"Jenny!!" Leo screamed. "What have you done with her!?"</P> <P>"A rare Spice?" Horn asked. "I don't have one of those."</P> <P>"Let her go!" Leo shouted.</P> <P>"No way!" Horn shot Leo with his weird pistol again. When Leo got up again, both Horn and Furio were gone.</P> <P>"Oh no!" Leo gasped. "They're gone…..and Jenny's gone, too."</P> <P>He quickly teleported away from the evil planet.</P> <P>"Leo, what happened?" Kendrix asked.</P> <P>"And where's Jenny?" Spinal added.</P> <P>"Jenny tried to get my Quasar Saber back," Leo stammered. "But the monster took her as well."</P> <P>"They didn't take her directly to Scorpius, did they?" the Cryptkeeper asked.</P> <P>"I don't know where they took her," Leo said.</P> <P>"Our tracking sensors are still down!" Alpha cried. "So we can't track her."</P> <P>"I can," Fulgore said. "I can track her Spice ring with my own sensors."</P> <P>There was a soft beeping noise, and Kai pressed several buttons. He sighed.</P> <P>"Scorpius has stolen all the weapons from the GSA."</P> <P>"Found her!" Fulgore called. "She's at the power plant!"</P> <P>"The power plant?" C.C. asked. "The one on Terra Venture?"</P> <P>"Yes."</P> <P>Leo started out of the room. "Well, let's go!"</P> <P>The Rangers and Spices raced into action…..</P>


<P>Meanwhile, Horn was at the power plant with the Stingwingers. Horn handed them the GSA weapons.</P> <P>"Destroy these!" he ordered. "I need to make room for my latest prizes."</P> <P>The Stingwingers dropped the rifles into a pool of molten lava.</P> <P>"Ah, this is the life!" Horn sighed. "I've got the powerful transdaggers, one legendary Quasar Saber, and one hot, pretty girl! Keep moving, buzz brains!"</P> <P>Jenny gasped. "You stole those from the GSA!" she cried. She stood on a platform between a railing gap overlooking the lava pool. Her wrists were shackled to the railing on either side of her. She was busy squirming, struggling to break the chains. Horn turned to her.</P> <P>"Ah, very astute, Jiminy."</P> <P>Furio entered the area carrying Leo's Quasar Saber. "Destroy this. In the meantime, I will deliver Tonfa Spice to Scorpius."</P> <P>"What!? No!" Jenny screamed, yanking on the chains that held her.</P> <P>"Destroy the Quasar Saber?" Horn asked. "Are you crazy!? You can't do that!"</P> <P>"Scorpius commands it," Furio said. "He also wants Tonfa Spice."</P> <P>"Tonfa Spice? Oh, you mean Jiminy!"</P> <P>"Stop calling me that!" Jenny demanded. "My name's not Jiminy!"</P> <P>"Her name is Tonfa Spice," Furio said.</P> <P>"See, at least Furio respects that!" Jenny called.</P> <P>"Let's go, Stingwingers!"</P> <P>Two Stingwingers grabbed Jenny's arms without bothering to undo the shackles. She struggled, but with her arms restrained to the railings, escape was impossible.</P> <P>"Ouch!" she screamed. "Let go of me!"</P> <P>Furio began to toss the Quasar Saber into the glowing soup, but Horn grabbed him.</P> <P>"What are you doing!? Give that to me!" Horn demanded.</P> <P>The Stingwingers froze, but they still held Jenny. She looked at both of them, then looked down. Her feet weren't restrained at all, so she stomped on the Stingwingers' feet. Then she watched the conflict between Horn and Furio. She knew that seducing Horn had gotten her into this mess. But it was also seducing Horn that led to the current conflict between Horn and Furio.</P> <P>"Give it up, you stupid horn!" Furio shouted. "I'm taking her to Scorpius!"</P> <P>"No you're not!" Horn yelled. "She's staying with me! I captured her personally!"</P> <P>"You're working for me, remember," Furio retorted. "And whatever Scorpius wants, he gets."</P> <P>Jenny sighed. "Now, now, boys; no fighting…..unless it's over me!"</P> <P>"Very funny!" Horn called. "Gimme the Quasar Saber!"</P> <P>He tore the Quasar Saber from Furio's grip, but then it started spinning out of control.</P> <P>"I can't control it!" he screamed. "Somebody do something!"</P> <P>Furio stood up and fired an energy blast from his palm. The shot bounced off the Saber towards Jenny, breaking a chain, and freeing her right arm.</P> <P>"All right!" she exclaimed. She pointed her ring at her other chain and zapped it, freeing her other arm. She hopped down next to the lava pool before the Stingwingers could grab her. She attacked Horn and took Leo's Quasar Saber from him, then used it to fight off the Stingwingers. Jenny backed off, grabbed an GSA rifle, and knocked over some weapon storage cases to slow down her foes.</P> <P>"She's getting away!" Furio shouted. "Get her!"</P> <P> Jenny ran around to plant to avoid the Stingwingers. She continued to run until she crashed into something and fell down. She heard some voices crying out in response to the crash. Jenny looked up and was relieved to see that it was her friends she ran into.</P> <P>"Jenny! You're okay!" Ruth cried.</P> <P>"We had a feeling that we were gonna bump into you," the Cryptkeeper said.</P> <P>"Yeah," Spinal added. "Except not so hard."</P> <P>Jenny laughed. "Boy am I glad to see you guys!" She stood up. "Here's your Saber, Leo."</P> <P>Leo gave a disgusted look. Jenny could see the look under his helmet.</P> <P>"What is that stuff?" Leo asked.</P> <P>Jenny looked at the thick, lumpy green liquid dripping from the Quasar Saber. "Oh, it's just Stingwinger blood. I'll get it off."</P> <P>To the Galaxy Rangers' horror, she licked the blood off each side of the blade, then handed it to Leo. Leo slowly took the Saber, touching it only with his fingertips.</P> <P>Suddenly, the Stingwingers appeared. One of them fired its stingers, which struck Jenny's hair, creating a spark. Jenny froze in shock. She slowly turned to her pals.</P> <P>"They shot my hair," she said softly. "That son of a bitch!"</P> <P>She stepped forward with the GSA rifle and fired a round. Each laser struck one of the giant insects. When the firing stopped, the Rangers and Spices opened their eyes wide.</P> <P>"Holy mackerel!" the Cryptkeeper exclaimed.</P> <P>"Talk about Rambo," Ashley added.</P> <P>"Let's blow this joint," Jenny suggested.</P> <P>"Not so fast, Jiminy!" Horn called. "Now that all of the Galaxy Rangers are here, I can get all of the Quasar Sabers!"</P> <P>"Easier said than done, Horn!" Jenny called, stepping in front of the group. "Now I'll be teaching you a lesson!"</P> <P>"And what lesson would that be?"</P> <P>"Oh…..like how to say my name."</P> <P>Now the Rangers stepped forward.</P> <P>"You'll never get the Quasar Sabers!" Leo yelled boldly.</P> <P>The Astro Rangers put their Quadroblaster together.</P> <P>"Quadroblaster, online!" Carlos announced.</P> <P>"You tell "'em, Carlos!" Ruth called.</P> <P>"Fire!" the Astro Rangers cried in unison.</P> <P>They fired the powerful Quadroblaster that hit Horn directly and exploded. Horn stood up shakily.</P> <P>"I'm not through yet!" he groaned. "I still have one more weapon!"</P> <P>He drank a green potion that made him grow to the size of a skyscraper.</P> <P>"I call on the Galactabeast!" Leo called.</P> <P>A red lion Galactabeast arrived in the Terra Venture atmosphere.</P> <P>"Mind if I take him from here?" Jenny asked.</P> <P>The Red Lion roared in response.</P> <P>"He says to jump on," Maya said.</P> <P>"You understand him?" Jenny asked.</P> <P>"Go get him!" the Cryptkeeper called.</P> <P>Jenny hopped on the Red Lion's head. She was ready to finish what she had started. The Red Lion produced a flame around it. The flames rose until they began to lick at Jenny's body.</P> <P>"Careful! You're gonna ruin my costume!" she cried.</P> <P>"Let's get hot, Jiminy!" Horn called.</P> <P>Jenny glared at the monster. She pulled both fists back and began to concentrate on her energy. The Red Lion gathered a huge flame in his mouth.</P> <P>"You're right, Horn," Jenny said softly. "Let's get really hot."</P> <P>She thrust her fists forward, firing a yellow energy blast. At the same time, the Red Lion blew a massive flame from his mouth. The combined power of the blast put the trenchcoat monster out of his misery. Jenny then hopped down from the lion's head. She had a small flame on the top of her head.</P> <P>"Uh….you have a spot of fire on your head, girl," the Cryptkeeper said, patting the fire out.</P> <P>"Thanks," Jenny mumbled. "Let's go home. I've done my duty."</P> <P>The Rangers and Spices sighed with relief and teleported out of the power plant.</P>


<P>At the Scorpion Stinger, Darkonda had a plan. He knew how Scorpius felt about Jenny, but wasn't about to let him get his tentacles on her. But he also knew that it wasn't a good idea to just approach Scorpius and say, "Tonfa Spice is mine. If you don't like it, you can slap my behind and call me Lizzy." Darkonda had a different plan.</P> <P>The bounty hunter walked through the halls of the villain's space fortress and approached Scorpius directly.</P> <P>"Darkonda….." Scorpius said. "You know much about Tonfa Spice. Tell me about her."</P> <P>"Tonfa Spice has just destroyed Horn," Darkonda said. "Your Greatness, I come to you with a warning."</P> <P>"What warning?" Scorpius growled.</P> <P>"Tonfa Spice is a master of physical attraction," Darkonda explained. "She lures her enemies to fall in love with her, allowing her to destroy them easily later. That is what happened with Horn. She seduced him, and he fell in love with her. I am aware that you are in love with Tonfa Spice. You must not let it interfere with your evil spirit! You must set these feelings aside before you suffer the same fate as Horn!"</P> <P>"Hold your tongue. I am not as foolish as Horn was. I have plans for Tonfa Spice, and they include much more than physical attraction."</P> <P>Darkonda sighed and walked away. That plan didn't work very well. He found himself a secluded spot on the Scorpion Stinger and began to think.</P> <P>"Tonfa Spice!" he said aloud. "Scorpius still desires you…..but I'll never let him have you. You are mine…..you will always be. Don't be afraid, my love…….for I will protect you."</P> <P>But can Darkonda live up to his promise? Only time will tell. Even the evil Darkonda has apparently learned that love conquers all, and through love, he will keep Jenny.</P> <p>è ‚