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<P> <CENTER>&nbsp;</CENTER> <B>Disclaimer:</B><I> PRiS and PRLG are Saban's. There's not much more I can say.</i>

<h3><center>One Peaceful Day<br>By Crypt</center></h3>

<P> It was about 9:00 p.m. on Terra Venture. The night seemed to be pretty peaceful. All was well on the Astro Megaship as well. The Spice Club members had a special holiday coming up tomorrow. <P>"Oh boy, tomorrow will be really dependent on Scorpius," Jenny sighed. <P>"Why? What's happening tomorrow?" Kai asked. <P>"It's our special holiday," the Cryptkeeper said. "A day of peace. All violence is forbidden for twenty-four hours, starting at midnight tonight. It only applies to us Spices." <P>"I like the idea," Arbin said. <P>"What happens if Scorpius attacks?" Maya asked. <P>Jenny shrugged. "We can't fight; it's considered violent." <P>"Of course, we can find nonviolent ways to help," Spinal said. "Besides, I think that eleven Rangers is enough to put out the fire." <P>"Fortunately, Scorpius doesn't know about our holiday," Jenny said. "And neither does Astronema." <P>"There is a distress signal from the center of Terra Venture," Deca announced out of nowhere. <P>"Thank you, Deca," Jenny said flatly. <P>"Let's go check it out," T.J. declared. <P>The heroes hopped through the tubes to trace the distress signal.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"Excellent. Our false distress signal is working perfectly!" Treacheron said triumphantly. <P>"But there is no guarantee that Spinal will come out with the others," Ecliptor said. <P>"Oh, he's out there," Astronema said, looking into the monitor. She turned around. "Are you ready?" <P>"Ready!" the Psycho Rangers replied at once. <P>"Remember the plan," Treacheron told them. "While the Quantrons and Stingwingers deal with the others, you go after Spinal and force him to reveal the location of the Lights." <P>"This'll be easy!" Psycho Blue declared. "He's such a wimp!" <P>The Psychos laughed menacingly as they left the Scorpion Stinger.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Meanwhile, the heroes arrived at the empty area of Terra Venture. T.J. held a small device in his hand to track down the distress signal. <P>"This is strange," Maya said. "I certainly don't see anyone in trouble." <P>"Hello?" Jenny called. "Anyone out there?" <P>The others paused as they listened to the echo of her voice. <P>"It feels weird to be saving the universe at night," Gazelle commented. <P>"Uh…..I have a really bad feeling, you guys," Spinal said. "I'm going back to the ship; you guys let me know what happens….." <P>Before he could move, though, the Quantrons and Stingwingers appeared. The group gasped. <P>"It's a trap!" T.J. cried. <P>"Quantrons!" Cassie cried. <P>"Stingwingers!" Kendrix added. <P>The group rushed in to defeat their foes. The Psycho Rangers waited in a nearby hiding area. <P>"Do you see him?" Psycho Yellow asked. <P>"There he is!" Psycho Blue cried. "Let's get him!" <P>He started out into the open, but Psycho Red stopped him. <P>"Wait. We have to wait for the Quantrons and Stingwingers to draw him away from the others." <P>After a while, the armies succeeded in separating Spinal from his friends. Psycho Blue was the first one to rush after him. He leaped into the air and nailed Spinal in the back with a brutal jump kick with both feet. Spinal stood up quickly and gasped when he saw all five Psychos advancing on him. <P>"Just the guy we're looking for!" Psycho Yellow exclaimed. <P>Spinal glanced over at the others, who were too busy with the Quantrons and Stingwingers to help him. With lightning speed, Psycho Red grabbed him by the shoulders and dropped him to the ground. Then he grabbed at Spinal's neckbone, but then Spinal kicked him away. As Psycho Yellow charged at him, Spinal grabbed her and tossed her over his head. Psycho Black grabbed his wrist and pinned it behind him in a hammerlock. Spinal tried a rear elbow strike with his free arm, but Psycho Black blocked it. So Spinal threw a connecting back kick to the groin. When Psycho Black released him, Spinal kicked him away. Then Psycho Red slashed his chest with his sword. Spinal turned around to get away from him only to be struck twice by Psycho Blue. Spinal fell to the side, then got up shakily. He had slash marks on his ribcage, but he couldn't give up. The Blue and Yellow Psychos attacked simultaneously, but Spinal blocked with his sword and struck them both. He turned around and hastily parried Psycho Red's attack and took advantage. <P>"Yoo-hoo, Spinal!" Psycho Pink called. <P>Spinal turned around, then Psycho Pink shot him in the chest with the lasers from her bow. As Spinal staggered back, Psycho Pink moved in and kicked him back farther. He started to fall, but Psycho Black broke his fall and held him as Psycho Red struck him again. Spinal lunged out toward his friends, but he couldn't break free. <P>"Guys, help!!" he screamed, wondering how he still had the strength to do so. <P>To his surprise, Psycho Black released him, but then Psycho Blue stepped in front of him.<P>"They can't help you," he taunted. <P>C.C. stuffed a blue fireball into a Stingwinger's chest, then turned to see Spinal's predicament. <P>"Spinal!" she gasped. "Hang on, Spinal!" <P>She rushed to his aid, but the Quantrons grabbed her. <P>"Spinal!!!" <P>Unfortunately, the others had the same amount of difficulty getting to the hapless skeleton warrior. <P>Psycho Blue delivered more fierce blows to Spinal's chest. Then he threw a whirling blue projectile which struck him all over. Spinal collapsed to the ground, and the Psychos advanced on him again. <P>"Yes, we have who we want," Psycho Red said. "Right, Spinal Spice?" <P>Spinal could only scoot back weakly, whimpering in pain. Finally, help had arrived. Spinal saw a pair of small hands grab Psycho Red's ankles and yank his feet out from under him.<P>"Leave him alone, you Psycho freaks!" Hallie shouted. <P>The others pulled the Psychos away from Spinal. Jenny flipped Psycho Red over with a crescent kick. <P>"You!" Psycho Red growled. <P>"You were expecting furry old Grover?" Jenny asked. <P>Psycho Red grew furious. He rushed at Jenny and nailed her with two sword strikes. Psycho Pink uppercutted Hallie and tossed her away. Psycho Black kneed Fulgore in the stomach. Psycho Yellow sent Hanim spinning to the ground with a spin kick. Once the heroes were knocked away, the Psychos returned to the prone Spinal. <P>"Don't think that we'd forgotten about you, Spinal," Psycho Red taunted. <P>Psycho Blue rushed toward him and pulled him to his feet. He beat Spinal some more with his axe. Then Psycho Blue punched Spinal in the ribcage, then hit his back. Spinal hit the ground, then Psycho Blue dropped down, burying his elbow into Spinal's ribcage…..<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"What are they doing!?" Treacheron cried. "Stop them before they destroy him!" <P>Astronema looked as if she was going to burst into tears. Instead, she turned around and approached Ecliptor. <P>"Stop the Psychos now," she whispered flatly. <P>"As you command," Ecliptor replied as he walked out of the main room. <P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Psycho Blue was about to deliver the final blow. "Goodbye, Spinal Spice!" <P>The Rangers and Spices grabbed at them again to stop them. Suddenly, a strange wave washed over them, wiping out the Psychos. The warriors who had grabbed the Psychos lost their balance and fell. The Quantrons and Stingwingers were gone, too. <P>"Phew! What was that all about?" Hanim asked. <P>"I thought they had us," Arbin said. "Why did they pull back?" <P>"Man, they're just not trying anymore!" Hallie whined. <P>"Well, at least Terra Venture is safe," Leo said. "Good job, guys." <P>"But what about Spinal!?" C.C. complained. <P>The heroes turned in Spinal's direction. Fulgore was already tending to him. <P>"Are you all right?" <P>"I…..I don't know……" Spinal mumbled. He held up a trembling hand. "I……I can't see!" His hand suddenly dropped as he lost consciousness. <P>"We'd better get him back to the ship," T.J. said. <P>"Right. Come on, little one….." Fulgore picked up Spinal, and the heroes teleported away.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

The Psycho Rangers marched angrily through the Scorpion Stinger. <P>"I almost had him!" Psycho Blue complained. "Why did you stop us!?" <P>"Your orders were to capture Spinal, not destroy him," Astronema told him. "If you destroy him, we won't be able to extract the information from him. You had better hope that he survives, or I'll vaporize you myself." <P>"How can you be so selfish?" Trakeena pouted. <P>"Watch your mouth," Psycho Red snapped. <P>"Get out!" Astronema ordered. <P>The Psychos grunted, but they left. Astronema stared into space and pondered again. Again, she looked like she would tear up. She may have been programmed for raw evil, but she still wanted Spinal. She…..cared about him. Spinal…..an adorable skeleton warrior, so frightened, yet he fought valiantly. Would he live to fight again?<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Spinal was immediately rushed to the Megaship infirmary. Kendrix hovered a beeping device over him. Spinal had been badly beaten. His ribcage was slashed and his skull was cracked. Kendrix sighed as she shut off the device. <P>"Well, he's asleep now," she said. <P>"He took a pretty hard hit," Kai added. <P>Fulgore's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean "'A hard hit?' He took more like thirty or forty hard hits." <P>Hanim shook her head. "Those Psycho Rangers were definitely targeting him……but why?" <P>"It could be one of two reasons," Jenny said. "The Lights of Orion. And the fact that Astronema still wants to lay her hands on him." <P>"Alpha…..is he going to make it?" C.C. asked. <P>"It's hard to tell, C.C.," Alpha said. "When he's asleep, he looks no different from the typical dead skeleton. He doesn't need food or oxygen, so there's nothing I can do for him." <P>"We'll just have to look for slight signs of motion," Arbin said. <P>"That means that someone will have to be with him at all times," Jenny said. "We'll rotate in doing this. Who wants to be first?" <P>"I'll take the first watch," C.C. said without hesitation. <P>"Okay. After a while, we'll switch." <P>"Let us know if anything turns up," Ruth said. <P>C.C. nodded as they left the room. C.C. sat next to Spinal's bed and watched as he slept. <P>"Oh Spinal…..I've had enough violence for one night……" she muttered. "Please get better. Don't leave us!" <P>The group slept overnight. This holiday was going to be rather dull. All they could think about was whether or not Spinal would recover. Gazelle was so disturbed, he couldn't even stay on the ship. He went down to a jungle planet similar to Miranoi. He picked a tree and random and sat against it. His thoughts were no different from any of the others. Suddenly, he heard a rustling noise nearby. Gazelle got a little disturbed by the rustling, so he got up and pressed on. However, the rustling still seemed to follow him, and it seemed to be coming from above. When he saw some bark drop from the branches, he got really scared. <P>"Stingwingers," he told himself as he ran from the area. <P>Still, the rustling followed him. Gazelle was beginning to get terrified. <P>"Stop following me!" he demanded. <P>Suddenly, a strange woman dropped in front of him. She had curly blonde hair and a blue jumpsuit with a yellow zipper down her chest. Gazelle gasped and stepped back. The woman came in with a flurry of swift kicks, much to fast for Gazelle to block. Gazelle remembered that this was the day that all violence was forbidden, so he couldn't fight back. The woman kicked him into a tree. She tried another thrust kick, but Gazelle moved aside and ran away. The woman followed.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny sat on the bridge of the Megaship lost in her own thoughts. There was a knock on the door, so she got up to answer it. <P>"Mike! Funny seeing you here," she said. "Where've you be hiding yourself lately?" <P>"GSA," Mike replied. "So, how is everyone here?" <P>"We're all very distraught," Jenny said. <P>Mike looked concerned. "Why? What happened?" <P>"Do you know Spinal?" <P>"Well…..we haven't been formally introduced." <P>"He was badly injured last night. We were fighting Scorpius, then the Psycho Rangers came in and beat him to a pulp." <P>"Is he going to be okay?" <P>Jenny shrugged. "I don't know. Speaking of which, I guess now would be a good time to check on him." <P>She led Mike down the hall to the infirmary. C.C. had given up her duty of watching Spinal and let Fulgore take over. Spinal was still lying motionless on the bed. As Jenny and Mike opened the door, Fulgore gently placed a blanket over Spinal. <P>"Mike….." Fulgore gasped. "What's up?" <P>"I just thought I'd drop by. So…..this is Spinal?" <P>"How is he?" Jenny asked. <P>"He's still out cold," Fulgore told her. "However, I think he has a better chance at recovering now." <P>"Really? How do you know?" <P>"He was talking in his sleep about ten minutes ago." <P>Jenny's eyes widened. "Really? Did he say something interesting?" <P>"Just the usual," Fulgore said. "Something about someone being after him, then he let out a few of his desperate cries for help." <P>"Oh…." Jenny nodded. "I see. Nothing we haven't heard before. Well, check this out, Mike." She lifted the blanket off to expose Spinal's ribcage injuries. <P>"Eeeuw….." Mike mumbled. "They did hit him pretty hard." <P>"I'll tell you, Mike, he's got some strong bones," Jenny said. "It's a good thing he takes all those milk baths. Just let us know when you're ready to rotate." <P>"Uh…if you don't mind, I don't want to rotate," Fulgore told her. "I want to stay with him. I can help him." <P>"Well, okay. Let's go, Mike." <P>Jenny and Mike left the infirmary. Fulgore took a jug of milk out of the synthetron and poured it into a large bowl. Then he dipped a sponge into it and carefully patted Spinal's wounds with it. <P>"Hang in there, Spinal. You'll make it, I know you will."<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Meanwhile, the woman still pursued Gazelle in the jungle. Gazelle ran up a log and grabbed a vine hanging over a lake. As he swung over, the vine broke, and the cyborg fell into the lake with a huge splash. The woman stopped at the edge of the lake and laughed. Gazelle popped his head from the water and glared. <P>"Very funny!" he shouted. "Why are you attacking me!? I've done nothing wrong! Don't attack me anymore! Don't even apologize! Just leave me alone!" <P>He swam to the opposite shore and ran off. The woman stood, her lips trembling, looking as if she was going to cry. <P>"What a crazy woman," Gazelle thought as he jogged away from the lake. "How can she just up and attack me out of nowhere? Something tells me that I'm not very welcome here…." <P>Suddenly, he heard a scream that startled him. It sounded like the same woman who had attacked him before. Should he find out what had happened? Out of natural instincts, he ran back to investigate anyway. The Stingwingers surrounded the lake. They had captured the woman. They were about to throw her into the lake. Her wrists were bound behind her and her ankles tied together. Gazelle watched, completely horrified. Should he help her? Even if he decided to, how could he help her without getting violent with the Stingwingers? Before he could think about his options, the Stingwingers threw the woman into the lake. <P>"No!!" Gazelle screamed. <P>Again, his good heart took over, and he dove into the lake. As he grabbed the woman, he saw a secret tunnel, so he swam through. He swam as fast as he could to prevent her from drowning. Finally, he found the end of the tunnel, and he rushed to the surface. He placed the half-conscious woman on the ground and untied her. After a moment, she began gasping for air. She looked up at Gazelle. <P>"Thank you," she said. "You…..you saved my life." <P>Gazelle stood up and slowly backed away. "Um…..anytime. Well…..seeing as how I'm not welcome on this planet, I'll leave." He turned around and started to walk away. <P>"Wait!" the woman cried. "Why would you think that you're not welcome here?" <P>"Well, you attacked me, beat the daylights out of me," Gazelle told her. <P>"No, it's not like that! I attacked you because…..because…..I like you." <P>"What!?" Now Gazelle was confused. "Who are you?" <P>The woman sighed. "My name is Lenina. Attacking someone is our display of affection." <P>Gazelle's eyes widened. "Not where I come from. From what I've learned, attacking someone is a sign of pure hatred and evil. Evil, like the Stingwingers who tried to drown you, will destroy me and my friends. We fight to defend ourselves." <P>"Incredible," Lenina muttered. "Maybe that way, I can get the wounds I need." <P>"Why do you need wounds? That'll only ruin your beautiful appearance." <P>Both Lenina and Gazelle were shocked by what he had just said. <P>"The last thing I am is…..beautiful," Lenina sighed. <P>"What are you talking about!?" Gazelle cried. "Just look at you; your sparkling blue eyes, your pure skin, your golden blonde hair, your….." <P>*Man, what the hell am I saying?* he thought <P>"I think I'm beginning to understand," Lenina said. "My appearance is your idea of beauty. But on this planet, it's considered foul, ugly, and hideous." <P>"So your idea of beauty is being bruised, cut-up, and scarred?" Gazelle asked. <P>"You got it!" <P>"Eeeuw….." <P>Lenina laughed. "See, you find it repulsive!" <P>"So you like to fight?" Gazelle asked. <P>"Yeah." <P>"And you don't blend in with this society?" <P>"Yeah." <P>"Maybe you could join our team," Gazelle suggested. "You could help us fight Scorpius."<P>Lenina stood up. <P>"Really? You really mean it?" <P>"Of course! Come on, I'll introduce you to our leader!" He took Lenina's hand. <P>"By the way, I never asked you what your name was," she said. <P>"I'm Mighty Gazelle." They teleported back to the ship.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"We tried to help him, but the Quantrons and Stingwingers held us back," Jenny explained to Mike on the bridge. "The Psycho Rangers pack a lot of firepower, but they rely on reading people's minds to win. That's not honorable at all." <P>"I see what you mean," Mike agreed. <P>Then Gazelle entered the bridge with Lenina. Jenny and Mike stood up. <P>"Whoa…." Mike muttered.<P>"Gazelle…..a new friend?" Jenny asked. <P>"This is Lenina," Gazelle said. "Lenina, this is our leader Jenny." <P>"Nice to meet you," Lenina said nervously. "Gazelle says that this club is specifically for misfits." <P>"It is…..but why would you be a misfit?" Jenny asked. <P>"Let's just say that she comes from a very…..opposite society," Gazelle replied. "See, where she comes from, her beauty is considered hideous, and the severely wounded is beautiful."<P>Jenny looked confused. "Weird." <P>"As a matter of fact," the Cryptkeeper called from across the bridge, "we have a severely injured teammate on this ship right now." <P>Lenina gasped. "Can I see him!?" <P>"C.K.!" Jenny cried. "Spinal's trying to rest so that he can recover! He's not about to become a tourist attraction!" <P>"Spinal doesn't need to try; he's in a coma," the Cryptkeeper protested. <P>"I guess you're right, Jenny," Gazelle said. "In that case, I'll take Lenina to meet some of the others." <P>"That's fine." Jenny nodded as the pair left the bridge. Gazelle did have a plan, however.<P>"I still want to see your injured teammate!" Lenina whined. <P>"Don't worry," Gazelle assured her. "I'll have you meet Fulgore…..who's busy keeping watch over him." <P>"What's his name again? What happened to him?" <P>"His name is Spinal. He was badly beaten by a group of evil warriors called the Psycho Rangers. We're not sure if he'll make it." <P>They walked straight to the infirmary. Fulgore was gently patting Spinal's skull with the milky sponge. <P>"Sorry, Gazelle; he's still unconscious," he said flatly. <P>"How unfortunate," Gazelle replied. "I'd like you to meet Lenina." <P>"Hi…..you're Fulgore?" Lenina asked. <P>"Yep, I'm Fulgore, second prototype of the Fulgore series…..and hopefully the last. I can't imagine a planet overrun by Fulgore cyborgs. It'd be too scary." <P>"I think it would be lovely," Lenina said. <P>"Well, speak for yourself." <P>Lenina looked down at Spinal. "Is this Spinal?" <P>"Yeah, that's him," Gazelle said. <P>"He's so adorable!" <P>"Yeah, that's one thing we can all agree on," Fulgore said. <P>Lenina uncovered Spinal to look at his wounds. <P>"Wow….." she mumbled. <P>"Yeah, they hit him pretty hard, didn't they?" Fulgore asked. <P>"I've never seen anything so pleasant," Lenina said, reaching down to touch Spinal. <P>Fulgore carefully moved her hand away. "I'm trying to keep him sanitized, so please don't touch him." <P>"Sanitized? How horrible!" <P>"Sanitizing isn't horrible. It means cleanliness." <P>"I know that; it's still horrible!" <P>Fulgore narrowed his eyes. "You're weird." <P>"You have no idea," Gazelle told him. "Come on, Lenina; let's meet the others." <P>Gazelle led Lenina out of the infirmary. Fulgore shook his head and placed the blanket over Spinal again……<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Astronema paced back and forth, keeping an eye on the group. Even she prayed that Spinal would recover. <P>"Please, Spinal….." she whispered softly. "I…..love you. If you don't make it……I at least want to see you again." <P>She stopped pacing and thought for a moment. "Ecliptor……fetch the Psychos." <P>"Yes, Princess." Ecliptor left the room. <P>As Astronema pondered some more, Trakeena entered the room. <P>"Astronema, there's still been no word of Spinal's survival." <P>"I know that," Astronema replied through clenched teeth. <P>"There's really nothing to worry about," Trakeena continued. "Spinal wasn't really your type anyway." <P>"Whatever do you mean? He's anyone's type. Have you truly seen him, Trakeena?" <P>"Yes, I've seen him. I love the way he screams." <P>"You see?" Astronema asked. "He is adorable. His screams, his eyes, his bones…..he's a pure figure." <P>Then the Psycho Rangers entered the room to answer Astronema's call. <P>"You called, Astronema?" Psycho Red asked, a hint of rage in his voice. <P>"Yes….." Astronema hissed. "Get on board the Astro Megaship, find Spinal, and bring him back to me." <P>"Not again!" Psycho Blue whined. <P>"We won't have anything to do with that little worm anymore!" Psycho Red growled. "Forget it; he's gone, destroyed forever!" <P>Astronema fired lasers from her fingertips at Psycho Red's groin. "If he truly is destroyed, I'll use his remains to decorate my room. Now find him!" <P>The Psychos gave an angry stare as they turned and left the Scorpion Stinger.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"Hey Lenina, I'm the drummer for Pearl Jam," the Cryptkeeper said as they sat in the bridge. <P>"Well, I just wrote a book," Lenina said. <P>"Well, I drum for a band," the Cryptkeeper said. <P>"Well, I just wrote a book," Lenina repeated. <P>"Well, I can speak Spanish really loud. EL LABORATORIO DE DARKONDA IS MUY SUCIO, VERDAD?" <P>"Sí." <P>"So…..what do you think of me, Lenina?" Pico asked. <P>"I think you're masculine, yet sensitive." <P>"You do not know me, Lenina. I am evil, therefore I am lonely. I'm just a lonely……drummer for Pearl Jam." <P>"That's a lie!" Gazelle cried. <P>"Shut up, Gazelle," Pico said. <P>"Lenina's mine!" <P>"What!?" <P>"I see what you're doing." <P>Fortunately (yet unfortunately), Deca interrupted the argument. "Attention: The Psycho Rangers have boarded the Megaship." <P>The Spices stood up. "What?!?!?" <P>"Attention: The Psycho Rangers are on board the Astro Megaship," Deca announced again.<P>Fulgore's head perked up. "What!?" <P>"The Psycho Rangers are on board the Astro Megaship," Deca repeated. <P>Fulgore looked down at Spinal, whose head began to twitch. The skeleton warrior moaned in his sleep. Was he about to wake up, or was he just having a disturbing dream? <P>"No….." he groaned. "No…..please don't let them get me…..help me, please….." <P>"Hang on, Spinal," Fulgore said as if Spinal could hear him. "Nothing's going to get you." <P>Deca continued her announcement. "The Psycho Rangers are on board the Astro Megaship. The Psycho Rangers are on board the Astro Megaship. The Psycho Rangers are on board the Astro Megaship……" <P>"Shut up, you meddlesome computer!" Psycho Red cried, zapping one of the Deca units. <P>"This is hopeless!" Psycho Blue exclaimed. "Spinal could be anywhere! I say we split up so that we can find him more quickly." <P>"No. We must stick together in case we confront the Rangers and Spices," Psycho Yellow told him. <P>The twins were walking down the hall, but they stopped when they saw the Psychos. They screamed and ran. The Psychos ignored them and started their search for Spinal.<P>"Mommy, Daddy, the Psychos are coming!" the twins whined. <P>"We know," Carlos said. "We're trying to come up with a plan since the Spices can't fight."<P>"Why not?" Lenina asked. <P>"It's our holiday," the Cryptkeeper explained. "Quite frequently, we fight the forces of evil and we spill blood everywhere. Today is the day of nonviolence; all violence is forbidden for twenty-four hours." <P>"So what happens if you do get violent on this holiday?" Carlos asked. <P>"You don't want to know!" Jenny stated clearly. <P>"Why would the Psychos want to invade the Megaship?" Maya asked, abruptly changing the subject. <P>"They're looking for us," T.J. said. <P>"Either that, or they're looking to finish Spinal off," C.C. said. <P>"They're not going to finish him off," Jenny said. "Astronema wouldn't allow that. She actually…….cares for him." <P>"Of course!" the Cryptkeeper cried. "She only kidnaps him because she knows he'll always resist her." <P>"We're missing the main problem here!" Damon cried. "How're we going to get rid of those crazy Psychos!?" <P>"I got it!" T.J. exclaimed. "Here we go….." <P>Once he explained his plan, the heroes got to work on it. Pico confronted them personally. <P>"Hey Psychos, you don't belong on this ship," he said. "So get off!" <P>"Not until we get what we came for," Psycho Red responded. <P>"Sorry, I don't die that easily," Pico said. "Catch me if you can, Psycho Rangers!" <P>He turned around and ran down the hall. <P>"Come on, let's get him!" Psycho Pink declared. <P>"If we have to eliminate each and every one of them to accomplish our goals, it'll be their own fault," Psycho Red said. "This way." <P>The Psychos dashed down the hall in pursuit of Pico. Instead of finding Pico, they found Lenina. She stood in the hall with her hands on her hips. <P>"Hello," she said sweetly. "You must be the Psycho Rangers." <P>"You don't belong on this ship either," Psycho Black shouted. <P>"But they invited me onboard," Lenina protested. "Listen, do you still know how to beat people up?" <P>"We don't beat people up," Psycho Yellow told her. "We destroy!" <P>"Oh. I was just wondering if you could…..destroy…..me." <P>"Just who do you think you are?" Psycho Blue asked suspiciously. "What kind of idiot would just ask to be destroyed?" <P>"Well, where I come from, cuts and bruises are lovely," Lenina explained. "Large scars are especially beautiful." <P>"In that case….." Psycho Red said, drawing his sword. "We'll be happy to oblige." <P>However, Lenina attempted to defender herself as Psycho Red attacked. She blocked his attacks and gave him three quick roundhouse kicks. Psycho Pink fired lasers from her bow, striking Lenina in the chest. She slid down the wall, coughing and gasping. She had never known that this power would hurt this much. The Psychos continued down the hall. <P>In the infirmary, Fulgore stood guard until he heard a pounding noise. He looked up. <P>"What the hell was that!?" he exclaimed. <P>He got up and looked out in the halls. He didn't see anything, so he wandered away from the infirmary to track down the noise. Spinal was now alone, still out cold. He was no vulnerable to the Psycho Rangers if they should find him. <P>The Psychos continued down the halls. Eventually, they found the infirmary. <P>"This is the infirmary!" Psycho Red cried. <P>"Of course!" Psycho Black added. "Spinal has to be in here!" <P>"Only one way to find out," Psycho Pink said as she pressed the button to open the door. <P>Indeed, they found Spinal sleeping inside. The five Psycho Rangers gathered around the bed and looked down at him. They looked as though they felt sorry for him. Psycho Red pulled the blanket off him. <P>"What could Astronema possibly see in this bonehead?" he asked. <P>"He is cute," Psycho Pink commented as she reached down to touch him. <P>Psycho Yellow slapped her hand. "Don't touch him. You'll only end up wanting him for yourself." <P>Spinal began to stir again. "No…..keep away from me…..leave me alone…..please!" <P>"You're coming with us!" Psycho Black declared. <P>"Hey Psychos!" a voice called from the doorway. "What's all the fuss about?" <P>The Psychos spun around. <P>"Tonfa Spice!" Psycho Red cried. <P>"Why don't you pick on someone who's…..awake?" Jenny suggested. <P>"Don't worry, Tonfa Spice," Psycho Yellow said. "Astronema will take good care of him." <P>Jenny smiled. "I'm sure she will. But you'll have to kill us first. Psycho Red?" She blew a kiss, then left the room. <P>"So, she likes to kiss, does she?" Psycho Red asked. "Well, she can kiss my….." <P>He didn't even bother to finish his sentence. Instead, he ran after Jenny. <P>"Psycho Red!" Psycho Black cried as the others ran after Psycho Red. <P>The Psychos ran down the hall until they found Jenny in the dining room. Apparently, T.J.'s plan involved the jump tubes in some manner. <P>"Hey Psychos!" Jenny called. "You hungry?" <P>Psycho Red clenched his fist as he charged at Jenny and threw a flurry of punches and kicks. Remembering the rules of the holiday, Jenny only dodged his attacks. She couldn't even fight back, so Psycho Red did get a good punch of kick in. The other Psychos joined in, then Psycho Black paused. <P>"Why isn't she fighting?" he asked himself. <P>Psycho Red attempted a thrust kick, but Jenny moved aside, and Psycho Red's kick hit Psycho Yellow. <P>"Hey!" she protested. <P>"Oooh, good one!" Jenny cried, clapping her hands. <P>Psycho Red's rage grew. "Get out of my way!" He grabbed Psycho Yellow and tossed her aside, sending her flying through the yellow jump tube. This act gave Jenny an idea. Just toss the Psychos through the tubes. But doing so would be considered an act of violence; therefore, the Rangers would have to do it. <P>"Rangers, I need you in here now!" Jenny called into her ring. <P>The Rangers arrived as quickly as they could. <P>"That's it!" Ashley cried. "The jump tubes!" <P>Psycho Black threw an inward spin kick at Carlos, who ducked and moved in with a side kick that knocked Psycho Black through the black tube. Psycho Red seized Jenny's throat and tossed her through the red tube. Lenina pushed Psycho Red from behind into the red tube. Meanwhile, Ashley and Cassie fought with Psycho Pink. They grabbed her arms and threw her through the yellow tube. Now they had to get rid of Psycho Blue. <P>T.J. wrestled with Psycho Blue; they had each other by the throat. As they slammed each other into everything, they eventually fell into the pink jump tube together. They crashed roughly on the ground of Terra Venture. Jenny ran to help him up. <P>"And stay out!" she demanded. She and T.J. instantly teleported back to the ship. <P>As Jenny walked down the hall, she bumped into Fulgore. <P>"What happened?" he asked. <P>"We got rid of the Psychos," Jenny said. "Hey, who's guarding Spinal?" <P>"Spinal? Aw man!" Fulgore rushed back to the infirmary. Thankfully, Spinal was still on the bed safe and sound. "Oh Spinal….."<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Now that the Psychos were gone, Fulgore stayed with Spinal once again. Fulgore "turned himself off" for the night. He woke up the next morning to hear Spinal groaning again. Fulgore assumed that it was another of his dreams, but then Spinal spoke. <P>"Fulgore?" <P>Fulgore looked up. "Spinal……you're awake! How do you feel?" <P>Spinal tried to sit up, but he was in too much pain. "I feel…..weak. What happened?" <P>"Nothing much. Gazelle met a girl……and I think she likes you a lot." <P>"I mean…..what happened to me?" Spinal asked. "I thought those Psycho Rangers had me for sure." <P>"Oh, we got rid of them…..for now," Fulgore told him. "And…..you missed the holiday."<P>"Oh man….." Spinal sighed. "Did I miss anything interesting?" <P>"Not really. We were all praying that you would feel better. So…..shall I call the others? They'll be dying to see you." <P>"Sure, why not?" <P>"Actually, maybe we should wait a while….."<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny had decided to retreat to Terra Venture that morning. The weather was cool and humid. She sat alone on the picnic table just pondering. She found it difficult to enjoy herself knowing that one of her teammates might die. However, a beeping sound interrupted her thoughts. She pulled out a small device. <P>"A distress signal…." she thought. "Someone's in trouble." <P>She traced the distress signal to a dark, foggy forest. Again, she didn't see anyone…..until someone tapped her shoulder from behind. <P>"Boo!" <P>Jenny gasped and backed up, tripping over an exposed tree root. She looked up at the visitor. <P>"Darkonda……what's happening?" <P>"Nothing much. I just wanted to see what my lovely bride was up to." <P>"Oh……I was just tracking down the source of this distress signal," Jenny said. "If you'll excuse me, I must move on." <P>"That's not such a good idea," Darkonda told her. "You see, you've just found the source, my love." <P>"Huh?" Jenny was confused. <P>Darkonda held up his own device, which looked similar to a remote control of a race car. "Yes, I sent that distress signal." He seemingly vanished in a blur. <P>Jenny stepped forward, but was unable to call out. So she looked at her device. <P>"Maybe we should alter this thing somehow….." she thought. <P>Suddenly, Darkonda snatched her into a bear hug from behind. Jenny groaned in frustration. <P>"That's it!" she cried. "That's the second consecutive false distress signal. I'm not tracing any more signals……" <P>"This was not a false signal, my love," Darkonda told her. "I am in distress, and only you can save me." <P>"From what?" Jenny asked. "What's wrong?" <P>"I……I need you." <P>"Okay…..you've got me. Now what?" <P>Still holding Jenny, Darkonda carefully sat on the ground. Jenny was really nervous. Just what was Darkonda planning this time? Darkonda released her from the bear hug, then moved in front of her to look into her eyes. He leaned in close and kissed the nape of her neck. Jenny, still unaccustomed to lust of any kind, widened her eyes. Darkonda gripped her shoulders firmly as he kissed her again.. <P>"W-W-Wait….." Jenny stammered, gently pushing him back. "I…..I'm not so sure about this….." <P>"Just relax, my dear," Darkonda whispered. "It's all you need." <P>He grasped her wrists and kissed her another time. He leaned over her, forcing her to recline on the ground. Jenny felt overwhelmed and helpless, so she squirmed lightly against Darkonda's grip. When she did manage to free one wrist, Darkonda only seized it again. He continued his display of affection, and soon Jenny felt a chill throughout her body that had a tranquilizing effect. Now she gave less resistance. Darkonda released Jenny's wrist and slowly pulled his arm back. He kissed her to distract her as he carefully lifted the bottom of her shirt. Jenny trembled as Darkonda slid his hand inside her shirt. How good her body felt! Her pure skin, her fine shape…. <P>Unfortunately, Darkonda didn't get to enjoy it very long. Jenny's Spice ring began to beep. Jenny sat up promptly to answer it. Darkonda quickly pulled his hand out of her shirt. Jenny didn't appear to notice Darkonda's intentions at all. <P>"Jenny here. What's up?" <P>"Jenny, Spinal is awake," Alpha said. "He wants to see you." <P>"Great. I'm on my way." Jenny stood up and prepared to teleport away. She looked at Darkonda. "I have to go. Spinal was badly injured in our last battle. It looks like he's going to recover after all." <P>"Take care, my love." <P>Jenny smiled as she teleported away. Darkonda pounded his palm. <P>"Curses! I almost had her!!"<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny calmly walked into the infirmary. Everyone was in there, gathered around Spinal. <P>"Jenny….." Spinal groaned. "You're here. I'm okay." <P>"Are you sure?" Jenny asked. "You still look a little……ill." <P>"Well……at least I'll be okay in the long run…..I think. It's hard to say right now." <P>"Did you enjoy your nap?" <P>"Not really. I had nightmares. I thought that the Psychos were going to get me." <P>"Spinal, we're here for you," Fulgore said. "The Psychos will never get you." <P>"Well, they sure got me good last night," Spinal told him. <P>"You mean the night before last," C.C. corrected him. <P>"Huh?" <P>"That's right," Jenny said. "You slept through the entire holiday." <P>"Oh….." Spinal sobbed weakly. <P>"Come on, Jenny," Carlos said. "What happens when someone gets violent on your holiday?" <P>"Yeah, you can tell us," Damon jumped in. <P>Jenny sighed. "We vanish." <P>"All of you?" T.J.'s eyes widened. <P>"No, just the person who gets violent." <P>"Yeah, it's like a pop," Hallie said. <P>"Or more like a "'phoomp,'" C.C. added. <P>"Wait a minute," Maya said. "Have you seen anybody disappear?" <P>"Of course not; we're nonviolent," Jenny told her. <P>"Then how do you know it happens?" Leo asked. <P>"Well…..we don't," Jenny admitted. "But……would you take the chance?" <P>Andros nodded. "Good point." <P>"Spinal….." Gazelle said, stepping forward. "This is Lenina." <P>Lenina waved nervously. "Hi." <P>"Hi….." Spinal responded with a sigh. "I'm sorry…..I….." <P>"I know," Lenina interrupted. "You don't feel good." <P>"Trust me, Spinal," Gazelle said. "You don't want to get to know Lenina." <P>"Why not?" Spinal asked. <P>"Because she's weird."<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

<I>So it looks like Spinal is going to recover. It takes a lot to beat down the Spices, even when they're defenseless. They also learned that even when they don't resort to violence, they end up spilling blood. The question now is, will Lenina join the Spice Club?</I><P><p>toàÙ