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<i>[See pretty much any fan fic before this for disclaimer]</i>

<h3><center>Brink of Insanity<br>By Crypt</center></h3>

<P> On a bright, sunny day, the heroes were playing kickball in a baseball field. They weren't the best athletes, however. When Arbin moved in to kick the ball, he ended up kicking his entire shoe off. Luckily, it landed between home and first base, so Arbin picked it up on the way to first. Now Spinal stood on second, and C.C. was at third. It was Carlos' turn to kick, so Hanim served him the ball. Since Carlos was a soccer player, his kick sent the ball over the field. As he dashed for first base, Damon tried to catch the ball, but he fumbled. Each runner ran two bases. C.C. made it home, and Spinal followed. Arbin stopped at third while Carlos stopped at second. Fulgore was a little jealous that Spinal made it home. <P>"Oh no, you don't!" he growled, chasing Spinal. He grabbed the skeleton warrior and carried him back to third base. <P>No one noticed that a Stingwinger hovered in the air above them. Even if they had seen it, they would've assumed that it was just another bug. It took an eye dropper and dripped some sort of liquid out of it. It dripped into the heroes' drinking glasses filled with Sprite. The sodas fizzed a little, then settled again. Soon after, Jenny went over to the table to get a drink. <P>Meanwhile, Spinal was up to kick again. Hanim tossed him the ball. Spinal accidentally kicked it to the side. <P>"Oooh, bad kick," he told himself as the ball crashed on the table, knocking the drinks over.<P>"Foul!" Robyn and Rachel yelled in unison. <P>"Spinal, that was pathetic!" Fulgore called. <P>"Well, excuse me!" Spinal protested. <P>Jenny still had her glass in her hand, so she drank her Sprite. As she did, the Stingwingers appeared to attack the group. Jenny gulped her soda, put her glass down, and joined the fight. <P>Arbin repelled the Stingwingers well with his kicks. The others fought well against the insects, too. <P>"The moment is at hand," Treacheron said, watching the battle from the Scorpion Stinger. "Any minute now, Tonfa Spice will lose her sanity!" <P>"You know, you don't need the potion," Elgar said. "The Spices are insane enough already!"<P>"Why would you want to make her insane anyway?" Trakeena asked. <P>"Because without her reasoning ability, she won't be able to lead the team," Treacheron told her. "All teams are dependent on their leaders." <P>Jenny rolled behind a Stingwinger and thrust kicked it away. <P>"Sis, look out!" Hallie screamed. <P>Before Jenny could react, a Stingwinger grabbed her from behind and started to carry her into the air. <P>"Hey, let go of me!" she cried. <P>Leo tried his best to run after her. "Hang on, Jenny!" <P>But Jenny wasn't going to wait for assistance. She lifted her leg straight up, kicking the Stingwinger in the face, releasing her. Jenny dropped to the ground. She stood up gasping, her heart beating rapidly. At this rate, Treacheron's potion would take effect more quickly. Once the workout was over, the Stingwingers flew away. <P>"Well, there must have been a reason for that," Ruth said. <P>"Leave it to those Stingwingers to ruin a good day," Pico growled. <P>"Oh please!" Gazelle exclaimed. "Since when do YOU have a good day?" <P>"Jenny, are you all right?" C.C. asked out of nowhere. <P>Jenny stood apart from the group with her back turned. She was staring at the ground. Slowly, she turned her head back to the others. <P>"Am I all right?" She turned around completely. "Of course I'm all right! After all, I've just awakened from a thousand-year nap!" <P>She cackled insanely, startling the others.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"Okay, so Tonfa Spice is acting a little weird," Trakeena said. "I still don't see the point." <P>"Tonfa Spice will not fight," Treacheron said. "Her mind has become weak and unfocused." <P>"A brilliant plan, Treacheron," Scorpius said. "Once the others are destroyed, she will be mine. But will she remain crazy forever?" <P>"No. It will wear off eventually," Treacheron replied. "That is why we must devise a plan quickly." <P>"I think we should do a surveillance for a while," Trakeena suggested. <P>"Good idea," Astronema agreed. <P>The Stingwingers employed their surveillance system and listened in……<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

On the Megaship, the heroes were cooking lunch. They weren't quite aware of Jenny's odd behavior yet. Jenny was in the kitchen with the Rangers. <P>"Hanim, are you ready for our workout?" Jenny asked. <P>"Actually, I have a date with Arbin, but I'll break it," Hanim told her. <P>"No, don't do that," Jenny said. <P>"Are you sure? I don't want to upset you." <P>"No, you won't upset me." <P>"That's it; I'm breaking it." Hanim started out of the room. <P>"Now that would upset me," Jenny called. <P>Hanim paused. "I definitely don't want to do that." <P>Jenny froze, holding two different kinds of salad dressing. "Let's see, which one do I use? C.K.'s not a big fan of ranch…..but then Hallie doesn't like blue cheese….." <P>"Why don't we have both?" Ashley suggested. <P>"Yeah, so you won't have to confuse yourself," Kendrix added. <P>Jenny gave her a weird look. "Confuse myself?" <P>"Besides, we have it taken care of," Kai said. <P>"Okay….." Jenny pondered as she set the bottles aside. "Then I'll warm these buns….." <P>But then Cassie stepped forward. "Taken care of. Jenny, why don't you just relax?" <P>Jenny sighed. "All right, I'll do that. I'll do just that." <P>She walked over to the bridge where several Spices were chilling out. Jenny walked straight to the Cryptkeeper, who was kicked back reading a newspaper. <P>"C.K….." <P>The Cryptkeeper looked up. "Hmm?" <P>Jenny had a disgusted look on her face. "There are eleven idiots in the kitchen." <P>"You'll have to be more specific." <P>"They call themselves Power Rangers. I walked in there, and the temperature was eighty degrees; how can they stand it!?" <P>"You wanna have some fun?" the Cryptkeeper asked. <P>Jenny smiled. "Sure!" <P>The Spices went to have their lunch. Jenny stared at her hot dog. <P>"Now what should I put on this?" she wondered. <P>"Why don't you try some mustard, sweetie?" C.K. suggested. <P>"Don't patronize me!" Jenny snapped. "Boy, am I thirsty." She turned to Leo. "Mike, get me some water, will you?"<P>"But…..I'm Leo!" <P>"Whoever you are, please get some water!" <P>Leo shrugged as he headed over to the synthetron. <P>"Ruth…..I need a towel," Jenny went on. <P>"Coming right up," Ruth replied. <P>"Leo, put plenty of ice. In fact, forget the water, just get ice!" Jenny babbled. "No, no, get out of my way!" <P>She rushed to the synthetron, shoving Leo aside. She opened the synthetron and felt the steam hissing from it. She found it quite comforting. <P>"Oh…..this is so much better!" With that, Jenny stuck her head inside the synthetron. <P>"She's been acting weird since the Stingwinger attack," Kendrix said. <P>"Do you think they did something to her?" T.J. asked. <P>"Maybe that fall messed up her head," Carlos said. <P>"You wanna get some ice cream while you're in there?" Damon called. <P>Jenny pulled her head out of the synthetron and glared at him. "Have you lost your mind? Ice cream would melt in this room! A person would burn up in this room! You have eighty degrees in here!" She stormed back to the table. "Hey, where's Hallie?" <P>"Don't you remember?" the Cryptkeeper asked. "Hanim took her and the kiddies out to lunch." <P>"And who is Hanim!?" Jenny demanded.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"Yes! It's working!" Treacheron cried. "She's completely insane!" <P>"And the others are completely confused," Elgar added. <P>"Let's see what happens next……"<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

"Hey Jenny….." Carlos said. "What on Earth are you doing over there?" <P>Jenny approached him slowly carrying a towel in her hands. "Blessed be the sinners, for the day of atonement is at hand." <P>"Say what?" <P>Jenny held the towel over her head, then draped it over her face. She picked it up again and crouched down on the floor. She looked up at Carlos, looking like she was about to spring at him like a panther. Instead of springing, though, she stood up and moved to the back of the room. She rubbed herself, breathing heavily, then collapsed. She rose to her hands and knees and crawled to the center of the room, slapping her palms on the floor. Carlos was confused beyond words. Then Jenny climbed in front of the jump tubes and crawled back and forth. Finally, she chose the yellow tube and crawled through. After seeing that scene, Carlos rushed to find the others, who were in the infirmary. <P>"Guys, something awful must've happened to Jenny," he said. "Her behavior is getting weirder and weirder." <P>"Maybe those Stingwingers pumped her full of something," Fulgore suggested. "I should test a sample of her blood to be certain." <P>"We can't," Carlos said. "She just left the ship." <P>Fulgore paused. "Carlos……why the hell didn't you stop her!? You know you can't have a maniacal woman running loose!" <P>"Attention," Deca called. "The Psycho Rangers are on Terra Venture." <P>Hallie and Kathy looked at each other and grinned. "Hooray!!" <P>"And why are you two so happy?" Zhane asked. <P>"We've been waiting to pull a dirty trick on those Psychos," Hallie said. "This one's REALLY gonna make us dirty….." <P>"But what about Jenny?" Ruth asked. <P>"We'll leave her alone for now," Hanim said. "Those Psycho Rangers are a much bigger threat than she is." <P>So the heroes teleported down to Terra Venture and the little girls carried out their plan. The Psycho Rangers were terrorizing a young woman. As they surrounded her, they heard screaming noises. They weren't terrified noises; they sounded more like cheerleaders in a pep rally. The Psycho Rangers turned to see Hallie, Kathy, Robyn, and Rachel run into the open. They performed handsprings and graceful kicks just like cheerleaders do. Then they straightened up and stood side by side. They stomped their feet in a rhythmic manner. <P>"Now that you know the groove, let's see your body move!" they shouted in unison. "Ah-ooh-ah, ah, ah; ah-ooh-ah, ah, ah….." <P>"Stay out of this, little girls!" Psycho Pink called. "This is none of your business!" <P>"You shouldn't pick on innocent people!" Robyn cried. <P>"That's not the honorable way," Hallie said. <P>"Forget the honorable way," Psycho Red said. "We're calling the shots here. We're doing it our way." <P>"And the only way is to destroy you!" Psycho Yellow added. <P>"Not so fast," Hallie said. <P>The little girls started out of the area in a straight line. <P>"Cause we're going…." Robyn called as she went out of sight. <P>"Going….." Rachel echoed as she followed her sister. <P>"Going….." Kathy called. <P>"Gone!!" Hallie screamed. <P>"Catch us if you can, Psychos!!" the little girls called in a singsong voice. <P>"Let's get them!" Psycho Blue declared. <P>They released the woman and chased the little girls, who ran in a straight line. <P>"Get ready, guys!" Hallie called to the others, who were waiting to spring into action….<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny landed on a dark and ruined planet called Zeus-3. There was hardly anything left of it. All the buildings were destroyed, and not a living thing was in sight. Jenny didn't know it, but this was Magna Defender's home planet. She stood on top of a pile of rubble and grabbed a hanging wire. She used it to swing down to the ground with a yell. When she landed safely on the ground, she listened to the echo of her yell. She stood silently for a minute, then screamed again just to listen to her echo. As she walked along, she heard some voices echoing in her head, the first she recognized as Magna Defender's. <P>"Zika!" <P>"I'll save you, Father!" Zika declared. <P>"Zika, don't!!" <P>Jenny heard a zapping noise, then Zika let out a final scream. At first, she looked like she would cry, but then she grinned insanely. Apparently, she saw something that looked interesting, so she dashed over to it. It looked like a dead body of a small figure who looked very similar to Magna Defender. This could only mean one thing. <P>"This must be Zika!" she gasped. <P>Since Zika wasn't human, his body hadn't rotted away over the 3,000 years since his death. Jenny raised his head from the ground to get a better look at his face. <P>"Come on….." she hissed. "How about you and I go have some fun???" <P>So saying, she kissed Zika where the lips would be located. Actually, it looked more like CPR, but the Spices called it a kiss anyway. When Jenny was done, she gently lowered the Magna Defender child back to the ground. Seconds later, Zika sprang into a sitting position, holding both arms out in front of him. <P>"Zika, Zika!" he called. <P>Jenny laughed insanely. "You are cute! Let's go get wild!" <P>Taking Zika's hand, they got up and skipped away happily.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Meanwhile, the Rangers took turns beating up the Psychos. <P>"Get out of Terra Venture!" Hallie cried. "You can't beat the originals!" <P>"You say you're faster, smarter, stronger?" Spinal asked. "That's a load of baloney!" <P>"Shut up, Spinal Spice!" Psycho Red cried. "We Psychos will never give up until you are dead. You can run, but you can't hide." <P>With that, the Psychos disappeared. <P>"Ha! Look who's running!" Fulgore yelled. <P>"Is there any reason why Scorpius keeps dragging us out here and then retreating?" C.C. asked. <P>"I have a feeling that he's pulling back, getting ready for a bigger battle," Spinal said. <P>"Come on, let's go find Jenny," Andros said. <P>Then Alpha's voice came on the communicators. "Hey, everybody!" he called cheerfully. "You'll be happy to know that Jenny has returned to the ship!" <P>"That's great!" Gazelle said. "Let's go, peoples." <P>Spinal pouted to himself when the group got back to the Megaship. "I hate those Psycho Rangers; I could spit in their soup!" <P>"I thought I destroyed those creeps," Fulgore mumbled. "How did they come back like that?" <P>"Probably just a temporary setback," Pico said. <P>Spinal went into the bridge and sat down. "We have to get rid of those Psychos; they're driving me nuts." He turned around in his chair only to find himself face to face with Zika. Spinal screamed instantly, seizing the others' attention. <P>"Wow, who's that?" C.C. asked. <P>Zika stood at the edge of the room with Jenny behind him. <P>"Guys…..this is Zika," she said. "Zika…..these are my buddies." <P>"Whoa……he's adorable!" Hanim exclaimed. "Isn't he, Pico?" <P>"He's too short," Pico mumbled. <P>Zika walked straight up to Pico. "Zika! Pico! Pico! Zika!" <P>Jenny laughed loudly. Fulgore snuck up and jammed a needle into her arm. Upon contact, she screamed. <P>"Hey, settle down, Jenny," Fulgore told her. "I just need to get a blood sample. We think that something has happened to you." <P>Jenny flapped her arms at him, driving him away. She laughed again. <P>"Hey, Zika, are you hungry?" C.C. asked. "Would you like a sandwich?" <P>Zika nodded wildly. <P>"Okay, let's go." C.C. took his hand and led him down the hall to the dining room. When they arrived, C.C. pulled a sandwich out of the synthetron and placed it in front of Zika. Zika picked up the sandwich and examined it. He carelessly dropped the sandwich back onto the plate. <P>"Zika, Zika……Zikachu….." Jenny sang. <P>Zika looked up. "Zikachu?" <P>"Oh, you like that?" Hanim asked. "Should we call you Zikachu?" <P>"Zikachu!" Zika cried. <P>He dumped the sandwich on the table and tried to eat the plate. <P>"Stick with Zika," Pico suggested. "Trust me on this one." <P>"Zika……" Arbin said. "You're supposed to eat the sandwich, not the plate." <P>Zika covered the sandwich with the plate, got up, and ran out of the room. <P>"Zika!" the Spices called after him. <P>"Where could he possibly run to?" Gazelle asked. <P>Jenny rushed out of the room as well. Spinal sighed and walked out sadly. As he walked down the hall, Zika ran past him. Spinal ignored the crazy kid and moseyed into the infirmary where Fulgore was peeking at Jenny's blood sample through a microscope. <P>"So what's happening?" Spinal asked. <P>"There's a foreign substance in her blood," Fulgore said. "She's been acting weird since the Stingwinger attack, and they didn't use any needles. The last intake she had was the Sprite. So my deduction was that her Sprite was…..tampered with." <P>"Well, whatever it was, she must have passed it on to Zika," Spinal said. "He's busy jogging laps around the Megaship." <P>"Is that so?" <P>"Fulgore…..help me." <P>Fulgore chuckled. "Spinal…..this is an infirmary. We only help the sick and injured here." <P>Spinal sighed, but then Fulgore grabbed his shoulder and punched him in the ribcage. <P>"There. Now we can help you. Let's get you up onto this table, hmm?" <P>Meanwhile, Ruth stayed in the dining room with the little girls. <P>"That Zika is pretty strange," Ruth commented. <P>"He's just acting weird because this is his first night," Hallie said. "When Jenny first resurrects somebody, they act a little crazy for the following twelve hours." <P>"I wonder what he's like when he's normal?" Robyn said. <P>"He's jogging around the Megaship right now," Kathy said. <P>"Jogging is great for health," Rachel said. "I wanna jog, too." <P>The little girls crowded at the door and waited for Zika to run by again. When he did, the girls started jogging behind him. Ruth sighed and shook her head. <P>Now Fulgore was ready to present the results of his blood test to the others. He and Spinal walked briskly down the hall towards the bridge. <P>"Uh-oh, stampede," Fulgore called out of nowhere. <P>He pressed himself against the wall. Spinal, however, wasn't so lucky. Zika and the little girls were still jogging down the halls nonstop. Zika made no attempt to step aside. He ran right through Spinal, flipping him over. The girls stepped on him as they went by. When they were out of sight, Spinal began sobbing in pain. <P>"Oh Spinal, don't be that way," Fulgore said. "Come on, get up." <P>He roughly pulled Spinal to his feet, then proceeded to the bridge. <P>"Hey Fulgore, how did the test come out?" Ashley asked. <P>"It came out fine…..I guess," Fulgore said. "Jenny's been drugged." <P>"Great. Now what?" the Cryptkeeper asked. <P>"Now we've got two lunatics to look after," Spinal said. "First Jenny, now Zika."<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

After a while, Jenny grew tired of being on the Megaship. She went up to the jump tubes. <P>"I think I'm going to go out for a while," she announced. <P>"Okay. I think we'll all stay on the Megaship, but I'm not really sure," the Cryptkeeper said jokingly. <P>Jenny grinned. She hopped in front of the yellow tube a few times before actually going through. The Cryptkeeper shook his head. <P>"What a weird girl…." <P>Meanwhile, the Rangers and several other Spices were working hard in the engine room. They were busy inspecting the engines to prevent any major problems. Zhane started to climb a ladder followed by Andros and Gazelle. There was a door above Zhane, and he started to open it. However, something pounded down on it, pushing it closed again, hitting Zhane's head. The group also heard stomping noises above them. After the door had been pushed closed five times, it stopped. Zhane paused. <P>"What was that?" he asked. <P>"I think that Zika and the girls are still jogging," Gazelle said. <P>"Still? It's been almost three hours!" <P>"Come on, let's go," Andros said impatiently. <P>The group went up the ladder. <P>At last, the girls got tired of jogging. They staggered into the dining room where Ruth and the Cryptkeeper sat. Ruth smiled. <P>"Tired?" she asked. <P>The girls nodded. <P>"I don't know how Zika can keep going like that," Hallie said. <P>"Well, he's been dead for 3,000 years," the Cryptkeeper told her. "He needs the exercise." <P>"That's a logical explanation," Ruth commented. <P>"So, where's sis?" Hallie asked. <P>"She went out for a while. I don't think she'll cause too much trouble." <P>"Are you sure that's a good idea? She'll drive everyone insane with her behavior." <P>Everyone shrugged.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny skipped happily through the forest singing to herself. She sang no particular tune with no particular meaning. As she explored, Magna Defender appeared in front of her. She gasped in surprise. <P>"Tonfa Spice……" he said. "Now that you're alone, I'll have no trouble getting rid of you." <P>He pulled out his sword and aimed it directly between her eyes. Jenny didn't appear frightened at all. She tilted her head and stared innocently. After a minute, she straightened her head and smiled. With a sudden motion, she snatched the sword from Magna Defender by the blade with her left hand. She gripped the handle with her right hand and checked at her left. Her palm was bleeding, but she didn't care. Magna Defender was stunned by her amazing reflexes. Jenny twirled the sword a few times, dancing around. She began to sing. <P>"Look at me, I'm Magna D, lousy with virginity! Won't go to bed "'til I'm legally wed. I can't; I'm Magna D!" <P>She began to stroll away carrying the sword. <P>"Hey, give me my sword!" Magna Defender demanded, rushing after her. He tried to snatch his sword back, but Jenny pulled it back. <P>"Hola. Bonjour. Merhaba. I'm Magna D," she teased. <P>Magna Defender snatched his sword back successfully this time. He put it back in his sheath. <P>"You really get on my nerves," he growled. <P>Jenny laughed insanely as she ran away. Magna Defender shook his head. <P>"What has gotten into her?" <P>Jenny ran through the forest, but then saw something else. She stopped and screamed…..<P> <CENTER>_____________________________________________________________________________</CENTER><P>

Back on the Megaship, Zika had finally gotten tired of jogging. Damon and Pico were fixing a wall in the Megaship. This wall was extremely fragile. Damon was trying to gently pull a hammer out without causing too much damage. Pico watched, shaking his head. Spinal stormed by, accidentally bumping into Damon as he passed. The impact caused Damon to pull the hammer out, ripping a hole in the wall. Spinal gasped. <P>"Oh……Damon, I'm so sorry." <P>"No, it's okay. It wasn't your fault," Damon said. <P>"No, no." Spinal shook his head. "Go ahead and tell the whole universe. "'Spinal did it, Spinal did it, Spinal does everything wrong!'" <P>"Spinal, you didn't do it," Damon told him. "I did it." <P>"Oh Damon, please don't patronize me; I….." Spinal paused for a moment. "I just need to be alone!" He raced out of the room. <P>"Pico, guard this while I get something to cover this up," Damon said. <P>"Sure," Pico grumbled. <P>Damon walked out of the room. Less than a minute later, Zika walked into the room. He immediately noticed the hole in the wall. <P>"Oooooooooh……" he sang. <P>Pico glared at him. "No, there's no "'ooh.' This is an air hole. Come here and stick your hand inside." <P>Zika did as he was told. <P>"What do you feel?" Pico asked. <P>Zika shook his head. Pico pulled him away from the wall and waved Zika's hand around. <P>"Now what do you feel?" <P>Zika shook his head again. <P>"It's called air, you airhead." <P>Zika stared at the turtle blankly. He turned around and left the room.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Jenny stared at what she had been screaming at. They were two monsters who greatly resembled sharks. One was red and the other was green. They looked rather confused. <P>"Hey…..who are you?" the red one asked. <P>Jenny straightened herself. "I'm Bart Simpson; who the hell are you?" <P>"We're the Shark Brothers," they said in unison. <P>"Great. Where's the Shark Sister?" <P>The Shark Brothers looked at each other. "We have no Shark Sister." <P>"We have orders from Treacheron to destroy some girl named…..Tonfa Spice," the green one said. <P>"Oh." Jenny nodded. "Well…..good luck finding her." <P>She turned around and started to walk away, but Treacheron appeared in front of the Shark Brothers. <P>"Not so fast, Tonfa Spice!" he shouted. "I'm afraid your trick of deception didn't work." <P>Jenny gave a sweet smile. "Treacheron, I'm glad you dropped in." <P>"Why is that?" <P>"Because I've just been dying to tell you what a nice ass you have." <P>"What!?" Treacheron was stunned by Jenny's comment. <P>Jenny laughed insanely again. "Smell ya later!" She turned around and ran from the forest.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Meanwhile, Hanim and Arbin were hanging out in the kitchen. As usual, they got closer to each other because they were alone…..or so they thought. <P>"Hanim…..what other woman would disguise herself as a cheerleader during battle?" Arbin asked, taking her hand and kissing it. "I think that maybe that is why I love you." <P>"Hmm…." Hanim embraced Arbin and their lips met in a kiss. Unfortunately, Ruth interrupted as she walked into the room. <P>"Oooh, in the kitchen!" she gasped. "And in front of Zika, too!" <P>"Huh?" Hanim and Arbin looked down to see Zika sitting cross-legged on the floor. <P>"How'd you get in here, Zikachu?" Hanim asked. <P>"Hee hee hee hee hee hee….." Zika let out a squeaky laugh. <P>"I think I'll move to another location," Arbin said. <P>"Me, too," Hanim added. <P>They left the room hastily. Ruth shook her head. Zika laughed again in the same manner. Even Ruth began to get nervous. <P>"I wonder who's in a worse condition: you or Jenny?" <P>Zika shrugged. Ruth got herself a quick glass of water, then left the kitchen. Zika laughed insanely when she was gone.<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

Down on Terra Venture, Jenny managed to lost Treacheron and the Shark Brothers. She had bought herself a 20 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola Classic and walked down the sidewalk. After a while, she heard some familiar voices calling to her. <P>"Tonfa Spice!" <P>Jenny spun around to see the Psycho Rangers standing in the distance. <P>"Psycho Rangers!" she exclaimed in a mildly surprised tone. "What brings you down here?" <P>"Rumor has it you're a little crazy," Psycho Pink said. <P>"We're here to end your misery," Psycho Black added. <P>Jenny giggled. "You Psychos are a bunch of sissies. Like they say, you can't beat the real thing." She held out her Cola, opened the bottle and proudly took a drink. Then she turned around and started to walk away. <P>"Who does she think she is?" Psycho Red asked. <P>Jenny stopped and turned around. She walked straight to the Psychos. <P>"My name is Dorothy," she said. "It's not tootsie or toots or sweetie or honey or doll. Just Dorothy." <P>Psycho Red slapped the Cola out of her hand. She picked it up instantly and glared at him. <P>"Hey!" She punched him in the face. Psycho Red pulled out his sword. Jenny rushed over to a picnic table and set her Cola down. Then she pulled out her own sword. <P>"Looks like she wants to fight," Psycho Blue said. <P>"But what if she beats us like she did that other time?" Psycho Pink asked. <P>"Treacheron said that her mind is weak and unfocused," Psycho Black told her. "She doesn't stand a chance in her current state." <P>"Ready to be destroyed?" Psycho Red asked. <P>"Come and get me, bug eyes!" Jenny screamed. <P>The Psychos raced toward her fiercely. Jenny held her ground. When Psycho Red attacked with his sword, Jenny blocked it and attempted her own attack. While she was busy with Psycho Red, Psycho Blue attacked her from behind. Jenny moved out of the circle. Now Psycho Pink attacked with her bow. Jenny blocked her attack and shoved her aside, then blocked Psycho Blue's attack just in time. She kicked his stomach and slashed his chest, then kicked him aside. Psycho Black attempted an overhead attack with his lance, but Jenny sidestepped it. Once the end of the lance hit the ground, she hopped on top of it and flipped over Psycho Black's head. As she landed, she swung her sword, hitting the Red, Yellow, and Black Psychos in the back simultaneously. As she fought, her screams were maniacal, high-pitched, and annoying. <P>Psycho Pink took her bow and swung it at Jenny, but the crazy woman ducked and wrapped an arm around the Psycho's neck. Jenny bent Psycho Pink over and rubbed her head with her fist. <P>"Lookie, lookie, I got nugie!" she exclaimed. <P>Psycho Black roughly grabbed Jenny's shoulders. She turned around, seized him by the throat, and threw him aside. Psycho Yellow then shot her back with bolts from her slingshot. Jenny got up and fired an energy blast from her palms. The Psychos rolled out of the way. <P>"Hey! Hold still when I'm shooting at you!" Jenny cried. <P>Psycho Blue picked up Jenny's Cola from the table. "What is this stuff anyway?" <P>When Jenny saw him with the Cola, she threw an energy blast at him. The Cola flew out of Psycho Blue's hands. Jenny reached up and caught the Cola, then took a drink. <P>"Bye-bye, Psychos!" she called. She started to swagger away like a drunken alcoholic. As she did, Destruxo leaped in front of her. <P>"Leaving so soon, crazy lady!?" he called. <P>"What do you want, Destruxo?" Jenny asked. <P>"Treacheron has already destroyed your mind!" Destruxo said. "Now I'm going to destroy you!" <P>Jenny crouched in place. "Come and get me, red rover!" <P>Destruxo screamed as he charged at her…..<P> <p><center>~*~</center></p><P>

C.C. and Kendrix walked into the dining room and were shocked at what they saw. Zika was trying to stick his head inside the synthetron, but his horns were in the way. He grunted as he repeatedly tried to shove his head inside. <P>"Okay, Zikachu, get out of there," C.C. instructed. <P>Zika stopped and looked up at her. <P>"What are you doing?" Kendrix asked. <P>Zika resumed trying to get his head inside the synthetron. <P>"Zika!" C.C. called. <P>Zika looked up again. The girls sighed. <P>"Just……be careful," C.C. said as they left the room. <P>Zika sighed and closed the synthetron. He pressed a few buttons at random and opened it to reveal a cup of coffee inside. Zika pulled out the coffee and sniffed at the steam. Then he slowly poured the coffee out and tried to eat the cup. When he found that it was inedible, he put the cup back inside the synthetron and closed it. Then the jump tubes caught his attention, so he moseyed over to the black one. He leaned inside, trying to figure out where it leads. However, he leaned in too far and fell through with a shriek. <P>Meanwhile, Destruxo threw a massive flame from his sword. Jenny moved back to avoid the flame, but she still felt the heat. She hopped up and down, screaming. Destruxo laughed evilly as he advanced. <P>"Ready to go down sugar?" <P>Suddenly, he felt a jolt of pain in his lower back. Destruxo screamed, then spun around to face his attacker. It was Zika, holding a weapon that looked no bigger than a pen. <P>"Peek-a-boo!!" he shrieked. <P>"Go Zikachu!" Jenny exclaimed. <P>Zika screamed maniacally as he rushed as Destruxo. The red monster grabbed his wrist, but Zika still pushed him backwards. Zika backed off and leaped directly at the monster's face, still shrieking. Somehow, Zika managed to toss Destruxo over his shoulder. Zika laughed insanely as he rushed at the monster, gripping his tiny weapon. Destruxo kicked him with both feet, sending him crashing into a wall. Zika stood up and tightened his grip on his weapon again. With yet another scream, he charged at Destruxo. Destruxo moved aside and nailed the child with his sword. <P>"Zika!" Jenny exclaimed. <P>Luckily, the Rangers and Spices teleported to the scene. <P>"We heard that you and Zika could use a hand," Zhane said. <P>Jenny examined her hands. "No thanks, I already have two." <P>"You cheated!" Destruxo screamed. "You called your friends! That's not very fair, sugar."<P>"That's it!" Jenny growled, snatching Leo's Quasar Saber. <P>"Hey!" Leo protested. <P>Jenny rushed at Destruxo and slashed him several times. Then she ran behind him and struck his back repeatedly, twirling the saber. Her attack speed increased until the saber began to glow red. When Jenny was done, she swung the saber upward, knocking the monster up into the air. As Destruxo crashed on the ground, Jenny gave the saber back to Leo and approached the monster. She took his face in her hands. <P>"Don't ever call me sugar," she said. "For I am spice……Tonfa Spice, that is." <P>With that said, she kissed him passionately. As she walked away, Destruxo collapsed and died. Jenny picked up her Cola and took another sip. <P>"Always Coca-Cola," she said. <P>"I guess you didn't really need help after all," Damon said. <P>"That sucks," Fulgore said. <P>"Now what are we going to do about your insanity?" the Cryptkeeper asked. <P>"I think that Destruxo knocked some sense into me," Jenny said. I just need to get some sleep. Hehehehe……" <P>"What about Zika?" Spinal asked. <P>"Bring him back with us," Jenny told him. "He's not quite ready to reunite with his father yet. He still needs to endure the first night." <P>"You mean the night where Zika turns into a demon and murders everyone in his path?" Hallie asked. "We've gotta keep him under control! Come on, Zikachu!" <P>Zika ran over to the group, then the heroes teleported back to the ship. <P>"Well, I'm going to bed," Jenny announced. "All this lunatic behavior made me tired." <P>"That doesn't surprise me," the Cryptkeeper said. "We'll keep Zika from killing anyone until dawn." <P>So Treacheron's drug had no antidote, but it eventually wore off. Eventually, Zika will be reunited with his father, Magna Defender after 3,000 years. For now, Zika will just have to sit through the first night, the most critical night of taking in the spirit of the Spices.<P><p>to eM l