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Title Fight
By Andre Coles

GL Corps Meeting Room – Space Station

Karone is briefing Zhane, Tanya, Cestria, Hal, Kal-El, and Guy about their upcoming mission

Karone The Ape Ranger is called Primal. From what we've collected he seems to be the leader. The Dinosaur is called Raptor, The Cheetah, Cheetor, The Hawk, Windscream, and The Bear Grizzlor!

Karone spots Guy sleeping

Karone Am I boring you Mr Gardner?

Guy (Groggy): Huh.

Karone Could you try to stay awake during a briefing?

Guy (Groggy): Oh sorry boss lady.

Ramses enters

Karone Ramses! What brings you here?

Ramses: I've been restored to active duty.

Karone Splendid. Take a seat. Have you been

Ramses: I'm all caught up know all about our beastly friends.

Karone Good (Clears her throat) And as I was saying they have three modes. Ranger, Beast and Robot Mode. Their technology is far more advanced than anything we've seen and they have no known weaknesses. 

Hal: Not to undermind you or anything but we already know this stuff.

Zhane: The question is how do we stop them?

Kal-El: Yes how do we combat such brute strength.

Karone We hit them hard and fast.


Central Park – Daytime

The Beast Rangers have just finished dealing with a band of storm troopers.

Primal: A good days work.

Raptor: We need to be taking out the real threat!

Primal: In time Raptor. In time.

Grizzlor: We must be patient.

Karone descends from the sky.

Karone Beast Rangers this is Green Lantern, the leader of the Green Lantern Corps. The Leader of the Galaxy League, the Gold Omega Ranger would like to meet with you. I have come to escort you.

Primal: The Beast Rangers answer to no one. Tell that to your leader.

Karone Now.

The Corps descend on The Beast Rangers. Zaping them and hitting them hard.

Primal: Ranger Mode

They transform into Power Rangers.


Raptor: Tough are you little one.

Cestria: I'm tougher than I look!

Raptor: Oh really.

Raptor shoots out a tarlike flim from the palm of his hand blinding Cestria.

Cestria: AHH! I can't see.

Raptor: That's the whole idea.

Kal-El hits Raptor from behind.


Ramses is going one on one with Grizzlor

Grizzlor: You fight well for a mortal.

Ramses kicks Grizzlor in the face.


Tanya is fighting Windscream. Windscram and Tanya are blasting at eachother. Tehn they begin to have it out Windscream is growing impatient.

Windscream: You're really pushin it lady!

Tanya: What's the matter can't take it.

They begin to fight again


Cheetor is fighting Hal and Guy.

Cheetor: Not even two of ya can fight me.

Cheetor pulls his Bladeblaster and begins to shoot away.

Guy: Oh crap.


Primal is blasting at Karone and Ramses.

Ramses (Telepathically): Zhane's ring just ran out!

Cestria's too.

Karone (Telepathically): Oh no.

Primal: I am tired of this battle. ROBOT MODE!

The Beast Rangers transform into Robots.

Primal: Take them out!

They begin shooting at The Corps who spread out and take cover Hal has formed a gun and is blasting at them with it but it's having little to no effect.

Karone (Telepathically): Anyone have any ideas.

Guy (Telepathically): Actually I do?

All (Telepathically): WHAT?!

Guy: (Telepathically): Yeah. they gotta be weakest when they're animals right?

Hal (Telepathically): So.

Guy (Telepathically): If we can get them to change back?

Tanya (Telepathically): Of course! We can capture them.

Cestria (Telepathically): How?

Kal-El: (Telepathically): We overheat their systems. With our rings.

Karone (Telepathically): Everybody on my mark. NOW!

They all get up and blast the Beast rangers with their rings.

Primal: Systems overheating revert to Beast Mode.

They transform to beast mode. Kal-El zooms past them knocking them down. Then they all form cages around the Beast Rangers.

Karone Let's take 'em.

They Fly Away



Blade's Office – Space Station

Colt is in Blade's office talking to Billy.

Colt: So you're saying this could bring Blade back together.

Billy: Yeah it should I have to run more tests.

Colt: Take all the time you need.

Karone comes in as Billy leaves

Billy: Karone

Karone Billy

Colt: Yes Karone.

Karone They're here.

Colt: Good.

Colt Teleports away.


Beast Rangers Holding Cell – Space Station

Colt remeterializes and finds head of security.

Colt: How long have they been here?

Officer: Couple of hours.

Colt: Are they comfortable?

Officer: Comfortable sir?

Colt: They must understand that they are not prisoners, they're just not free to go until we say so.

Never mind. Where's the leader?

Officer: Primal? He's in this one right here.

Colt: Open the cell.

Officer: But sir?

Colt: Open the cell!

He opens the cell.

Colt: Primal is it. I am…

Primal: I know who you are? When can we go free?!

Colt: You can go free, when you tell me everything I need to know.

To Be Continued