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Authors' Note: This story takes place five years before "Blade Finds His Humanity."

Another Authors Note: The doctor program is the same one as the one on Star Trek Voyager.


The Origin of Parallax
By Andre Coles

The Offer Power Chamber – Daytime

It is right before the Galaxy League moves into the Space Station. Blade (Zeo) is with The Power Coucil of Elders: Zordon, Jaga, Ninjor, and Dulcea. There is a small unopened chest in the center of the room.

Blade: You wanted to see me about something?

Zordon: Yes, Blade.

Dulcea: The council has been talking about who we should bestow the mark and responsability of leadership of the Galaxy Leauge to, and we've come to a decision.

Blade: So, who'd ya pick. Jason, Tommy, Andros?

Jaga: No Blade, we have chosen you.

Blade: What? Why?

Zordon: You have shown leadership skills all during your tenure as a Power Ranger, and on a grand scale during the Reckoning. We would love for you to do this. Ninjor: Not exactly, you see, we know how leading this vast group can't and won't be an easy task, so we offer you this.

The trunk opens to reveal the Parallax Power Jewel, a gold crystal with the white Power Ranger lightning bolt in the center.

Blade: What is this?

Zordon: It's the Parallax Power Jewel. It contains all the Powers and strength of everyone who has ever been a warrior for good multiplied countlessly. It also has the combined wisdom of this very coucil along with many others.

Dulcea: You'd be the most powerful warrior in the universe.

Jaga: Think of it, the jewel would even benifit you when you're not using it. You'd be smarter, stronger, immortal…

Blade: As good as that all sounds, I'm gonna have to pass.

All: WHAT!?

Blade: Look, I'm a warrior for good. But I don't want to be battling evil forever. I don't wanna watch my loved ones die around me again and again and again! I can lead the Galaxy League without it.

Zordon: Very well, Blade. We accept your decision.


Part I: The Death of Blade Oliver

Space Station – Space

Blade (Zeo) is inside his quarters sitting down asleep in his chair. You see on a shelf above his desk the box that has the Parallax Power Jewel inside of it. Kat runs in.

Kat: Blade, wake up!

She shakes him and he wakes up. Kat: The Space Station is being attacked.

Blade shoots up quickly to his feet.

Blade: By who?!

Kat: Zedd and Mondo's forces!

Blade: Have we mobilized any defense?

Kat: Rick Hunter is mobilizing some Veritechs now.

Blade: Get some Megazords up in the air. I'm on my way.

Kat teleports away.

Blade morphs into Zeo and teleports to the hangar.


Space Station Hangar – Space Blade: Andros!

Andros: Yeah?

Blade: Get the Lightstar Rangers in position now!

Andros: Gotcha.

Switch to Andros and the Lightstar Rangers.

Andros: Alright team, let's rocket!

Kimberly: Lightstar Pink!

Trini: Lightstar Yellow!

Billy: Lightstar Blue!

Zack: Lightstar Black!

Jason: Lightstar Red!

Andros: Lightstar Silver!

They teleport to their Zords and they fly into space.


Outside of Space Station – Space

The Mega Voyager, the Robotech fleet, and the Super Zeo Megazord are deadlocked in battle with Mondo's Quadrofighters. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd is making his own plans inside Mondo's battleship.

Zedd: Excellent Mondo!

Mondo: Yes, working together is so much better than fighting one another.

Zedd: I agree. Your Quadrofighters have kept them busy. Now I shall send my force of Quantrons, Cogs, and Tengas to attack them from the inside. I shall personally destroy Zeo! Attack my minions! Attack!

They teleport to the inside of the Space Station.


Space Station – Space

Lord Zedd's and his forces have just infiltrated the Space Station and are being fought off by the Turbo Rangers, the Omega Rangers, and the Thundercats. But, as this is going on, Lord Zedd is free to search for Blade.

Zedd: Here Zeo, here Zeo! I've come to destroy you!

Blade: Destroy me! I'd like to see you try, old geezer.

Zedd: That does it!

They fight. Zedd has the upper hand.

Zedd: Now I shall destroy you!

He goes to deal the final blow, but misses.

Blade: Damn, you're slow. You almost had me.

Blade begins to beat the crap outta Zedd. Zedd uses his wand to knock him against a wall.

Zedd: Now to finish you off.

He goes to deal the final blow and Colt kicks him in the back of the head.

Colt: Not so fast, skinless.

Zedd: You insolent fool.

He points his wand to deal a fatal blow but when it zaps, Blade jumps in front of it. Zedd receives a communication from Mondo.

Mondo: Zedd, fall back. We've been defeated.

Zedd teleports away. Colt is holding a dying Blade.

Blade: We sure had some good times, didn't we, bro?

Colt: Shut up, fool, they're not over yet. Medic, get to my location now.

A stretcher materializes as the Lightstar and Zeo Rangers appear in the hallway.

Kat (Screaming): Blade!

Jason: Colt, what happened!

Colt: Zedd got him. Help me get him on the stretcher.

They all help him get on the stretcher and the stretcher disappears and reappears in the healing baths at sickbay.


Part II: Rebirth

Space Staition Sickbay – Space

Blade is in the healing baths, hanging on by a thread, where Tommy, Jason, Dulcea, and Kat are standing over him trying to figure out what to do. The Doctor Program is looking at Blade.

Doctor: He seems to be stable, but the machines are breathing for him. Blade left the decision up to you Katherine.

Kat: May we see him?

Doctor: Of course.

Kat: I don't know what to do. Jason, you're his best friend. What do you think?

Jason: Haven't a clue. He never talked about anything like this to me. What about you Tommy, you're his big brother. What do you think? I can't take this.

He punches through a table.

Tommy: If we all calm down, we can figure out what to do. Colt, you're his clone, you'd know better than anyone what kind of decision he'd make.

Colt: We're so different now I don't even know now what he would choose. What about you, Dulcea?

Dulcea: Personally, knowing Blade, I think he'd want to live. I think you would all agree with me.

Jason: He might be mad at us but at least he'd be alive to be mad at us.

Tommy: I don't know. Is there even a way to bring him back?

Dulcea: There is a way.

Kat: What?

Dulcea tells them about the Parallax Power Jewel.

Colt: I don't know. If he didn't want it the first time…

Kat: Look, we have to bring him back and if this is the only way to do it, then let's do it!

Dulcea puts out her hands and the jewel appears.

She uses her powers to place the jewel in his chest. They stand back, but nothing happens.

Kat: But it was supposed to bring him back.

Dulcea: Have faith.

Blade takes a breath and then he begins to float in the air. A small explosion occurs and Blade appears dressed in the Parallax uniform.

Blade: Wh…Wh…Wha…What happened?! I remember Zedd, where's Colt?!

Colt: I'm right here, bro.

Blade: What happened?

Dulcea: For all intensive purposes, you died. We used the Parallax Jewel to bring you back to life. Now you are the Parallax.

Blade: No! You should have pulled the plug, Kat! How could you do this to me?

He flies out in to space.

Blade (Screaming in anger): NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

While he is screaming, a huge white and gold power beam is shooting out of his chest.


Part III: Parallax, Warrior of Power

Blade's Quarters – Space

It's been several days since Blade was transformed into Parallax. He's just sitting in his chair in the dark watching the stars, no expression on his face.


Space Station Juice Bar – Space

The Zeo Rangers are talking to Tommy about what has happened.

Aisha: Has anyone heard about Blade?

Rocky: I heard he got turned into some kind of hideous monster and that's why no one's seen him.

Adam: That can't be it, he might just be sick.

Tommy walk to the table.

Adam: What's up with Blade?

Aisha: Why haven't we seen him around?

Rocky: Come on, spill it.

Tommy: You know Blade was injured in the fight against Zedd?

Rocky: So?

Tommy: So he almost bought it! Dulcea gave him the Parallax Power Jewel to bring him back to life. But it also gave him these new powers. They make him immortal.

Aisha: So what's the problem?

Tommy: He's mad. He thought it was his time to go, and we have imprisoned him forever.

Adam: How's everyone takin' it?

Tommy: Kat has done nothing but cry, Jason has just been meditating and fighting, Colt's really upset, and I'm tryin' to hold it all together without fallin apart myself.

The alarm sounds.

Tommy: That's the alarm, let's move out.

All the Rangers run while they're hearing the message on the PA system.

PA: Calling all Leaguers! All hands to Battlestations.

There's an Alien attack on Earth.


Outside of Space Station – Space

The Turbo Megazord, the Super Zeo Megazord, the Mega Voyager, the Omega Megazord, the Thunder Jet and all available Mechs and Veritechs are out there battling the alien armada while Blade simply looks on from his quarters, still no emotion on his face.

Jason: I don't know how much longer we can hold out.

Tommy: It's rough for the rest of us.

Colt: Hang tough guys. All mechs go in for another assault.

Rick: My forces are taking a pounding out here.


Blade's Quarters – Space

Blade gets up and morphs into Parallax. He flies outside into space.


Outside of Space Station – Space

Parallax flies and meets the ships head on, slicing them all individually.

Jason: Look at him go!

Tommy: Yeah. Tear'em up, Blade!

He continues to slice and dice them.

Kat: That's my Blade.

Then he flies towards the mothership and with one swift blow, he vaporizes it. Then Blade disappears.


Space Station's Conference Room – Space

All the Galaxy League are sitting down trying to figure out what's going on.

Panthro: Do you know what Blade's up to?

Chetara: Your guess is as good as mine.

Lion-o: I would like to know as well what this is all about.

TJ: Shhh, here he comes.

Blade walks into the room and sits down.

Adam: Great handy work.

Zack: I know, you really smoked those dudes.

Kat: What's this all about, Blade?

Blade: I would first like to say that I am not Blade Oliver any longer.

Tommy: Of course you are.

Blade: No! He died at the hands of Lord Zedd. The man you see before you is Parallax, Warrior of Power. The strength of millions of Legions and just as smart. I am the leader of the Galaxy Leauge and I intend to be swift but fair. A new era is upon us. The era of an immortal leader.

Kat (confused): What are you saying?

Blade: I'm saying all ties that Blade had with anyone are now cut.

Kat: But what about us?!

Blade: It's over.

Kat runs out of the room crying.

Tommy: How could you do that?!

Jason: That wasn't right.

Colt: How could a human being do such a thing?

Blade: I'm not human, Colt.

Blade creates a helmet and puts it on.

Blade: Not anymore.


Epilogue – Dark Parallax

Dark Fortress

Mum-Rah, Divatox, Mondo, Machina, Grimlord, Zedd, and Rita are at the Dark Fortress. They are holding the Dark Parallax Jewel, a black crystal with the silver lightning bolt in the center.

Mum-Rah: Is the first step complete?

Zedd: Yes. My magic combined with Grimlord's technology has created a perfect duplicate of Blade.

Rita: Do you have it?

Grimlord: Yes. Just as the elders combined their strength and wisdom along with many others for the Parallax Jewel for good, we have done the same for the jewel for evil.

Divatox: Then let's get on with it!

Mum-Rah: Ancient spirits of evil, come to us allow us this being to lead us in the fight against good. Let him be powerful!

Rita: Let him be nasty!

Macina: Let him be cruel!

Divatox: Let him lead correctly!

Grimlord: Let him be blood thirsty!

Mondo: Let him be wise!

Zedd: Give him the thirst for destruction!

All: Arise Dark Parallax! Arise!

Dark Parallax rises in uniform and puts his helmet on.

Dark Parallax: Cower in fear, warriors of good. It's time to be destroyed!