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This gets a little graphic, and the language is a little rough, but not too rough.

For those of you who've been hiding under a rock for the past 10 plus years, MumRah is from the Thundercats, Count Dregon is from Masked Rider, and Grimlord is from the VR Troopers. This is a ride and then some, enjoy it.

Power Rangers: The Reckoning
By Andre Coles

Space Base – Space

Astronema, Divatox, Zedd and Rita, King Mondo, Grimlord, Count Dregon, and MumRah are all at Divatox's Space Base preparing for an attack.

Divatox: Listen! If we do this, we'll hold Earth in the palm of our hands.

Astronema: As much as I hate her, she's right.

Zedd: We've never been able to defeat them ourselves.

Rita: We've always failed!

Mondo: I'm in.

MumRah: I also am in.

Divatox: The rest of you?

All: We're in, etc.

Divatox: Let's get to work.

Astronema: Our best bet is to attack all the world's capitals and major cities, not letting up for a second.

Mondo: Only a quarter of our resources would be needed for such an attack.

Zedd: What of the rest?

Astronema: Angel Grove!

Divatox: Brilliant. It should take us a day to mobilize our forces.

Grimlord: What are we waiting for?!


A day later.

Downtown Angel Gorve – Daytime

The Turbo Rangers are sitting, admiring the beautilful day when an armada appears and opens fire.

TJ: Awe, man, this is terrible!

Justin: We've got to get to the Power Chamber.

They teleport away.



Command Center – Daytime

The rangers are talking to Zordon while feeling the sheer force of the blasts.

Carlos: Zordon, what the hell is going on here?

Zordon: What's going on is that all the known evil power in our database has joined forces and attacked Earth.

TJ: Do we have any help?

Zordon: I'm sorry TJ, but the United Earth Defense Corps have fled. All of Earth's capitals have been wiped out.

TJ: Great.

Justin: This is insane. We can't beat these guys.

Cassie: We've got to keep the faith.

Ashley: Cassie's right.

TJ: Well, we've got a lot of work to do. SHIFT INTO TURBO!

They morph and they teleport away.


Downtown Angel Grove – Nighttime

The Rangers teleport in the middle of a sea of corpses that are being torn up by Scugs, Putties, Tengas, Mutants, and Cogs. They are still killing.

Carlos: My God.

Justin: What is that smell?!

Cassie: Dead flesh.

TJ: We don't have time to get queasy, let's go!

They try, but they can't overcome the sheer force of them.

Blade (From afar): Super Zeo Smasher!

He zaps as many as he can.

TJ: Zeo!

Blade is there with the Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger.

Blade: In the flesh. I brought a few friends. Let's go.

They are fighting and it seems like they are succeeding.

Blade: See what you can do with a little help?

A Cog's sword goes right thorough the heart of the Phantom Ranger.

Cassie: We've gotta get him outta here.

Blade: Teleport him to the bunker.

They teleport him.

Cassie: Done.

TJ: Lets keep goin'.


Space Base – Space

Divatox: They will not win! Deploy all monsters already grown!



Downtown Angel Grove – Nighttime

The monsters are ripping up Angel Grove.

Turbo Rangers: Rescue Megazord Power!

They go inside the Rescue Megazord.

Blade: Ultra Zeo Zord Power!

He goes inside the Ultra Zeo Zord.

Blade: Let's do it!

Turbo Rangers: Right!

The Zords are fighting, but they aren't having any luck. They are being sliced up until they are off line.

Blade: We've gotta get back to the Power Chamber and fix these zords up!

TJ: Agreed!

They teleport away.



Power Chamber – Nighttime

They teleport to the Power Chamber, but is has been destroyed.

Blade: NO!

TJ: It can't be!

Cassie: Zordon, Alpha!

Carlos: They're alive!

Ashley: How do you know?

Carlos: This scroll says that they left before it was destroyed. They are safe.


They go into the underground bunker under the Power Chamber. Cassie runs to the Phantom Ranger's side.

Cassie: Don't worry, it'll be okay.

Phantom Ranger: I'm gonna die, Cassie.

Cassie: No.

He gives her his morpher.

Phantom Ranger: Give this to Blade. He knows who should have it.

Cassie: Okay.

Phantom Ranger: I just want you to know that I…I…love you.

He takes off his mask to reveal himself.

Cassie: I love you, too.

They kiss and he dies. She's hysterical.

Blade: His name was Peter Parker, and he loved you very much.


Hours later

TJ: Report.

Justin: The Beetleborgs and the Ninja Turtles have also become casualties. TJ, we've gotta think of something.

TJ: We can't sit here twiddling our thumbs. We have to act.

Blade: How, TJ?! The chamber's destroyed and so are our Zords. We have to be patient.

TJ: Don't tell me how to lead this team!

Blade: Calm down, before I do something you'll regret!

TJ: I think you better sit down. I'll beat the livin' piss outta you.

Blade: Bring it on, bitch!

They start to fight and everyone is trying to break them up.

Carlos: Now stop! We don't have time for this.

Justin: Listen, there's a viewing globe. I think it works.

Ashley: Turn it on.

They turn it on and a news reporter appears.

Newsguy: As a result of all the carnage and the destruction of our defenses and the apparent deaths of the Power Rangers, the UN has decided to turn over full authority to the Evil Council.

TJ: Great, now they're giving up.

Cassie: Calm down. We have to think of something.

Blade: I got it. There might be some help after all.

TJ: Where?

Blade: KO-35! I just need a ship. If I can get there I can…

TJ: There's no help. I bet there isn't a KO-35.

Blade: What are you babbling about?

TJ: You're leaving, quitting, and running away like the bitch you are.

Blade: This is not the time or the place.

TJ: I think it is.

Blade knocks TJ out.

Blade: Now who's gonna help me?

Justin: I will.


Hours pass and the ship is built.

Cassie: Here, Blade. Phantom Ranger said you'd know who to give this to.

Blade: Thanks.

He climbs inside the ship.

Blade: 5…4…3…2…1…Contact!

He blasts off.

Blade: I hope he's still there. I hope they're still alive when I get back.