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Authors Note: This takes place after Paradise Horizon.

Genisis X
By Andre Coles

Space Station Battle Room – Space

The Space Station has all the normal buzz to it after having three months to rebuild. Colt and Kat bump into each other.

Colt: Hey, Kat.

Kat: Colt, how are you?

Colt: Good. Man, I'm glad we got back up to speed.

Kat: Yeah. In only three months, too. Well, not having Dark Parallax to worry about helps things. And you've done extremely well getting the League back on it's feet.

Colt: Thanks, Kat. Everythings back to normal. The only thing missing is…

Kat has a look of sadness on her face.

Colt: Look, he'll be back. He's off fighting to save all reality. When he succeeds, he'll be back.

Ramses and Blade/Parallax drop out of thin air and hit the ground. Tommy, T.J., and Jason run to him.

Tommy: Is he alright?

Colt checks him.

Colt: Ramses is fine, just unconscious! But Blade seems to be coming to.

Blade/Parallax (groggy): Colt?

Colt: Yeah, bro?

He begins to glow.

Blade/Parallax: Get back!

They stand back. Writhing in pain, Blade/Parallax gets to his knees. Then he screams as he appears to come apart. He disappears, and five Parallax's show up in his place. A Parallax White, A Parralax Gold, A Parallax Green, A Parallax Red, and a Parallax Blue.

Jason: Oh my God!

Justin: What kind of freaky stuff is this?!

Colt: Let's get these guys to sickbay now.

They are teleported to sickbay.


Space Station Sickbay – Space

Hours have passed. The Doctor (like the program on Star Trek Voyager) has run tests and are ready to present them to Colt and the five Parallaxes.

Colt: So, what's the verdict, Doc?

Doctor: Well sir, these five Parallaxes are five completely functioning people, but yet are five parts to a whole.

Colt: Any chance of bringing them back together?

Doctor: The science teams and I need to be working on that little problem now.

Colt: Good. I want a status report as soon as possible.

Doctor: It would be wise that you stay at the helm of leadership until this little problem is over.

Colt: Can they fight?

Doctor: Oh, of course. They are in perfect health. In fact, each of them are every bit as powerful as the original Parallax when they are together. Alone, their power diminishes.

Colt: Understood.


Dark Fortress – Space

Sinestro is in the Dark Fortress with Dimitiria and Lord Zedd.

Sinestro: We have laid in wait long enough. It is time to conquer the Earth!

Zedd: I thought you would never say so.

Dimitria: What is your idea, my king?

Sinestro: Simple. Attack the Earth and the Space Station at the same time.

Zedd: That's brilliant!

Dimitria: Why didn't I think of that?

Sinestro: Because I'm the leader and you're not. Zedd, I want you and Mondo coordinating the Space Station attack. Dimitria, get together with Rita and cook up some monsters.

Dimitria: Yes, sir.

Zedd: Right away, my lord.

They leave while Sinestro is still on his throne. He pulls out a cigar and uses the flame from his ring to light it.

Sinestro: It's good to be the king.


Angel Grove – Daytime

The Zeo Rangers — Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, and Kat — are walking in the park.

Tommy: Good to get off that Space Station once in a while.

Aisha: Yeah. Get some fresh air.

Adam: Wanna go shoot some hoops?

Rocky: Yeah, man. That could be fun. Haven't done that in a while.

Kat: I'm just worried about Blade.

Tommy hugs her.

Tommy: I know. We all are. Colt'll tell us when he knows something.

Tommy's communicator goes off. They go in a private place.

Tommy: Come in, Colt.

Colt: You guys need to get back up here the station's under attack.

Tommy: We're on it.

Goldar appears.

Goldar: Not so fast, Power Brats!

Tommy: Looks like we've got our own problems. Colt, we'll get up there as soon as we can.

Colt: Hurry.

Tommy: It's Morphin Time!






They flip into action.

Tommy: Let's get down.


Space Station – Space

Quadrofighters and carrier ships are blasting away at the Space Station. As Colt and the five Parallaxes are running for cover.

Parallax White: What's up, bro?

Colt: I'm trying to get you five to safety.

Colt's comunicator goes off.

Colt: Go ahead, Alpha!

Alpha: COLT! We've got Goldar in Angel Grove! We got Scropina in New York! We got the Shark monster in London! Centaback in Japan! They're tearing everything to shreads!

Colt: Send the Lighstar Rangers to London, the Turbo Rangers to New York, and send the Omega Rangers to Japan. I'll meet them there shortly.

Alpha: That only leaves the Thundercats and Masked Rider to defend the station!

Parallax Red: We could do it.

Parallax Green: He's right! We could!

Parallax Blue: Would be the smartest thing to do.

Colt: Are you sure?

All the Parallaxes: Trust me!

Colt: We got to put you guys back together, 'cause hearing Blade in stereo is not going to be happening.

Colt takes out his morpher.


Colt dissapears.

Parallax Gold: I guess we should be morphing, too, huh.

Parallax White: I would say so.

Parallax Red: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Parallax Blue: PARALLAX BLUE!

Parallax Green: PARALLAX GREEN!

Parallax Red: PARALLAX RED!

Parallax White: PARALLAX WHITE!

Parallax Gold: PARALLAX GOLD!

They morph.

Parallax Green: Let's go kick some tail, Parallax Squad!

They fly outside the Space Station and they begin flying through ships, exploding them, but the mothership is trying to make its way through. They all try to blast it individualy, but it won't stop coming and firing.

Parallax White: This thing's relentless. All of us tried to blast it but it still won't budge.

Parallax Blue: Alone we've tried. But not together. If we hit the ship with the Power Rush, we should suceed.

Parallax Green: I'm with the nerd.

Parallax Red: Agreed!

They all begin to form huge energy balls, then they begin to combine them. The one ball grows to enormous size.


They blast the ship, blowing it up.


Angel Grove – Daytime

The Zeo Rangers are fighting Goldar.

Tommy: Face it, Goldar! You can't win.


The Super Storm Troopers attack beating the Rangers senseless.

Rocky: I can't fight anymore!

Aisha: They're killin' us!

An ape arm comes across the Super Storm Trooper's head! A dinoasuar bites another one's head off! A cheetah pounces on one of them! A hawk picks one up in their claws and flies them into a tree! A bear snaps one of them in half!

Ape: They're strong. Go to robot mode.

The five animals transform into powerful robots, laying the Super Storm Troopers to waste. The Zeo Rangers get up.

Ape: Ranger Mode!

They transform into five Power Rangers.

Tommy: Who are you?

Ape: That's a question for a later time.

Bear: Let's just say we're friends.

Ape: But you can call us THE BEAST RANGERS!

They disappear.


Blade's Office – Space Station

Colt is sitting at Blade's desk talking to Jason.

Jason: Man, this day's been crazy!

Colt: Not half as crazy as it's gonna get. With the Parallax Squad here now and these Beast Rangers running around, this thing's gonna get a lot harder and crazier. If Blade was here, he'd know what to do. I don't know how much longer I can hold this thing together.

Jason: Don't worry. You can do it, man. Blade's five people now. He needs you more than ever.

Colt: Well, one thing's for sure. I'm gonna need a second in command. Want the job?

Jason: Me?!

Colt: Yeah.

Jason: Sure. I'm honored.

Colt: Let's get to work then, 'cause I have the feeling that this is just the beginning to a whole new chapter in this battle.