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Blade Finds His Humanity
By Andre Coles

Galaxy League Space Station:

The Power Council (leadership of all the Power Teams) are in the round table of the Station. Parallax sits in the biggest chair. While Dex (Masked Rider) Ryan Stelle, Lion-o, TJ, Tommy, Trey (Gold Ranger), Delphine, Colt, & Rick Hunter sit there as well they are just starting their daily meeting.

Parallax: What's the new buisness?

Rick: Well, Blade, uh, I mean Parallax. Interpol wants more of the Galaxy League's involvement down on Earth with crime prevention.

Parallax: Well Rick, you tell Interpol I said "no". We have too many problems up here, and besides our job is to prevent extraterrestrial threats, I'm sure Interpol is more than capable of handling the crime on Earth. Anyone else?

Trey: Well my people of Triforia think that we are beeing ignored. We want more in terms of protection.

Parallax: Protection from who? Trey your planet is the safest of all. I can't send Veritechs everytime an apple falls from a tree. What of T.C.E.?

Colt: They have been no threat in a while Parallax. It won't hurt us now to transfer some of our resources to Earth.

Parallax: No, it's not just our resources. Look, humanity and all of the other planets out there expect us to handle all of their problems. Well, it's not gonna happen. We protect them from all the outside problems, yet they still won't deal with the problems they had before the League was even formed.

Tommy: But Parallax!

Parallax: No! End of discussion. Anyone have anything else?

Everyone is looking around.

Parallax: Okay, meeting adjourned.

He slams the gavel down but all except him stay in the room.


Int. Space Station Juice Bar

The Zeo Rangers (Katherine, Pink; Aisha, Yellow; Rocky, Blue; Adam, Green; Tommy, Red) are sitting at a table in the space station juice bar, a replica of the one in Angel Grove, talking about the meeting.

Tommy: He just turned everything down flat!

Katherine: I can't believe it, Tommy! Blade wouldn't do those things.

Tommy: You're right. Blade wouldn't, but Parallax would. He so cold now. Never coming down from that space station will do that to you.

Aisha: You mean he hasn't been to Earth?

Tommy: Not since he became Parallax.

Adam: But that was five years ago!

Rocky: So he hasn't been down in five years.

Tommy: That combined with the immortality and not battling any more, he's become almost inhuman. In fact, he hasn't even been out of costume, he doesn't even take the helmet off.

Katherine: It's a shame, all that power and no soul.

The alarm sounds.

Tommy: It's the Trouble Alert.

They hear Parallax over the intercom.

Parallax: Quadrofighters are attacking the Earth. All available Veritechs report to space for engagement, All Rangers stand by.



Rick Hunter has his Veritechs and Mecha ready to fight.

Rick: Allright, men, proceed to counterstrike.

The Veritechs and Mecha counterattack the quadrofighters. Meanwhile…


T.C.E. Headquarters:

The Council of Evil has just launched this attack to distract the Robotech fighters, while Dark Parallax is hatching a plan of his own. He is standing on a high balcony while the rest of them are standing on the floor.

Dark Parallax: Listen, my minions, I ordered the Quadrofighters to attack to distract our friends, the United Earth Defense Corps. Now to bring the Rangers out.

Lord Zedd: What did you have in mind?

Mumrah: Yes, I am also eager to hear.

Rita: Me, too.

Divatox: Yes, let's hear it.

Dark Parallax pounds the arm rest of his throne.

Dark Parallax: Silence! Here's the plan. All of you get to work on some monsters. While you're doing that I'll send some Storm Troopers to distract our Ranger friends.

Dark Parallax pushes a button and Grimlord appears on the screen.

Dark Parallax: Grimlord, send an army of monster through Virtual Reality.

Grimlord: Yes, my lord.

Mumrah: I shall send my mutants.

Dark Parallax: Very well, then. Send the storm troopers.


The Space Station

You hear Parallax report over the intercom.

Parallax: All Ranger teams report to hangar. NOW!

They all begin to run TJ is running next to Tommy.

TJ: Any idea's about what's going on?

Tommy: None at all, sorry.

They run until they reach the hangar.

Parallax: Storm troopers are attacking by the hordes all over the Earth. Neutralize the threat.

Like a choir screaming, you hear the words "It's morphing time!" They all turn into Power Rangers and are whisked away. Lion-o and the rest of the Thundercats arrive.

Lion-o: What's the problem?

Parallax: You're mutant pals are attacking Asia.

Lion-o: We're on our way. Thunder! THUNDER! THUNDER!! THUNDERCATS, HO!!

The Thundercats ar teleported away.

Parallax: Computer report.

Computer: All storm troopers are being neutralized. But monsters are popping up everywhere.


Minutes later:

Distress signals are popping up all over the world. The lastest one is Katherine.

Katherine: Parallax, help! Please! We're really taking a beating here!

Parallax: I'm sorry, but all our resources are exhausted.

Katherine: Please! We can't hold them for long!

Parallax: You will hold them.

Parallax ends transmission.

Parallax: Computer report.

Computer: Things are worsening, sir. Sir, you have an incomming transmission.

Parallax: Now is not the time!

Computer: He says it's important.

Parallax: Fine.

He looks on the screen as a familiar giant floating head appears.

Parallax: Zordon!

Zordon: Hello Blade.

Parallax: Please don't call me that. I'm Parallax now.

Zordon: Parallax, for the most powerful being in the galaxy, you have a major chip on your shoulder.

Parallax: What?! You can't talk to me that way.

Zordon: And what of all the warriors on Earth. Why haven't they been helped?

Parallax: All our resources our tapped out.

Zordon: Except for one…you!

Parallax: I don't do that anymore this fight is humanity.

Zordon: And since when haven't you been human.

Parallax: I haven't been human for five years!

Zordon: No, you are still a man. An immortal man, but still a man. Immortal doesn't mean inhuman. I've known you since you were a child, now you're a man. But for as long as I've known you, you've done the right thing. So now make the right choice, the human choice.


T.C.E. Headquarters:

Dark Parallax is sitting on his throne, reveling in his apparent victory. The rest of the T.C.E. are drinking Champagne.

Dark Parallax: Yes, they are finished, we've finally crushed them yes!

He looks on the screens seeing the Rangers, Troopers, and Thundercats suffer. They are all on the ground preparing to be killed when suddenly a white and gold flash streaks by every location in a matter of seconds and in its leave the quadrofighters, monsters and storm troopers crushed.

Dark Parallax: No! It's not possible! My plan was perfect. Next time, though, they will all be destroyed.


Space Station Meeting Room:

The Power Council are sitting at the round table having their closing meeting.

Parallax: Before we go, I would like to commend you for saving the world yet again.

Colt: Thank us?!

Tommy: Yeah, we should be thanking you!

Parallax: How'd you know?!

Lion-o: Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Delphine: No one is so powerful.

Masked Rider: Or so quick.

TJ: Or agile.

Rick: And besides you were the only one still at the station.

They all begin to laugh. The laughter slowly begins to receed.

Colt: Wait a minute, the mighty Parallax is laughing, that's a human trait.

Parallax takes his helmet off. The whole room is shocked.

Parallax: You'll be seeing a lot more of those from me, oh yeah call me Blade.

Everyone begins to smile Tommy and Colt get up and embrace him they are all hugging.

Tommy: It's good to have my little bro back.

Colt: Diddo.

Parallax: It's great to be back.