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A World Without Parallax
By Andre Coles

The Axis of Time

The Seeker has appeared.

Seeker: Hello. I am the Seeker, Guardian and Controller of the Axis of Time. Here I can manipulate any event in time in any dimension for you to see. Today I wondered what would have happened if Blade was not brought back to life by the Parallax Power Jewel. How would things change? The story might look the same at first, but how will it end? We shall see when we witness…A World Without Parallax.


Space Station Hallway – Space

Blade has just been fatally injured by Lord Zedd.

Blade: We sure had some good times, didn't we, bro?

Colt: Shut up, fool, they're not over yet. Medic, get to my location now.

A stretcher materializes as the Lightstar and Zeo Rangers appear in the hallway.

Kat (Screaming): Blade!

Jason: Colt, what happened!

Colt: Zedd got him. Help me get him on the stretcher.

They all help him get on the stretcher and the stretcher disappears and reappears in the healing baths at sickbay.


Space Staition Sickbay – Space

Blade is in the healing baths, hanging on by a thread, where Tommy, Jason, Dulcea, and Kat are standing over him trying to figure out what to do. The Doctor Program is looking at Blade.

Doctor: He seems to be stable, but the machines are breathing for him. Blade left the decision up to you Katherine.

Kat: May we see him?

Doctor: Of course.

Kat: I don't know what to do. Jason, you're his best friend. What do you think?

Jason: Haven't a clue. He never talked about anything like this to me. What about you, Tommy, you're his big brother. What do you think? I can't take this.

He punches through a table.

Tommy: If we all calm down, we can figure out what to do. Colt, you're his clone, you'd know better than anyone what kind of decision he'd make.

Colt: We're so different now, I don't even know now what he would choose. What about you, Dulcea?

Dulcea: Personally, knowing Blade, I think he'd want to live. I think you would all agree with me.

Jason: He might be mad at us but at least he'd be alive to be mad at us.

Tommy: I don't know. Is there even a way to bring him back?

Dulcea: There is a way.

Kat: What?


Dulcea tells them about the Parallax Power Jewel.

Colt: I don't know. If he didn't want it the first time…

Kat: Look, we have to bring him back and if this is the only way to do it, then let's do it!

Colt: No! Look, Blade didn't want to live forever. If it was his time to go, it was his time to go. But Kat, it's completely up to you.

Kat: Look, let's take him off of life support. If he can't breathe on his own…

Doctor: We'll make sure he goes out comfortably.

He goes over to take him off of life support.

Doctor: I'm injecting a seditive to block out the pain. Initiating sequence.

The doctor takes Blade off of life support and it immediately goes flatline.

Kat: No!

Kat goes to Tommy who comforts her. She rips herself away and begins to beat on Colt's chest.

Kat: This is your fault! You should have let me give him the jewel! He'd still be alive! He'd still be…

She continues to cry. Tommy and Jason pull Colt aside as Kat cries in Dulcea's arms.

Tommy: Look, Colt, it's not your fault.

Jason: Tommy's right. It was just his time to go.

Colt: I should have let her give him the jewel. He'd still be alive.

Tommy: Blade would have wanted it this way.

Jason: Come on, man. You've got a meeting to go to.

Colt: I know. Get some of the guys together so we can make the funeral plans.

Colt leaves.


National Newsroom – Daytime

A reporter is giving a report on Blade's death.

Reporter: Today is a somber occasion as we bid farewll to two valiant warriors who died in the line of duty. Blade Oliver, a young Veritech pilot who was shot down by a Quadrofighter of the Machine Empire, and, of course, the Leader of the Galaxy League of Power, Zeo. Zeo's leadership inspired all those who were around him. And he will be missed by all. We will report now to the Galaxy Leauge Space Station where the funeral ceremony is taking place.


Space Station – Space

The Galaxy League is at the funeral, Jason is at the podium.

Jason: We would now like to call the final speaker and the new leader of the Galaxy League of Power, the Gold Omega Ranger.

Colt steps up to the mic and begins to speak.

Colt: Zeo was a powerful man, a great man. He could have ruled the world, but that power had no interst to him, although some say he did already did. Zeo fought valiantly and bravely, but someone who wasn't so powerful, Blade Oliver, gave his life to save the world as well. And he should be honored along with Zeo. They both belong to the ages now.


They switch back to the reporter.

Reporter: Some heartfelt words from Zeo's closest friend. The Gold Omega Ranger will take on the role of leader of the Galaxy league of Power. We will keep a close eye and watch this Superforce pick up the pieces. That is all for tonight. Thank you and have a good night.


Dark Fortress

Mum-Rah, Divatox, Mondo, Machina, Grimlord, Zedd, and Rita are at the Dark Fortress. They are holding the Dark Parallax Jewel, a black crystal with the silver lightning bolt in the center.

Mum-Rah: Is the first step complete?

Zedd: Yes. My magic combined with Grimlord's technology has created a perfect duplicate of Blade.

Rita: Do you have it?

Grimlord: Yes. Just as the elders combined their strength and wisdom along with many others for the Parallax Jewel for good, we have done the same for the jewel for evil.

Divatox: Then let's get on with it!

Mum-Rah: Ancient spirits of evil, come to us. Allow us this being to lead us in the fight against good. Let him be powerful!

Rita: Let him be nasty!

Machina: Let him be cruel!

Divatox: Let him lead correctly!

Grimlord: Let him be blood thirsty!

Mondo: Let him be wise!

Zedd: Give him the thirst for destruction!

All: Arise Dark Parallax! Arise!

Dark Parallax rises in uniform and puts his helmet on.

Dark Parallax: Cower in fear, warriors of good. It's time to be destroyed!

Zedd: My Lord, what do we do now?

Dark Parallax: We hit them hard and we hit them now. Mobilize the fleet!

They all cheer.


Kat's Quarters – Space Station

Kat is laying on her couch emotionless as Colt enters.

Colt: How ya holdin' up?

Kat: As well as can be expected.

Colt: That's good. You probably wanna be alone now so I'll go.

Colt gets up to leave.

Kat: Wait.

Colt sits back down.

Kat: Listen, all those things I said in the emergency room, I didn't mean them.

Colt: I know.

Kat: None of this is your fault and I shouldn't have made you feel bad.

Colt: Look, we all feel bad.

Kat: No. I was wrong. I know that you have a good heart and I know you'll make a great leader, it's just I really miss Blade.

She falls into Colt's arms. She looks up at him and kisses him. But as they start to really make out, Colt pulls away.

Colt: No, I can't do this.

Colt is getting up very nervously to leave.

Kat: I'm sorry Colt, it's just that you look so much like him, and the room…and the moment…

Colt gets out of there and slams the door. Kat puts her back to the door, slides down to the floor, sits down, and begins to cry.


Galaxy League Meeting Room – Space Station

Colt comes into the room. He takes the leader's position at the round table. He stares at the open spot where he used to sit and begins the meeting.

Lion-o: First of all, Colt, I would like to congratulate you on your new role as leader of the League.

They all clap.

Colt: Now let's get down to buisness.

A large rumble is heard.

Colt: What the hell is that?!

Colt contacts Zordon.

Colt: Zordon, what am I dealing with here?

Zordon is seen thorough a televiewer screen.

Zordon: Colt, the entire dark armada is attacking the Space Station.

Colt: Okay, Zordon. Colt out.

The screen goes out.

Colt: Let's mobilize some forces.

The all look at him.

Colt: What are you waiting for?! LET'S GO!

They all get up and run out.


Space Station Hallway – Space

Colt is running down the Space Station Hallway as Rick Hunter pulls up next to him.

Rick: What do ya want, sir?

Colt: Get those Veritechs and Mechs in space! I want the Skull Squadron in front.

Rick: Yes sir.

Colt's communicator goes off.

Colt: Go ahead, Alpha.

Alpha 5: Colt, the rest of the teams want to know what your orders are.

Colt: You tell them I said, GET THOSE MEGAZORDS IN SPACE!

Alpha: Yes, sir.

Blade contacts Dais on his communicator.

Colt: Dais.

Dais: Yeah?

Colt: Get the Omega Megazord up and running. I'll be there in a minute.

Dais: Right away.

Colt takes out his morpher.

Colt: Gold Gladiator!

He's morphed and he teleports away.


Outside of Space Station – Space

The Turbo Megazord, the Super Zeo Megazord, the Mega Voyager, the Omega Megazord, the Thunder Jet, and all available Mechs and Veritechs are out there battling the alien armada.

Jason: I don't know how much longer we can hold out.

Tommy: It's rough for the rest of us.

Colt: Hang tough, guys. All mechs go in for another assault.

Rick: My forces are taking a pounding out here.

Colt: We've got nothing left to back us up. Come on, keep fighting.

The forces damage the Turbo Megazord and it falls to space.

Tommy: The Turbo Megazord just bought it.

Colt: Alpha! Activate base defense systems.

Alpha: Roger!

The guns from the base and begin to shoot at the armada but the go thorough them.

Colt: Damn!

The forces damage the rest of the Megazords and they fall into space.

Colt: How could I let this happen?! Blade was better at this.

Rick: All Veritechs and Mechs are out of fire power! We're sitting ducks out here.

Colt: Fall back. We've gotta be ready for them when they get here. How much power do the Megazords have?

Alpha: Not enough for manual control. But I can bring them in.

Colt: Good. Do it. All rangers teleport to the Space Station.

Dark Parallax who is sitting on the bridge of the flagship looks and sees them falling back.

Dark Parallax: Their defenses are broken! Let the slaughter begin!

They all come out and begin to invade the space station.


Space Station – Space

The Dark Armada led by Dark Parallax is invading the space station. Dark Parallax begins to wipe any and all people that attack him, killing most of them. The remaining Rangers, Kat, Zack, Justin, and Colt, fall back into a room.

Dark Parallax: What of these scraps?

Divatox: Dead. The Thunder Cats as well as four other Rangers have escaped.

Dark Parallax: Take their morphers.

They try to take them but they disappear.

Dark Parallax: Where are the morphers?

Zedd: Teleported away, my Lord!

Dark Parallax: Well, go after the rest of them. I won't stop until all the Galaxy League of Power is destroyed!


Space Station Hallway – Space Station

The Dark Armada is searching for the remaining four. They stop in front of a room and Elgar finds them on his tracker.

Elgar: I found them, my Lord. They're right around the corner.

Dark Parallax: Come on, Rangers, show yourselves! You lack even Blade's courage!

Dark Parallax zaps the hallway with his staff. Through the smoke come four figures; Kat, Zack, Justin, and Colt in new Ranger suits.

Dark Parallax: What is this?!

Colt: Your worst nightmare! Four brand new Power Rangers! The Alpha Rangers!

Zack: Lightstar Ranger!

Justin: Turbo Ranger!

Kat: Zeo Ranger!

Colt: Omega Ranger!

Dark Parallax: So, you've fused your respective team's powers. Do you think that will save you? I still will kill you!

Colt: Let's do it, guys!

Rangers: Right!

They form an energy ball that gets so big it begins to shake the Station apart.

Zedd: They're going to shake this place apart!

Rita: They're crazy! Let's get outta here.

Dark Parallax: I agree!

They dissapear and the energy ball shrinks down.

Zack: We did it!

Justin: I knew my plan would work.

Kat: Colt what do we do now?

Zack: Yeah, I know. All the rangers are dead. The Megazords are without power and the base is in shambles.

Kat: We can't continue like this.

Colt: We can and we will. The Galaxy League of Power is Blade's legacy. We'll pick up the pieces and move forward to a better future for us and for everyone else.

Justin: We still have the U.E.D.F. backin' us up.

Lion-o and the Thundercats appear from the shadows.

Lion-o: And you'll always have us.

Colt: If I were the Dark Armada, I wouldn't becoming back for a while. But, if they do, they'll have to take on the New Galaxy League of Power!


Everything freezes and the Seeker appears.

Seeker: Well, there you have it, A World Without Parallax. Blade was dead, but good will always conquer evil, eventually. I think I will do this on a regular basis, so I'll see you next time.

The seeker disappears.