[See The Life of Blade Oliver for Disclaimer]

I forgot to tell you readers that I write my stuff more like a screenplay than an actual story. It helps me visualize things better.

Blade is an interesting character. I hope you learn to like him as much as I have.

This takes place in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger era.

A Gold Dawning
By Andre Coles
Part I

Outside a 7 Eleven; early morning:

Blade and Some of his friends have just robbed a convenience store and are on the run.

Friend 1: Hurry up, Blade! Get in the car.

Blade: I'm coming!

A police siren begins to sound.

Friend 2: We gotta hurry up.

They all continue to run, both friends get in the car with the money, but Blade trips and falls. The car pulls off. While Blade is lying on the ground, the cops pick him up.

Officer: Allright, son. We're taking you downtown.

Blade: Whatever, man. Not like I care.

The officer shakes his head in pity at him and stuffs him into the patty wagon.


Courthouse; the next day:

The judge is sentencing Blade.

Judge: Well, son, since this is your first offense, and with no home, I'm sending you to St. Mary's Orphanage. I hope you get your life back together. Court is adjourned.

They take Blade away.


Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar; after school:

Jason and Tommy are practicing Martial Arts, as usual, with Trini cheering them on, they are matching each other move for move. The rest of the team is watching.

Zack: I can't believe it!

Kimberly: They just seem to get better and better.

Billy: And with my new training program, it will stay that way.

Jason and Tommy stop and the two of them come over to the table.

Kimberly: Great workout, you guys.

Tommy: Thanks, Kim.

Trini: They are really starting to look good. Your training program really works Billy.

Billy: Thank you.

Kimberly: So are you guys ready to go to the court?

Zack: You know the Zackman is ready to smoke ya!

Tommy: Sorry, guys, I can't.

Kimberly: Why not?

Tommy: I've gotta go with my parents to the Orphanage. My parents are adopting another son today.

Jason: Cool man, you want us to come?

Tommy: No. They said the kid's kind of touchy right now. But, I'm sure you can meet him soon.

Tommy leaves.


Outside of the Orphanage; daytime:

The Olivers have just made the adoption legal. Tommy is trying to talk to Blade.

Tommy: So, what's you're name, little bro.

Blade: First of all, white boy, don't call me bro, but since you must be all up in my buisness, the name's Blade.


The Oliver's home; daytime:

Tommy and Blade are in Blade's new room. Tommy is helping Blade unpack.

Tommy: I hope you enjoy you're new room Blade.

Blade: Whatever.

Tommy: I'm really glad you're living here.

Blade: Cut the crap, okay? I know you people don't really want me here. You adopted me because you thought you were gonna turn the juvenile delinquent into the model teenager. And, though I thank you for the show, I ain't buyin' it, Tommy, so get out so I can get some sleep.


Angel Grove High; the next day:

All of them are at their lockers waiting for Tommy to walk up. Tommy walks up and they begin to ask him about the adoption.

Kimberly: So, Tommy, what's you're new little brother like?

Trini: Yeah, is he cute?

Tommy: Far from it! He's a creep.

Jason: You're exaggerating.

Zack: I know, it can't be that bad.

Tommy: He was just so nasty. He didn't even appreciate what my parents did for him.

Billy: He's just getting used to new surroundings. He was a criminal. He's not used to a structured household. Give him time.

Blade is walking up the hallway.

Tommy: Look, there he is now. Blade, over here.

Blade comes over there. He trips and falls into Billy.

Blade: Sorry, man.

Billy: No problem.

Tommy: Blade, these are my friends. Guys, this is Blade.

They all say hi.

Blade: Man, now I see, Tommy. I guess all dweebs hang together. Be seeing you.

Blade walks away.

Trini: You're right, he is a creep.

Kimberly: Like major funky attitude.

Billy goes into his pocket.

Billy: Hey, my wallet's gone!


Rita's Moon Base.

Rita was watching the incident.

Rita: Goldar!

Goldar: Yes, my queen?

Rita: Take a putty patrol with you. I want you to capture Blade and hold him prisoner, as soon as he's alone.

Goldar: Yes, my queen.

Rita: Finster, I want you to send Frankenstein monster to Earth.

Finster: Yes, my queen.

Rita: I'm gonna win.


Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar; after school:

They are at the table when the communicator goes off. They go to a corner.

Jason: Yes, Zordon?

Zordon: Frankenstein is destroying Angel Grove.

Jason: We're on it.

They teleport to the park.

Jason: It's Morphin time!







Jason: Let's do it guys!

Rangers: Right!

The Frankenstein Monster is beating them up.


Angel Grove Park:

Blade is walking thorough the park when Goldar and puttys appear.

Goldar: Come on, little boy. You're coming with us.

Blade: Like hell I am.

Goldar: Putties Attack!

They run after him. He defends himself using a martial art that he made up, but the putties are too large in number they begin to capture him.

Blade (Thinking): Man there's too many of them. Gotta figure a way out.

He spots a glowing golden sword.

Blade (Thinking): If I can get to that sword I might be able to get these guys away from me.

He slips out and runs toward the sword. He picks it up, and is suddenly teleported away.


Command Center:

Blade is laying flat on the floor Alpha 5 puts his hand out.

Blade: What the hell are you?

Alpha: Don't be alarmed. I'm a friend.

Alpha helps him up and Blade spots Zordon.

Blade: What the hell are you?

Zordon: I am Zordon, a warrior of good. I would like to welcome you to the Command Center, Gold Ranger.


Part II

Command Center:

Blade is shocked at what Zordon just said.

Blade: Gold Ranger? Wait, I'm no Power Ranger.

Alpha: You have to be, you're the chosen one.

Zordon: Yes. An ancient prophecy states that the chosen Gold Ranger would be the only one to see and hold the Golden Sword of Power. This is your destiny and not a moment to soon.

Alpha: Frankenstein is tearing up the city! You must help.

Blade: Listen. I'm no hero, I'm a theif.

Zordon: No matter what you were, you are a hero. I believe in you Blade.

Blade: No one's ever said that to me before. I'll help.

Zordon: You are the keeper of Gold Ranger powers. You will command the Golden Gladiator Zord. Use your powers wisely. Put your morper in the air and call upon the power of the Gladiator.

Blade: It's Morphin time!

Blade: Gladiator!

Blade becomes the Gold Power Ranger and is teleported to the Park. He stands in front of the fallen Rangers.

Frankenstein: Who are you?!

Blade: Your worst nightmare, punk.

Blade takes out his golden sword and fights Frankenstein. Blade beats him until he's on his knees.

Rita: Make my monster grow!!!!!!

Rita throws the wand and Frankenstein grows.

Frankenstein: You will be destroyed.

Jason: Thanks, man, whoever you are, but we'll take it from here.

All: We need Megazord Power, now!

The Dinozord combines into Megazord. They are now inside.

Tommy: Dragonzor Power!

He plays the Dragon Dagger. Dragonzord appears. He goes inside.

Jason: Lets kick some butt.

They fight Frankenstein, but he's too strong.

Jason: He's too strong.

Tommy: Don't worry, I got him.

Dragonzord tries to fight him but is unsuccessful.

Blade: Now it's my turn. GOLD GLADIATOR POWER UP!

The Gold Gladiator flies in and Blade jumps aboard.

Blade: Gold Ranger, online!

The Gold Gladiator beats him up and is about to finish him off.

Blade: Gladiator staff!

The Gladiator staff appears and he deals the final blow Frankenstein explodes.

Blade: Yes!

Jason: Good Job!

Frankenstein rematerializes and blasts them all. They're all down.

Blade: Red Ranger, listen. There should be a gold button right beside your flight stick. Push it now.

Red Ranger pushes the button.

Jason: Did it. Now what?

The Megazord begins to rise. The Gladiator Zord comes apart and encases the Megazord as body armor. The Power Rangers look out. Inside there's an extra seat up front.

Zack: Totally Awesome

Billy: Prestigious

Kimberly: Morphenominal!

Trini: Who's the extra seat for?

Blade comes through the door.

Jason: Gold Ranger, what is this?

Blade: This is the Galdiator Megazord, and I've got just the thing for this monster. Gladiator Megazord FIREBALL!

The Gladiator Megazord makes a Fireball and blasts Frankenstein. He explodes.

Blade: That's that!


Command Center; after the battle.

The six Rangers are talking to Zordon.

Zordon: Congratulations on another great battle Rangers.

Zack: Thanking us?

Kimberly: We need to be thanking the Gold Ranger.

Trini: We wouldn't have made it out alive if not for him.

Billy: I agree.

Tommy: He was amazing, man, like poetry in motion. His moves…had moves.

Jason: Zordon, is he with us?

Zordon: That's why you're here Rangers. I want to introduce to you the newest member and new co-leader of the Power Rangers, the Gold Ranger!

Blade in costume enters the Command Center and stands before them.

Blade: It will be a pleasure to fight by your side!

Kimberly: Wait! You know all our identities, but we don't know your's.

Billy: She has a good point.

Trini: Can't argue with that.

Zack: Let's have it.

Tommy: Who are you?

Jason: We've gotta know man.

Zordon: It's time Gold Ranger, reveal your identity.

He takes off his helmet and reveals himself.

Tommy: BLADE!

Blade: Afraid so.

Jason: He can't be co-leader he's…he's…

Blade: A theif?

Jason: Yeah.

Blade: No matter what I was, I am a Power Ranger. I'm the same guy who saved you a couple of hours ago.

Tommy: Well the only thing I can say is welcome to the team, Blade.

Blade: Hey, call me bro. What do the rest of you say?

They all put their hands in.

All: Power Rangers!