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A Family Reunion
By Andre Coles

Galaxy League Space Station – Space

Ramses is (in a uniform with the lantern symbol on the back) walking down a hallway towards the information center. He arrives and Alpha is shocked to see him.

Alpha: Rameses?

Ramses: Alpha?!

Zordon turns his head towards them.

Ramses: Oh, it's you.

Zordon: Hello Ramses. How ar…

Ramses: I'm out of here.

Ramses walks out and Alpha follows him.

Alpha: Ramses, please stop.

Ramses: What, Alpha?!

Alpha: Don't fight with him.

Ramses: Why?!

Alpha: He's your father!

Ramses: He's no father of mine. He was more of a father to you than me. Always fighting, he was never there. And when he found out I didn't want to be one of his Power Rangers, he almost disowned me.

Alpha: Well, fate has given you a second chance with your father, and your mother.

Ramses: Dulcea's here, too?!

Alpha: Yes. And you will all be spending a lot of time on this space station, so I would make the best of it.

Ramses: Yeah, well, don't hold your breath, old friend.

Ramses walks away.


GL Corps Planning Room – Space Station

The GL Corps are in the Galaxy League Uniform with the Green Lantern symbol on the back. They're sitting at a round table with the Lantern Symbol in the center holding a meeting as Karone's communicator goes off.

Karone: Go ahead, Blade.

Blade: Listen. We've got a problem; the Zentradei are attacking the Earth.

Karone: Shouldn't Hunter's forces be mobilized?

Blade: They are, but they can't move effectively because of a meteor shower in the engagement area. We need you to remove it.

Karone: We'll do more than that. We'll get rid of the Zentradei.

Blade: You sure?

Karone: Just tell Hunter to shoot down the ones we don't get.

Blade: Okay.

Karone: Let's go.

G.L. Corps: In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light.

Their clothes change into the Green Lantern Uniforms.



The Zentradei and Robotech Forces are having a dogfight as the Corps streak across space.

Karone: Tanya, get those asteroids out of the way.

Tanya: No sweat.

Tanya uses her ring to create a net gathering up all the asteroids and hurled them into space.

Karone: Let's send these big idiots packing.

They streak across space using their rings to create guns, big energy fists, hammers, and things of that sort to dispose of the Zentradei forces. They retreat.

Ryen: So much for those guys.

Ramses communicator goes off.

Ramses: What's up, Alpha?

Alpha: Some of the smaller Zentradei somehow got onto the station and they are headed towards the command center.

Ramses: I'll be right there.


Command Center – Space Station

Alpha has been knocked over by one of the soliders. Dulcea arrives.

Dulcea: Need some help?

She overpowers them for a little bit, but is pinned down. They are now going to blast open Zordon's energy tube. As he's about to pull the trigger, a green chain wraps around the neck of the soilder and he dissappears.

Dulcea: Thank you, Green Lantern.

Ramses: You're welcome, mother.

Dulcea: RAMSES!

Ramses: Yes, mother?

Zordon: I was wrong about you son.

Ramses: About what?

Zordon: You are a true hero, I am very proud of you. And I'm sorry I wasn't there for you like I should have been.

Ramses: Apology accepted.

Dulcea: Hey, since we're all here we might as well try to start over, huh?

Ramses: I'd like that.

Zordon: As do I.

Ramses' communicator goes off.

Karone: Come on, Ramses. We've got a mission in Beta sector.

Ramses: On my way.

He streaks off.


Deep Space

Ramses falls in with the rest of the Corps with a smile on his face.

Ryen: Hey, what you smilin' about?

Ramses: Nothin'.