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Disclaimer: Okay, everyone owns everyone else. You get the picture. This little thing is a small form of… revenge, on Cinders part and mine and was inspired by the three perpetrators on trial below. Tongue taken firmly in cheek here guys. This will show you to use the… 'B' song. 🙂 Oh, and thanks guys. 🙂

Trial of the Yostie Azure Elite.
By Cinders and Mouse

The snores of the figure on the bed drowned out any noise our heroes made. The small figure didn't know what had hit it, going quite merrily off to dream land, where it had lovely dreams filled with a certain boy in blue and lots and lots of whipped cream.

The next victim was curled up asleep in front of a fire. A bottle of empty red wine lay at its feet and a tire iron clutched firmly in its arms like it was a teddy bear. The heroes quickly and quietly bundled this one up and off into dream land as well. This one was dreaming about the boy in blue and lots of sharp pointy things.

The heroes were taking the second kidnappee down to their car; a huge improvement over the last car procured for kidnapping, when the first kidnapper stumbled and the kidnappee fell to the ground and rolled down the last two flights of steps.

"Watch it, mate! We don't want to hurt them… much."

"Speak for your self," the first kidnapper grunted, putting hands to hips. "Your not the one they broke with that evil Barney song," remembered pain filled the air, along with strains of the aforementioned song.

"Look, we'll get our revenge but it ain't gonna be much good if they don't get their in one piece. Okay mate?" Her accent ringing out through the night air.

"Sure. Whatever. You know what?"

"What?" Taking an exasperated tone out of her pocket and airing it.

"You sure say 'mate' an awful lot."

"What did you expect?" The first kidnapper pondered the question for a moment, their vicim forgotten for a second, at the bottom of the steps. The second kidnapper popped the first upside the back of her head, bringing her back to the business at hand. "I'm Australian for heavens sake! It's an Australian thing okay! Come on, we've got one more to pick up." They made their way down the steps to the still figure at the bottom. The first kidnapper looked worriedly at the shape.

"You don't think she's dead, do you?"

"No way, mate. You couldn't kill this one if you tried. Come on, let's get this one in the car and get going."

Grumbling, the other dark figure picked up the kidnappee's feet and they staggered to the waiting car. Their third target was actually awake. They watched with something akin to fear as the third figure practiced beheading watermelons. Seemingly satisfied with the results the figure went inside. The dark figure with the accent turned to her companion.

"Toss you for it?" She didn't sound particularly hopeful

"Get real. It's your turn again."

"Bugger. Alright then, but I'm doing this my way this time."

"Sure, sure. Whatever makes you happy." The dark figure issued herself with a glower at her companion and took off silently over the fence. Reaching under her cloak she brought out what looked like a water balloon. Pitching it inside the house, she heard it burst and smoke came out of the windows. The figure, which was still practicing with the sword, came running out, coughing as the hero clocked her over the head with a heavy metaphor. The dark figure looked up at her companion and contended herself with an evil grin.

"Um… no. Not evil enough."


The three mystery kidnappees soon awoke and found themselves chained together with words of steel and were unable to break free using even the harshest of words. Just then the door opened and two dark figures walked in. Both were dressed in black leather pants, black silk shirts and black leather jackets. The shorter one's curves filling the leather near to spilling over. Dark glasses hid their eyes and both were wearing a black peaked cap pulled right down, so the kidnappees didn't know whom they were facing. The only difference they could see was that one had darkish red hair and the other had black hair. The Red-haired one nodded to the dark headed one and as one they walked forward towards the kidnappees. Reaching down, they yanked them to their feet by their chains, the middle prisoner suddenly finding her voice.

"Where are we? Who are you? What are you doing with us? Why are you doing this to us? How did you get us here?" The red headed one just shook her head sadly at her dark haired companion as they continued to drag them out of the dark room.

The three kidnappees soon found themselves standing in a courtroom. As they gazed at the stand they all issued gasps of astonishment when they saw the Judge. It was Judge Billy the Blue Ranger! They were marched over to the dock and set inside it. The red-haired one posted herself at the edge of the dock, to prevent mass escape. The dark headed one moved to stand at the prosecution's table. The three prisoners then looked at the jury and uttered gasps of astonishment once again. The jury consisted of nothing but Power Rangers. All the Rangers who, over the years, they had put through trials and traumas. Suddenly they began to get a bad feeling.

"Could have been worse," Peregrine whispered.

"How do you figure that?" Rap growled.

"It could have been Judge Judy sitting up there, and the courtroom could have been decorated by Martha Stuart."

"Only you would have a mind sick enough to come up with something like that. You need help," Mele stated the obvious.

The three were startled out of daydreams of torture and lust when Judge Billy banged his gavel and spoke.

"Would the prosecution please read the charges?" The dark-haired woman stood and picked up a piece of paper that was on the table in front of her.

"If it pleases the court. The three accused are charged with being needlessly cruel, emotional scarring as well as physically scarring, kidnapping, drowning, torture, beheading and they broke me with the Barney Song!" The Red-haired one at the end of the dock shook her head and motioned for a guard to take her place. She joined her companion at the table and said something quietly to her. Draping a comforting arm around her she looked up at Judge Billy. The other woman's head buried in her hands.

"I'm sorry, your Honor, but those memories are hard for my fellow to forget." She held out a shudder for everyone to inspect and was pleased with the 'oos' she received. Judge Billy well understood what the dark-haired woman was going through. He remembered the strains of that song all too well. One of the few memories he'd be more than glad to forget.

"Understood, counsel. I don't have fond memories of it, myself. So, who do we have before us in the dock that are charged with these heinous crimes?" The tall dark red-haired one looked at her companion and nodded. The two of them stood, facing their kidnappees, and taking off their glasses and hats, then confronted the women.

"Sir, we have here before us the most heinous of individuals. Peregrine, Mele and Rap." The three women hissed in recognition of the prosecutors. Mele jumped to her feet as fast as her word chain would let her.

"I know you two! That's Mouse and Cinders! Your Yosties! Why are you doing this to us?" Both ladies brought out their evil smirks, which caused Mele to falter and fall back into her seat.

"Hey, that one looked even more evil than the one before," Cinders concluded.

"Thanks, mate," Mouse smiled, then let it fade as she turned to the three defendants. "Because we can, mate. Because we can. And, what can I say. It's bloody fun, too."

"I thought we were always suppose to be the kidnappers, never the kidnappees," Peregrine whispered.

"Just wait until I get out of here. They have twenty toenails between them. There are a lot of different tortures I can do with twenty toenails," Rap grumbled aloud.

"You've got to admit it, though. They were able to do a pretty good job. They have potential," Mele stated, her gaze never wavering from the blue, robed figure on the stand. Judge Billy drummed the gavel against the stand.

"Quiet. This is a court of law, not a social gathering. Prosecution…" he gazed down at the two women. The tall redhead shook her head, as if clearing it, and grabbed up some papers. Her companion had her chin propped up on her hands, elbows on the table. She was looking at him; her eyes filled with… lust? Billy shifted nervously, feeling like he was being undressed, and blushed at the memories of some of the lewd suggestions the two had made at him the last time he'd been captured. It made him wonder just who was more dangerous. The two prosecutors, or the three defendants? Noticing Judge Billy shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Mouse gazed down at her companion. Clearing her throat a couple of times, and nearly loosing a lung in the process, she finally got her partner's attention.

"What?" Cinders snapped, unhappy at having been drug away from her daydreams. What she wouldn't give to be at work. At least there, she had lots of uninterrupted time for day dreaming, and the shirtless Billy picture she had created was never far from arms reach.

"Hey!" Mouse, who had nearly broken every bone in her hand on her companion's head, since they had started out on this mission, proceeded to pop her in the head again.

"You're drooling again. How are we suppose to convince Judge Billy that we are the victims, if you scare him to death?" Cinders wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and glowered up at Mouse.

"Hey, how come your evil look works and mine doesn't?" Mouse whined.

"Because I am the oldest of five kids and I also have a young son. You try ruling over them all without one and they'll walk all over you."

"Good point."

"Ladies, may we please continue with the proceedings?" Judge Billy commanded.

"Yes, your Honor," Cinders said, getting to her feet.

"Call your first witness."

"Your Honor, we call Dagmar to the stand."

"Dagmar?" Mele gasped.

"She wouldn't snitch on us!" Rap growled.

"We have way too much blackmail material on her for that," Peregrine tried to reason. "I hope."

Mouse was in as much shock as everyone else seemed to be. Even Judge Billy began to squirm in his seat.

"How did you manage to get Dagmar to testify on our behalf, mate?" Cinders wiggled her eyebrows, trying to give the appearance of being mischievous, but only managed to make Mouse break out in giggles.

"Alright, already. I know that looked ridiculous, so you can quit laughing."

"Yeah, okay." Mouse continued to laugh.

"Okay, fine. I won't tell you how I did it, then." Immediately Mouse was quiet. "Can I tell you now?" Cinders watched as Mouse eagerly awaited the details like a kid receiving a surprise. "I sent her very special… picture, for her birthday."

"Well, what was it?" Mouse wanted to know. Cinders was preparing to tell her, when the doors at the back of the courtroom opened wide. All eyes turned to the door as whispers and murmurs were heard throughout the room. Some had heard of the woman known as 'Dagmar', but most believed that she wasn't real. A legend of some sort. Even fewer expected to see the sight that strode into the suddenly quiet room.

Before them was a woman of Amazonian stature, who seemed to have been poured into her tight leather outfit. The stiletto heels giving her an even greater height. Cinders and Mouse watched with some amazement, as the tall blond seemed to lock eyes with one of the jury members. They weren't the least bit surprised to find that she had found Jason Scott among the rest of the Rangers.

"At least we'll have Jason's vote," Cinders pointed out, looking at the Ranger.

"No wonder he was picked as the Red Ranger," Mouse exclaimed, seeing how deeply the boy was blushing.

"I'm fairly certain that isn't the only effect she's having on him," Cinders snickered.

"I think you've been around Peregrine too long. You're starting with the innuendoes, now."

"And… that's a bad thing?"

"No, mate. Just stating the obvious."

"Obviously." Both women chuckled.

The three defendants watched, as Dagmar approached the stand, with a mixture of confusion and surprise.

"How do you think they managed to get her here?" Mele wondered.

"Well, duh! You don't think it might have something to do with 'Red-boy' over there, do you?" The two women began to wonder if they'd need a mop; Rap was dripping with so much sarcasm.

"Enough you two." Peregrine was at least relieved that Rap didn't have her sword with her. "I think we underestimated those two," she said, rubbing at the bruises she'd mysteriously received.

"Whose side are you on?" Mele asked in astonishment.

"Nobody's. Look, they've been able to kidnap us and bring us here. They've also been able to do what we haven't been able to do, and that's get our boy in blue, there, within groping distance, without having to knock him out and kidnap him."

"Yeah, but I bet they didn't have as much fun doing it," Rap declared.

"True," Mele pondered. Mouse looked up as if she'd heard them. She took out a sidebar and sent it their way.

"Wanna bet!" Sighing the women continued on with their train of thought.

"Guys, they've been able to lore Dagmar here in some sort of twisted way."

"Twisted's good."

"And… your point is?" Rap grumbled. She was beginning to have sever sword withdrawals. "So many beheadings, so little time," she thought to herself, as she gazed around the courtroom.

"I think we picked two of the best Yosties for initiates."

"Earth to Peregrine, Earth… Oops. Fantasy to Peregrine, Fantasy to Peregrine! We are on trial here. Now's not the best time to be proud of the initiates," Mele scolded.


Dagmar took her seat on the witness stand, tearing her eyes away from Jason; thoughts of sex, sex and more of it, put on hold long enough to acknowledge Judge Billy.

"Your Honor," she said, giving Billy a quick wink.

"Now's a fine time for someone to turn the heat up in here," Billy thought to himself, wiping the sweat from his forehead. He watched as Dagmar shifted in her seat to find a comfortable position. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as her 40-DD cleavage all but nearly spilled from her tight top. "Get a hold of yourself, or this gavel won't be the only 'wood' in this courtroom," Billy thought, as images of a seam splitting site filled his mind, from his last encounter with the Amazon. Noise from the courtroom caught his attention. Banging the gavel helped to take his mind off… things.

"Order in the court!" He cast his gaze around the room to find five pairs of eyes locked on him. "How did I get myself into this? I'm starting to feel like Daniel in the lion's den, and these lions are starving." He was startled by a voice next to him.

"You have no idea," Dagmar said, a chuckle in her voice. Billy hadn't realized that he'd spoken aloud. He gulped. Billy shifted again and banged his gavel… hard. If he didn't get out of here soon, he'd have to keep banging his gavel just to keep his mind from straying.

"Order!" Cinders was the first to snap out of her Billy induced trance. When she looked at the stand she grumbled. It was all just a daydream. Billy was still fully clothed. Damn! Wiping the drool from her chin, she stood and moved past Mouse to begin her questioning of the witness. She stopped.

"Need a bucket?" she asked her redheaded companion, as she passed.

"Huh? What?"

"Sheesh, talk about me drooling," Cinders snickered. Mouse's jaw snapped shut and a blush creeped into her cheeks, as Cinders continued on with her questioning.

"Dagmar, where were you on the night in question?"

"At a secret location which Peregrine had given me directions to."

"Where was this secret location?" Dagmar rolled her eyes. Where did the Azure Elite come up with these initiates? One would have thought that initiates with a few more brains would be best. "If I told you where it was, then it would hardly be considered a secret, now would it?"

"Oh, yeah," Cinders smiled sheepishly. "Let me rephrase. What were you doing at this location?"

"I was delivering Mele's personalized Ranger Emergency Kit. Which reminds me," Dagmar gazed at the defendants, "I'll have yours done soon, Rap and Perry."

"Please, no more outbursts," Billy warned, trying his best to keep from looking at the leather clad Amazon.

"And, what was it that you found when you arrived?" Cinders continued.

"Tell them about the torture, about… the… Barney Song!" Mouse called from the prosecution table. A blank expression fell over Cinders' face. From somewhere deep inside of her subconscious, she felt the song welling up, and she couldn't stop it. "I love you, you love me…" Everyone in the room slapped their hands over their ears.

"Bugger it!" Mouse exclaimed, digging into a nearby bag. "I only have this to reverse it." Quickly, Mouse dashed to Cinders' side, placing the headphones on her head, and cranking up the volume. Immediately Cinders became quiet. Mouse led her back to her seat at the table.

"What did you do?" Billy asked.

"Well, I didn't have the "Clone Wars" tape that Peregrine had, but I did have "Bleeding Blue", by Jeremy Ray, being read by Johanna Lindsey."

"Clone Wars? Bleeding Blue? Personalized Ranger Emergency Kit?" Billy mumbled. He really was in danger. He gave the jury a quick glance, wondering if they'd be any help if he needed it, and decided that they were probably in as much danger as he was. Taking a second glance at the jury he wondered if Jason was looking a bit… red. Then he suddenly remembered what it was that he'd been told about Dagmar, and what she would have done to him, and he blushed.

Peregrine turned her gaze from the mumbling initiate to find two sets of eyes on her.


"I kept telling you that that song was dangerous, but no, you never listen to me. Barney's the reason the other dinosaurs are extinct. They'd rather be dead than be with him." Mele stated in exasperation.

"I never saw it have that kind of effect on anyone before," Peregrine said in defense.

"Well, what did you expect? She is a bit more susceptible to it than most others. She just barely escaped that phase with her son. Barely," Rap explained. "Now, if I only had my sword."

Mouse sat next to Cinders, Walkman at the ready in case of an emergency relapse. Her partner in crime just sat there, hugging her arms around herself, mumbling incoherence. Sighing Mouse left her there and approached Dagmar. She didn't think Cinders was gonna be up and about for a few minutes.

"Thank you for coming Dagmar. Can you tell us, without the interruptions, what you found when you arrived at the secret location?"

"Well, I found yourself and six others completely out of it on the floor. His Honor was tied up and had no protection against 'IT'. Knowing the caliber of the people involved I had come prepared and wore protection. I stopped 'IT' from playing and got everyone sitting up. I then left Mele's kit for her and had a few words with his Honor here and then I left." Mouse nodded and smiled at her witness, not noticing the blush that crept up Billy's neck to settle into his cheeks. "Maybe I should have been the 'Red Ranger'." With that thought his blush deepened.

"No further questions your Honor." Billy nodded and, managing not to look down Dagmar's top, he tried to keep his voice even.

"Thank you Dagmar. You can go now." With a wink and a smile she got up and stepped down from the witness box. She waved to the accused and slowly, oh so slowly, walked past Jason in the Jury box. Again he blushed a deep, bright red.

"Yep, can't half tell why he was chosen to be a Red Ranger." Mouse sniggered and looked down at Cinders, who joined in half heartily with her sniggering. She seemed okay now, just a little bit frazzled. Mouse took out a needle and thread and un-frazzled her. Judge Billy banged his gavel and looked over at the Red-haired Australian.

"Call your next witness." Mouse nodded and looked at Cinders.

"You want to do this or shall I?"

"You do it. You're the one that got her here. God knows how you did it though." Mouse issued herself with one of her smirks and felt proud of it.

"Remind me to tell you later." She stood up and glancing at the accused, she called out the name of the next witness.

"Prosecution calls Cynthia, Pagemistress of Evil to the stand."

Gasps abounded at the words. Mouse glanced back at the trio, all of whose eyes were all but popping out of their heads, fear written on their faces. A wicked chuckle from behind her, brought Mouse's attention around to her partner.

All eyes were redirected from the back of the courtroom and were focused on Cinders who was rocking back and forth in her seat, smiling and looking wildly around.

"Evil, evil! Evil Billys, evil Billys."

"Stop the insanity!" Mele called out, doing her best Susan Powder impression.

"And you talk about me needing help. If anyone could be as evil as Bar-" Peregrine was immediately cut off by four angry scowls.

A firm pop to the back of Cinders' head, by her companion, stopped the evil babbling.

Suddenly the doors at the back of the courtroom opened and all eyes watched as a dark figure entered the room. Breath's were held, hearts beating rapidly. All feared the Evil… guard?

Sighs of relief were passed around as they watched the guard approach the stand. Billy seemed the most relived. The sound of the 'Pagemistress of Evil', made his hair stand on end. He was beginning to wonder if he was running a court of law, or a Circus Freakshow.

"Your Honor, I can't seem to find the witness anywhere."

"Have you looked everywhere in the building?"


Billy let out a long sigh of relief and leaned back in his chair. He remembered hearing of the witness before. She was the one that would have made him evil. A fact that was well confirmed by the dark-haired prosecutor when she started babbling "Evil Billy", like it was a good thing. He remembered the last time that he'd been evil, all too well.

Cinders shook off her hallucinations and gazed over at a smiling Mouse who sat next to her, rubbing her hands evilly.

"What are you smiling about? We need her as a witness. Where the heck could she have gone?"

"Things are not always as they seem," Mouse cackled evilly, sounding more like a horrible impression of 'Austin Powers' Dr. Evil, but no one was cackling with her. Slowly she wound down, gazing around at the annoyed glances cast her way.

"Alright, alright, alright! Bugger, I knew that was going to happen."

Just as there was a lull in the courtroom, there was a loud clap of thunder that began to shake the building. The Jury of Rangers tried to usher everyone out to safety, uttering statements of a "Monster attack." The familiar beeping of their communicators filling the air.

Mele, Peregrine and Rap sat still on their bench, arms folded and knowing glances on their faces. Mouse, who sat at the table a few feet in front of them cackled once more, knowing that no one would cast an annoyed glance at her now. Cinders, on the other hand, was near to digging a hole in the floor to escape.

Judge Billy had leapt down from the stand and was huddled in a dark corner with the rest of the Rangers, acting as if no one could see them, as they communicated with Zordon.

"I thought they were all former Rangers," Cinders exclaimed from under the table.

"Well, who knows. You know how Saban works," Mouse said with a hint of sarcasm.

"No we don't," Cinders exclaimed, with anger. She'd never forgive him for the whole 'Gold Ranger' fiasco.

Soon the shaking stopped. Almost immediately, the stand began to swirl with dark smoke. Then as a mysterious wind blew the smoke away, they were presented with the image of a tall dark figure draped in black robes, a black hood hiding her features.

"Who is it that has dared to call upon the Evil Pagemistress?" came an evil voice from the darkness of the hood.

The Rangers moved cautiously to the middle of the courtroom, all prepared to Morph.

"I have called upon you, oh Evil Pagemistress." Mouse bowed low to the figure. "I called you to testify against the three individuals who sit behind me."

Realizing that they wouldn't need to battle, the Rangers returned to the Jury box and, with a bit of trepidation, Billy returned to his seat on the stand.

Billy eyed the dark figure suspiciously. He felt even more in danger than before. Unbeknownst to him, the hood of the robes was of a sheer material which could be seen through, quite clearly, if one was up close to it. For this dark figure, it served the best purpose; and the purpose at the moment, was to observe Judge Billy, thoroughly, without his knowledge.

"I wonder if my X-ray vision will be able to see under those robes?" she thought to herself. For a moment she gazed at Billy, as if trying to look through him. "Dang. I forgot. I sent it to the repair shop yesterday," she said disappointed.

So absorbed in her imaginings was she, that she didn't hear Mouse until the woman cleared her throat, which sent her into a coughing fit.

"Excuse me," Mouse pleaded, once she'd gotten control of the coughing. "I 'll ask again. Do you recognize these three heinous individuals sitting behind me?" A sharp pain struck her between the shoulder blades. Gazing at the three defendants, she turned her back to Cinders, who proceeded in removing the daggers that had been stared into her back.

"I heard you the first time," Cynthia, Evil Pagemistress, responded sternly. "The Evil Pagemistress will decided when she will answer."

The courtroom grew silent for some time. After about an hour, members of the Jury were yawning, and even Judge Billy had let his guard down long enough to rest his head on the stand.

"Torture. One has to love it," Cynthia sniggered to herself. "Those three," she began, startling everyone to attention, "are Mele, Peregrine and Rap."

Mouse took a minute to gather herself to continue the questioning. Before she could utter one word, Tanya ran up to her, patting her hair. "You and Adam aren't related, are you?"


"Well, you both have the same hair style after you've been laying your heads on the table." Annoyed, Mouse let her continue until she was finished. She didn't want to loose not one vote from the Jury.

Finally, Tanya returned to her seat and received a scowl from Adam.

"I'll continue questioning, now," Mouse stated, receiving a nod from Billy.

"Evil Pagemistress, can you describe for us, some of the most heinous of crimes that these three have perpetrated against any and all Rangers?"

Another long pause followed Mouse's question, but this time it wasn't quite as long.

"Mele wrote, "What Price Duty", in which she had Tommy and Jason drown Billy."

"Yeah, but I revived him!" Mele stated in defense.

"After failed attempts. Then you put him through a roller coaster ride of emotional hell. Peregrine wrote, "Once a Ranger" where she made Tommy evil. He then killed Billy, placing him in a dogs body. She put every single Ranger, most especially Tommy, through emotional hell."

"I was sick when I wrote that," Peregrine explained.

"You're telling me," Mouse whispered in an aside to Cinders.

"See, she admits it," Cinders squealed.

"Not that kind of sick. I had the flu."

"Nice try." Cinders dodged the daggers that were hurled her way. "Na, na, na, na, na, na."

A quick glare from Mouse silenced her. "Poor thing. Ever since the "Barney song", she hasn't been the same," Mouse said to herself, then turned back to the witness.

"And what of Rap?" Mouse asked.

"Well, she wrote, "Head Hunter", in which she created a second Billy from another dimension, who would travel through dimensions beheading all Blue Rangers."

"But, he stopped when he nearly beheaded himself," Rap declared.

"But, by then he'd killed several Blue Rangers keeping their heads as trophies, then he killed himself. All Rangers would be better off with Cheryl Roberts. At least they'd be having a lot of sex together."

Billy looked out over the Jury, as each of them passed nervous glances at each other. Billy gulped. Could they possibly know about the 'spikes'? He decided that they couldn't possibly know about those, and turned his attention back to the prosecution.

"I loved that story!" Cinders called out.

Mouse had to stop her with another pop to the back of her head, and a glare.

Rubbing her head, Cinders turned pleading eyes around the courtroom, "Does anyone have any Tylenol? I have the worse headache," she said, returning the daggers to Mouse's back.

"I have nothing more, your Honor," Mouse stated.

"Wait, I have something to say," Rap blurted out, rising from her spot between the other two defendants, dragging them into an uncomfortable position by the single chain they all shared. Ignoring the curses from the other two, she continued, "Why do you think they refer to her as the 'Evil Pagemistress?' I cannot count the number of times she has been cruel to Billy. She's made him evil several times, and she even turned him into a… vampire! She has no right to judge us."

"You forget, in my stories I always give Billy someone worthy of him, to love. Someone who is his equal."

Rap sat down with a haruph!, pinning Mele and Peregrine beneath her. After several threats of sharp objects, toe tortures and beheadings, they righted themselves, and sat quietly glaring at each other and everyone one else in the room.

"I'll be going now, the Evil Pagemistress has spoken." Cynthia raised her robe clad arms, and with a sideways glance at Billy, she said, "I'll see you later." Then in a flash of flames and a swirl of dark smoke, the figure was gone.

"To bad I don't use tranquilizers," Billy sighed, finally alone at the stand, his nerves shot. "Prosecution, do you have any more witness?"

"No, you Honor," Mouse and Cinders stated in unison.

"Jinx, you owe me a Coke, 1… 2… 3…" Cinders yelled.

"Stop it. What are you doing?" Mouse scolded.

"I told you about it, remember? It's a game-"

"No more games. You want me to pop you again? Damn, you yanks are weird. That'll teach me to come to California." Cinders ducked her head, bottom lip out in a pout, pretending not to hear that last remark.

Billy gazed at the two prosecutors, thankful that this 'trial' was nearly over. Everyone talking about him, like he was some character in a story, was disconcerting.

"Wait! Don't we get to defend ourselves?" Peregrine asked, surprised that they hadn't had a chance to defend themselves against the accusations. They knew quite a bit of 'information' on Cinders and Mouse, and it would hardly make them look like 'saints'.

"We'll let these speak for themselves," Mouse stated, bringing our a stack of papers. "On these pages are the evidence of any and all heinous acts these three have committed against the Rangers. The stories."

The trio gasped and gazed at each other, knowing expressions on their faces.

"It's over now, guys," Mele said, feelings of doom overtaking her.

"I guess all we can do now, is hope that the 'Jury' goes easy on us," Peregrine added.

"If they choose torture, I certainly hope that it's not toenails."

"I thought you liked toenail torturing, Rap?" Mele questioned, surprised.

"Yeah, I do. But not when it's being done to me. What, you actually thought I was that crazy?" Mele didn't answer, just passed a knowing glance at Peregrine.

The guard took the huge stack of papers from Cinders and Mouse, then handed them to Tommy in the Jury box.

"Take these papers with you into the Jury room. Read them thoroughly, then make your decision. Guard, when the Jury is ready, contact me in the Power… I mean, in my chambers." Billy rapped the gavel on the stand, "Dismissed," and left the room.

The Prosecution, as well as the defense, watched the Jury of Rangers file from the courtroom.

Time seemed to crawl by as the Jury read and deliberated in the silent confines of the Jury room.

Mouse was trying to keep from laying her head down on the table. She didn 't want Tanya rushing up to fix her hair again. Cinders had rifled through Mouse's bag and found her stash of the 'Barney Song' reversal tapes, and was sitting in her chair; cheering, crying, hollering and laughing, as the moment called for.

The three defendants were trying to come up with a way out of all of this. But Rap's constant voiced concerns about 'toenail torture' was keeping them unsettled.

Finally, when all the tapes had been listened to, and one hundred games of tic-tac-toe, which no one won, the Jury finally began to emerge back into the courtroom. Their faces showed a mixture of disgust and horror, as they took their seats. Tommy handed the stack of papers to the guard, who in turn placed them on the stand and rang a buzzer for Judge Billy.

"All rise, the honorable Judge Billy, presiding," the guard called out.

Billy emerged from his chambers and took his seat.

"Jury, have you heard and read the evidence presented to you?"

"Yes, your Honor," Tommy said, rising.

"Will the three defendants please rise?"

With a bit of tugging, stumbling and mumbled curses, the three got to their feet, puppy dog eyes trained on the Jury.

"I hope you brought the supply of dog biscuits," Mouse sniggered, Cinders joining in with her.

"Do you have a verdict?"

"We do. We find the three defendants… guilty of heinous crimes against the Power Rangers and his Honor."

For the first time, the defendants were speechless, swallowing gulps of fear.

"Mele, Peregrine and Rap, you have all been found guilty and I must dispense the justice that I hold. Your punishment for these crimes will be… to write, on a chalkboard, one million times that, "I will not kill, harm or maim, in any way, any Ranger, especially Billy, in my next fic."

"NO!" they all cried in unison, falling in a heap on the floor. Sobs filled the air. Above them, Cinders and Mouse high-fived each other.

"Court is dismissed. Guard, take them to the chalkboards," Billy drummed his gavel and gazed up to find two very hungry pairs of eyes aimed his direction.

"One… Two… Three!" Mouse and Cinders dove across the table with the grace of Bo Duke sliding across the hood of the General Lee. On the opposite side there was a small pile up. When they untangled themselves and got to their feet, they continued in their advance toward the bench, and Billy. When the reached the stand, it was empty. They turned to find Billy and the rest of the Rangers disappearing in several columns of multi- colored lights.


"We had him in our grope… I mean, grasp," Cinders sounded disappointed.

"Knowing those three," they turned to see the trio being drug from the courtroom, pleas of mercy trailing along with them, "we'll have other opportunities." Mouse winked.

Together, the two chuckled evilly, as they left the empty courtroom.

HA, HA, HA, HA, HA….

The end, until….