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Ranger of Light

Picture of the Ranger of Light

Every Hero Needs A Beginning

Billy’s loneliness may be causing him to have some bad dreams, but are they only dreams, or something more?

A New Ascendancy

There is a new evil and new powers.

Intercalate Maleficence

Billy seeks out the meanings of his dreams, while Sedra and Locan put in an appearance for the Rangers.

Dawning Light

The ‘Light’ has been found, and Sedra goes to college to find the Power.


Can Ahzza find the ‘Wolf’ before it’s too late?

Taming the Wolf

Will Billy give in, or get out?

The Rescue

It’s finally time for a rescue, but is it already too late?

Advent of the Rangers of Light

If you thought Sedra and Locan were evil, you haven’t met the ‘DarkChylde’

The Once and Great Power

The Power

When the Lightstar powers aren’t enough to fight Astronema, the Rangers must find more power.

The Missing

Astronema has a new weapon to use against the Lightstar Rangers.

The Gathering of the Rangers

Can the Lightstar Rangers gather together all of the former Rangers, before Astronema can get to them first?

Wolf in Water

Once on Aquitar, the Rangers are finally able to find Billy. But…where is he? And why won’t anyone tell them where he is?

It's Morphin Time

The Power is back, and better than ever.

The Power of One

Who would give their life for these, thy friends?

A Time for Heroes

After so long, and so many losses, can the Rangers still save Zordon?


Angel Grove: City of Angels

When an ex-Ranger dies, can an angel save Billy’s soul?

Interview With a Power Ranger

A reporter’s life is never dull, but one reporter found more than she was expecting, when she went in search of the truth behind the one-hundred year old myth, known as the Power Rangers.

The Hardest Thing

What is the hardest part about loving two women? It’s telling one of them, ‘Good bye’.

The Darkside of Genius

Little did Billy know of the fate that awaited him, when he received his powers on Phaedos.

Blue Christmas

When an old friend comes home for Christmas, she brings back some old memories as well.

Standalone number 7

The Loupe

At the edge of civilization lay our darkest fears.


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