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The Formation of New Powers
by John Chubb

Ashley Hammond sat behind the computer terminal again trying to determine the next ranger rescue target. Sadly whenever she found a lead, and went to double check it, she found that the ranger she was searching for had been transferred. In fact, all the remaining captured rangers were sent around to different camps. "Now I'm back to square one.", she said.

"Sorry to hear that Hammond.", said Mackenzie who was standing in the hallway. She placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and said, "At least we got Tommy, Kat and Kim out. And they're busy with the resistance."

"But we'll have to look for new leads.", said Ashley. She noticed a device that Mackenzie held in her hands. "What's that?"

"It's a body mask.", said Mackenzie. "It allows someone to disguise their body like someone else's."

"Like Body Switcher used to do.", Ashley said when she found herself looking like Astronoma to escape the Dark Fortress. "So what are you doing with it?"

"I thought we'd have a little fun.", said Mackenzie. When she whispered her idea to Ashley she couldn't help but chuckle a little.

Kincaid walked down the hall to the computer room where Ashley was. As he walked in the doorway he was greeted by a surprise. In the room stood two Ashley's, dressed identically down to the black jacket and pants with yellow shirt.

"May I ask what the blazes is going on here?", Kincaid asked.

Ashley number 1 spoke first. "I'm sorry Kincaid, I was showing Ashley how to use the body mask. I made a copy of her body and turned it on around me. Now I can't figure out how to turn it off."

"No I showed Ashley how to do the mask.", Ashley number 2 had said. "The off switch broke and now Mackenzie is stuck looking like me."

"Mackenzie?", said Kincaid surprised.

"Yse?", both Ashley's said together. Kincaid brought his hands to his head.

"So how am I going to tell you apart?", Kincaid asked.

"Well I have an idea if Mackenzie is willing to go for it.", said Ashley number 1.

"Yes Mackenzie is willing to go for it.", said Ashley number 2 making reference to Ashley number 1.

"I don't know what you girls have in mind but go ahead., Kincaid said. Then Ashley number 1 came up and brought her mouth to Kincaid's for a soft kiss. Kincaid responded with a kiss of his own then they broke away.

Ashley number 2's turn came next. She came up to Kincaid and parted her lips to kiss Kincaid. Kincaid also kissed the other Ashley then broke away.

When the Ashley's stood back where they were Kincaid looked at both of the girls. He turned to Ashley number 1 and said, "Good joke Mackenzie but I think it's time you turned back unless you want to spend the rest of your life as a twin."

Ashley 1 became Mackenzie and Ashley chuckled a little. "How did you know?", asked the real Ashley

"I got an impression of her when we first kissed. Her kiss told me everything about her, just as your kiss told me everything about you.", he said.

"What did my kiss tell you?", Ashley asked.

"That your heart belongs to Andros. He's the one you truly love Ashley.", Ashley nodded.

"When Mackenzie and I kissed it was like our two "charges" for lack of a better term, joined together. I didn't feel such a joining of charges when I kissed you. Because I knew that your charge had joined with Andros's charge long before.", Kincaid explained.

"He promised he would find me. Now I'm the one looking for him.", said Ashley.

"Don't worry we'll find him.", Kincaid said before he got serious. "Let's get to the briefing room. We've got a new crisis on our hands."

"What's up?", said Mackenzie.

"Adam's down to his last prototypes. I have an idea but I need everyone present to pull it off." Kincaid turned to leave the computer room. Ashley and Mackenzie followed close behind.

Ashley then nudged Mackenzie and said, "Don't let him get away. He's quite a kisser."

"Are you sure?", asked Cassandra seated at her chair.

"Positive.", said Adam. "I'm already down to my last three prototypes. It won't be long before I power down permanently."

"Have you been saving the dust?", asked Kincaid.

"Yeah, but I don't know why.", Adam said.

"Good.", said Kincaid. "The reason I asked you to save the dust from the prototypes is that they could be used to make new power coins. And with the residual power inside the dust, plus the seven of us, we can create some new powers for future rangers. Power you can use Adam."

"We can create new powers with the dust from the power prototypes?", said Ashley. "How?"

"With the help from the book of Zordon. And it's not just from the prototypes, but we have to be involved in the process as well.", Bruce said.

Adam then interrupted. "I don't understand. If Zordon could have created these new powers why didn't he do so before when the last coins were destroyed. Why have Tommy, me, and the rest of us search for the Zeo Crystal?"

Kincaid answered. "The process called for active rangers to use their powers to help in the creation. And when the Alien Rangers were on earth they were too busy trying to save earth and keep themselves hydrated. Searching for the Zeo Crystal was the best solution at the time."

Justin then spoke. "Okay so what do we do?"

"Well.", said Kincaid. "First we need to go to find a morphin master. Closest one I can think of is on Phaedos."

"Dulcea?", asked Adam remembering meeting the Ninjetti mistress there. Kincaid said, "Yep."

"Road trip.", said Mackenzie. And all the Nightfighters made their way to the ship that would take them there…Defiance.

Defiance flew through space avoiding as much of the Luciferian forces as they could. Surprisingly enough there weren't many on patrol. "The ride's too easy.", said Bruce.

"Things are going to get worse before long.", Kincaid said to his friend. "With Savrod in charge now we don't know what to expect.

Cassandra then went up to Adam. She picked up an image from Adam's mind about Dulcea. "Attractive isn't she?"

"Who?", said Adam.

"Dulcea. You were broadcasting an image of her like crazy."

"Sorry, I don't…"

Cassandra raised her hand. "Save it. What is it about an attractive girl in skimpy clothing that makes men lose all control ofer their hormoness?"

"The same thing that causes women to go berzerk over a well toned man in a G-string.", Bruce said coming up to them.

"Got me there.", Cassandra said.

"We're coming out of hyperspace now.", Kincaid said as they approached Phaedos. When they reached the planet they saw it surrounded by something resembling sattellites.

"Blockade sattelites.", Kincaid said. "They're used when an armada is called elsewhere and the Luciferian's want the planet to remain held. They blast anything coming in and anything going out."

"Can we teleport?", Ashley asked.

"No.", Bruce said. "These sattelites also disrupt teleportation signals. If we're going to go down there we have to take out the sattellites. All of them."

"Why all of them?", Mackenzie asked.

"The sattellite network is like a complex chain where if one is taken out the others rally to take the place of the destoyed sattelite.", Justin said. "I've been reading up on their weaponry."

"So let's take em on.", Adam said.

"Saddle up. Lock and load.", Hardrive said.

"Can you hold up Adam?", Justin asked as the booster packs were being fitted on the DragonZord.

"I'll hold up Justin.", said Adam. Then he made ready to launch the DragonZord into space. When the DragonZord launched the Emerald TigerZord made ready for it's launch after it's booster packs were fitted.

When the Emerald tiger launched the Blackhawk, Silver Firebird and Astro Viper launched. Justin was the final launch as he brought Roadbuster to warrior mode.

The zords all assumed a V formation with Roadbuster and DragonZord on each side of Defiance. The Emerald Tiger and silver firebird flew next to DragonZord with the Blackhawk and Astro Viper flying next to Roadbuster. When they approached the mine perimeter Kincaid gave the order to break and attack.

Each Zord picked off the first mine that they came across destroying it. But the mines were responsive as another came to take up the slack of one that was destroyed. Many times Cassandra cut loose with her zord's element of fire destroying the mines in her path. Ashley, Bruce, and Mackenzie did some aerial acrobatics as they blew away their share of mines. Justin cut loose with his zord's sword while Adam blew away mines with his missiles. Kincaid also cut loose on mines with Defiance's weapons.

It wasn't long before all the mines were destroyed and the zords flew down to Phaedos.

When the zords set down Adam led the rangers towards the temple of power since he was the one who had been there before. He was already down to his last prototype power coin so he demorphed to save power.

When they walked down the paths of Phaedos they took notice of the desolation. There was fire damage and destroyed trees and shrubs everywhere. Mountains were blasted. Most everything there was on Phaedos was destroyed.

"It's Oron all over again.", Cassandra said. Everyone agreed, except for Ashley and Bruce who weren't at Oron.

"Sending Crucible crashing into Hades was too good for him. He should have been dupmed powerless on Iocaste.", Mackenzie said. No one disagreed.

Finally the Nightfighters made it to the temple of power. Or rather what was left of it. Dulcea was nowhere in sight. "Dulcea!", shouted Adam. No answar came.

"DULCEA!!!", Adam shouted again. Still no answer.

"Split up. She can't have gotten far.", Adam said. Everyone including Kincaid obeyed.

After a few minutes Justin found a middle aged woman in a skimpy green outfit laying by the foliage. "Are you Dulcea?", he asked.

"Help…me…", the master warrior of Phados croaked out. Her voice cracked and raspy.


The blue turbo ranger then took the old warrior woman in his arms and took her back to the temple. Adam, Cassandra and Ashley were there. "Dulcea", Adam said as he came close to her.

"Adam?", she said barely recognizing he who had the spirit of the frog. Returning her to the temple seemed to have a positive effect but it was painfully slow.

"What happened here?", Adam asked.

"Lord Crucible came here.", Dulcea said. "He sought to destroy Phaedos. I went to confront him but he defeated me. He took me beyond the plateau where I started to age and he had his guardsmen beat me. Then he left me here trapped between life and death unable to make it back to the plateau where the healing properties could help me. I've been here until you came. Why are you here young frog?"

"Boy it's a good thing Mackenzie didn't here that frog bit. Especially since she called me Kermit so many times.", said Cassandra.

Adam's attention remained on Dulcea. "I've been running on temporary powers. According to a friend of ours you could help us to make new powers out of power coin prototypes."

Dulcea sighed. "Alas I am still too weak. I cannot help you for now."

Adam was ready to bow his head in defeat until he heard Kincaid, Mackenzie and Bruce appear. "Couldn't find…oh I guess you already found her.", Kincaid said.

Dulcea caught notice of Kincaid as he approached. She saw his aura and recognized it. "Is he a Night Ranger?", she asked Adam.

"Yes. That's Kincaid.", Adam said.

"Then all is not lost. You can recite the Power spell.", Dulcea said pointing to Kincaid.

"Me? How?"

"Many of the spirits that you answer to are sages connected to the Morphin' grid. They can guide and aid you in the spell."

"But I've never done this before.", Kincaid said.

"It's the only way. I'll help you however I can.", Dulcea said.

Kincaid caught the eyes of the rangers. Bruce, Mackenzie and Cassandra were supportive. Justin, Adam and Ashley looked more pleading. Kincaid then turned to Dulcea and asked. "Where do we begin?"

Night had fallen and all the rangers morphed so that the spell would be stronger. Then they gathered together in a circle. Adam stood in the center morphed in the costume of the dragon ranger. Before the other six sat a pile of energized dust that used to be power coin prototypes.

The other rangers then removed their morphers and held them high in the air facing Adam. Kincaid spoke first, "We call on all the powers combined! RED NIGHT!!!". A beam of red streamed from the morpher and hit Adam.

"BLUE TURBO!!!", shouted Justin as a beam of blue fired from his morpher.

"WHITE ASTRO!!!", shouted Mackenzie as a white beam fired.

"EMERALD TIGER!!!", shouted Cassandra as an emerald beam fired from her emerald crystal.

"GOLD BLACKHAWK!!!", shouted Ashley as a gold beam fired from her morpher.

"SILVER FIREBIRD!!!", shouted Bruce as a silver beam fired from his morpher.

All these beams hit Adam as he was bombarded with power, and six beams eminated from him:Red, white, blue, emerald green, silver, and gold. They swirled around looking for a destination. Then Kincaid stepped forward his eyes closed.

When he opened his eyes back up they eminated a glow that was of power and knowledge. Some of the spirits hed assumed his form and began reciting the spell.

"Powers of present, powers of past. Dragos aktor neimei kast. Fill these remnants before you with power reborn. Vaslos weigj telos korn. Center of focus be the guide. Alleh inei paktor ide. Power reborn PRESENT YOURSELF NOW!!!"

The six beams of ight sought out a dust pile before a ranger and the power beams joined with it. The dust and energy merged together to form six new power coins all of them with the symbol of the dragon.

Not far away the DragonZord awoke and came up the hill towards the remains of the temple of power.

As the energy died down Kincaid's eyes returned to normal as the spirits that helped with the spell left his body. All the rangers saw Adam demorphed and unconscious before them and rushed towards his side.

"I can't find a pulse.", said Mackenzie. "I think he's dead."

Cassandra shook her head. "No he's not dead. I can't believe that."

"Cassandra…"Ashley started to say.

"HE'S NOT DEAD!!!", Cassandra screamed. Then she turned to Kincaid. "He's not dead is he?"

Kincaid said nothing as the DragonZord appeared over the horizon. It looked down at Adam then fired a green beam from it's chest. The beam started to fill Adam's body with energy and then stopped. Before the other nightfighters stood Adam in a suit of armor that was reminiscent of the DragonZord. Same color, same style and by his side was a brand spanking new dragon dagger.

"Adam? Is that you?", Cassandra asked.

Adam removed his helmet and said. "Dragon Warrior Adam Park at your service miss."

"Ohhh Adam!!!" Cassandra said as she kissed him. Kincaid and Mackenzie held each other shoulder to shoulder happy with what they saw. Justin, Bruce and Ashley also had smiles on their face.

Adam then turned to face the DragonZord. "You have served us well. It is time to go to the next level." Adam then pulled out his new dragon dagger and held it in the air. The blade extended to form a sword. Adam fired the sword at the DragonZord as a transformation occured.

Before the nightfighters stood a new DragonZord. It's color was still the same. But this time it had longer claws and narrower chest. Wings extended from it's back and it's long neck extended to support a large head. This new DragonZord was a force to be reconed with as it carried new powers that would prove to be an invaluble asset.

The rangers then turned back to where the dust piles were. Where golden dust once settled now sat six new power coins with dragon symbols on them. Four of the coins had colored rings around them. One red, one white, one blue, and one green. The last two were solid gold and silver. As the rangers sought to touch the coins they felt the heat as they dropped the coins back to the ground.

They picked up the coins again with a set of tongs and brought them to a caldron not far away then dropped them into the cold water to cool. Dulcea then stood back up still unsteady but looking more like her old self again.

"Congratulations rangers. You have created the Dragon Ranger powers. And you Adam have now taken up your new mantle as the Dragon Warrior. She kissed Adam on the cheek and went over to Kincaid.

"Thank you for all you've done. The fight ahead of you will be great. Fight well.", she said as she kissed him as well.

Dulcea stood back in her circle and said "May you find the light of the universe again.", then she transformed back into an owl and flew away.

Bruce went over to Adam and Kincaid and said. "Man some guys get all the luck."

Defiance then flew away from Phaedos. As the nightfighters turned to look at the planet behind them they could have sworn they saw the planet becoming green again. When Cassandra looked at the science station she said that vegitation had been growing again.

"Sounds like Phaedos is going to be all right.", Ashley said with a smile.

"Congratulations 'hic' you're all mothers.", said Hardrive doing the voice of the drunken stork on a few Bugs Bunny cartoons.

"Thanks Hardrive.", Kincaid said.

"No problem. Have another one stork. 'hic". "That computer's a riot.", Kincaid said. Then he looked at the new power coins that he held before them. Then he turned to face his team. "Okay, Adam's got new powers and we also have a new source of ranger powers should they be needed. We've already won half the battle."

"What about Zords and morphers?", Mackenzie asked.

"That's the other half.", Kincaid said. Then he went over to Ashley and Justin. "I have a special assignment for you two."