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Running the Gauntlet
by John Chubb

Kincaid dismounted his motorcycle staring at the Jewel Rangers. Kimberly, the Nightfighters, Lightspeed Rangers and Astro Rangers stood to one side ready to take part in the big fight. On the other side of the chamber Vile, Shanara, Brachion, and the other villians stood ready as well. Stygian teleported out so he could continue to link with the Nexus Crystal. Andros recommended searching for Stygian but the doors to the main chamber were closed off and reinforced by magic sealing everyone inside.

Stygian's voice then rang throughout the room. "You cannot leave this room through any of the doors, but I shall give you a chance to find me. I offer a challenge. If the Red Night Ranger defeats the assembled forces here then you will be allowed to TRY to stop me."

"A gauntlet match? No deal.", Carter shouted. Kincaid however waived his hand and nodded accepting Stygian's challenge. Looking at Mackenzie, understanding crossed her features.

"No one interfere.", Mackenzie told the other rangers. "Jeff wants to go this alone."

"Why?", Andros asked in a disbelief that the other rangers shared.

"Because he's got a point to make.", was all Mackenzie said.

"Are you sure about this?", Vile asked his wife. "We know nothing about this ranger."

"Of course my husband.", Shanara said comforting the ruler of M-51. "Let us see how our Jewel Rangers react before we interfere." And with that the evil Queen turned to watch the fight between Kincaid and the Jewel Rangers.

The Jewels looked over at Kincaid trying to determine who would face him first when they were surprised by what happened next. A suit of black armor appeared around Kincaid's black leathers that looked more gothic than technological, casting a monstrous look to the Jewel Rangers. "Is that the new Night Ranger armor?", Ashley asked. Mackenzie nodded yes.

Ashley looked at the armor surrounding Kincaid. "Is there anyone who isn't shaking at the sight of that?"

"Well I hope the Jewels are.", Tanya said. The other rangers agreed.

After a game of rock, paper, scissors amoungst the Jewels Jason was the first to face Kincaid. He already had his Jewel saber drawn and ready for combat. Kincaid pulled out his own weapon which Jason could have sworn was a funky looking flashlight. He found himself surprised when a long red energy blade extended from the instrument shimmering with energy ready to cut through anything, especially with the night armor augmenting his power.

Jason however would not let the sight of Kincaid's weapon bother him as he readied his sword to make the first strike which Kincaid deflected. After another series of strikes which were deflected by Kincaid he decided that it was time for the offensive.

Breaking off from his attack Kincaid just stood there with his energy sword down by his side. The Garnet Ranger suspected that it might have been a trap but he also saw it as an opportunity that he couldn't pass up. Jason brought his sword up ready to deliver the final strike while trying in the back of his mind to prepare for whatever trick Kincaid was going to pull.

Jason was not prepared for Kincaid ducking the blow and punching him where the sun didn't shine. As the Garnet ranger doubled over in pain, Kincaid brought his sword up for a slash across the chest. Jason flew at least three feet as the slash caused him to demorph at the feet of his fellow Jewel Rangers.

Turquoise Kim looked down at the sight of her lover sprawled over in pain and then looked up at Kincaid with a look that was of pure hatred to the man who would dare show up the Jewel Rangers and send her lover into a world of hurt.

All Kincaid did was stand with his sword ready and say, "Next?"

Billy and Zack were the next to come forward. He had his Onyx Lance ready as did Zack have his Jade Axe. Kincaid stood ready for battle and Zack brought down the axe as Billy swung his lance hoping to get a clear shot, but Kincaid kept dodging Billy's weapon as well as Zack's. The two Jewel Rangers were fighting with a great deal of intensity against Kincaid who was holding his own with shootfighting moves aimed at the pressure points of his opponents as well as laser sword strikes to the weapons.

Soon Zack and Billy had Kincaid right where they wanted him. Their weapons were almost to him as his sword was holding back the combined power of the axe and the lance. "Come on Billy.", Trini shouted.

"Destroy him Zack.", shouted Aisha.

"Finish him!!!", the Turquoise ranger shouted with the injured Jason echoing her sentiments about the Night Ranger.

"You hear that man? You're beaten. It's almost done.", a sneering Zack said.

"If you surrender now, we might go merciful on you, and kill you quick.", Billy added.

"I don't think so.", Kincaid said as he shifted his body and the hilt of his weapon towards Zack. Zack had no time to react, and only a few seconds to wonder what was happening before Kincaid surprised him.

A second energy blade extended from the hilt of Kincaid's energy weapon and ran right through Zack's chest sending him sprawling to the ground. Billy looked over at the fallen Jade Ranger concerned for the welfare of his teamate when Kincaid used the distraction to push back Billy's lance, and Kincaid slashed the evil Onyx Ranger's chest with his newly doubled bladed energy weapon.

The Citrine and Amythyst Rangers went to tend to their boyfriends left wounded by Kincaid's deadly strike. The ranger healing was working overtime on their bodies as Zack told Aisha and Trini to 'whip that S.O.B. good.' Turquoise Kimberly was still recovering from the concussion her good counterpart had given her, but she was not about to sit out any fight against Kincaid. She had to make him pay for hurting 'her' Jason.

Turquoise Kim had her bow ready while Trini and Aisha had daggars in both of their hands. Kincaid saw their weapons and pressed a switch to deactivate both ends of his sabre weapon. The evil Jewel girls looked at Kincaid and were confused by his action. Is he giving up?, they all thought and smiled at the possibility if he was. If he's giving up that makes beating him down so much easier, they all thought. But Kincaid's next action showed that he wasn't giving up.

Kincaid pressed another button on his weapon and another stream of energy came out of one end as it formed a laser whip with what looked like energy spikes protruding from it. The smiles on the Jewel girls faded as they gazed at the lethal looking weapon and they felt a wave of fear run through them, a wave that was shared by even those in the room watching.

"I sure don't want to be on the receiving end of that thing.", Ryan said to Dana.

"I feel sorry for those girls. In more ways than one.", Dana responded as the Jewel girls tried to get ready for their first attack.

Turquoise Kim fired an arrow which Kicaid had caught to the evil Turquoise ranger's disbelief. After snapped the arrow in two Aisha and Trini moved in with their power daggars getting in their strikes and apparently sending Kincaid staggering. "Yeah, we're doing it.", Trini said.

"Keep it up. Finish him.", Turquoise Kim ordered as she readied another arrow to fire. The Amythyst and Citrine rangers enjoyed seemingly having Kincaid on the ropes until one freak second where the daggars seemed to lose their potency and the Red Night Ranger was sending out scary vibes that the Jewel girls picked up on.

Trini tried another daggar swipe and it had no effect. Aisha tired another and again it had no effect. "Kim, fire, FIRE!!!", Trini ordered with panic filling her voice.

Kim fired but then the arrow seemed to bounce off him and she soon felt as afraid as her fellow Jewel girls. Their fears were justified as he brought up his energy whip ready to bring it down on the first target he saw which was Trini.

Trini felt the energy spikes enter her despite being morphed. Aisha felt the same way as did Turquoise Kim as the spiked energy whip cracked into them over and over and over again. And when they force demorphed Jason, Zack, and Billy saw the welts across the bodies of the ones they were paired with.

Jason looked up to where Kincaid stood. The whip deactivated and the weapon put back onto his belt. "WHO ARE YOU?!!!", Jason screamed at the red Night Ranger.

"I'm evil's worst nightmare.", Kincaid said in a monotone voice. "And since you are evil, I'm YOUR worst nightmare."

"Yeah well, you're still a pathetic goody-good to us. We're still going to knock you senseless.", Zack said hoping to sound confident.

"We're the Jewel Rangers, and good is destroyed in our wake.", Jason called out in his 'leader' voice. Not his best 'leader' voice since he was still trying to hide his fear, but was slowly regaining his confidence.

"Being evil is the best, and you're going to find out why.", Turquoise Kim shouted as if getting some of her confidence back. Kincaid said nothing as he raised his arm into the air and clenched his hand into a fist.

The Jewel Rangers then felt invisible viselike fingers around their throats much like Darth Vader would use in the Star Wars movies. They felt the invisible fingers close around their throats as they struggled for their next breath, then Kincaid raised his arm up into the air and the Jewel Rangers were lifted up into the air as well still trying to breath unsucessfully.

"I find your lack of empathy disturbing.", Kincaid said as he brought his hand down hard sending the Jewel Rangers crashing on the floor. Kincaid raised his hand and lowered it in rapid succession as the Jewel Rangers rose and fell with Kincaid's hand. After Kincaid was finished he looked down at the battered, beaten and bloody bodies of the Evil Jewel Rangers. He knew the ranger healing would get them back on their feet soon but Kincaid knew it would be a while before they were even close to onehundred percent.

"Being Evil is the best.", Kincaid said in a mocking tone. Then he took off his helmet and spat on all six of the Evil Rangers showing them contempt. An action that didn't sit well with Queen Shanara.

"NNNOOOOOO!!!", she screamed as she charged Kincaid. Her living hair went wild as Kincaid looked to dodge the tentacles that were being swung towards him. Finally she managed to get one around his leg and take him off his feet, then she used other tentacles to securely bind him as she brought him closer to her.

"We should not fight here. Let's go to someplace more…sunny.", Shanara said as she and Kincaid teleported to one of the many worlds that laid out before them.

"Where'd they go?", Cassie asked with concern.

"Well my wife had a theory about the powers your friend has, so she decided to test it.", Vile said as he then formed a viewscreen with his magic that showed Kincaid and Shanara standing on a tropical beach in broad daylight. Kincaid's armor was gone leaving him in his ranger leathers. Damn, she must have guessed about the Night Ranger's daylight weakness. Cassandra thought. There's no way he can call on the full Night Powers now.

"This will be so good.", Vile said as he was watching his wife work her magic. On the sunny shore Kincaid had taken in his surroundings. An ocean full of blue water. Sandy beaches with a tide coming in, and the sun was just right for the perfect tan. It would have been a great place to go on vacation, but a lousy place to fight unless it was night. Oh well, she's in for a surprise. he thought. I hope

Kincaid and Shanara were eye to eye she looked into his eyes and saw all that he was. Kincaid knew that he was in trouble, especially when he was in Shanara's grip. To Queen Shanara, the eyes truly were the mirror to the soul.

Well let's hope the new changes take he thought as Shanara spoke in her empathically soothing voice.

Oh my poor young thing, she was saying in her most empathetic voice. "You have had so much pain in your life. Lost friends, betrayals from those you loved and trusted, and you still bear those scars today."

Kincaid looked like he was fighting the evil queen's magic and losing, much to the chagrin of the hurt Jewel Rangers and despair to the good rangers hoping Kincaid would prevail. "But I have friends, new teamates I had fought with."

"But they know you have changed. You are not the same person they fought with. Your powers are proof of that. You have embraced the darkness more than they had liked. Soon their fear will consume them and they will feel that they have to do something about that and where will you be?"

Shanara was smiling. "This is too easy.", she thought with a sneer. Soon he will be mine. As she looked into Kincaid's eyes it appeared that he was weakening more. She used one of the strands of her tentacle like hair to carress his face as if trying to reassure him that everything would be fine.

Cassandra was ready to sit up and try to find the right world so she could go to Kincaid's rescue but the touch of Mackenzie's hand to her wrist and a nodding of her head told her to wait. He knows what he's doing the White Astro thought hoping Cassandra was listening telepathically. She nodded and went back to watching.

Shanara then backed off believing that Kincaid was firmly under her control. All the evil beings watched with glee as smiled streatched from ear to ear on their faces. Shanara then turned to Kincaid and asked him "Who do you serve?"

Kincaid looked up at the evil queen and smiled a shark's smile. "Definitely not you witch."

Shanara's eyes went wide with shock, a shock that was shared by every evil being watching the battle. The rangers however were jumping for joy. Shanara's evil magic had no effect on him. How?! HOW?!!!!!, she continued to ask in shock and wonder.

"No one has ever defied my spells. Even the strongest wills have fallen before me. How did you resist?", she asked with rage rising in her voice.

"Just because I don't have the aura of the night right now doesn't mean there isn't a darkness I can't tap into.", was all he said as he grabbed Shanara and sent what looked like a surge of flame that struck her to her very soul and the scream from her lips showed that the flames were working.

"The heat is on Shanara.", Kincaid said as the cold flames extended from Kincaid into Shanara's soul as she felt all that she was, all that she knew, everything…burn at Kincaid's cold touch. All the pain that she had caused, all the sins she had committed against others magnified the flames that burned in her soul, and the unholy howl that escaped from her lips as she lived for herself the pain she had caused. Her victims crying out for vengeance and getting it.

"SHANARA!!!", Master Vile called out as he teleported down to save his wife. But as he got closer Kincaid touched Vile's chest and he too felt the burning fires that torched his soul. All the evil he had caused was brought to the fore, and the howl of pain echoing from his lips showed that the master of evil was suffering for his sins as well.

"When did he learn to do that?", Nancy asked.

"It's something he discovered.", Mackenzie responded. "One of the hidden powers."

"Hidden powers? Are there more in the Night Powers?", Carter asked.

"Probably.", Mackenzie said as she turned back towards the fight.

When Kincaid finally released the two evil beings they were on the floor still suffering from the effects of the soul flames. He then touched a device on his gauntleted wrist that teleported him back to Stygian's realm. As the armor reformed on his body he knew the call of the night was with him again. "Anyone else?"

Brachion and the Triad tried to put up a fight but they were quickly defeated by a force push. Brachion tried to make a swordfight last beyond two minutes but when Kincaid quickly disarmed him, Brachion decided discression was the better part of valor.

The Triad with all their vaunted brains and brawn didn't do much better as they found they couldn't access their powers. Body was left in his natural state. Mind couldn't pick up anything with his mind as if something was blocking him. And Soul for some reason couldn't draw on any of Kincaid's energy. After two minutes of getting beaten, they followed Brachion's lead and ran like jack rabbits.

Black Annie was next and she had called for the power of shadow to form a windstorm to carry Kincaid away into oblivion. But as the twister came towards him, he did not move. He had stayed glued to the spot and soon the wind dissipated. As Kincaid raised his arm towards Black Annie she decided to cower in a corner and hope for an advantage later on.

Shanara and Vile soon teleported back to where the Jewel Rangers lay with their wounds only now starting to heal. "Do not worry my queen.", Jason had said. "We shall get our revenge soon enough."

Shanara smiled aware that her Jewel Rangers had a plan as she turned to watch Kincaid make ready to face General Havok. Morgan looked on with a vested interest in this fight. "Prepare to face the wrath of…", he was about to say his own name when Kincaid raised his hand as if telling him to stop speaking, then he turned it waving Havok to come forward. "Just bring it!!!", was all Kincaid said. And with that, despite the slight fear he had felt, Havok brought up his sword ready for battle. "Well then Ranger…CONSIDER IT BROUGHT!!!"

Kincaid reactivated his energy sword as Havok brought his own sword on down for a strike. Kincaid managed to deflect the strike and the two crossed swords continuously, until Kincaid decided to make a set up for Havok.

Got to try to make him go for an overhead strike., Kincaid thought so he decided to pull something he learded watching his favorite movie Broken Arrow, a rope-a-dope. So Kincaid made himself look like he was running on empty allowing Havok to gain the upper hand as he appeared to drive Kincaid down to his knees.

"At last I have you Ranger.", Havok said gloating ready to bring his blade down for the final strike. As the sword came down Kincaid blocked it with a renewed intensity that Havok didn't believe. Then Kincaid activated the second blade which sliced across the back of Havok's right knee making it impossible for him to stand on it.

Kincaid was back on his feet grabbing Havok by the back of the neck. The shot of pain made Havok drop his weapon and he was completely at Kincaid's mercy. Kincaid threw him into opposite walls twice then he set Havok down in front of Morgan.

"He's all yours Morgan. Do whatever you want.", Kincaid said. And with that Morgan clocked Havok with a morphed power punce that knocked Havok out cold. And with that Kincaid faced the remaining villians.

Power Broker then stepped forward. Epyon hid behind Brachion who was nursing his wounds. Broker then looked at Kincaid as if studying him.

"We haven't been formally introduced. You can call me the Power Broker. Let me show you why." Broker then reached into his trenchcoat pocket and pulled out a microchip with a vial of liquid. Broker dropped three drops of the liquid into the chip and placed it behind his neck. Power began to surge throughout his being.

"My potions help empower my power microchips. I sell the potions and chips to whoever wants them. I think your father was one of my clients. And he would still be if it wasn't for your newlywed friends.", Broker said making reference to Andros and Ashley.

Kincaid just wasn't up to hearing Broker talk. "At the risk of repeating myself and sounding like an old cliche'…JUST BRING IT!!!"

Broker then looked at Kincaid and nodded. The first power Broker used was super speed as he raced circles around Kincaid getting in his jabs sending the Night Ranger staggering until he managed to close his mind as if shutting out the rest of the world, despite the blows Broker was giving him.

But as Broker was ready to deliver another shot from behind Kincaid threw a right cross that sent Broker sprawling onto the ground. "Is there anything else you'd like to try?", Kincaid asked Broker as he made his way over to Master Vile, Shanara, and their compatriarts of evil. Broker just smiled as if he knew something.

"I wouldn't but my friend might.", Broker said as he made way to hide where Epyon was. They watched with delight as their newly empowerd friend fired an energy blast that hit Kincaid straight in the back. When Kincaid was sprawled down on the ground the figure then came onto center of the floor behind him. As Kincaid looked up he knew who the person who attacked him was.

"Hello, loser.", the voice of Imperator Robert Harper said gloating. Kincaid tried to push himself back up but Harper brought his leg down hard on Kincaid's back sending him sprawling again.

"Stay down there Jeff!!! That is your place in life. And I am finally in mine.", Harper sneered. Kincaid turned to look up at his enemy. His face looked to be a dark purple with a reptilian skin. He had sharp fanglike teeth protruding from both sides of his mouth. He wore a purple and black armor with shoulder pieces as well as a purple cape that extended down to the floor. And while Kincaid was looking up in disgust, Harper was looking down in self-absorbed glee.

"Get too much sun? You look like a piece of burnt charcoal.", Kincaid said.

"Small price to pay for you to know your role.", Harper sneered. "Oh don't worry. I won't ask you to acnowledge my superiority…Just your inferiority.", As Harper continued the gloating. This enraged Kincaid no end as he felt a wave of power build within him as he forced Harper off of him and back across the room. As Kincaid got back up he said with an anger beyond reasonable bounds "You first!!!"

Harper got up and smiled. "I got more than a new look. Master Vile gave me some new tricks that can beat your night powers. Anything you can do I can do better!!!"

"Prove it!", Kincaid challenged.

Harper then got into an unarmed fighting stance ready to do hand to hand fighting. Kincaid got into a defensive stance as the two rivals faced one another. Harper then threw a side kick that Kincaid blocked and prompted Kincaid to go on the offensive. A series of kicks and punches sent Harper back until he returned with a renewed vigor. They were at a stand off until Harper executed a force push of his own sending Kincaid back.

A circle of flame then formed around Kincaid as Harper came forward with an arrogant swaggar. "Like I said Jeff, anything you can do I can do better!!!"

"Wanna bet?" Kincaid then brought his hands up and pushed down on air as a wave of cold came in and put out the fire. "Now it's time to play with power.", Kincaid said as he turned to look at his motorcycle.

The motorcycle roared towards Kincaid and transformed changing into a second suit of armor that covered Kincaid filling him with power and ready to take on Harper. Fire bolts fired from his gauntleted wrist sending Harper reeling until he shot forward some ice bolts to intercept.

"Rocket Rope!", Harper called as a rope came from behind his back and Kincaid was wrapped in it. Waves of power charged through it causing Kincaid pain until he activated his armor's booster rockets and went flying. Since Harper had a firm hold on the rope he was dragged along with Kincaid and flew around the chamber until hitting a wall causing the rope to loosen and for Kincaid to get out of the lethal line.

Harper then decided to go for his sword and attack. Kincaid had his own sword ready and the two rivals had an aerial swordfight. All who watched the battle were awestruck by the fight taking place as they demonstrated flawless technique and execution with their weapons. But Harper wasn't about to let himself lose to Kincaid, so he dropped down about ten feet towards the ground and flew back up behind Kincaid and Harper got in a slash as Kincaid turned around.

Kincaid fell to the ground and hit hard. As he got his bearings he noticed Harper growing to enormous proportions much like the monsters of evil overlords in the past had done. Soon Harper's enourmous form filled the space where all the dimensions that swirl around occupied.

"Now I shall squash you like a bug.", Harper gloated. "But first…." He then turned his hand towards where the carrierzord Defiance sat and with a burst of energy flame caused the carrierzord that had served the Night Rangers and Nightfighters for so long to explode. All that remained of the once mighty carrierzord was a burning hulk of scrap metal.

The watching Nightfighters and Power Rangers couldn't help but feel a certain amount of shock and sadness as the mighty zord burned. It was always a sad time when a zord that served the rangers was destroyed, but it also meant something else. Something Harper would learn soon enough.

"Well Kincaid. You have no zord now. How will you defeat me?", his voice booming with arrogance and conceit until he looked down. Kincaid was gone.

"What? Where did he go?", Harper wondered looking around unaware of a red metal bull coming in fast behind him. As the bull hit Harper, he was sent flying almost to one of the many dimensions, but as he regained his bearings he turned around and saw the bull transforming.

In the bull's place was the red Demonzord in Warrior mode. A red spear tipped whip in it's hand ready for battle. Harper took in the sight of the monstrous looking zord and couldn't believe what he saw.

"What's the matter Harper? Don't like my new Zord?", Kincaid spoke through the loudspeaker. Harper shook his head wild with disbelief.

"No, I destroyed your zord. You were beaten. You were not supposed to get a new one!!!"

"Well I did. And it's got two words for you. Hardrive, one more for old times sake.", Kincaid said to the AI program now running the Demonzord. And as the Demonzord raised its hand making ready to drop the whip down Hardrive said two words reminiscent of wrestler Bill Goldberg.


And before Harper knew it the whip was brought down with incredible force striking across Harper at least three times. As the Jewel Rangers watched on Jason nodded to the rest of his team. "Now!", and they all made off to only they knew where.

Harper regained his bearings from Kincaid's attack and spiked claws protruded from his wrists. No more Mr. Nice Guy, he thought evily.

Kincaid transformed the Demonzord into fighter mode and flew away allowind Harper to pursue. Hah, he's running., he thought. He knows he's got no chance against me.

As Kincaid watched the screen that showed Harper right behind him he allowed the speed to build until Harper was going so fast that he couldn't stop quickly enough if he had to. That's when Kincaid hit the brakes and came to a full stop.

Harper was shocked when he flew right by Kincaid in the Demonzord. So amased that he didn't notice the volley of weapons being fired at him and hitting him.

As Harper did a staggaring hover, Kincaid transformed the Demonzord back into warrior mode and ignited it's energy sword. One last swipe finished the job as Harper was back to normal size and battered. He then took the evil warrior in the Demonzord's hand and flew it back to Stygian's lair, unaware that the Jewel Rangers were coming from behind for another attack.

The Jewel Megazord crashed hard into Kincaid's Red Demonzord causing it to drop it's grip on Harper and send him floating towards one of the other dimensions. As Kincaid regained his bearings he saw the sight of the Jewel Megazord standing before him.

"Don't you ever learn to quit?", Kincaid said through the Demonzord's loudspeaker.

"Never!", Jason shouted. None of the Jewels were even close to one hundred percent, but they weren't about to be taken out by a goody good. Even if he scared them to death.

"Jewel Megazord saber now!", Jason called out and the sword appeared in the Jewel Megazord's hand.

"Power whip!", was the weapon Kincaid called for as the long red whip appeared in the Demonzord's hand. He then stood waiting for the Jewel Megazord to make a move just as the Jewel Megazord waited for Kincaid to make a move with the Demonzord.

"Aren't you going to attack?", Jason goaded Kincaid hoping he would make a move. Kincaid just stood there.

"One of the things I was taught was 'Never start a fight…'"

"Aww ain't that sweet?", Aisha said. "Too bad it ain't going to do you any good!" She and the other Jewel Rangers laughed as the Jewel Megasaber was brought down only to find the Power whip lashed around the Megazord's wrist, and then pulled off as the zord lost it's grip on the saber.

"As I was saying, One of the things I was taught was to 'Never start a fight…'" Kincaid brought the Demonzord closer and grabbed the Jewel Megazord by it's arms so it couldn't escape.

"…But always finish it!!!", Kincaid continued as the soul fires extended from him, through the Demonzord's circuitry all the way up through the Jewel Megazord to the Jewel Rangers themselves. They howled as the soul fires burned through them as they experienced all the pain and sorrow that they had caused the people they knew back home, and their fellow rangers.

The experience left them catatonic. And the red Demonzord drifted away much like Harper had after the Jewel Ranger's sneak attack. Kincaid made his way back to Stygian's domain where the other ranger's were waiting.

Kincaid didn't notice the beams of light protruding from the lair capturing both the Jewel Megazord and the re-shrunk Imperator Harper. Standing on the balcony was the Power Broker and Master Vile as they used their tractor beams to bring their quarries to them. Standing off to one side was Epyon, Black Annie, Brachion and the Triad while Shanara stood by her husband's side.

When the Jewel megazord was set down Shanara helped pry open the cockpit door. Body and Soul helped pull out the Jewel rangers as Mind scanned them telepathically. Looking at Brachion Mind shook his head. "Their minds are trapped as if they are lost in their own suffering." the emmisary told Shanara.

""You must take them and leave.", a voice spoke from the shadows. As the evil warriors turned their heads to see who was speaking they saw the Evil Pagemistress come out of the shadows to face them.

"This place will not be a welcome place before long. ", The Pagemistress said. "Stygian will soon unleash the power which will destroy all the realities. You all must find someplace safe before Stygian releases the power of the Nexus Crystal."

"But not all of us are here.", Vile said. "What about Darkonda, General Havok and Ecliptor?"

"And our Coldblood squadron?", Epyon responded.

"They are still able to fight. And Stygian has plans for them.", the Pagemistress said. "Now go."

"Fine by me I'm out of here." the Power Broker said as he turned to leave but Brachion grabbed him by the wrist to keep him from leaving. "Hey what's the big idea?"

Brachion looked as if he was a million miles away when in actuality he was receiving a message from his master. "Yes master. I shall do as you ask." He then turned to Epyon, Black Annie, and the Power Broker. "Come with me, bring your friend."

Black Annie, not one to mince words, just asked one question in one word. "Why?"

"Because my master wants to meet you." Brachion then offered his hand to Epyon, Power Broker and Black Annie telling them to come forward. "Oh and bring your friend as well." Broker got the hint and went to pick up Harper. Brachion then activated his teleport device and soon Brachion, the Triad, Black Annie, Power Broker, and Epyon teleported to a destination only Brachion knew.

Pagemistress then turned to Shanara and Vile who had the bodies of the Jewel Rangers their feet. "Head back to your home.", the Pagemistress advised. "Try to undo as much of Kincaid's damage as you can."

"And you?", Shanara asked wondering what the Pagemistress was going to do next.

"I'm staying behind.", she said as Shanara, Vile and the Jewels teleported out followed by the Jewel Megazord. So that I'm not doublecrossed again., she mentally thought.

When Kincaid disembarked from the red Demonzord the other rangers were waiting for him as he came into the podium room. "Ohh man that was scary stuff you did out there.", Joel said.

"Save the comments for another time.", Kincaid said. "Right now we've got to find Stygian and the Nexus Crystal."

A rumble beneath the rangers interrupted their train of thought, but soon the explosion of the central podium revealed Lord Stygian with the Nexus Crystal in hand. "AT LAST!! I AM CONNECTED TO THE CRYSTAL!!! SOON ALL THE REALITIES SHALL BE DESTROYED!!!"

Lightning and energy seemed to shoot out of the Nexus Crystal as it was held into the air. The energy lancing out striking one of the many worlds that swirled around the domain. And as one strand of energy struck a world that world and all it's people were annihilated. Lives, hopes and dreams were snuffed out like a candle in the wind as billions upon billions of people who lived in those universes…died. All their lives cut short.

"We've got to stop him.", Andros said as all the rangers made their way to the podium. But the appearance of General Havok, Ecliptor, Darkonda and an endless supply of Coldbloods changed things as they blocked the way to Stygian and the Nexus Crystal. Havok had his leg braced but he was still going to go for a fight.

Soon the rangers went into the fight with Andros fighting Ecliptor, Dana fighting Darkonda and Morgan in a rematch with General Havok. "So we fight again.", Havok said.

"And I'll beat you again.", Morgan retorted.

"Oh, I think you should meet my friends first.", Havok said as another army of Coldbloods came to attack her. As Morgan fought the Coldbloods, Havok got in his cheap shots as well. Dana and Andros had the same problem with Darkonda and Ecliptor as Coldbloods helped them out as well.

Stygian looked down at the fight. I think something's missing. He then touched the Nexus Crystal again as energy came out from it. As the energy touched the floor it took shape to reveal armies of putties, cogs, tengas, pirannahtrons, quantrons, stingwingers and batlings. Also present were lots of Goldars, Eclpitors, Darkondas and most every evil monster known to the rangers.

Soon every ranger was swamped by evil, even Kincaid as more kept coming in and he was pushing his night powers to the limit to take out the multiple targets, but the more the rangers took out the more the evil kept coming. It wouldn't be long before they were all overrun.

Mackenzie knew this and felt something had to be done. She felt concern for her teamates and fiancee' and couldn't stand seeing them beaten by evil. It was then that she felt something inside her. A light of some sort illuminating within her soul.

Mackenzie saw this light within and focused on it. It's beautiful, she thought as she looked within her own soul. Within the light was all the good, the love and all that made her life worth living. As she focused on this light it started to grow…and grow…and grow…until it filled every fiber of her being and beyond.

Soon every ranger and villian turned to see the light. What they saw was something they wouldn't have expected.

Mackenzie Rose Dekalb hovered above everyone eminating a radiant light that was pure and good like an angel from heaven. Her reddish blonde hair glowed like the sun and her white and silver robes cast a brightness as well. Wings extended from her back as she flew above everyone. The White Astro ranger had achieved her final transformation. She was now an Earth-born angel. Morgan and Nancy looked at Mackenzie hovering in all her radiance. Could that be me someday Comet?, she telepathically asked her zord.

Anything is possible Morgan. Even this., White Comet said to her. Comet had escaped the cargo hold of Defiance before Harper destroyed it. Nancy wondered the same thing Morgan had asked herself, as well as if she was ready for such a change.

As all the evil creatures saw the light Mackenzie gave off they tried to escape but they had turned to sand much Like Zordon's wave of good had done to the evil armies during the countdown battle as Mackenzie cast her light of goodness across the chamber.

Havok tried to run away as the light was coming. It had almost caught up with him until a portal appeared that he had gone through. Thank You!, he thought as he had escaped.

Stygian also tried to make it to a portal of his own but just as he was about to touch it he was grabbed from behind and turned around. He soon found himself face to face with the Evil Pagemistress. "I don't like doublecrosses. See you in Hell." And after saying her peace threw Stygian into the onrushing light of goodness where the evil lord disintintigrated into a pile of dust. The Pagemistress teleported out a split second later after seeing Stygian disintigrate.

With all the evil gone Kincaid was able to approach the Nexus Crystal as it continued to send out it's deadly bolts that were still anninilating universes. Grabbing it with both hands he tried to concentrate on stopping the bolts, but he was having trouble.

Bringing the crystal down from the podium the rangers came forward. "Guys, I need your help if I'm going to stop this time bomb."

"Way ahead of you.", Carter said as Kincaid let the Nexus Crystal hover. Mackenzie then came down and knew what Kincaid was planning.

"I can give more energy like this.", Mackenzie said making reference to her angel form. Kincaid nodded.

Soon all the rangers present held hands and formed a circle. Kincaid, Mackenzie, Andros, Ashley, Zhane, Cassie, Carlos, Kimberly, T.J., Tanya, Bruce, Kelsey, Chad, Dana, Ryan, Morgan, Carter, Joel, Justin, Adam, and Cassandra all joined the circle and focused their thoughts towards the Nexus Crystal.

"Everyone think of the crystal being quiet–at peace.", Kincaid said and soon the rangers began to focus on the image of a quiet Nexus Crystal. They had all concentrated as they focused their thoughts on quieting the Nexus Crystal. All the Rangers thought of the crystal being docile as they tried to bring it under control. But as the crystal fought against their silence, the rangers just tried even harder to quiet it.

Mackenzie then shared her newfound power with the rest of the rangers as they too focused on their inner lights. Even Kincaid who danced towards the darkness more found the light within his soul and brought it towards the Nexus Crystal. The power seemed stronger in Morgan and Nancy as it passed through them, but it worked as the Nexus Crystal calmed down. Soon it was humming quietly again.

Mackenzie then morphed back into her normal ranger uniform as the rest of the rangers then surrounded it. Cassandra then picked up the crystal and studied it. "Morgan could you come here for a minute?"

The White Turbo Ranger stepped forward and the Emerald Ranger held out the crystal asking her to hold it as well. "What are we doing?", Morgan asked.

"Before we can go home. Let's see if we have homes to go back to.", Cassandra and Morgan then turned their thoughts to their respective home dimensions and tried to see if the were not destroyed by the Nexus Crystal and Stygian. Cassandra thought of her life in Kentucky and of those early years as the Emerald Ranger. She had thought of her time during the Luciferian Siege where she was fighting to free the rangers and the galaxy from evil, and of the promising future that lay before her in a career of law.

Morgan thought of her home in Nevada, and the outdoor environment that she called home. She also thought of Angel Grove and Carlos-the boy she loved and her desire to be returned to him again. As Cassandra and Morgan focused on their respective homes the Nexus Crystal sensed their wish to go back and the answer was revealed to them.

When the crystal was finished telling the two where to go, Cassandra and Morgan looked up at the rangers. "Our homes still exist. And we know the way back.", Cassandra said.

"So this is goodbye huh?", Carlos said to Morgan as she was getting ready to get into White Comet.

"Yeah. My Carlos is probably waiting for me. I want to make our saturday night date." With a smile Carlos kissed Morgan on the cheek. "Your Carlos is a real lucky man.", he said as he went back to Kimberly.

Mackenzie then came up as the two White Rangers shook hands. "I hope I'll be able to do what you just did.", Morgan said.

"If it happens it will happen. And you will feel power like you would never believe. There's so much good you can do Morgan. Don't stop doing it." The two White Rangers decided that a handshake wouldn't do for a good enough goodbye, so they hugged as tears streaked down both of their faces.

Mackenzie then broke away and looked down at Morgan. "Don't you forget us you here?"

"I won't.", Morgan promised and Mackenzie left to allow Kincaid to say his goodbye. Morgan looked at the scar she had given him with the Cometblade. "Sorry about that.", she said.

"Don't worry about it.", Kincaid said. "Gives me a real tough guy look."

"You are a tough guy.", Morgan said as she hugged Kincaid as well. Then Kincaid looked into Morgan's eyes ready to speak.

"If you ever need any help, think of me. I'll come." Morgan smiled and went on to say good bye to the other rangers and Nightfighters. After she said them all she went over to White Comet and turned to look at them one last time before getting in to leave.

"Thank you all for helping me. I'm sorry for the fighting and capturing I had to do."

"Don't fret it.", Ashley said. "You did what you had to do." The Ashley before Morgan seemed so much like the Ashley she knew back home. An Ashley who was among the friends she wanted to see again.

"I'll never forget you. Don't forget me.", and with that final farewell Morgan St. Clair got into White Comet and the zord flew along the course that Morgan laid out for it from her time with the Nexus Crystal.

The rangers watched her leave towards her home reality. When she was far enough out of their sight they all turned away and headed for their zords as they headed for home.

In a palace on the moon Shanana, queen of evil, looked on as one of her Jewel Rangers tossed and turned restlessly in her sleep as if she was trapped in a nightmare that she couldn't escape from. Shanara used her hair to try and sooth the Jewel Ranger's fright but nothing was working.

Then before Shanara knew it Trini Kwan awoke from her sleep screaming finally escaping from the nightmare. "What's wrong child?", Shanara asked.

Trini, the Amythyst Ranger, looked at Shanara as if afraid for her life. For a moment Shanara was worried that the spell placed on Trini had failed, but a hug to the evil queen put those fears to rest.

"Oh my queen.", Trini said. "I had the most horrible dream. There were these rangers we were fighting that beat us. And even though we managed to win by defeating one of them they had this ranger in black and red show up. When we fought him we were helpless to defeat him. And after that I could swear that I was burning!!!"

As Trini continued to sob Shanara stroked the Amythyst ranger with a strand of her long hair as well as her hand that ran through Trini's hair in a soothing manner. "Shhh, my child. It was all a dream."

Trini looked up with tears in her eyes still. "You sure? It felt so real?"

"I'm sure. Those rangers will never bother you again. Not even the one in black and red. Now sleep my child. Soon we shall strike against the Zeo Rangers and destroy them forever."

Trini smiled at that and laid her back down to fall asleep. When Shanara left Trini's bedchamber Master Vile and the evil Pagemistress stood outside waiting. "She was the last one.", Shanara stated.

"And all the others believe that what had happened was all a bad dream as well.", Master Vile said. "The ranger healing is attending to their wounds as well." With that said both Vile and Shanara turned to the Pagemistress and gave their thanks for all she had helped with.

"It was no problem. Now if you'll excuse me I have other matters to attend to.", with that Pagemistress had teleported out in a stream of flame leaving the evil king and queen of evil alone.

Shanara and Vile turned to face the Earth that stood before them. "Soon my wife. The rangers will be destroyed and this planet will be ours."

"Yes my love.", Shanara replied. "But after that, I'd like a favor done for me."

"What is it my dear Shanara?"

Shanara's expression turned grim. "After we have conquered this planet, reclaimed my daughter, and destroyed the Zeo Rangers, I wish to return to the world where this Night Ranger and Emerald Ranger reside in."

"But why my love? We barely survived our last encounter there?"

Shanara smiled. "Revenge my husband. For the defeat we suffered at their hands. I want the Emerald Ranger humbled at my feet doing my bidding. As for the Night Ranger, I want the secret of his power or I want him dead."

Power Broker paced the floor like an expectant father wondering when his newborn child was coming. And even though Broker wasn't expecting a child, he was expecting something…an explanation.

An explanation as to why he and his co-horts had been taken to…wherever they were. Broker stared at the marble pillars and ceramic statues that lined the whole room. It reminded Broker of a palace greeting hall for a king, or ruler.

Epyon sat on one of the benches along with Black Annie. Harper was somewhere having his wounds attended to. And Broker was going stir crazy due to lack of answers and the Triad watching over them.

"What's going on here?", Broker asked for the millionth time. We're escorted to this place thanks to Brachion, and now we just sit here waiting. What's going on here?

Epyon said for the millionth time, "I don't know.", which caused Broker to resume his pacing unaware that Brachion was watching them from a distance.

Are you sure about this master?, Brachion asked telepathically. What purpose could these…individuals possibly serve?

They have their uses and strengths., Brachion's master responded. Soon I will be awake soon. I shall need aid in establishing the power of the Order of Destruction again. These individuals shall be a major part in my plan.

But what of the rangers Master? What if we run into that black and red one again.?

The voice Brachion talked to chuckled at the insinuation. Do not worry. We shall find a way to deal with him. Carry out my orders and prepare them. My awakening shall be soon.

Yes Destructor., and Brachion went on to carry out his master's wishes.

The white car flew towards the open portal and came out on the other side facing a blue daytime sky. Morgan St. Clair looked over the horizon and saw the beach where she was last practicing her kata before her interdimensional adventure began.

Comet, did we make it? Are we home?, Morgan asked.

I don't know Morgan. We can check the cave and see if your supplies are there. If they are it's safe to say that we have come home. With that Morgan turned White Comet towards the cave where she kept White Comet, as well as other odds and ends that she used to make it a home away from home. When they landed Morgan got out and went inside to see if her camping supplies were where she left them. As she saw the cot, sleeping bag and extra clothes she had she noticed the tag on the sleeping bag which told who the sleeping bag belonged to.

Property of Morgan Laura St. Clair, was what the tag read. Morgan felt so happy she rushed out to White Comet screaming "Comet we're home!!!WE'RE HOME!!!"

"Yes you are.", a voice from behind said and Morgan then felt herself fall into unconsciousness.

The unconscious form of Morgan St. Clair laid down on the ground as Havok and the Pagemistress stood over her. Havok had the new blocker chip in his hand and crushed it allowing him to regain control of the White Turbo Ranger. "She will remember nothing?", Havok asked.

"All she will remember is me coming along and defeating you, then blacking out nothing more. The same for the zord. It too will remember nothing of what happened."

"What about the new powers she had discovered?", Havok asked.

"Use them as you see fit. You can pass them off as your discoveries if you wish. If you want to use them to destroy the rangers you can.", Pagemistress said.

"What if she does remember?", Havok asked. Pagemistress just stood and smiled. "She won't. Even if she wishes to." And with that Pagemistress teleported away leaving him and the stirring Morgan alone.

As Morgan awoke Havok stood above her ready to give the performance to show that nothing happened. "Well the sleeping beauty awakens. Where's your ally?"

Morgan was still groggy. "What?" A shot from Havok's pain inducer brought Morgan back to full awareness. Especially since it was turned up to full potential and lasted a long time. The scream coming from Morgan was one of such pain that she wasn't sure she could have imagined such a pain could have come from the device. The first in a long series of payback for your defeating me., Havok thought

"As I said. Where's your ally?"

Morgan tried to remember aomething about an 'ally'. All she could remember was some woman in black driving Havok away and then striking at her then….nothing.

"I don't know.", Morgan said weakly. "Isn't she here?"

Havok then killed the pain inducer. Excellent. She doesn't remember "She must have ran away when I came back. Oh well it matters not. Return to your home and await my orders. Soon the Power Rangers will be destroyed. HA! HA! HA! HA!!!". Havok then teleported out after that.

Morgan then made her way to White Comet on still unsteady legs. Comet, do you remember anything?

Unfortunately Morgan I remember as much as you. A woman in black drove off Havok and then attacked you. She must have attacked me too since I don't remember anything myself.

Morgan was confused for a second when she heard a more friendlier voice call her name. She turned around and saw her Carlos coming down the sandy path and Morgan impulsively ran up to him kissing him with a longing and passion. Carlos was curious as to why Morgan came at him the way she did, but didn't question her as they were kissing.

When their lips finally parted Carlos and Morgan were left breatless. "Wow.", Carlos said. "What was that for?"

Morgan thought about it as well and for some reason couldn't get an answer. "I don't know. I guess I just missed you."

"Well I've only been gone an hour. I only came back to see how you were doing."

Morgan was surprised. An hour? Why does it seem longer than that?, she thought. Then Carlos had an idea.

"Do you want to go to the soccer game tonight. The Angel Grove team is taking on a visiting team from Ohio. The Columbus Crew.", Morgan felt some sort of familiarity about Ohio, as if she had been there before. "Morgan are you all right?", Carlos asked concerned.

For a brief second Morgan thought she had remembered something. A face that had a scar. But it was gone so quick she couldn't place it.

"Just feeling a little out of it I guess.", Morgan said. "Of course I'd love to go to the game with you." And with that Morgan St. Clair and Carlos Vallerte went on to enjoy a night of soccer. White Comet looked on as the two walked away from the beach.

Be happy Morgan. Treasure your time together., Comet thought as he made his way back to the cave. Another figure watched as well, but with evil intentions on his mind.

Enjoy your time together rangers. It won't last forever., a gloating Havok thought watching from a cliff face.

It has been said that there are many levels of Hell, and some have found that discovery to be true. But there is one level of Hell even the devil himself wouldn't go near. One where the most evil and despicable creatures reside receiving their damnation in the worst ways.

It is a realm that is considered Hell's Prison where most of the inmates are those that challenge the devil's rule. There are others that commit crimes that endanger the universe to a whole. In this realm many of those individuals are sent here as well.

One of the hoororguard was escorting the new arrival to his cell. As he walked he noticed the faces of those around him. Among them were King Mondo, Master Vile, Goldar, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, Scorpius, Darkonda, Deviot, Trakeena, Malligore, and Dark Specter. Others were conquerers from Earth itself. Attila the Hun, Hitler, Caesar as well as hordes and hordes of the most monstrous evil to have ever existed.

The guard opened the cell for the new arrival and he walked in. When the guard closed the door the new inmate sat in the cell with a smile as wide as a shark.

Perfect, the fools have exiled me to the prison domain…Just as I planned.

The new inmate, Lord Stygian, let out a long loud laugh. One day he would be free again. And the mulitverse would tremble.


Author's note: I know what you're thinking. What now? Will Morgan be free of the implant? Will she remember any of her time in Kincaid's world? Well the answers to those questions aren't up to me anymore. They are now in the hands of Cynthia Harrell. Whether she will answer those questions or not is up to her. So be sure to check out her story Comet's tale to see if she does answer those questions.

Also check out Cynthia's story Jeweled Zeo to see more about Shanara and the Evil Jewel Rangers. See if they will be freed from evil, or if Shanara will reclaim her daughter that she mentioned. I hope you enjoy the promos Cynthia.

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