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NOTE: The songs Black Eyes, Blue tears and Man, I feel like a woman are by Shania Twain and found on her album Come on over.

by John Chubb

The ten nebulas belt was a string of neblas tied together that made a spectacular sight to behold. But if you travelled inside the belt it was quite the navigational hazzard. Sensors and scanners couldn't be used in it. One had to rely on sight navigation to get through it.

Which made it the perfect place to hide and assemble a fleet. Which is what Tommy, Kat and Kim were helping to do along with the other rebel generals. Tommy looked out among the ships. The call had been sent out and so far forty ships answered with more on the way. Freighters, cruisers, starships. Whatever the rebels could get their hands on they used.

Some of the ships were reconditioned relics. Some were stolen from Luciferian shipyards and given new markings that listed them as friendly. There were fighter ships, explorer craft, any and every ship class was seen in preparation for what could well be the greatest battle in the universe.

Some ships were hard to find. Since the Countdown to Destruction battle some planetary resources were strapped. Others were too remote to be affected by the battle. The ploicy for ships was to take what they could get. If a ship didn't have weapons, weapons would be added on it. No shields, shields would be put on it. And so on.

This was a battle that would truly be an all or nothing battle. "Are you sure about this Tommy?", asked a general named Cirros from Aquitar.

"Positive. The Luciferian empire is going to do an all out strike. If we don't all come together to stop it. They'll just pick us off one at a time.", Tommy said.

Kim then spoke and said that some new arrivals were coming in. She and Kat felt the familiar presence of their fellow Night Ranger as had Tommy. Their feelings were confirmed when they saw Defiance streak by their observation window followed by the Nightfighter Zords, as well as the Explored Zords and DragonZords.

"Looks like Kincaid found some more help.", Kat said.

"JASON!!!", shouted the three Night Rangers as they came across the sight of the leader of the newly formed Dragon rangers. Tommy went to shake his hand while Kat and Kim hugged him earnestly.

"Don't forget about us.", said Zack flanked by Billy, Trini, Rocky & Aisha. Soon Tanya came into the mix dressed in the uniform of the Gold Blackhawk. All the rangers greeted one another earnestly with Andros, Kincaid and their teams watching.

"I love it when friends come together.", Hardrive said doing an impersonation, and modification, of Hannibal Smith's line from the A-team. The other rangers and Nightfighters agreed with the assessment. Soon they all greeted and welcomed each other. Even Emily joined in as she saw her old friends Tommy, Kat and Kim.

Kincaid however kept a distance as did Mackenzie. These were teams that fought together that hadn't seen each other for a while, and formed close bonds with each other bonds that Kincaid had not formed. So Kincaid left them to their moment. Mackenzie joined Kincaid as they watched.

But then Cassandra and Adam looked in Kincaid and Mackenzie's direction and Cassandra said. "What are you two doing there? Come on in here."

The looks from the other rangers was too much for either Kincaid or Mackenzie to resist. So they went in and joined the circle of comeraderie before they got down to business.

Jessica Stewart however had other ideas in mind. She looked for a place to tie into the information pipeline that the rebels had used. When she found the terminal she put in all the information on her's and Justin's father that she could and hoped that someone out there knew where she was.

She knew the hope was slim at best since everyone who was anyone was coming together to form the great fleet that would stand between darkness and light. But she had to take the risk that someone out there had seen him and knew where he was.

After a few hours her hopes were realized as it provided her with the location she sought.

"How are those new zords holding up bro?", Tommy asked Jason.

"Those new Zords are sweet bro. Kincaid's boys really did a good job getting those new powers and zords together.", Jason said.

"Yeah those new DragonZords are way cool.", Zack said.

"A real technological marvel. I applaud the craftsmanship.", Billy said. Everyone else was confused.

"He likes the zord and thanks everyone who built it.", Trini said.

"Well thank Ashley and Justin. They are the ones who deserve the credit.", Kincaid said. "As well as credit for finishing the Explorer Zords."

Ashley and Justin stood up and took their bows. Justin then noticed his sister standing in the hallway. "Excuse me for a moment?", Justin said and went out to meet Jessica.

"What's up?", Justin asked.

"I found where Dad is.", Jessica said. "He's on a planet called Hemmeck 4. It's one of those prison planets that have skeleton defences thanks to the big gathering. If we go now we can get him out."

"But what about the team? I can't abandon them?", Justin said.

"What about Dad?", Jessica asked.

"All right, let me tell Kincaid.", he said.

"There's no time we need to leave now.", Jessica protested.

"I think you can wait a minute.", said a voice in the doorway. The two turned and saw Kincaid standing in the hallway. "At least until you are aptly prepared to go down there."

"Stay out of this.", Jessica said. "This is a family matter."

"But Justin's on my team. And I am responsible for him.", Kincaid countered. "I want him to make sure he stays alive so he meets his father. And not go off half cocked into danger he may know nothing about."

"You don't understand!!!", Jessica protested. "Who knows what they will do to him? He's the only family I have known next to Justin. I can't let him be hurt…like they hurt me". Jessica said the last one with tears in her eyes.

"Jess, what's wrong?", Justin said consoling his older sister. Then Jessica started to tell her story.

"We were sent to a prison somewhere. I lost count of how many transfers we had. Each one seemed more hellish than the next. Then I found myself on a planet that was used as one for some important muckamuck. He looked big and liked to torture people. He always found a weakness to exploit. Well one day he decided to torment a prisoner who was being difficult. He chained the prisoner to a wall then brought in that prisoner's daughter. He then took the daughter and forced the father to watch as the magistrate…"

Jessica broke off into tears and Kincaid didn't need to hear anymore. "I was raped as a punishment to my father. I just want to tell dad I'm sorry. He shouldn't have been hurt like that."

The other rangers had overheard as well and tried to comfort her. "Come with me.", Kincaid said. "Justin, you too."

"Where are we going?", Justin asked.

"If the two of you are going to rescue your father, you're going to need the proper equipment.", Kincaid said.

Justin and Jessica followed Kincaid towards Defiance. He then came out and in his hand was the blue night ranger morpher. "Jessica, this morpher is the first of the new Night Ranger morphers. This color holds special significance not only to me but to your brother as well as you can see." Kincaid said making reference to Justin being the blue Turbo Ranger.

"You have been dealt a great wrong.", Kincaid continued. "With this you will become the blue Night Ranger. Your Zord, the winged wolf, will appear at your side when you call upon it. Remember once you accept this power you will be called to bring light to the darkness. Once you fall into the darkness it will consume you. Do you accept the power and the risks that come with it?".

Jessica looked at the morpher and said "I do."

"Then prepare yourself.", with that Kincaid raised his arms and called the spirits that he served. "Spirits of the night. Accept this new member as one of your guardians. Fill her with your power, your knowledge, and your wisdom." A swirl of energy formed around Jessica and then the spirits of the night filled her being, surging her with power and knowledge. And before long a new blue Night Ranger stood where Jessica Stewart once stood.

"Welcome to the Night Rangers Jessica.", Kincaid said. "Now go if you want to rescue your father." Then Jessica and Justin made their way to Roadbuster. She didn't feel ready to call the zord yet. Her mind was still trying to wrap itself around the fact that she was now a Power Ranger.

"Justin.", Kincaid called. ""Remember, once you reach Hemmeck you're on your own. We won't be readily available to come for you if you get captured. And we can't have enemy ships trace our position."

"So any distress calls we send will go unanswered?", Justin asked. Kincaid nodded.

"Understood.", Justin said. Then he and his sister took off from the fleet in Roadbuster to rescue their father.

The governor of Hemmeck 4 stood looking at the dangling prisoner in front of him. It was so hard to believe that this one man could have caused so much trouble in the camps. It seemed like every camp he was in he had caused prisoners to revolt. And every governor had tried to break him in some way.

The governor thought the idea where he raped the prisoner's daughter right in front of him was brilliant. 'It was so much fun watching him helpless as his daughter was used,' the acting governor thought. But that just insensed the man even more. And made him more determined to cause trouble.

"Well, I don't need anyone causing trouble right now. So I'm just going to have you executed. Guardsmen!!!"

A trio of guardsmen walked into the room and carried the prisoner out of the room. "Goodbye Mr. Stewart. These moments shall be your last."

Justin and Jessica stood by on the ridge looking down on the prison grounds. "Not many guardsmen there.", Jessica said looking through the binoculars.

Justin then took a look and saw something else. "But plenty of automated defences. Electric fence. Gun turrets on the towers. There is even a land mine floor surrounding the prison. It's almost like Alcatraz."

Justin then spotted something. "Uh oh.", he said.

Jessica then took a look and saw what scared Justin. A hangman's podium was being constructed by guardsmen. Also there was a sight that Jessica hoped she would never see again, the governor that raped her.

"Justin, it's him.", she said. "The guy that raped me."

"Justin looked through the binoculars and saw the face of the governor who raped Jessica. "It's a safe bet that the podium might be dad's latest punishment."

"We gotta get in there!", Jessica said.

"How?", asked Justin.

"Can't you just roll in on your Zord and start blasting?", she said.

"It would put the prisoners at risk.", Justin said. "A stray shot in the wrong direction and we could have someone get killed."

"That podium could be meant for dad!", Jessica protested.

"I know that, Jessica. I also know that it's not always a good idea to go shooting first and asking questions later.", Justin countered.

"So what do you suggest, Knock on the door? Ask them to let us in?", Jessica said in a snotty manner.

Justin then lit up as if he had an idea. "You know Jess, you may be on to something."

A knock on the door brought two guarsmen forward as they opened the door. On the other side was Justin and Jessica disguised as a glamourous singer and her short, overdressed talent agent with long mustache.

"Hiya, hiya, hiya, My name is Colonel Parker from Intergalactic talent.", Justin said shaking the guardsman's hand hard. "And this lovely lady is the hottest up and coming talent since Shyla Starbender of Ko-35. May I present to you, Ilia Skydancer from Altair 3. Ain't she beautiful? And quite a pair of lungs on her too if you know what I mean. Ha, Ha.", he said making reference to Jessica as she wore a sexy blue dress. Jessica cast a glance at Justin and gave a look that said 'you are so dead!'

The guardsmen exchanged weird looks and one said. "We are not in charge of entertainment."

"Well then direct us to the management of this here establishment my good sir. Surely he wouldn't mind his troops being entertained. And maybe the prisoners would want a show."

The guardsmen paused for a moment then said. "Follow us. We shall take you to the governor."

"Excellent, excellent.", Justin said and he and Jessica followed thw two guardsmen.

"This idea is so stupid Justin.", Jessica whispered.

"You'd be surprised what would and wouldn't work with these guys.", Justin said. "Besides, we're in aren't we?"

They continued to follow the guardsmen to the governor's office while keeping their eyes out for their father.

The governor sat behind the desk when the door opened before him. In walked The disguised Justin and Jessica.

"Welcome, I am Stylor, the governor of this establishment.", he said offering his hand. "Won't you have a seat?"

"Why thank you sir don't mind if I do.", said Justin as he spoke in a southern accent. Soon Justin and Jessica both sat down. Jessica tried to regain her composure, and did thanks to Justin's reassurance.

"Now, you said you were a colonel…", Stylor said but Justin interrupted his sentence.

"Yes, sir. Battlefield commision in the Countdown battle on Earth. I remember it now. I was working in the motor pool at Rickenbacker–fresh off the plane from Georgia. I was fixing a busted taillight when a Colonel gave me a battlefield commision. Of course I was a major then. He told me 'Go out there and kick those Quadron carcasses'. I did of course, not bad for a guy the service didn't think was good enough for combat.

"But needless to say when Earth joined the interstellar community I took it upon myself to go into the entertainment biz. I found this sweet young thig wandering the stars and right away I saw a diamond in the rough. This girl has a golden voice. She's a superstar, and I'd like for her to entertain your troops."

"Well I…", Stylor aid.

"You're undecided I can tell.", Justin rambled on going as over the top as he could, and having fun while he did. "And you're askin' yourself 'why me? Why here?'. Well why not, even the good talents had to start at the bottom of the barrel. Besides you were in the neighborhood. And me and my lovely songbird here would love to be there to sing for the winning side."

"The winning side?", Stylor asked.

"Yes, the Luciferians against the Nightfighters. I hear those guys have been rubbing their noses in their authority. And there is only how far one can go before one takes their daddy's shotgun and blow them away. Well my lady here would like to show that we support the winning team, and that maybe we can give the message that it's good to be bad."

"What do you mean by that?", Stylor asked.

"Well friend, it's a matter of sales pitch. If you have someone sing like my lady does here. And someone is watching, and you give a message that says 'worship evil and you'll hear this lady sing 24/7' I can tell you that you'll membership will increase."

"Uhh Colonel…", Jessica started to protest.

"Shut up Ilia.", Justin said. "Well what do you think?" he asked Stylor.

Stylor thought about it for a minute and decided to allow 'Ilia' to sing. "She'll sing before the planned execution we have."


"Yeah, we're executing a prisoner who's been difficult. We've tried to break him but he's been a real hellraiser.", Stylor said. "His name is Dean Stewart. We'll make him a part of the message that you've talked about."

"Well thank you my good sir. I'll call the band and we can be ready. How long do we have?"

Twelve Earth hours.", Stylor said.

"Well I'll call the band and get them to mosy on down here. See ya.", and with that Justin and Jessica left the room. "You okay?", Justin asked.

"Yeah, I'll live.", Jessica said.

"Well we've got twelve hours to get dad out.", Justin said. "Do you have a song in mind?"

"Do you have a band?", Jessica asked.

"I'll call Bruce's on Iocaste. They can get here. We can bust dad out as they bring him on the platform.", Justin said.

"Good", Jessica said. "Oh by the way. You are so in the doghouse for that shut up line."

After calling Bruce's and getting the band Justin set up the podium as a stage. Stylor decided that he would broadcast the whole event as a message to the universe the perks and follies of joining the Luciferian empire. Justin thought that it was a great idea, 'especially if we're going to send a different message', he thought.

Later Justin walked on the stage where the prisoners and remaining guard staff sat as an audience and Justin walked up and announced to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlebeings. I present to you, the greatest up and coming talent known in the seven galaxies. I present to you Ilia Skydancer.!"

Jessica walked up to the stage and the band began to play. She later sang the song, 'Black Eyes, blue tears by Shania Twain.

Black Eyes, I don't need 'em.
Blue Tears give me freedom.

Positively never goin' back
I won't live when things are so out of whack.
No more rollin' with the punches
No more usin' or abusin'
I'd rather die standing
Than live on my knees
Begging please-No more.

Black eyes I don't need 'em
Blue tears give me freedom
Black eyes-all behind me
Blue tears'll never find me now.

Definitely found my self esteem
Finally-I'm forever free to dream.
No more cryin' in the corner
No excuses-No more bruises
I'd rather die standing
Than live on my knees,
Begging please no more

Black eyes-I don't need 'em
Blue tears give me freedom
Black eyes-all behind me
Blue tears never find me now.

The audience was captivated by the song and before long a figure stood in the archway, flanked by guardsmen. He waslooking at the girl singing on the stage, and he recognized the face as that of his own daughter.

I'd rather die standing
Than live on my knees begging please…

Black eyes I don't need 'em
Blue tears give me freedom
Black eyes-all behind me
Blue tears never find me now.

It's all behind me they'll never find me now.

Find your self esteem and be forever free to dream

The audience applauded and Stylor came on the stage as Jessica was going off. "Wasn't that wonderful?, he said. "And now for the main event. Bring out the prisoner.

Justin and Jessica stood by as they saw the man that was their father being escorted down a red carpet to the central podium where a disintegration chair sat.

Mr. Stewart was then strapped into the chair and Stylor made ready to activate the mechanism. "This is what happens to those who defy the Luciferian empire."

"ROADBUSTER NOW!!!", Justin shouted. "SHIFT INTO TURBO!!!", then he morphed into the blue Turbo Ranger.

"BLUE NIGHT RANGER ACTIVATE!!!", Jessica said as she morphed for the first time.

Stylor looked up and saw the blue semi-truck crash through the barricade and come up to the podium.

"I call on the winged wolf", Jessica said as her zord swooped down from the sky and destroyed weapons towers that aimed at the prisoners.

"Come on dad!", Justin said guiding his father to Roadbuster."

"Justin is that you?", Mr. Stewart asked.

"Yeah dad and the one in blue and black is Jessica." Mr. Stewart got into the semi-truck and got ready to pull out.

"Okay Jess let's go.", Justin called. She didn't answer. She was too busy looking at Stylor.

"You raped me you bastard. You don't deserve to live.", Jessica said

"Don't kill me please.", Stylor pleaded. Jess raised the blaster ready to fire at Stylor when Mr. Stewart came up and said. "Jess, don't do it."

Jessica turned and removed her helmet. Tears were forming in her eyes. "He raped me daddy. I have to make him pay."

"There are ways to do that without killing him.", Mr. Stewart said. "I'd love to kill him for what he did to you. But if we do we stoop to his level. Do you want that?"

Jessica said nothing and Mr. Stewart offered out his hand. Jessica raised the blaster and put it in his father's hand. He then took his daughter and held her tight. They didn't notice Stylor get up with his sword in his hand.

He rushed to charge them when a blaster bolt tore through the sky throwing back Stylor. Both father and daughter turned to see Justin with his own blaster in his hand. Stylor lay crumpled on the floor clutching his arm. Mr. Stewart then picked up the sword Stylor had and threw it over the side. Then he pulled his arm back and gave a punch across Stylor's cheek.

"That's for my daughter.", Mr. Stewart said. "He then turned to see the other prisoners overtaking the prison guards and guardsmen.

"Hell of a message eh sonny?", Justin said in his Col. Parker accent again. Then he and Mr. Stewart got into Roadbuster and drove away until he transformed it into warrior mode then it flew towards space. Jessica followed in the winged wolf leaving Stylor on the ground kneeling as his world crumpled around him and his prisoners escaped in the prison ships.

"When were you going to tell me about this?", Mr. Stewart asked.

"Tell you about what?", Justin asked as he flew Roadbuster.

"That you and Jessica were Power Rangers.", Mr. Stewart said.

Justin looked in the eyes of his father and said. "I'm not sure I ever would have dad. One of the rules of being a ranger is not to reveal your identity to anyone. Especially family. If people knew the identity of the Power Rangers, then their familis would be at risk too. The secret was for their own protection.

"As for Jessica, she didn't become one until a few days ago. And she only became one to help you. She may have wanted to punish Stylor, but she stopped."

Mr. Stewart looked at Justin and Justin continued to speak. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. When I joined the rangers, you weren't around. They became my extended family away from the orphanage, which I needed at the time. When I was at the orphanage I feel like I didn't belong there. When the rangers came along, they filled a void I needed to have filled. But when you came back, I knew my place was with you dad. My time as a ranger ended when you returned. And when Jess was found I had the family I wanted, even though she can be snotty at times. But I love her nonetheless. And I love you to dad."

Mr. Stewart turned and looked at his son. "I love you too Justin. And I'm proud of you. And Jess too." He then went to hug his son, then they turned to face the stars as they headed for where the fleet was being assembled in the ten nebulas belt.

Kincaid, Tommy, T.J., and Bruce were waiting as Justin, Jessica and Mr. Stewart disembarked from their zords. "Welcome back Justin. And you too Jessica.", Tommy said.

"Dad, this is Tommy, T.J., Bruce, and Kincaid." Mr. Stewart shook the hands of each ranger. "You have quite the son there Mr. Stewart."

"Are all of you rangers?", Mr. Stewart asked.

"Red rangers. Except for Bruce. And T.J. is a one time red ranger. Now he's a blue ranger.", Kincaid said.

"But I don't complain.", T.J. said. "Justin's a good kid. It was an honor fighting with him when he was on my team."

Mr. Stewart looked at his son and said. "I'm proud of him too. I'm proud of both my children."

"I also saw you sing there when Stylor was broadcasting his lesson on 'Luciferian supremacy'.", Bruce said. "I didn't know you was so good." Jessica blushed.

"Seriously, would you mind doing a little something for me?", Bruce asked.

The rebels all rallied to where a makeshift stage was set up. Bruce brought up his band from Iocaste to perform, then walked up to the mike and addressed the crowd. He then looked at Justin who was sitting in the audience with his father and whispered "Watch and see how it's done.".

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls species of all races. We have a hard fight ahead of us. But for tonight let's have us a little fun. Coming up tonight are some of the most beautiful ladies you will ever see. I present to you…THE RANGER GIRLS.

Ashley, Cassie, Kimberly, Katherine, Karone, Trini, Tanya, Aisha, Jessica, Cassandra and Mackenzie all walked on the stage. The band then started to play Shania Twain's "Man I feel like a woman."

"Let's go girls.", Ashley said taking the lead. When it came time to sing, Ashley started first.

I'm going out tonight–I'm feeling all right.
Gonna let it all hang out.

Cassie sung next

Wanna make some noise–really raise my voice
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout.

Kimberly sung next.

No Inhibitions–Make no conditions
Get a little out of line.

Then came Kat.

I ain't gonna act politically correct
I only wanna have a good time.

Karone followed.

The best thing about being a woman
Is the perogative to have a little fun and..

Then all the girls sang

Oh, oh, oh go totally crazy–forget I'm a lady
Men's shirts short skirts
Oh, oh, oh really go wild-yeah doin' it in style
Oh, oh, oh get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah to feel the way I feel.

Then Cassandra sang

Man, I feel like a woman.

Tanya sang next.

The girls need a break-tonight were gonna take
The chance to get out on the town.

Followed by Aisha.

We don't need romance-we only wanna dance
We're gonna let our hair hang down

Then came Jessica.

The best thing about being a woman
Is the Perogative to have a little fun and

Then all the girls sang again

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady
Men's shirts-short skirts Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah doin it in style.
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel

Then Mackenzie sang the next line.

Man, I feel like a woman.

After the interlude Cassandra sang again.

The best thing about being a woman
Is the perogative to have a little fun. Fun and…

Then all the girls sang again.

Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady
Men's shirts-short skirts
Oh, oh, oh really go wild-yeah doin' it in style
Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction
Color my hair-do what I dare
Oh, oh, oh I wanna be free to feel the way I feel.

Then all the girls sang…

Man, I feel like a woman.

Then Mackenzie sang the last part.

I get tottally crazy
Can't you feel it
Come, come, come on baby
I feel like a woman.

Everyone in the audience gave the Ranger girls a standing ovation, including the male rangers. Justin and Mr. Stewart were rising out of their seats unable to contain their applause.

Yes, I'm proud of my children., Mr. Stewart thought.