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Prelude to Revelations
by John Chubb

The agents of Crucible were staked out across Bruce's bar waiting for some sign that the Nightfighters would make an appearance. Crucible then ordered the two agents, Delta g47 and Gamma f12, to inform him immediately when they arrived.

They had been staked out since Crucible's visit to Iocaste. The two agents realized what a place of action it really was. Bruce's was filled with talent, competitions, almost anything came and went there. Agents Delta and Gamma hoped Power Rangers were another thing that came and went.

I ain't seen any rangers since we got here.", said Delta. "Is Crucible sure they'd come here?"

Gamma shot a glare at Delta that said 'Don't ask such stupid questions'. "Just askin!" said Delta. "The owner don't know were here do we?

Gamma gavehim the same look again and said, "Of course he knows we're here! He just thinks we're one of the neighbors. That's how we introduced ourselves so we wouldn't rouse suspicion."

"Ohh…Okay!",said Delta. Gamma wondered why he even bothered.

Bruce looked out the window across the street. He knew that they were looking for the Nightfighters. 'First Crucible shows up, then these bozos move in? that's no coincidence.' he thought. 'And they'll be ready to blow the whistle on them to Crucible when they see them walk through the door'.

Bruce had to think of a plan on what to do. He knew the Nightfighters would be coming in soon. There were some whispers that he heard on possible ranger prisoners that he wanted to share with Ashley. But how do I keep those two bozos from seeing them? Then he had an idea.

"Brutox, Soaron over here.", he said making reference to a red brutish monster as well as a green winged monster. "There's been a change in the main event tonight."

Gamma and Delta were watching the bar when they noticed Bruce leave. "Hey, Hey, f12.", said Delta rousing Gamma. "The dude is leaving."

"Where's he going?", said Gamma in a grumbling wake up tone.

"He's coming this way." Then they heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it.", said Delta. He then opened the door and saw Bruce in the doorway.

"How are you guys doing?", said Bruce in a pleasent tone.

"Fine, right Gamma?", said Delta.

"Yeah, whatever!", replied his partner.

"Look, I know I haven't been real neighborly. But I' thought Maybe I'd invite you to see one of my shows tonight. It's going to be very special."

Delta seemed to be taken in by Bruce's invitation. "Can we go Gamma, huh?" Gamma asked who was playing as if it didn't matter all that much to him.

"Brutox the bruiser vs Soaron the winged menace. In a hardcore rules match. So it will be a real fight." The thought of seeing a fight so brutal appealed to Gamma. It even appealed more when Bruce threw in front row seats.

"Okay, we'll go!", said Gamma. "Yahoo!", said Delta.

"I'll see you at the show.", said Bruce leaving the tickets. Then he walked away from the room saying. "Phase 1 completed, now for phase two."

Gamma and Delta sat at the ringside seats provided for them by Bruce. They were jakked and ready for the action as much as the rest of the crowd was. Bruce walked up to the ring and made his announcement as he cast glances down to Delta and Gamma seated.

"Ladies and Gentlebeings, this hardcore contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring–BRUTOX THE BRUISER!!!". A red musclebound gorilla with sharp fangs came walking down to the ring and really did his best to look menacing.

"And his opponent–SAURON THE WINGED MENACE!!!". A green winged pterodactyl like creature started to come down to the ring and when both combatants were in the ring the bell to start the match rung.

Brutox started to move towards Soaron when Souron flew away. He flew to where a steel chair stood waiting. Soaron picked up the chair and hit Brutox as hard as he could. Brutox was sent staggering back, and he needed a few minutes to collect himself.

Brutox then grabbed Soaron and sent him splatting to the canvas. Brutox went to cover but Soaron managed to get a shoulder up.

Soaron was trying to grab everyweapon he could think of to use against Brutox, many of them were effective. And the crowd was eating it up, until Bruce gave his competitors the signal.

Soaron managed to get another chair and he made ready to strike Brutox with it. But Brutox dodged and struck Delta who was standing right behing Brutox.

"What do you think you're doing?", hollered Gamma who was standing over his partner. Brutox and Soaron continued their fight apparently oblivious to what was going on.

Then Brutox grabbed the steel chair to hit Soaron, but Soaron dodged and clocked Gamma instead and he was knocked unconscious.

Bruce walked down to the ring with two of his bouncers. They grabbed Delta and Gamma and carried them away. "Put them in one of the luxury suites and keep them out.", ordered Bruce. Bruce then signalled Soaron and Brutox as a thanks for their help.

Soaron and Brutox signalled back as they went back to their hardcore match.

After Delta and Gamma were safely secured, and the bar was closed, Bruce waited when the Nightfighters came in. "What's going on Bruce?", asked Kincaid.

"I had a visit from an old friend we both know.", said Bruce. "You know the one."

"Crucible", said Kincaid. "What made him decide to come here?"

"One of Vincent's ministers apparently told him.", deduced Cassandra.

"Well…someone sold out dear old dad.", said Mackenzie.

"I thought he never came to Iocaste. And while we're at the subject why didn't he conquer this planet as well when he conquered all the other ranger worlds?", asked Ashley.

"Yeah, Iocaste is not too far from the border of Crucible's empire. Why didn't he conquer it?", asked Adam.

"Iocaste had fallen under the hands of several rulers among the evil empires. But none of the evil overlords could use it in any productive manner. So whoever conquered it would abandon it later. It got to the point where it was conquered and abandoned so many times that the empires decided that no formal claim would be laid to it. So it just sits here.", said Bruce.

"Back to topic.", said Kincaid. "What did Crucible want?"

"He wanted to know if you had been here. I said I haven't seen you all that much. And when you did it was only to sing." said Bruce.

"Leroy always said the best lies come from the truth.", said Kincaid. Bruce nodded.

"Crucible may still expect something.", said Bruce. "I had two of his agents watching my place in case you showed up."

"Were we spotted?", asked Justin.

"No, the agents are in ome of my luxury suites now.", said Bruce. "But the bar ain't a safe place to meet anymore."

"Got any place in mind?", asked Kincaid.

"Yes I do.", said Bruce. "I think you know where."

Ashley was sitting at a table going over the information Bruce left her when he came to sit down. "Anything you can use in there?"

"I can use any ranger information. With luck I might find the rest of the Lightstars." Ashley then sighed for a minute. "I just wish I could tell them that I'm all right."

"I think we can arrange that.", said Bruce with a mischevous look in his eye. "One of our patrons donated some pirate transmission equipment. I thought about using it once to advertise for the bar, but I never got around to it."

"So, what do you have in mind?", asked Ashley. "It's not like I can just call each base to see if rangers are there."

"No," said Bruce. "But you can let the rangers know you're out there. You just need the right message."

"What message is that?", asked Ashley.

"Well I saw you sing pretty well with Jeff that one time."

In a prison camp a work detail was marching across the grounds. They were chained together, and on the viewscreen placed where all the prisoners could see, the face of the prison governor glared at them. Using intimidation and fear to get his charges working. Until his face started to distort and he faded from the screen in static.

The prisoners cheered as the warden was taken off the air and another picture appeared on screen. This time it was a picture of a stage, with a band ready to play. A dark skinned teenager appeared on stage ready to announce the act.

"Ladies and gentlebeings, boys and girls children of all ages. Leroy's bar proudly brings to you a very popular find tonight. For one night only I present to you, the lovely ASHLEY!!!"

One of the prisoners, a brown and blond haired boy turned to face the screen. He was surprised to her on the screen with her smile lighting up the room, and his heart.

At another prison, a hispanic boy was having the same reaction. As was the Asian girl in another work camp.

At yet another prison, an african-american boy was having the reaction his compatriots were.

In fact, every ranger who was watching saw Ashley on the stage, and their hearts felt a little lighter knowing that one of them was free. "This one is dedicated to the Power Rangers. And to them I say that one day their light will shine again.", she said. Then Ashley started to sing.

When you're a young man, down and out.
You really need someone to help you out.
It looks like life or death is your only choice.
It's really hard to see the forest for the trees.
The forest for the trees.

And when you get angry and everything's black or white,
you know that it ain't that simple.
No one's always right.
You know that your life is worth livin'.
You gotta start takin' if no one else is givin'.

And if you're not afraid to open your eyes,
you maybe plenty surprised.
Things are never as bad as they seem.
You just gotta learn to see the forest for the trees.

The forest for the trees.
You just gotta learn to see.

Throughout the galaxy, wardens were trying to jam the transmission without much sucess. Especially since Bruce had operators ready to counter whatever move the wardens had made. Prisoners stood mesmerized by Ashley's singing. Riots had broken out as guardsmen tried to heard the prisoners back to their cells. And through it all Ashley continued singing.

If you need somebody, tell them please.
If you want someone, get up off you knees.
You know that your life is worth livin'.
You gotta start takin' if no one else is givin'.

And if you're not afraid to open your eyes.
You may be plenty surprised.
Things are never as bad as they seem.
You just gotta learn to see the forest for the trees.

The forest for the trees.
You just gotta learn to see.

And with that Ashley received a thunderous round of applause throughout the galaxy. And pandamonium ran through the prisons as some of them were even overthrown.

Kincaid, Cassandra, Mackenzie, Adam, Justin and Bruce all stood off stage as Ashley came off the stage. They all congratulated Ashley and wondered how Crucible took to the song.

"He's probably climbing the walls right now.", snickered Mackenzie.

"So what do we do now?", asked Justin.

"Now, we run.", said Kincaid as all the Nightfighters ran for the exit door. Bruce left his keys with the bartender and told him to lock up for the next couple of days. Then he followed the Nightfighters out the door.

When all the Nightfighters boarded the mobile safehouse. It sped away from Iocaste. Kincaid then set the coordinates for the place that Bruce said to go. A place that Kincaid knew well.

"Where are we going now?", asked Justin.

"Sector 16 by 33. The planet Hades.", said Kincaid.

"What's there?", asked Adam.

Bruce answered. "The old headquarters of the Night Rangers." The rest of the Nightfighters were stunned.

Hardrive then went into his impression of Paul Harvey as he gave the famous quote that was appropriate at the time. "It's time to hear–The rest of the story."