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This is the first in a series

The universe has fallen under the control of a new evil. The rangers have been defeated. It is up to a new ragtag group of rangers to fight the evil of Lord Crucible and to bring light to the darkness.

Fall of the Astros
by John Chubb

It has been six months since the fall of the United Alliance of Evil. Dark Specter and the evil forces under his command had been destroyed or changed when the goodness of Zordon washed over them as he sacrificed himself to save the universe.

Peace and contentment had spread throughout the cosmos, and on the planet Earth. The heroes known as the Power Rangers were enjoying their time of peace enjoying themselves like normal teenagers–going to school, the juice bar, shopping, playing sports, teaching a Karate class, all in all enjoying the much deserved rest from fighting "the good fight".

Ashley and Andros had grown closer as the time progressed. Andros even proposed to Ashley and she said "yes, when they graduated high school." Karone and Zhane got closer as he was helping her deal with the memory of being Astronema. Zhane was trying to deal with life missed when he was in cryo storage. Both had missing pieces to their lives. And both looked to the other in hopes of filling them. TJ and Cassie started to move into the dating stage, even though it was only one date. Carlos however was still enjoying the fruits of single life-not having found the right girl yet.

Andros even gave Karone a gift. A purple morpher. "I asked Zordon to make this when I found you. I'd hope we could put Astronema in the past and move towards the future."

Andros and Karone dreamed of being Power Rangers as kids, and the morpher served as a symbol of not only the dream for the future but for putting the past behind. She took the gift eagerly and hugged Andros thanking him.

The people of Angel Grove had respected the Rangers wish to maintain the normal lives they so desired. After countless monster attacks, saving the planet, and fighting interdimensional villians it was the least the people could do to return the favor. And if anyone gave the Rangers trouble that person would have had to answer to Bulk and Skull.

The rangers gathered together at Angel Grove park to play a boys against girls baseball game. It had Zhane, Andros, and TJ vs. Ashley, Karone, and Cassie. Carlos was the umpire.

TJ stood ready to throw the first pitch as Ashley stood at bat. Zhane wore the catchers gear with Andros standing in the outfield.

"Tell me why am I the catcher?", asked Zhane as if he wanted to be the pitcher or outfielder.

"Because", said Ashley. "TJ has the best throwing arm, Andros has the speed and you are the one with the hard head."

"So if the ball hits you you won't feel it.", said Carlos.

"Ha! Ha! very funny.", said Zhane

None of them were aware of the threat that was approaching Earth just now.

A fleet of ships had approached Earth orbit, and stood facing the planet. On the lead ship a human looking creature covered in red armor with red cape who went by the name of Lord Crucible stood looking at the planet ready to succeed where Dark Specter failed. A soldier in blue armor by the name of General Savrod came to the side of the lord whom he had served.

"My lord, we stand ready to attack.", said General Savrod.

Lord Crucible looked out at the blue planet before him. To think he once pledged to protect that mudball and all the others like it. He sacrificed so much for the lives of others only to get himself more sacrifice. Crucible decided a long time ago that the time for sacrifice was over. It was time for himself. "Excellent", said Lord Crucible. "Begin the preliminary assaults. And prepare my battlezord."

"Your battlezord sir?"

"Yes General Savrod. I fully expect the Power Rangers to try to stop me. I intend to handle them personally."

"At once my lord."

Then General Savrod left the observation area leaving Lord Crucible to his contemplations.

The rangers were barely into the fourth inning when Alpha buzzed them on their communicators. Karone was ready to try teaching baseball KO-35 style when she took to bat when Andros had the same idea in the outfield as he caught the ball before it went over the fence.

"What is it Alpha?" asked Andros.

"Rangers, a fleet of ships has appeared in Earth orbit. They are preparing to attack."

"Ready the Astro Megaship. We're on our way."

"LET'S ROCKET!!!", said the seven teens in unison as they hit the 3-3-5 code on their morphers. Ashley turned into the Yellow Ranger. Andros became the Red Ranger. T.J. became the Blue Ranger. Zhane assumed his mantel of the Silver Ranger, Carlos became the Black Ranger. Cassie morphed into the Pink Ranger, and Karone morphed into the Purple Ranger with the morpher Andros kept for her all those years ago.

They teleported to the megaship as Alpha flew it to face the fleet. A fleet of fighters was heading their way.

"Battle Stations", said Andros as they prepared to fire.


Lord Crucible stood overlooking the approaching megaship. Right on time, he thought. These rangers are so predictable.

"Fighter squadrons 2, 6, and 8. Engage the Megaship. Do not destroy it. Hold it there until I arrive. All other squadrons, resume preliminary assault–Minimal damage to planet"

I want to keep them guessing, thought Lord Crucible as General Savrod came in. "Your battlezord is ready my lord."

"Thank You Savrod.", said Crucible as he left the observation lounge.

Andros was worried.

The fighters moving towards Earth were attacking but he knew that they were more capable of launching a more agressive attack. He would have ordered the megaship to go after the squadrons moving towards earth, but they had their hands full with the squadrons attacking them.

"I can't help but think that these guys are delaying us for some reason.", said Andros.

A shot that buckled the Megaship and a "Well we just felt that delay." from T.J. brought Andros's attention back to the battle.

"Andros, let's end this quick.", said Karone. "Do you remember the new MegaLaser firing pattern that we just installed?"

"The wide pattern spread?", said Andros.

"We never tested that!", said Cassie.

Another rock to the Megaship and a "No time like the present!" from Ashley brought Andros to ready the wide pattern spread. Carlos then turned the Megaship to where it was heading away from the squadrons at top speed. The squadrons took off in pursuit.

After a twenty eight second run Andros slowed down the Megaship and brought it around so it was facing the squadron.

Lord Crucible sat in the cockpit of his battlezord as he watched the megaship ready for the wide pattern dispersal fire.

Perfect, he thought. I'd hoped to wear them down gradually but it looks like I won't have long to wait.

The squadrons approached the Megaship with it's lasers at the ready. Andros watched them and waited for them to get into position.

"D.E.C.A. tell me when all ships are in range.", said Andros.

"All Fighters are approaching firing range.", said D.E.C.A.

"Guys we have a problem.", said Carlos.

"What is it?", said Andros.

"Some of the fighters are approaching the red safety perimeter zone of the megaship. If we wait to fire we could be swept back by the shockwave."

"We need to end this quick so we can take care of those attacking Earth.", said T.J.

"Yeah, so far they haven't done much damage, but that could change.", said Karone.

"If they are holding back I'm grateful.", said Zhane.

"All ships are now in firing range.", said D.E.C.A.

"Wide Pattern Dispersal FIRE!!!", said Andros as a wave of energy emerged from the megalasers and Space lit up with explosions as the wave passed. All of the explosions were enemy fighters.

Crucible sat and watched as the Megaship blew the fighters away.

"I've waited long enough", he thought as he launched his red battlezord into space ready to combat the rangers.

When the wave passed the Megaship sat alone"Alpha, Damage report", ordered Andros.

"Minimal damage Andros. We can manuver.", asid Alpha.

"Let's head back to Earth and see what we can do.", said Andros as he turned the Megaship Around.

As they were approaching Earth they saw a Red Zord in Samuri looking armor appear in their path.

"What is that?", asked Ashley in shock.

"I don't know but we don't have time for it.", said Andros as he tried to steer the Megaship around it.

The red Samuri battlezord grabbed an engine of the megaship and threw it effortlessly into space away from Earth. They all said "Whoa!" as they tried to get their bearings.

When the Megaship was righted Andros lauched the ship for a hit and run attack. "Bring Mega lasers to bear", ordered Andros.

"Mega lasers ready.", said D.E.C.A.

"FIRE!", said Andros.

The Megaship fired it's lasers which the Red Samuri dodged. Andros tried to use the distraction to go around the Samuri but the Samuri brought his sword down and slashed the Megaship Stablizer. The rangers were spinning out of control.

"Astro Megazord Transform!" ordered Andros as the main control module dislodged from the Megaship as it transformed. As the megaship transformed it stablized to allow the control module to dock.

"Astro Megazord, on line.", said Andros.

"Andros", said Alpha. I don't think we can win this."

"Carlos, what's our power level?"

"We're at 46% Andros."

"It's not the power level I'm worried about.", said Alpha. "I think I've seen that thing before. In the book of Zordon."

"The book of Zordon?", asked Karone. "What's that?"

"Never mind that now.", said T.J. "Here comes ugly."

The Astro MegaZord raised its sword to block the blade of the red samuri zord. Then it moved out of the way and let the red samuri's momentum carry it forward. The AstroZord than brought it's sword down on it's back torso and cut it with it.

As the SamuriZord nursed it's wound the AstroZord took advantage and attacked with a drop kick that sent the SamuriZord flying.

"Nice move Rangers.", thought Crucible. "Now are you going to remain true to form and use the Megasword?"

"Let's finish this.", said Andros. "Astro Megasword, full power!"

"NO ANDROS! DON'T DO IT!!!", yelled Alpha.

But it was too late. Andros bright down the megasword to cut the SamuriZord, only to find that the SamuriZord caught it between it's hands. ——————————————————-

"Now Rangers. You want Power? I'll give you power!" said Lord Crucible as he sent the power of the megasword as well as his own power reserves through the Astro Megazord, frying the circuits.

"Ai,Yi,yi, the book was right!", said Alpha.

"Systems shorting out everywhere!" said Zhane as sparks flew everywhere in the Megazord shorting out nearly every system.

"There's nothing we can do!" said Ashley.

"Alpha, find help!", said Andros. "Find Help!"

"Don't Worry Rangers. I know who to go to.", said Alpha as he teleported away before the teleporter itself shut down.

"Systems damage extensive.", said D.E.C.A. "Self-repair program…" then D.E.C.A. shut down.

"Can we eject?", asked T.J.

"Negative.", said Carlos. "Ejection module shorted."

"We're trapped!" yelled Karone.

Finally after the Megazord and the Rangers could not take anymore the Samurizord stopped it's attack, and carried the damaged Astro Megazord back to the flagship.

"Savrod, ready the Guardsmen for prisoner escort.", said Crucible. "And begin the full occupation as soon as I'm aboard.

As Crucible disembarked from his red Samuri Battlezord the Guardsmen began removing the Astro Rangers from the damaged Megazord. Securely bound so they couldn't fight back. The bonds also shorted out the morphers so they could be removed much easier.

"We did it My lord.", said Savrod as he handed the morphers to Crucible. "The rangers are defeated."

"Only the immediate team.", said Crucible. "There are other rangers down there. Order the bloodhound squad to track down any other Power Rangers in the area. Or anyone who was a ranger in the past. I want nothing left to chance."

"Yes, my lord."

"Take these to my security vault." said Crucible as he handed the morphers to a waiting Guardsman. "And now I wish to see the prisoners we do have."

Crucible then turned to follow the Guardsmen carrying away thae Astro Rangers.

The demorphed Astro Rangers were taken down the dungeon on the flagship of Lord Crucible. Each ranger looked on with a mix of awe and fear as they made their way down the corridors of the labyrynth ship. When they reached their cell they were all herded in.

"Any plans to get out of here Andros?", asked T.J.

"Nothing so far", said Andros.

"What was it that Alpha said?", asked Karone. "The book was right. What did he mean by that?"

Andros thought about that until he came up with the answer. "He must have meant the book of Zordon. According to legend Zordon wrote a book that contained all of his knowledge, and all of the propheses that were to come. He intended it to be used in the event that he had passed on."

"Did you ever read this book?", asked Ashley.

"No.", said Andros. "I heard a few stories from it though. One of those stories involved an evil unlike any other who would defeat all the rangers and bring the universe into despair and darkness. If Alpha is correct, and this is the evil that was mentioned, then all of those who were rangers including us are doomed."

"We gotta do something!", said Zhane.

"I do remember something else from the prophesy I heard. A sentence–When all have fallen…one shall rise."

"Unfortunately that one can't help you now.", said a voice behind them. An armored voice that belonged to Lord Crucible. "In fact, I intend to see that you rangers never rise again."

Crucible made his way towards Karone "Welcome Princess Astronema.", he said as he stroked her cheek.

"Astronema is dead!", said a defiant Karone as she shook her head out of Crucible's hold.

"Agreed", said Crucible. "And I have no intention of raising the dead. I'll just break you as you are now."

Andros and Zhane tried to attack Crucible but Crucible blasted them back across the dungeon with a repulsor wave.

"You're not going to get away with this.", said Andros.

"You rangers have been in the light for so long that you have forgotten what darkness is like. Your time in the light has made you predictable, blind to the ruthlessness of evil. I knew if I threatened your precious Karone that you would come running.", said Crucible. "I have allowed you this time together to say your goodbyes. And to show you the futility of your struggle."

Crucible then waved his hands as the wall opened up to reveal a screen with News reports telling of the attack of Crucible's forces. Telling of the damage and devastation. Some even told of the death toll of people.

The rangers watched in shocked silence. "As you can see. Your efforts were in the end futile. The lights of the universe will be extinguished. And I shall enjoy crushing the spirit of the power rangers. All the Power Rangers."

Crucible sat in his chamber as he looked over the reports of the captured rangers. Tommy Oliver had been taken from an attack where his car was destroyed by the guardsmen. Jason Lee Scott had his knee crushed by guardsmen in an attack. Kimberly Hart had been taken from the Pan Global games.

The list of captured rangers went on and on:Trini Kwan, Rocky DeSantos, Katherine Hillard, Tanya Sloane, Billy Cranston from Aquitar, the Alien Rangers, Zack Taylor, and a number of rangers who had been in hiding.

Still he didn't quite have them all. There were still a few left. "One of them has to be the one who will try to stop me.", he thought. "I must find him before he finds me."

He relaxed a little when he thought, "Well I know who it isn't." and laughed at the thought.

Alpha arrived on a forest planet somewhere far from Earth. "This is the place where he was last." he said "He should still be here."

Alpha made his way up the mountain path to where a small cabin waited at the end. "I hope he's home."

But just before Alpha reached the steps before the door the floor lifted up under his feet and sent him flying away from the cabin. "Ai yi yi yi yi I stepped on a catapult." he said as he went flying. He found himself flying through a cave entrance and flew through the mouth of the cave.

Alpha landed hard on the cave floor but stood up as he tried to use his infared sensors to see where he was. Then he was attacked from behind and thrown back out the cave.

Alpha righted himself to see the face of his attacker. When he saw it he waved for him to stop. "No Jeffrey, No it's me Alpha."

The person who attacked Alpha stopped as he recognized the little robot who served the Power Rangers. But the long hair and beard made it difficult, but not impossible, for Alpha to recognize the teen in tatters called 'Jeffrey'.

"Ohh I'm so glad I found you Jeffrey. The rangers need your help…."



"Call me 'Kincaid', Alpha"

"Well your name is 'Jeffrey Kincaid'."

"It's just 'Kincaid' Alpha. There is no 'Jeffrey'."

Alpha was being a little too persistent for his own good. "Nonsence, You are 'Jeffrey' and I'm talking to you right now."

Kincaid lost his temper and stered down the little robot. "I told you there IS NO JEFFREY!!! Jeffrey died with the rest of the Night Rangers."

Alpha took a few seconds to compose himself before speaking again. "You can't blame yourself for what happened to them. You did the best you could. It wasn't your fault."

"I led them to their graves Alpha.", said Kincaid. "There are three sets of parents who are wondering if their kids will ever come home not knowing that they never will because of me."

"No, because of Crucible.", retorted Alpha. "He was to blame not you."

"What are you doing here Alpha?", said Kincaid trying to change the subject.

"The rangers have been captured. Earth is under attack."

"So, I gave up being a Power Ranger. It's not my concern anymore." said Kincaid as he turned away.

"The attack was led by Crucible." The mention of Crucible's name sent Kincaid stopping in his tracks. Then he turned to face Alpha.

"That monster can't be alive.", said Kincaid.

"He is alive Je..I mean Kincaid. He's taking over Earth."

Alpha wasn't sure he could read Kincaid's face clearly. It was as if he was in a world that was full of a mixture of anger and pain and sorrow.

"The book of Zordon said this day would come.", said Alpha.

"I KNOW WHAT THE BOOK OF ZORDON SAID!" yelled Kincaid. "I just didn't want to believe it."

"The only question now is what are you going to do now?", asked Alpha.

Kincaid made his way back to the cabin and entered through a trap door in the back. The main door as far as he was concerned. Alpha followed as Kincaid made his way to the bed and pulled out a small case under it. Under a case was a black with red trim wrist morpher. Kincaid put it on and said "Red Night Ranger activate."

The morpher transformed into a Red and Black ranger uniform. The chest, lower legs and forearms were covered in red. The rest of the costume was in black. Kincaid's ranger helmet had a face that was twisted into a scowling feature.

"What I'm going to do Alpha is put that monster in his place once and for all.", said Kincaid. "I call upon the power of Defiance."

The red and black Carrierzord streaked across the sky and Kincaid transported aboard leaving Alpha at the cabin.

"Ohhh you're going to need help.", Alpha said before he activated his teleporter.