Power Rangers: Nightfighters
by John Chubb

Jeffrey Kincaid: Last of the team known as the Night Rangers. The rest of his unit were killed by Lord Crucible an action that haunts Kincaid to this day. Dressed in the armor of the red Night Ranger he is a young man with secrets, and a young man with a mission.–Be the one who brings down Crucible.

Mackenzie Dekalb: The White Astro Ranger. She comes from a hard life which has given her quite the attitude. A former anorexic chosen by Zordon to carry the most powerful of the Astro powers. She is also something of a kindred spirit to Kincaid and he considers her as something of a confidante.

Cassandra Jensen: The Emerald Ninja Ranger. Cassandra is the latest in a line of guardians of the Emerald Crystal created by the wizard Tehelm to be the ultimate deterent of evil. She is the first to use the power to it's fullest potential as the Emerald Ranger. Cassandra also posesses mental powers of telepathy and telekinesis. She is not all that trusting of Kincaid, and is determined to unlock his secrets.

Adam Park: The Black Dino Ranger:A former Power Ranger whose power coin was destroyed in a battle with Zedd and Rita leaving him with unstable morphing powers. He is forced to constantly modify his powers to keep his morphs stable. Is very close to the Emerald Ranger and shares her distrust about Kincaid.

Justin Stewart: The Blue Turbo Ranger. A young boy of 12 years is still considered very innocent. A young genius who is considered the glue that holds the team together. Is friends with Adam and Cassandra and even Kincaid is close to him as he provides a balance of light to Kincaid's darkness.

Ashley Hammond: The BlackGold Ranger. A later addition who was a prisoner of Lord Crucible when the Astro rangers were defeated by him. When she is freed, she joins forces with Kincaid in hopes to find her other teamates.

Bruce Greene: The Silver Centurion and Kincaid's best friend. He runs a bar which is considered a safe house for Kincaid's team. He even joins them in the battle against Crucible.

Lord Crucible: Not much is known about him but at one time was considered a hero until he succombed to the influence of evil. Now he seeks to spread that evil across the universe.

The Book of Zordon: The ultimate collection of knowledge. Was created by Zordon should he pass on. The book serves as a guide to the rangers.