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Calling Out
by John Chubb

Almost five years ago there was a great battle.

The Power Rangers and the many civilizations of the universe had joined together to form a resistance fleet to bring down the evil rule of Lord Crucible and the Luciferian Empire. The battle resulted in heavy losses on the resistance side, but not as heavy as the losses on the Luciferian side.

In the battle Lord Crucible returned and took in the power and souls of those who had served him killing most of those in the empire's service. If it wasn't for the Power Rangers joining together to form the being known as The One then the universe would have fallen under Crucible's dominion.

Crucible was defeated, and his soul and memory were wiped clean. And the Luciferian Empire was apparently gone forever.

But there were a handful of survivors…

Robert Harper walked amoung the ruins of the planet called Lucifer 6. Once it was the most feared planet of all the evil empires, now there was only ruins and abandonment.

And it was all the fault of Jeff Kincaid, Harper thought emphasizing the disgust he felt towards Kincaid in his thoughts. For just before the final great battle between the United Resistance and the Luciferian Empire Kincaid had called upon the spirits of the night to destroy half the planet.

And to make things worse I lost to the loser, Harper thought. He was a nothing, a nobody who belongs at the bottom of the barrel forever. And he comes and BEATS me! I was the one who should have won. Not him.

Harper wasn't at the final battle. He was one of the few who stayed behind on planet thinking of ways to defeat Kincaid, powers to use, anything at all. Then he noticed a lot of the survivors on the planet start to die around him. He realized later due to com traffic that Lord Crucible had used the life forces of most of the empire to feed his own power. He also took in the essences of the dark ones as well. Then Crucible had been defeated and the dark ones went on to their final reward.

So Harper spent a lot of his time wandering around the galaxy hoping to find some sort of power source that he could use in hopes of finding Kincaid and destroying him. A lot of times hitting dry wells and deactivated guardsmen. And every now and then he would come back to Lucifer 6 believing that he might have missed an artifact he could use or something.

Then one day he came across a secret room buried deep underground with a door inside. The computer was surprisingly still on and it told Robert of a special project that was being done called the portal project. This project would have allowed instantaneous travel to other worlds, and dimmensions so the Luciferian empire could conquer. But according to the information from the screen, something went wrong and the party that went through the portal was destroyed by some form of power.

Hmmm, power. Could it be a power I can use against Kincaid?, Harper though. I've nothing to lose by finding out.

So Harper activated the door secquence that allowed the door to open. There seemed to be a white glow coming through and Harper stepped on through.

A speed boat raced down the waters of Lake Erie about to enter the territorial waters of the military base known as Camp Perry. Formerly it was a base for the U.S. Army until it was recently transferred over to the GSA and used as a training ground for new GSA recruits. The pilot of the boat was doing his regular supply run for the PX on the base, and he cranked up the music on his boat radio as he was driving. The ocean air was filled with the song "The house is a rockin with nobody knockin" and the driver was enjoying the air from the great lakes and the sea gulls flying by.

Soon the boat pulled into the dock and pedestrian bridge that is used at times for fishing. An MP stood waiting for the boat driver along with three grunts. When the boat was close to the dock the MP had one grunt tie a mooring line to it while the other two brought forth two dollies. The driver then brought out all the boxes that he was supposed to deliver.

"So how's it going Kincaid?", asked the MP.

The boat driver, Jeffrey Kincaid, lifted the lid up on his cap and said, "I'm holding up. Have a few good fighters that look like interesting prospects down at the rink. I take it the sergeant is going to be sending down a few more grunt for 'disipline lessons huh?"

The grunts looked at each other sheepishly and Kincaid saw the worried looks. "Don't worry the competitors will be gentle." The grunts seemed to relax a little but then Kincaid smirked a little to himself As gentle as they usually are, he thought.

"And how are things on the girl front?", the MP asked.

"A gentleman never tells, sergeant. Besides she'd kick my ass if I did."

Kincaid unloaded the boxes and the grunts put them on the three dollies that were brought forward. One young grunt of about 16 years of age asked, "Uhh, Mr. Kincaid. I heard you have some Ice Cream in this shipment. Is it low fat?"

"You know I didn't ask, but if you fill up like a balloon and have to do thirty pushups then you'll know it wasn't.", Kincaid said. "But I do have those citrus drinks that were requested."

Orange, pineapple, strawberry, bannana?", another grunt asked.

"Lite.", Kincaid said.

"You know Kincaid, you don't have to do these runs you know.", the MP said. "You said so yourself, the rink is doing great."

"Yeah well I want to be able to buy a great house out here. Something my kids will enjoy and can call home.", Kincaid said.

The MP snickered, "Aren't you still young to be thinking about having kids?"

"Hey, you're never too young to think about the family you want. I've got some friends who're looking to tie the knot as soon as they're ready." The MP then released the mooring line and Kincaid started the boat up. "Remember I've got chilli coming in next month.", Kincaid said as he pulled the boat away from the dock and cranked up the volume on the radio again.

"What a guy.", the third grunt finally said.

Mackenzie Dekalb looked at the two fighters in the ring. "Come on you're supposed to be killing each other.", she said trying to get the two 'shooters' to try and hurt each other more.

The two shooters, Mark Shipwreck and a bruiser named Tincup had pounded on each other for twenty minutes with neither one getting a clean cut win. "Don't make me come in there.", Mackenzie called out.

She had moved out to Port Clinton after her 18th birthday, and took up residence in the upstairs room at the shootfighting rink. Kincaid and Mackenzie had something of a long distance relationship that was incredibly short distance thanks to the use of the teleporters aboard Defiance, so the distance was not a factor. When she finally came out to Ohio she got a job and worked her way through college going to an OSU branch campus near Toledo. Now at 22 years old she would be graduating soon and she and Kincaid had made plans to get married soon after. Since then she started to help out training a lot of the guys at the rink, and she realized the two in the ring now were in a condition that was anything but top.

"Okay guys break it up.", Mackenzie shouted. "You guys are really starting to bore me with you beating each other up."

"Well, what do you want us to do? Pummell ourselves with steel chairs until we're both unconscious?", Shipwreck asked.

"You can do that when you're in the WWF.", Mackenzie said. She then went up to both shooters and then said, "Let me show you something."

Mackenzie then dropped to the floor and gave a spinning kick to the back of Shipwreck's knee causing him to drop to the ground. She then delivered a nut shot to Tincup causing him to double over in pain. She then grabbed the right ankle of Shipwreck and the left ankle of Tincup and put them both into ankle lock submissions. She also drove her fingers into pressure points in the ankle that was supposed to make them submit quicker.

Mackenzie had learned a lot about Shootfighting from Kincaid, and it wasn't long before the two big bruisers tapped out. She then heard the sound of clapping behind her, and turned to see…

"ASHLEY, ADAM, CASSANDRA!!!", the petite girl in white went over to hug her three former teamates. "What are you doing here?"

"Well I'm on break from UCLA and Adam got a job doing a monster movie and they're shooting it out here in Port Clinton. So we figured why not come out?", Cassandra explained. Adam stood blushing.

"And I'm just looking to get away from California for a while.", Ashley said.

"Reporters starting to hound you?", Mackenzie asked.

Ashley nodded sadly. "I guess since Bulk left for Terra Venture the threat of Bulk and Skull just isn't as threatening as it used to be. The media's hounding us right and left."

"Well welcome to the refuge from California, the Buckeye State of Ohio.", Mackenzie said the line as if she was a ringmaster at a circus. Ashley smiled and hugged her old teamate.

"So where's Stripey?", Mackenzie asked. Just then Andros came in dragging about seven pieces of carry-on luggage.

"Stripey is taking care of his weight lifting for the rest of the month.", Andros said grunting and groaning as he came in. After setting down the luggage Andros collapsed on the floor.

"So what kind of movie are you doing Adam?", Mackenzie asked.

"It's uhh….a monster movie.", Adam said sheepishly. "It's called Son of the bride of the ghost of the Aqua Maniac." Ashley and Cassandra chuckled and Andros rolled his eyes.

"Ohhh, and you get to come in and kick the monsters hiney all the way to the moon like Ralph Kramden does with Alice on the Honeymooners right?", Mackenzie said.

"Uhh, No Mackenzie.", Cassandra said snickering. "You see Adam doesn't fight the monster. He is the monster." Soon Ashley, Andros and Cassandra were laughing out loud. And when Mackenzie got the joke she started laughing too.

"You spend all these years fighting monsters. Now you get to play one on film. That's rich.", Mackenzie said chuckling as well. Adam smiled a little getting the joke as well.

"So where's Kincaid?", Adam asked.

"He'll be back before long.", Mackenzie said. "He's making some extra money doing supply runs for the GSA base nearby."

"Sounds like retirement has been good to you.", Ashley said.

"A little, but I do miss the action at times.", Mackenzie said.

On Lucifer 6 the doorway that Robert Harper went through reopened and out came Harper in a red and black suit with cape, and a mask that looked like it had come from the Spawn comic. His muscle mass had increased and power radiated from his every being.

"Thank you master. I appreciate this gift and chance for revenge." Harper then waived his arms and power shot out of them. Soon every guardsman on the planet had reactivated.

"At last Kincaid. I shall have my revenge on you. But first, I have a prior engagement I must prepare for."

And with that Harper disapeared to parts unknown. The door behind him closed cutting off the evil laughter on the other side.

A new day was dawning on the planet Mirinoi.

The opening of Ranger Settlement(the first joint co-operative effort between the natives of Mirinoi, the colonists of Terra Venture and the slaves of the Lost Galaxy) had brought people all over the planet. The settlement brought forth the best of all worlds. The buildings reflected the natural harmony of the Mirinoians and the technological progresiveness of the colonists and the former slaves. Commander Stanton, Elder Jara, and Mike Corbett represented all three of the factions on Mirinoi and they stood ready to open the settlement.

The design was a cross between the native dwellings of Mirinoi, and the technological design of the colonists. Outside it reflected the natural setting of Mirinoi. Inside there were computers and lighting that drew it's power from solar, hydro, geothermal, and generators that drew power from the wind. Technology that worked with nature instead of against it. The one element these designs had in common was their working together with the natural forces of Mirinoi. Their cultures were changing and they were changing in a way that was unifying separate cultures into one big culture.

In the audience Leo Corbett, Kendrix Morgan, Kai Chen, Damon Henderson, Maya and Karone were watching and waiting with the shared anticipation that the rest of the joined civilization was sharing. "I can't believe it.", Leo said. "We're all coming together here. This gathering proves that."

"When Ranger settlement was created aspects of everyone's culture was used to create it.", Kai said. "Even the Galactabeasts helped out."

"I'd like to propose a toast.", Kendrix said as they all reached for a set of drinks nearby. "To new beginnings and coming together."

"Hear, hear.", everyone said.

"This is good stuff.", Damon said. "What is it?"

"A native fruit juice from the trees on Mirinoi.", Maya said. "I think your equivalent is strawberry."

"This is good stuff.", Leo said as the other Galaxy Rangers finished off their cups. "You know when Mike was in training, he'd tell of some guy who brought in a drink to the base and he couldn't get enough of it."

"You know Mike was elected the leader of the slave faction.", Karone said.

"That's Mike.", Leo said. "Always the leader."

"Well you're no slouch yourself.", Kendrix said as she nuzzled his cheek coyly. Ever since Kendrix came back from the dead she and Leo were getting close in their relationship.

"Okay guys behave.", Kai said. "Mike's about to speak."

On the podium Mike came forward about to deliver the first speech. "People of Mirinoi, this is a grand occasion. All of us here represent a different aspect of a culture that was looking for a new start. For those on Terra Venture, a new home where we could begin a new society a way of life and not repeat the same mistakes of our predecessors. Slaves who were taken by Captain Mutiny that were freed when we left the lost galaxy, and the people of Mirinoi who have taught us how to work with nature and progress forward to a bright tomorrow.

"Now we have come together as one people working with one another moving forward once again in ways of peace and unity and with the opening of Ranger settlement named after the Power Rangers who have protected Terra Venture and revived the people of Mirinoi from their stone slumber we shall all one day touch the stars again."

Mike was ready to cut the ribbon which would open the settlement when he was interrupted by a flash across the sky. Everyone turned to see what it was.

A ship appeared flanked by five other ships. Karone recognized it off the bat. "Oh no. It's a Luciferian flagship."

"Luciferian? I thought all those ships were confiscated after the final battle.", Kai said.

"Well I think someone missed a few.", Leo said. "We'd better get to the sabers." The others agreed.

It wasn't long before guardsmen appeared everywhere to subdue the colonists. It was like they had teleported out of nowhere and they surrounded everyone. The retired Galaxy rangers barely made it through when a vortex opened up it Kendrix's path and she had gone through it.

"Kendrix. Where did she go?", Leo asked.

"We'll find her later. Let's go.", Kai said grabbing his arm leading him to the sabers.

Soon Leo, Karone, Maya, Kai, and Damon stood before the stone where the Quasar sabers rested. Karone wasn't sure whether or not she would be worthy enough to pull the pink saber from the stone due to her past as Astronema even though she was chosen by Kendrix to replace her. I guess I'll find out soon.", she thought.

And soon in one fell swoop, all the Quasar sabers were pulled from the stone. All were worthy and the Galaxy Rangers were reborn.

The flagship rained fire on ranger settlement while guardsmen subdued the civilization. Jara, Commander Stanton, and Mike were held down by a guardsmen squad. Soon a hover platform came down from the flagship and stopped in front of the three leaders. On the platform was Robert Harper.

Harper then turned to face the people of Mirinoi. "People of Mirinoi. I am called the Imperator. I am the acting military governor of your humble colony. I am not here as a permanent ruler. I just need your planet and you to help me settle an old debt, and find a gift for my benefactor. After my debt is settled, and my search ended, you will be free to go."

Mike didn't agree and made his feelings known despite the guardsmen holding him. "The word of a Luciferian isn't much. Everything they do is revolved around evil. You won't honor your word."

Harper then turned to face Mike and kicked him in the groin. "I don't tolerate Defiance. Remember that.", he said to Mike and the rest of the civilization.

Just then a series of blasts rocked Harper's feet. He turned to look and saw the Galaxy Rangers standing on top of their Galactabeasts. "You're going down Imperator.", Leo said.

"Imperator Robert Harper to you.", Harper said as he drew back his hand and fired an energy bolt that knocked Leo off the Lion Galactabeast.

"Leo are you all right?", Karone asked from uptop the Wildcat.

"I'm fine begin Zord transform and bring them together.", Leo ordered. Soon the Gorilla, Wildcat, Lion, Condor, and Wolf underwent the zord transformation and joined to form the Galaxy Megazord.

"Oh I was so looking forward to this.", Harper said. "Mauler come forth." From the flagship came an oversized tank that mowed down everything in it's path. "Coming aboard.", Harper said as he leaped into the control cockpit. As Harper took the controls he watched as the mammoth vehicle had mowed down forests and structures all over Mirinoi.

"NO!", screamed Maya as she stared at the machine destroying her planet. She felt as if the monster vehicle was destroying a part of her as well.

"Let's take this guy out Condor Missile mode fire.", Leo ordered. The missile from the condor fired and hit the mammoth dead center. When the smoke cleared there was no damage to be seen.

"What's that a tickle torture?", Harper said mockingly.

"We're not done yet.", Leo said refusing to give up. "Megaleap." and the Megazord jumped high into the air.

"Galaxy Megazord sabre full power.", all the rangers ordered. And the Galaxy Megazord tried to slice the control tower. There was an explosion that sent the Galaxy Megazord flying back, but the Mauler was damaged.

Unfortunately the force of the explosion caused the Galaxy Megazord to separate and the zord components reverted back to their Galactabeast modes. They landed hard, and were hurt.

The rangers landed hard as well as they were ejected from the megazord. They soon demorphed. Maya looked on as the Galactabeasts lay hurt. They uttered one word to her. "Go."

Maya turned to the other rangers. "We have to get out of here. Escape into what's left of the forest."

"But the colony…", Leo protested.

"We won't do it any good if we are captured too.", Karone said. "If we escape we can come back later and help everyone but we have to stay free."

Leo sighed but he knew Maya and Karone were right. "Let's go.", he said as the Galaxy Rangers escaped into what remained of the forest of Mirinoi.

"How goes the search FX9?", Harper asked his android advisor.

"The Mauler has cleared the first digging area in the search for the heart of Mirinoi. But Mauler repair will take some time.", the android reported.

"And the Galaxy Rangers?"

"Escaped into the forest but we have their Galactabeasts and the guardsmen are putting them to work in the excavation.", the android continued.

"Very well. Is the communications tower ready?", Harper asked. "Yes sir.", the droid responded.

"Then it's time to pay a call to an old friend.", Harper said with a smirk.

The speedboat had pulled in to the boat dock, and Kincaid broke into a jog as he went down the next couple of blocks to the shootfighting rink. When he got there he saw Ashley, Andros, Cassandra and Adam talking with Mackenzie.

"When did you guys get into town?", Kincaid said as everyone formed a group hug.

"Just a few minutes ago. Mackenzie said something about you being on a supply run?", Andros said.

"Yeah, I deliver supplies from a depot down Lake Erie to the military base not far away from here.", Kincaid said. "But how are you guys doing?"

"Well I'm going to UCLA to study law and Adam's working with a big studio in their new monster movie.", Cassandra said.

"He plays the monster.", Mackenzie interrupted. "Don't laugh he's sensitive about it."

Kincaid waved his arms and said, "Whatever."

"Andros and I came out here to get away from the media for a while. They're starting to horn in on our privacy now.", Ashley sadly said.

"Yeah, the press can be real jackylls can they?", Kincaid said. Everyone nodded.

Just then a portal opened in the ring and a blonde girl with glasses wearing a GSA uniform walked in. Ashley and Andros recognized her as…

"Kendrix?", they said in unison.

"Uhh, Hi guys.", Kendrix said meekly. Then Ashley and Andros hugged the former Pink Galaxy Ranger.

"We thought you were dead.", Ashley said. "What happened?"

"Well I was in a wonderful place for a while. It was green with trees and a waterfal…"

"Sounds a little like the junction.", Cassandra said.

"The junction?", Kendrix asked confused.

"It's one of many places that exist outside of space and time. It's where the laws of the universe don't always apply.", Kincaid said.

"So when you were killed the Quasar saber must have sent you to the junction until you we're healed.", Andros said.

"I guess so.", Kendrix said as she looked at the teen in red and black as if trying to place him. "Oh, Jeff Kincaid.", he said offering his hand introducing himself.

"Wait a minute, aren't you THE Jeff Kincaid Mike always talked about? The one who sent his platoon that box of orange-pinapple-strawberry-bannana drink to.", Kendrix inquired.

"No I'm the guy who sent his platoon that box of orange-pinapple-strawberry-bannana lite to.", Kincaid said.

"Well I guess I'd better thank you. The platoon was tired of having to put up with cookie's mystery drink for another week.", Kendrix said before she shook herself back to reality. "Guys, Mirinoi has been conquered."

"Conquered, when?", Adam asked surprised.

"Just now, the other Galaxy Rangers were trying to get to the Quasar sabers when a fleet of Luciferian ships appeared."

"Did you say Luciferian?", Mackenzie asked.

"The siege hasn't been so long that people haven't forgotten what a Luciferian ship looks like.", Kendrix said.

Kincaid went to his communicator and looked at everyone. They all nodded that they were ready. "Hardrive, seven to beam up."

And soon the ex-rangers teleported to where the carrierzord Defiance rested.

Kincaid and Cassandra were focusing on the communications channels trying to see if any Luciferian signals were being broadcast from Mirinoi. Kendrix was starting to lose patience. "What are we doing? Shouldn't we be heading to Mirinoi?"

"It helps to get a better idea of what we're up against.", Kincaid said. "Besides, sometimes the Luciferian empire can't resist boasting about their new conquests.

"We got something I'm clearing up the static now.", Cassandra said. The image soon cleared to reveal the face of the Luciferian commander. A face Kincaid remembered well.

"Harper.", he said through clenched teeth.

"I thought you beat that jackass at Lucifer 6.", Mackenzie said.

"Apparently not.", Kincaid said.

Just then Harper's image began to speak. "Transmitting this signal throughout the known universe. People of the universe, Mirinoi has been conquered by the second Luciferian empire. And we will use this planet as we see fit." He turned to see thousands of Mirinoians, colinists, and former slaves put to work in an area that had been apparently cleared for an excavation. The Galactabeasts weren't far away as guardsleds were hearding them to working. Kendrix felt a wave of pain flash through her as the Wildcat Galactabeast was struck by the sled's shockstick.

"No.", she said. Andros and Ashley tried to comfort her.

Then Harper spoke again. "But I will make a deal with the universe. I will release Mirinoi if you all give me one man. I want Jeff Kincaid here. I want him here so he can taste the defeat I suffered at his hands.

"Now this is not a challenge Jeff. I want you here so you can take your medicine.", Harper said as he held his fist up to his chest. "You need to learn that garbage is not supposed to disrespect those that are better than it. I want you here so I can defeat you properly. So if you don't get here, I'll either send someone to get you or maybe the 1 million zanabatar reward for your head will be sufficient for someone to bring you here. I'll see you soon." Harper then cut off the com line.

"What a jerk.", Ashley said.

"We need to get up there. Karone's on Mirinoi.", Andros said worried about his sister.

Kincaid paused for a second and then raised his head and said, "Hardrive round up the usual suspects."

Justin Stewart stood getting measured for his graduation robe. Tommy, Kat, Bruce and Tanya were nearby watching their friend get into the spirit of the measuring, by tapping his toe nervously.

"How are you holding up Justin?", Tanya asked.

"Were you this nervous when you were graduating?", Justin asked.

"I don't know I picked up my diploma early, so I didn't walk down the aisle.", Tommy said.

"Well we'll be walking down another ailse in three months.", Kat said. Bruce and tanya rolled their eyes as they watched Tommy and Kat make goo goo eyes.

"So what college will you go to Justin?", Bruce asked. "AGU?"

"I don't know, I haven't decided yet.", Justin said. Then a beep came from his old communicator. All the rangers were at full alert. "This is Justin I read you."

"Hey Justin, it's Mackenzie is Bruce with you?", Mackenzie said on the other end of the comm line.

"Yeah, what's up.", Bruce asked.

"Kincaid's old buddy Harper is back and he's holding Mirinoi hostage unless Kincaid comes to get his ass kicked.", Mackenzie said.

"I take it Jeff's going?", Bruce asked.

"Along with Cassandra, Adam, Ashley, Andros and myself. We're only missing the two of you."

Tanya then pulled the BlackGold morpher out of her purse and gave it to Bruce. "Ashley will need this."

"Do you need us to come?", Tommy asked referring to him, Kat and Tanya.

"Thanks for the offer but I think we can handle it.", Mackenzie said.

"All right then we're ready to teleport.", Justin said. And in a flash of blue and silver they teleported to where Defiance was.

When Justin and Bruce arrived the re-introductions were brief. Bruce gave Ashley back the BlackGold morpher she used as a Nightfighter. "Tanya thought you might need this.", he said.

"Thanks.", Ashley said. "The Astro morphers were back at Angel Grove."

"We figured we could teleport back if we needed them.", Andros said.

"Have you got your Turbo morpher Justin?", Kincaid asked.

"Right here.", he said holding up the morpher. "Let's not waste a minute."

"Hardrive set course for Mirinoi.", Kincaid said.

"Core systems transferring control to probe craft. Launch when ready.", Hardrive said impersonating the tech Rigel from Battlestar Galactica.

"Sounds like we're ready to go.", Adam said.

"Then let's go.", Kincaid said as the carrierzord Defiance took off into the sky.