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Broken Heart of Another World
by John Chubb

In an isolated section of space the rat-like creature Doctor Epyon and self-appointed Imperator Robert Harper awaited the arrival of their newest member to their evil crew. While waiting Epyon resumed work on the next generation of evil foot soldier–the coldbloods.

After the decision from Lord Stygian that the guardsmen from the Luciferian Empire would not be needed Epyon began work on mass producing the coldbloods to serve as the new evil lord's militia. Epyon did have to make one alteration to the coldbloods though, none of them possessed the matter cannon that Coldblood 27 and Coldblood 28 possessed. Those were very difficult to mass produce, and Lord Stygian needed a new army now. Nevertheless, Epyon did place the weapon on his own armored form and used it as a personal weapon.

Harper recommended the guardsmen to Stygian, but dismissed them. The guardsmen had their time and failed. It is time for something new. Stygian had said via telepathy. And with that the alarms to the shuttle bay activated signaling the arrival of Stygian's new recruit.

"What do we need this guy for?", Harper asked. "We're strong enough without him, or doesn't Stygian have faith in us?"

"You can never be too strong or too powerful.", Epyon retorted. "Besides, this individual specializes in powers. He could be useful."

The shuttle had set down and the main hatch opened out of which the individual known as the Power Broker had stepped through. "Welcome to Asteroid Delta.", greeted Epyon.

Power Broker returned the greeting while Harper stood back. "There are some other recruits that Lord Stygian wants.", the Broker said. "We'll need to find them. How are the troops coming?"

"We've mass produced thirty Coldbloods thus far. And those that have been created are helping to create the rest.", reported Epyon.

"Are the guardsmen still available?", Broker asked.

"Yeah we still have a few left. Why?", Harper said in a smug manner.

"We're going on a recruiting mission.", the Broker said.

In his dimensional prison Lord Stygian observed the progress of his servants through his mind's eye. As soon as the forces are assembled I will make arrangements for my freedom., he thought.

"Why wait when you can have freedom now?", said a voice echoing throughout the chamber. Stygian tried to look around but he could not see anyone even by using his mind's eye. But his senses were aware, and Stygian knew what the presence was.

Upon being sensed by Stygian a flash of light appeared in front of his throne. Stygian knew what the being was. "You are a Q aren't you?"

"Yes Lord Stygian. I am a member of the Q. If you want, call me Evil Q. As to why I am here, I am here to assist you in your bid for freedom."

Stygian knew of the Q in his observations. In some universes they were reveared as gods, while in others they were figmants of one's imagination brought to life by the imagination of a writer. But regardless of that, Stygian knew of the power of Q.

"Assist me how?", Stygian asked. "Isn't it against your code to interfere in the affairs of *ahem* lesser species?"

"To an extent.", Evil Q answered. "But that doesn't mean I can't advise. And I am here to advise you."

"Advise me how?", Stygian asked.

"There is a source of power on the planet of Aldair 6. A waterfall said to contain a spring with energizing properties that can counter the strongest magic. If you were to drink it then it would counter the effects of the binding spell placed on you by the lords of order."

Stygian thought about it for a moment. "And what price will you ask of me?"

"Just an alliance. An alliance to bring down the walls of all the realities and have them fall under our dominion.", Evil Q said.

Stygian waved the options carefully. If he had to he could betray Evil Q. It wouldn't be easy but it could be done, he thought.

And I would obtain my freedom.

"I accept.", Lord Stygian said.

Evil Q smiled. "Excellent I'd hoped we could strike a bargain."

Back on earth, a fifteen year old girl named Morgan St. Clair stood as she watched Jeffrey Kincaid and Mackenzie Dekalb greet a young man that Morgan recognized. A man that had the face of the man she loved in her home reality…her boyfriend Carlos Valerte.

He looks different., Morgan thought as she took in Carlos's features. The long dark hair was cut short in a crew cut fashion. The effects of age showed in his face slightly as the haircut made him look older, but it was still Carlos nonetheless.

"Excuse me.", a voice said as it startled Morgan back into reality. The voice belonging to a petite brown haired girl that Carlos came with. Morgan recognized her from the ranger files as Kimberly Hart.

"Is there something I can help you with?", Kimberly asked. Morgan noticed Kincaid and Mackenzie turn their heads as well as they focused all their attention on her. Even Carlos had his gaze on her. This is so not good., Morgan thought.

"Uhh…no sorry, it's just that…your friend reminded me of someone I knew.", Morgan said stuttering over her words in embarrasment.

"Carlos, Kimberly this is one of our new trainees Morgan St. Clair.", Kincaid said as he introduced Morgan. "Pleasure to meet you.", Carlos said shaking Morgan's hand. Morgan felt awkward greeting the man she loved in her own dimension here with simply a handshake.

"And this is his fiancee' Kimberly Hart.", Kincaid said as he introduced the petite brunette to Morgan. Fiancee? Oh no.

"It's nice to meet you Morgan.", Kimberly said as she shook her hand as well. Kimberly smiled as she greeted Morgan, but Morgan was still shocked that Kimberly was the one whom Carlos was going to marry. I don't understand., Morgan thought. Where am I in this world.

The voice of White Comet spoke to her telepathically. I am beginning the investigation now Morgan. So far I haven't been able to find this world's version of you.

If there even is another version of me., Morgan thought. It may just be possible that I just don't exist.

Talk to them Morgan. They may be able to volunteer some information that I missed., and with that Comet signed off, and Kimberly snapped her fingers in Morgan's face hoping to wake her up from her daze.

"Hey Morgan you okay?", Kimberly asked.

"I'm sorry.", Morgan sighed and turned to look at Carlos. "You just remind me of my boyfriend back home. Except his hair is longer and he's a few years younger than you."

"Don't make me go around feeling like a grandpa. I'm nowhere near that point of my life yet.", Carlos said somewhat in jest.

"Can I ask you something?", Morgan asked. Carlos nodded that it was okay.

"How did you two meet?"

The evil being known as Lord Crucible had been defeated by the being known as 'the one'. Zordon had passed on into the great beyond and the rangers decided to join the party that was happening all across earth. The only question was where did they stop to take part.

It was only after a letter from Jeffrey Kincaid that said "There's a party going on right here." that pointed to Kincaid's home town of Port Clinton, Ohio did the rangers decide where they would go so all of them teleported to Port Clinton. Kincaid was waiting for them all at the site of Bruce's Shootfighting rink and led them to Main Street where the people were dancing.

The rangers decided to take part in the merriment and Kincaid took Mackenzie's arm and escorted her out onto the street with the other dancing couples from town. It wasn't long before Jason and Emily, Trini and Zack, Billy and Cestria, Adam and Cassandra, Rocky and Aisha, Tanya and Bruce, Cassie and Phantom, Andros and Ashley, Zhane and Karone, and Tommy and Kat joined as well. The only ones left out were Justin, T.J., Carlos and Kimberly.

Justin and T.J. weren't left out for long. Justin made friends with a local girl named Beth and they had started to hit it off quite well. T.J. danced with two girls who couldn't get enough of what they called 'a sexy, single power ranger.'

Kimberly stayed on the sidelines watching as the rangers had broken off with 'significant others' and she was left alone. Well, not necessarily alone., she thought. There's that boy…Carlos over there

Carlos looked over to Kimberly whom he saw staring into the dancing crowd. She's so pretty., Carlos thought. Why's she alone? There would probably be a number of guys wanting to dance with her.

Sure enough there was one. A big burly man who looked like he was well into his twenties, and drank and spat as much chewing tobbacco and beer as it equaled his age came up to Kimberly staggering and belching.

"Hey there pretty darlin'.", the drunk said. "Is thish a party or what? I tell ya I could drink and danch all night long."

Kimberly looked at the bum in disgust. Even Bulk and Skull weren't this bad, she thought. "I think you already have.", she said.

"Ahhhh, I ain't even schtarted yet." The drunk's words and speech were starting to get slurred and he was staggering so much it was a wonder that he was still standing. "Shayyy, How'sh you like to danch with a real man l'il misshy?"

Kimberly looked at the drunk again. "Sure. Do you know any?"

The drunk looked confused. "Yeah, me. Come on." Then he took Kimberly's hand and started to drag her off. Kimberly shook out of the bum's grip and said. "No thank you."

"Awww come on baby. One l'il danch wit' ol' Duke. After that, who knowsh what might happen. Hee hee hee.!"

"Get a clue you goon. I don't want to dance with you."

The bum called Duke looked angry. "Yeah, well I ain't one who takesh 'No' fer an anshwer." Then he grabbed Kimberly's arm tighter and started to drag her out into the dance street.

"Let go of me you freak!", but Duke's grip was tighter. "I SAID LET GO!!!", and Kimberly threw a front kick right into Dule's groin causing him to double over. Most of the dancers, including Tommy and Kat turned to see Kimberly kick Duke where it hurt.

Duke started to get up and stared lasers at Kimberly. "No one does that to Duke, bitch. Any who do had better pay for it." Duke started to lunge for Kimberly when someone turned him around and launched a punch into Duke's stomach. Again Duke doubled over onto the ground. When he looked up, he saw the face of Carlos Vallerte looking down on him.

"When a lady says 'No'. She means 'No'.", Carlos had said to Duke who puked his guts out before Carlos's feet. Carlos stepped back as Duke's vomit spewed out. Then police officers came in and escorted the passed out Duke to the city jail where he would sleep off the booze for the night.

Carlos then went over to Kimberly and asked if she was all right. "Yeah, I'm fine. I don't need help from you.", she answered hotly and stormed off into the city night.

Carlos stood confused and asked with bewilderment, "What did I do?"

Kimberly ran down the street until she was clear of the city limits. She didn't stop until she came to a clearing surrounded by trees and near the shoreline. She approached the lip of the lake and started crying.

They all look so happy., she thought. A happiness I used to have with Tommy. But me being an idiot I threw it all away. And on what? A self-absorbed jerk who just wanted something pretty on his arm. To show off to his jock buddies who he had knocked up recently. And as soon as he was bored with me, he tossed me over to the side like I was garbage. Kimberly continued to sob as she reflected on mistakes of the past.

I know part of it is my own fault. I should have had my eyes wide open more and realize that his smooth lines were just that. Smooth lines. But I couldn't keep Tommy waiting for me forever. I had to cut him loose, or so I believed. At least he's happy with Kat, and I'm happy for them both. Also Kat knows where I stand. She knows I don't want pity for digging my own grave.

"Penny for your thoughts?", said a voice behind Kimberly. She turned and saw Carlos standing behind her.

"What do you want?, Kimberly asked showing plenty of attitude. She tried to place the name. "Uh…Carlos isn't it?"

"On the money. And from what I can tell it's not sympathy you're looking for."

"Oh really Mr. Smartypants", Kimberly asked sarcasticly. "Then you tell me. What am I looking for? Huh?"

"A shoulder to cry on?". Carlos then brought up a six pack of Strawberry passion fruit drink. "And something to drown your sorrows in?"

Kimberly started to smile a little. "I haven't had fruit drinks since I left Angel Grove. Well, none like Ernie's anyway."

"Well Ernie sent out a case one time to be used for what the crate said 'For the Power Ranger's greatest victory.' I think defeating Dark Specter, Astronema, Lord Crucible and the Luciferian emipre qualify don't you?" Carlos unhooked one bottle from the plastic and gave it to Kimberly. Carlos also took one for himself.

"So what do we drink to?", Kimberly asked.

"You know what I don't have a clue.", Carlos said. So Kimberly decided that they would devote the first swig to not having a clue and took the first swig.

"Just like Ernie used to make 'em.", Kimberly said. Then she turned to look at Carlos. "So are you going to ask me what the problem is or are we just going to keep downing these until we get the sugar rush?"

Carlos chuckled at Kimberly's remark. She's got a pretty good sense of humor. "Well I suppose I can ask you if you want."

Ummm…No I think I'll just start at the beginning.", Then Kimberly started to tell her tale.

"Well, I guess you know I was one of the Power Rangers. The first pink ranger if you can believe it. And as me and my friends were fighting Rita, I met a boy named Tommy. He was later kidnapped by Rita and made into his evil green ranger. We almost were defeated until Jason destroyed the sword of darkness that kept him under Rita's control. After that Tommy and I got closer and started dating. Even when he lost his powers Tommy and I still saw each other. We were tight for three years, then something happened.

"I got a visit from Coach Gunther Schmidt who was recruiting for his gymnastics team at the Pan Global games in Florida, and he wanted me to be on his team. I didn't want to leave my friends but they convinced me that it was too good a thing to pass up, so I went. I managed to win the gold for the U.S., and I also met someone else. His name was Charles Brewster. He was charming, witty, and the U.S. entry for the Pan Global wrestling team. When he saw me he decided that, unbeknownst to me, that I would be his next conquest. So he began working me over with his charming words, his corny jokes, and his so-called sensitivity. For some reason it worked, to the point where I wrote Tommy a letter that I found someone else. Almost as soon as I wrote the letter, I regretted it.

"After three days of the letter being sent Charles started to change. He started to push that he wanted something more in our relationship. I wondered what he was talking about until he took me upstairs to his room and decided to unbutton my shirt. It turned out all Charles wanted was to get into my pants so to speak. I said no and walked out of the room."

"All right Kim.", Carlos said applauding.

"Don't applaud so soon. I'm not quite done. It turns out that Chucky decided to tell everyone on the team that I was a team hoar and that I was trying to pressure HIM into sex. I tried to convince them otherwise but not many people believed me. I couldn't go to Tommy after all the damage that I'd done with the letter, and I just couldn't be the damsel in distress that I was most of the time during my ranger days. I had to stop Chucky and stop him cold."

"I read you're file. I didn't think you were a damsel in distress all the time. You had some strong moments as a ranger. Like when you were thrown back to the 1850's, and also the time you drove Goldar crazy with your Rita impersonation when Zedd wanted you to be his bride."

Kimberly was flattered by Carlos's comment. "Thanks Carlos." Then she finished her story.

"I found a few of Chucky's old 'cast offs' and we decided to come up with a plan. One of us knew of a guy who dressed up in women's clothes and cruised around seedy bars. So we decided to hire his services. But first I needed to get back into Chucky's good graces, so I started flirting with him again. Soon enough like a dog in heat he started getting close to me again. That's when we sprung Sammy.

"When Chucky seemed good and caught we sprung Sammy on him. We also had a hidden camera nearby wacthing him make his 'magic'. Imagine Chucky's surprise when he found…"

"I can imagine. Don't give me the visual.", Carlos said.

"So we had Chucky's sexcapade on tape, and we each gave him an ultimatum, fess up or we show the video to the whole auditorium. He fessed up,and said that we weren't the sluts he made us out to be. And when that was done we gave him the tape. Then he turned around and said that he lied and that we were all tramps now that he had the tape." Kimberly then smiled a shark's smile. "But we did keep a copy, and we showed Chucky's romp with Sammy, and it's amazing what he confessed while groping a man in women's clothes."

"Chucky confessed on the video that you weren't 'flighty'?", Carlos asked.

"Yep, he said that(mimicking Chucky's voice)'Kimberly couldn't satisfy me as much as you can Sammy and that since Kimmy wouldn't put out she joined the rest of the bitches whose reps I trashed.' And the whole auditorium:audience, athletes, and all saw what Chucky was doing with Sammy. He wound up being removed from the team due to unsavory conduct to Pan Global contestants. Last I checked he was working as a gas station in Paris, Illinois for minimum wage and 20 hours a week. And I got my reputation back and a gold medal."

Kimberly then laid back on the ground taking a swig of her fruit juice. "So Carlos, What's your story?"

Carlos sighed as he looked into his fruit drink. "Well, I was a soccer player for Angel Grove High when I met a girl there named Ashley. She was head cheerleader. We started out pretty good as friends before we became rangers. Then we were attacked by Pirannahtrons as Adam and I were practicing. Adam thought they were after him but they were after me and Ashley."

Kimberly was confused. "Why did Divatox attack you if you weren't rangers?"

Carlos continued with his story. "Divatox appropriated a message from the future that told of a team that would defeat the forces of evil once they united. Apparently the message told of Ashley and me being Power Rangers before we even knew about it. A preemptive strike so to speak.

"Anyway Tanya and Adam chose Ashley and me to become the new Yellow and Green rangers. And we started to get closer, but something seemed to be missing. We couldn't place what it was, until we went out into space and met Andros."

Carlos sighed wearily. "I noticed Ashley taking notice of him and she slowly lost all intrest in me as she and Andros got closer. It was then we realized what the problem was. There wasn't any soulmate connection. Ashley and I just weren't meant to be. We were friends but that was as far as it could go. Even if I paired up with Ashley, I'd just be filling the void left if Andros ever passed on. I'll admit I felt envious of them. Here were two that were destined for each other and I felt like I was destined to go wandering alone loveless."

Kimberly sighed. "We're really two of a kind aren't we Carlos? One of us gives up something special and another is pushed aside because of something special. What a universe huh?"

"Yeah what a universe." Carlos then turned to look at Kimberly taking in her beauty. The long brown hair and eyes and the face that eminated beauty both inner and outer. Kimberly also took notice of Carlos's rugged complection. His long dark hair and hard features. Then the two inched towards each other and kissed softly as if sampling the life force of the other. Then when both seemed satisfied with the samples Kimberly and Carlos kissed again this time with more passion and intensity. Carlos took Kimberly in his arms and held her tight. Kimberly wrapped her arms around Carlos as they became lost im their boundless passion.

When their lips finally parted Kimberly looked up at Carlos. "Ashley passed up a good thing with you. But I'm glad she did."

Carlos smiled and the two went back to their kiss with only the animals of nature bearing witness.

After some time had passed Carlos and Kimberly finally made it back to the party in Port Clinton. The rangers were glad to see their friends, and that Kimberly was all right. "I'm cool people.", she kept trying to say.

Kimberly then saw Ashley and walked up to her. "You know you passed up a good thing with Carlos.", Ashley nodded. She didn't need to explain.

Kimberly then smiled. "But if you hadn't you wouldn't have met Andros, and I wouldn't have discovered how wonderful Carlos is."

Ashley then gave a side smile. "He is a wonderful guy. You two seemed chummy as you came into town."

"Yeah well we talked about a few things.", Kim said and Ashley had an idea.

"How would you like to discuss it on a Lake Erie shopping spree?", Ashley asked. "Cassie, Kat, and I are looking to check out the lakeside shops that opened recently. Wanna come with us?"

Kimberly's smile grew wider. "You are talking to the queen of the mall here. Of course I'll go.", and with that Kimberly and Ashley joined Kat and Cassie for their shopping spree.

"And after that we started to go out on a few dates and we've just been getting closer ever since.", Carlos said completing the story.

"We've even set a date for the wedding. Unfortunately it's the same day Tommy and Kat and Jason and Emily are getting married, so we're going to do it as a three way wedding." Soon everyone was congratulating the couple, except one.

Morgan walked out of the rink with tears forming in her eyes. omet then pulled up to the curb and opened the door for her. Where do you want to go Morgan?, Comet asked telepathically.

Just take me anywhere Comet, as long as it's away from here., Morgan thought back.

I'll take you to the campsite., and with that Comet drove away with a teenage girl crying over a loss she never had.

In a run down section of Los Angeles, the Power Broker and Harper stepped into one of the many brothels that filled the neighborhood. "You sure this is the right one?", Harper asked.

"Positive. Now all we need to do is find her." And with that the Power Broker interviewed the madam of the house and showed her the picture of the prostitute he was looking for. He produced a credit chit worth two thousand dollars and the madam brought out a prostitute with chestnut brown hair and olive complection wearing an outfit that looked as if it was outlawed in six states. Harper couldn't believe what he saw when he saw the hooker in the flesh.

"She looks exactly like…like…"

"Like Ashley Hammond?", the Broker completed. "There's a reason for that. I'd like you to meet Alison Hammond. Ashley Hammond's twin sister."

Are you okay now Morgan?, Comet asked. Morgan was sitting in front of a campfire with a tent pitched. Morgan decided it would be a good precaution to keep camping gear in the trunk of Comet should the need arise. And the need did.

Yeah Comet, it just hurt me to see Carlos in the arms of another girl that's all., Morgan thought. Oh that reminds me did you find out if there is a me in this dimension yet?

Comet sighed. Morgan, I can safely say that there is no you in this dimension. I can find no records of a Morgan St. Clair fitting any of your profiles existing in this dimension.

Morgan should have felt relieved but she could sense Comet was holding something back. What aren't you telling me Comet?, she asked.

Comet thought about lying to Morgan to spare her any pain, but to do that would only cause her more pain down the road. He was always honest with her, and he wasn't about to stop being honest now. I looked through your mother's medical file.

Yeah, go on., Morgan thought.

It seems your mother was pregnant with you at one time. But there were complications in the pregnancy, and she wound up miscarrying you while you were in the womb.

Morgan was shocked to hear this shaking her head in disbelief. "No, No it can't be true.", she said aloud.

I'm sorry Morgan., Comet said. But Morgan didn't hear it since she was too wrapped up in her shock and tears.

"I never had the chance to even live.", she said burying her face in her hands. "I hate this world Comet. I hate it. I want to go home."

Morgan St. Clair cried herself to sleep saying repeatedly, "I want to go home…I want to go home."