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The First Coming
By Adam Safran

The Rangers faced their enemy, the congomeration of dinosaur and machine, magic and technology. He stood over 3 meters tall, and was all bulk. As one the Rangers began spreading out, to not allow their enemy a shot to take all of them out at once. Leo didn't want to test out how well their new powers protected them. Cybersaur grinned a toothy grin and launched a missel from the launcher on his shoulder at the Rangers.

"Oh no", Leo thought, "that could take us all out. So I have to take it out first." With a fluid motion he summoned and pointed his Hyper Blaster at the incoming missel, and with a fluid draw he fired several energy pulses that hit the missel dead center. It exploded in a blast more firey than any fireworks display he had seen on Earth, on any holiday.

"Battle Mode: Beyond!" All the Rangers said as one. Their armor

shifted so that it was less bulky and impeded their movement much less, and in their hands appeared a deadly display of enhaced weaponry.

"Time to defang Mr. Rex here," Leo said with a grin under his helmet as a pair of deadly blades grew out from his hands. With a yell the Rangers charged the beast, and it was a very short battle later that he was simply wreckage. Then a sarcastic clapping sound could be heard.

The Rangers whirled to face this new threat, and it was an elderly man dressed in a business suit. "So," Evil Q said, "You've proven yourselves worthy. I'm not going to offer you a chance to join my services, because you'd never do it of your own free will. And evil Rangers seem to have a tendency of not staying that way for long. So I must kill you now. Cybersaur, ARISE!!!! BECOME DEVASTATOR!!!!" Then the pile of wreckage began to reassemble itself, and it became a dinosaur again, but one that looked much more deadly than before. With a growl he began advancing towards the Rangers, and the ground began to shake.

The tide of the battle now turned. Devastator was a much more powerful enemy than Cybersaur. The Rangers had new powers, but did not have the

experience to use them to their fullest potential. With a blast from his energy cannon, Devastator sent Maya flying several hundred feet. Her uniform and armor were smoking, but she was relatively uninjured. Then she felt them; the presences floating around them. She reached out to them and they reached out to her. The one in charge radiated such goodnes and pureness that she felt herself overwhelmed.

"Thank you child, for continuing and living up to the tradition that I carried out for so long." She heard the voice in her head say. Her thoughts were carried back were confusion and questioning; what tradition, who are you, what are you talking about? The voice pleasantly stated, "I am the spirit of Zordon, champion of the forces of good. I was the mentor of the Power Rangers and defenders of Earth for over 10,000 years. You have carried on our tradition of defending those who need it, and stopping the forces of darkness, whomever they may be." She thought back, who are the spirits that I sense with you? Zordon stated, "These are the spirits of Rangers past, who have had their lives ended prematurely by the great evil that has tried to take our galaxy. Even in death they seek to stop it, as is and was their duty. Let them help you."

Then the other Rangers ran up to Maya. "Are you ok," Damon asked her?

"Yes, I am," Maya replied. "I know how we can beat this evil creature." As the Rangers stammered out their confusion, Maya instructed, "Open yourselves, feel the spirits around you, let them come into you." The Rangers nodded and concentrated, letting the feelings flow through them. Finally their eyes blazed, with the knowledges and experiences of Rangers past flowing through them, they each held conversations.

"Hey kid," Kendrix heard. "How you doing? Sorry I couldn't get here before now, and that it was so hard for me to stay in touch with you."

"Billy," she moaned, crying.

"Shh, now, don't worry. It isn't so bad, being dead. The conversations I've had with Newton, Gaileo, Leonardo, and so many others. Its been an eye-opener for me, and now I can see so many things so much

clerer. And I finally solved that problem about ionized protons interfacing through a negative reaction that I told you about." WIth that, Kendrix


Now the Rangers stood up and faced the beast. Now it was time to rumble.