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concept of Q. This particular Q is my idea. My apologies in advance for anyone acting out of character, particularly Commander Stanton, who has not been very developed and I am changing to fit more of Captain Picard. 

Slice and Dice
By Adam Safran

The Rangers stood, face to face with Devastator. They could feel the spirits of Rangers past and present mingling together, giving them strength, courage, will, and experience. Leo could feel the experience of years of combating monsters, battle strategies running through his mind. Kendrix could feel her intelligence increasing exponentially, analyzing the monsters for potential weak points and ideas of how to take advantage of those weak points, and ideas to upgrade and test the powers at a later date. Maya had never felt so alive, so part of nature. She felt that she could move so fast, like a cat. Damon felt a kinship with others, he had never felt so full of jokes, laughs, he just felt like dancing and shouting out that he was in such a good mood. Kai felt his mood deepen, and years of cumulative fighting experience began coursing through his veins. He felt he could take on anyone, do anything.

Devastator saw the change, saw the Rangers loosen up and somehow look all that more dangerous because of it. He chose to go on the offensive

before the Rangers could come into tune with the spirits that they were in contact with. He charged.

And he found himself alone as all of the Rangers jumped out of the way, landing stinging little blows to him that enraged him. They felt like mosquito bites, but those Rangers had dared to hit him. Leo sent a message over the internal helmet comlinks to the rest of the Rangers /*Guys, flank him and stay out of the way of those guns and blades on him. Try to hit him as much as you can, using your fast attacks. If we can do this we'll make him angry, and then he'll make a mistake, and when he does that…*/ The other four rangers chimed in at the same time *We nail him!*/ Leo grinned under his helmet and said, "Lets get him!"

Kendrix and Maya did a jump where they bounced off Devastator's shoulders and landed behind him, and then as he turned around he was hit by a double kick that sent him sprawling right into Damon's path, and Damon nailed Devastator with a slice from his sword, and then as Devastator tried to blast him with a fusion cannon, Damon easily flipped out of the way.

Then Kai blasted Devastator with his disruptor pistol, and Devastator returned the fire with dozens of energy blasts, but Kai was nowhere to be seen. Then Leo had an idea. Leo threw his Beyond Blade right into Devastator's main cannon, and then began yelling insults at Devastator.

Devastator yelled in outrage and attempted to fire all of his weapons at the Ranger who dared to insult him. There was a massive explosion, and Devastator blew up. The monster who could stand the Rangers combined firepower with nary a scrach fell to his own.

The Rangers stood around and cheered, then teleported off.

Evil Q glared in anger. He had had many successes against Rangers, had beaten many teams who previously had never been defeated, not even in millenia. He had conquered planets. But even more had held firm, the Rangers, some with upgraded powers, and others without, had defeated many of his most powerful monsters. Evil Q reflected on his evil plan. He realized that he had made a mistake. You cannot beat Rangers, all but the most inexperienced, by brute force. Rather, he saw, he had to beat them with subtle means. He reviewed the plans from his generals, and in seconds had downloaded all of their cumulative experience with Rangers throughout the ages. He noted their successes, and how they succeeded, and even more importantly, he noted their failures and where their plans fell apart. He saw now that he had to take different strategies to beat the Rangers. He was reviewing his troops performances in the last battles, when he came to the Power Rangers of Terra Venture. It had seemed that they were nearly defeated, but somehow they had come back with the spirits of the former

Rangers. He realized now that he had made a major mistake to get involved personally in that battle. He had riled up a great number of the Q, by

personally interfering, and that goody two shoes Q was already pressing for the suppressing of his powers. And the Council was listening. He would be called to testify, but he was certain that he could come through with it, but he probably wouldn't be so lucky a second time. With this in mind he summoned his Generals and began to outline their new strategy.

Commander Stanton was tired. It had been a long day, with a seemingly endless number of tasks involved with running a space colony cut off from all but communication with Earth, and the reports had seemed to be growing as of late. He just wanted to go to sleep. He entered his quarters and began to change into his sleepwear. Then he heard a sound outside his quarters, and he grabbed for his laser pistol and went outside to investigate. The person outside his quarters was straight from his nightmares. It was the Supreme Admiral of the Terra Defense Fleet. He was in full uniform and even his shoes were brightly shined.

The Admiral yelled, "STANTON REPORT!!! ATTENTION!!!" Stanton immediately came to attention and dropped the laser pistol, extremely confused. Wasn't the Admiral on Earth, he wondered, what was he doing here? Then, standing outside his quarters wearing his sleepwear, the Admiral began to laugh hysterically. His outfit changed until it was the standard dress of Terra Venture, and the Admiral changed to a teenage boy wearing glasses. Commander Stanton was now more confused than ever, and now he was outraged as well. He slowly picked up his laser pistol and pointed it at the teenager. The teenager stopped laughing and pointed his finger at Stanton. The laser pistol changed into a boquet of flowers.

Stanton was now afraid. "Tsk, tsk, trying to threaten a superior being, and one who only came to help you too. What would your superiors say when they heard how you bungled a first contact mission and got an entire species to declare war on your pitiful ship."

There was an embarrassed silence and then Commander Stanton began

apologizing profusely for his mistake. The teenager said with a superior air, "Enough kissing up already, lets get down to business. Terra Venture is going to be attacked soon and the Rangers will be hard pressed to stop it. You must train your security personnel harder, so they will be able to repel the threat should the Rangers fail. Good day." Then he disappeared with a flash of light, and Commander Stanton felt a strange goo on his face.

He went into his quarters and looked at his face. His face had makeup on it to look like a clown! He tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come off. He then heard a voice in his head say, "Don't worry, it will only stay on for a few days, or until it bores me and I take it off." Disregarding Commander Stanton's protestations over what the look would do to his ability to command effectively, he heard a, "Ta Ta." And then the voice was gone.

The next day Kai and Kendrix reported to the bridge for their shift of the day, and they noticed that Commander Stanton was dressed up like a clown. When they began to pose a question as to what had happened, he drew his hand across his throat in a silence motion, and said angrily, "No questions, got it? Good. Report to your duty stations, and if I catch one of you staring at me I will give you kitchen duty for a month!"