Notes: Here you people, a fic finally focusing on the Rangers in their

captivity. Find out what happened to our heroic do-gooders after they were captured. What will Ravage do now that the Transformers are here on the NEMESIS? All this and more in another exciting edition of Q-Tastrophe!

Disclaimer: Q concept belongs to Paramount. Power Rangers belong to Saban. Transformers belong to Hasbro. Rogue Squadron concept belongs to George Lucas. The Blunder Rangers, Ravage Starkiller, are my own creations and property, except for Bulk and Skull. The references to Bugs Bunny and Co. belong to Warner Bros. Feel free to use them in your own fanfic as long as you e-mail me for permission first.

By Adam Safran

Leo and the other Rangers stood by in the dungeon, deep within the

depths of Evil Q's flagship. They had no idea of how much time had passed since their capture, and they had no idea when it was day or night. They were not even allowed to talk to eachother, or they would be beaten. They may have been beaten, but their spirits were still strong. The door to

their cell opened, and Trakeena walked in.

She spat at them, "Who are the new Rangers on Earth?"

The Powerless Rangers looked at one another, confusion evident on their faces. The only active Rangers left on Earth had been the Space Rangers, but they were dead, along with all of the former Earth Rangers. Who had taken up the mantle? Hope began to blossom. Earth was not without defenses, and whomever those Rangers were, they were fighting the good fight, against overwhelming odds.

Damon spoke first, amused, "So, it looks like big, bad Q can't beat a group of Rangers, and he doesn't even know who they are, that's rich. What do you want from us, their addresses and telephone numbers? Their Internet e-mails? Why, maybe we should just tell you that we have no idea whatsoever… AAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" as Trakeena blasted him with a burst of electrical energy. Damon fell silent.

Trakeena said, "You will look at the tapes of the Rangers, and your collective unconsciousness of previous Rangers will tell you who they are, or we will torture you for their names. Here." And with that she activated a device that sprang up with images of the new Blunder Rangers fighting

against the numerous assaults on Earth, with devices like anvils, dynamite, boulders, and mallets. It was just like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The Rangers mirth grew by the minute. They all recognized the antics of them, and they had a very good idea as to who they were. And they weren't going to tell.

Damon said, "I'll tell you who they are, if you let me and my friends go." Ignoring the Rangers shocked and betrayed expressions, he continued on, "One of them is called Wile E. Coyote, another is Bugs Bunny, a third is Porky Pig, the fourth ones Elmer Fudd, and the fifth one, the girl, I don't know who she is." Noting Trakeena's confused expression, he explained,

"Their parents were all animal lovers, and liked adjectives and weird sounding names. They were all emergency reserve Rangers that were never activated before. I found out about them on the Megaship." His companions were doing their very best to hold back exploding laughter.

Trakeena missed all of this, and she happily said, "Now that I have their names, Evil Q will reward me greatly. Oh, and by the way, I'm not going to release you. Ta-ta." With that she left.

As soon as the door was closed the Rangers exploded in laughter. Even Maya had watched enough television to pick up on the con. They all yelled congratulations to Damon, and once again they were reunited in fellowship.

On Eltare, the acting capital of the Council of Good, the Ruling Council was having a meeting, when it was interrupted by a courier, a Draconian. The Council frowned upon being interrupted, unless it was a

supreme emergency. They'd been getting a lot of interruptions recently. The President of the Council, Thelacon, asked the messenger in a kindly, elderly voice, "What system has fallen now, my young child?"

The courier, a small humanoid dragon, answered, "None has fallen within the past 5 standard galactic nano rotations."

"Than what is the nature of your message?" a member of the Council


"It is strange news indeed. We have gotten a message from some crackpot claiming to be a member of something called Rogue Squadron, and the only reason that we thought to alert you is that he was using an extremely high level cipher, and it was over 10,000 years old (translation to Earth standard time). My communications chief felt that this was important enough to alert you, but I disagreed, but he still sent me.

The Council was struck silent for at least five minutes, a record.

Finally they asked, "Can we see the message, and make that a VERY high priority.

"Soundwave, it is truly good to see you again! We must act quickly if we are to stop the advancing forces of evil," Ravage said to his much taller companion, a giant rectangular blue robot that looked like a gigantic cassette player.

"Agreed. Action is necessary, and we have been authorized by Optimus and Megatron to assist you in any way possibe. All Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons are on alert, and preparing for war," Soundwave said in a very mechanical, monotonous tone.

"I am reactivating the squadron, and the defenses of this base could use an upgrade, considering that they're ten thousand stellar cycles old," Ravage stated.