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Notes: Readers, this character is meant to be the male version of a Mary Sue. Literally, he is all powerful and holds the life of the characters in his hands.

Q War
By Adam Safran

The fight was not going well for the Power Rangers. Kai had been knocked unconscious by a Stingwinger blow to the base of his skull, and Maya and Kendrix were both injured. Leo was fighting with a broken arm, and

Damon, well, Damon was being thrown in the air like a beanbag by several Stingwingers. The five of them had been in the outdoor zone of Terra Venture when they had been attacked by massive numbers of Stingwingers, who had seemingly received a massive power boost. Nothing the Rangers did seemed to even faze them. It was like Scorpious had found the Lights Of Orion and used them on the Stingwingers, Leo thought, but we had them, and now we can't use them because we're all not together. He held back a shriek of pain as he was clubbed from behind by a Stingwinger before he could react and fell. He was picked up by several of them with a wicked looking blade held at his throat. Then a black creature with green stripes like a computer graphic appeared. This must be Scorpius' new general, Leo thought. Funny, he looked familiar, like Leo had seen him on some old tapes of the old earth Rangers. Then, the memory clicked into place. His name was Ecliptor! But hadn't Ecliptor been destroyed by that massive wave of goodness that the death of that Zordon guy Alpha had told them about?

Ecliptor walked forward, and chuckled. "This is what the mighty Power Rangers of Earth have fallen to? A group of simple Stingwingers that shouldn't of been a challenge? You've been slipping, Rangers. I have a proposition for you. Give me the Lights of Orion and your morphers and I'll let you go, and Scorpius will cease his attacks on Terra Venture. I give you my word of honor. If you don't, I will kill you and take the Lights from your corpses. Either way, I win. And there is only one way out for you," he said evily.

Leo defiantly said, "No, we'd rather die then give our powers to evil."

"Then you can have it your way, Power Ranger. A pity though, we could've made great allies in this war against goodness. You have great spirit. Stingwingers, kill them all!

As Leo prepared for the final moment of his life, a booming voice called out, "Stop, evil fiend!" Heads swiveled in that direction, where a short teenager wearing the normal civilian dress of Terra Venture stood. There was something different about him, howerver. He radiated power like the engines radiated energy. It hit Maya like a wave. Even the Stingwingers could sense it and they hesitently stepped backwards, away from the newcomer.

Ecliptor was stunned. This being, daring to defy him! "Come no further, whoever you are, or I will kill you myself."

"Big words for a man made out of rock. Let them go or you will regret it. You have until the count of three."

"What are you going to do about it, whine at me until I am bored to death and let the rangers go?


"Stingwingers, attack him!" As the Stingwingers hesitantly advanced, the teenager raised his hands as if preparing to snap his fingers.

"Two. This is your last warning. Surrender and leave and I won't

destroy you."

"Kill him!"

"Here you go. Three!" And with a snap of his fingers, all of the

Stingwingers crumbled to dust.

Once again, Ecliptor was stunned, but this time, he was stunned to the point of silence. The Rangers collapsed onto the ground with no one to hold them up, moaning in pain, and demorphed. Crawling together, they all helped each other stand up as they began checking themselves over for any serious injuries, of which there were plenty. For the moment, they ignored their rescuer.

He began to advance towards Ecliptor, who backed up, and finally deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, he teleported off. Then he walked over to the Rangers, and said, "Oh, please stop it with the moaning, I know you're hurt. Oh alright, there." He snapped his fingers again, and miraculously, the Rangers wounds were all healed. Even their tattered clothes were fixed and clean. They stood up and stared at him.

Finally Leo broke the silence by asking, "Thank you for rescuing us. I don't think without your help we could've survived that. And how did you do it? Obviously you aren't human, but I've never heard of anyone with such power, not even Zordon, or any of the villains that the Rangers have faced over the years."

With a grin he answered, "You're right Leo, I'm not human, I'm beyond alien. I am a extraplanar, other dimensional, interplanetary being belonging to a race known as the Q. We are nearly omniscient, all powerful, and omnipotent. I, for example, am over 12 billion of your earth years old, and I am a youngster by the standards of my race. I am also, incidentally, your superior."

"What do you mean by the fact that you are our superior?" Maya asked.

"My job, as you would put it, is the direction and coordination of the fight against evil by all groups of good-aligned Rangers in this universe. Its quite a monumental task, I assure you." Q stated.

"Well then what do you want with us, if you are so powerful, why did you save us, take the time to come to our rescue if your job is so big and important?" Kendrix queried.

Grinning, Q said, "Getting right to the point, I like that. Well, its simple. I bet you all are wondering how a supposedly dead henchman has

returned to life and how the Stingwingers became so powerful." As the Rangers nodded he continued, "A Q has gone over to the dark side of the

force, as one of your popular science fiction movies stated. He has decided that he wants to take over the universe, but he is unable to act directly. He has done so by resurrecting many of the great villains of the past and by giving a great power boost to all villains who chose to ally themselves with him. He has not violated the letter of the law, but has violated its spirit. It is my job to defeat the enhanced forces of evil, bring peace to the galaxy, and prevent the forces of darkness from taking control. I have contacted every Ranger group in the galaxy about this, and you must all

prepare for the greatest battle of your lives. Before I go, I shall give you a gift. A portion of my power to aid you in the coming battles. Use it wisely and do not abuse it, for then I will have to take it away and with it the chances of your victory. There, I have given it to you. It will manifest itself in ways when necessary to aid you. Farewell, Rangers, and good luck." With a snap of his fingers he vanished in a bright light, leaving the awestruck Rangers behind.

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