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By Adam Safran

The two sides stood parallel to eachother. The Rangers were all tensed up, and the group of evil Rangers were all laughing at this pathetic display. Leo was not in the mood to be laughed at. He uttered the ancient battle cry of Earth Rangers, finding it more appropriate for this occassion. The cries from all 5 Rangers echoed through the bridge. "ITS MORPHIN

TIME! GALAXY RANGERS BEYOND!" This was followed by a complex series of arm movements that culmulated in the Rangers morphing with an extremely bright light.

Damon yelled, "We can't fight here. We'll destroy the Megaship!"

Leo nodded and ordered the Rangers, "Rangers! Emergency transport!" Each of the Rangers latched onto one of their opponents, matching them in color, and Leo grabbed the Green Ranger and the Red Psycho, and they teleported to a far off planet with no sentient species, where they could battle without any innocents getting in the way.

The two sides charged each other ferociously, and the Rangers soon

found themselves at a disadvantage. They held the knowledge of previous Rangers in combat, but the Psychoes had been fully briefed on the Rangers fighting styles, and they were already well versed in the fighting styles of the Rangers predecessors. Leo searched his mind in vain for something that would work. Then the image of Andros entered his mind, filling him with images of Psychoes fighting themselves, and he had it.

He leapt to an overhanging rock outcropping, and yelled down, "Hey, uglies! Which one of you gets the honor of destroying me?" The Psychoes turned and looked at each other, and then started bickering over it. Now the trick was to push them over the edge.

Damon started the ball rolling. He zipped over to the Black Psycho Ranger, and whispered in his ear, "I've always wanted to be destroyed by a guy in black, it just seems to fit well. You might want to hurry though. The guy in blue's going to try for it first if you don't beat him to the punch." This greatly confused the Black Psycho, and then he zipped over to the blue one. "Hey, I've always been partial to blue myself. Why don't you destroy me? But I've noticed that black guy giving looks over here, and I hear he wants to blast me more than anything himself." With that he zipped away until he stood a short distance from the battle.

In unison the black and blue Psychoes said, "I will destroy him!" Then, turning and looking at each other, they simultaneously pulled out weapons and charged one another. This was repeated by the Rangers until all of the Psychoes were busy fighting one another. Then the Rangers ganged up on the Green Ranger, who decided that five-to-one odds weren't his style and he teleported off. By this time all of the Psychoes were smoking with the damage that they had inflicted on one another, and put up a very feeble

resistance before they were force teleported away by Astronema.

"Hey, come back, I want a piece of you!" Damon yelled mockingly at the vanished evil Rangers. The Rangers all laughed and hi-fived, and then they teleported off.

Q was not pleased. Obvuiosly his plan to defeat the Rangers with a group of evil Rangers had not worked. He wished now that he had heeded

warnings that groups of evil rangers couldn't work together. Obvuiously he should've taken a group of good people and made them into a fighting force, and then deployed them against the Power Rangers. But that never worked. The evil Rangers always ended up fighting amongst themselves to the detriment of the plan or turning to the light side. And he couldn't take ex-rangers and make them evil, for he had killed all of the ex-rangers on earth. For the first time he regretted his move. But that was the past. And while he could easily change the past to meet his specifications, that would be looked upon by the Q Council as a direct interference. They could prevent him from interfering at all in the battle, or even worse, take away his powers and prevent all of his evil actions from ever having taken place. On what he should do now he was stuck. He needed to review the concept of evil rangers, and then, possibly, he could send them into action again.

Already a plan began brewing in his mind. What if I were to take people who were already good, and convince them that the Rangers they were fighting were evil. Yyyyyyeeesssssss. I could place spells on them so that they could not alter their perceptions to the correct one. Perhaps Rangers from another reality would work…

On Cybertron, a starship was preparing for departure. Its mission, to rescue one of their own. "Be ready, Ravage, for we are coming," Soundwave said monotonously as the giant starship sped for departure.


The Conquest of Evil is a saga that spreads beyond a single story. These are the tales from outside of the Prime Reality. From the far reaches of the Multiverse, to the twisted tales of The Minionverse there are stories to be told. And then there are those books that hold their own sagas and all the wonders to be found in places familiar, but oh so different.


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