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Let it Begin
By Adam Safran

The Rangers spent e next few days walking around in shock, going about their jobs on autopilot. The forces of evil had never done anything like this before, killing people. Sure, they had put spells on people, or threatened them, or tried to turn them to evil, but they had never actually killed anyone before. And they had killed former Rangers, family. And they could be next. The Rangers dealt with it in different ways. Leo buried his grief deep inside, trying not to listen to the voice in his head that said that it was his fault. Kai was in shock, but held it in, acting like the professional that he was. Maya took it the best of all. While she was the most innocent of them, she held a unique perspective from her Miranoi upbringing that said everyone had a time to die, that lives were fated. It mattered to us how we made those chances given to us by fate. Damon took it worst of all. He was in total shock from this, and barely talked to the others anymore, just walked around, acting mechanically, eating mechanically, not having anything to do with anyone. Kendrix was also not taking it well, but she had known evil before, and her job on Terra Venture and the military experience she had gave her a background in people dying, so she accepted it and vowed revenge.

For her it was personal as well. One of her family had been killed. William "Billy" Cranston. He was a cousin that had acted like a brother to her, and had steered her into a job involving the sciences. She had never known him well, and hadn't seen him personally in years, but she kept in touch with him on Aquitar through the Interplanetary Communications Grid, the ICG. She had loved him greatly and vowed to herself that she would take down the robot who had killed him, with an English accent, she identified him as Klank from her look through the archives on the Megaship, and had read that he and Billy had always had a great rivalry. She would take out the robot and anyone that stood in her way no matter what the cost.

On the flagship of all evil, the Devastator, the being known only as EQ smiled. He had been preparing for decades to launch this offensive, testing the Rangers of the hundred million planets of the galaxy, and their enemies, deciding whom had proven themselves worthy of serving him. These Rangers of Earth looked particularly interesting. They had always beaten the evil arrayed against them, no matter how powerful, or how great the forces or odds arrayed against them. But now things would be different. They were inexperienced, had no mentor to guide them, and in a flash of genius one of his underlings had eliminated their support staff, and all ex-Rangers who could've helped or offered advice. He could not directly fight, or interfere, but he could give suggestions. Now, he decided, it was time for a trial run. He directed one of his subordinates to send out a force to attack the Rangers, and a monster in reserve. Not an extremely powerful one, but a capable one. He would test them and their new powers. As an afterthought he decided to send 3 of his newest henchmen along as well, to test the waters. He knew this time that annoying Q wouldn't interfere, and it would be interesting. Nodding, he turned to his subordinates to begin the extremely complex task of coordinating a galaxies-wide offensive.

Alpha was doing another scan of Terra Venture. He had been placed on maximum alert status since the previous attack, and now he was continually scanning Terra Venture for any sign, no matter how small, of an evil attack. Then an alarm began blaring. Alpha looked up at the screen. On it was a sight he had hoped never to see again. Dozens of Quantrons, along with Ecliptor, Goldar, and Scorpina, were walking through Terra Venture, blasting people and property. And their power levels were off the scale! With a cry he alerted the Rangers.

Leo heard the alert and called the other Rangers together. "We have to go in full force, and we have to be on our toes. They'll kill us if they defeat us, so we have to use the Lights," he said. The other Rangers agreed and they quickly morphed and then called on the Lights of Orion, powering themselves up to a point where they hoped they would be able to defeat the assembled forces of evil.

They arrived on the scene and a melee broke out as the Rangers engaged the enhanced Quantrons, making short work of them with the Lights of Orion. Then they faced the three evil henchmen. Goldar laughed a horrible laugh, and growled, "I'll kill you like I killed your predecessors, Power Punks."

Damon screamed a challenge and was about to run blindly forward and attack Goldar when he was restrained by Leo and Kai. "Look," Maya calmed him, "If we're going to beat these guys we have to work as a team, and we can't let our emotions blind us." Damon stopped for a second and nodded.

Then as a unit they drew their Quasar Sabres and charged. It was a battle of epic proportions between the eight combatants. They were equally powerful, and equally skilled. The forces of evil were winning though, through dirty tricks and sheer cunning. As they threw the Rangers back once again, Leo panted from the cuts in his suit.

"Its time for a new approach. These guys are more powerful than we are and they use dirty tricks. Its time to even the score. Everybody, look inside you, find the power that Q put in you, and use it." He ordered. The Rangers nodded and concentrated, looking deep within themselves for the power. And they found it. There was a bright flash, and in their place stood six massively armoured figures with weapons sticking out at every point of their bodies. The villains drew back as Leo said, "Now we're even."

Goldar yelled, "Retreat, we have the information our master wanted." And with a flash they disappeared. The Rangers stood congratulating themselves on their victory and looking at their new duds, when the ground began to shake. They were knocked to the ground by a shockwave, and a flash of bright light. As they got up they saw a gigantic dinosaur, over 9 feet tall, covered with cybernetics and weapons. Where his right hand stood was a gigantic double bladed axe, and on his left was a gigantic bazooka of some kind.

The monster advanced towards the Rangers and said, "I am your deaths. Prepare to fall to Cybersaur!"