Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers and all associated things. Paramount owns Star Trek, the Q concept (if anyone could claim to own something like a Q, they must be cracking up over it, otherwise Paramount would be a big crater in the ground)

Notes: This is the start of my new series, Q-Wars, featuring Q, the Power Rangers, and co. This is set before the Power Rangers LG season finale last year, and before Mike returned and the Magna Defender died, but after the Rangers got the Lights of Orion. If anyone has suggestions for the directions the series should take, please e-mail me at adamsafran@hotmail.com And now on to the Story.

First Blood
By Adam Safran

Tommy stared grinning up at his trophy. His racing career had really taken off after the destruction of all evil. He had had a great weight off his shoulders with not having to worry about an attack by a pissed off Divatox or Astronema. He moved it around on his trophy shelf, deciding where it would look best. It may only have been a minor race, but it was a great start towards getting him into some big races. Tommy had big dreams. In a few years he would be in the Indianapolis 500, and win, and then he would take the Winston Cup. Tommy had big dreams and an amazingly bright future. All the more pity that he could never live up to that potential.

Tommy finally decided on the placement of his newest trophy, when he heard a voice that fed terror deep into his veins.

"Well Red Ranger, you've come up in life from that pathetic thing you used to be."

Tommy whirled around to confront the creature that had been in his nightmares for years. His hair stood on end as he confronted his greatest challenge and rival, "Goldar. Thought you took a dive off the deep end. Can't say that I felt sad when I was told."

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Power Dweeb! You don't have any powers now, and my power has been increased to make me unstoppable. Prepare to die!" With that roar he charged forward, and even though Tommy was ready for him and tried to dodge aside, but Goldar moved faster than he had ever moved before, in the long time that Tommy had known and fought him. Goldar howled in triumph as his long cerrated sword pierced Tommy's side. Tommy gritted his teeth and tried weakly to pry the sword from his side, but his hands slipped off in the blood coating the sword and with a start he realized that it was his own. He clawed at Goldar with his last breath and the final thing he saw was Goldar's leering grin as he howled in triumph. Their long rivalry was over, and Goldar had won.

Alpha was on the bridge of the Megaship, running a systems diagnostic (you never knew when the rangers would have need of a spaceship to leave Terra Venture, and he would have his circuits fried before he allowed them to do so), when the communications panel began beeping. Curious, he ambled on over and looked at the screen. It was flagging several news articles, about a series of murders on Earth and other planets. Alpha realized with a start they all involved names he had flagged since his days at the Power Chamber. They were the names of former rangers. And they were all dead! He quickly scanned the articles and realized with a start that in all cases there were no suspects, except in a few cases where monsters long believed dead had been sighted. Tommy, Justin, Andros, Karone, Zhane, Billy, Tanya, Aisha, Katherine, every former Ranger on earth or of earth descent had been killed. With a wail Alpha realized that he had to contact the Rangers immediatly.

As the Rangers assembled on the bridge of the Megaship, Alpha briefed them as best he could, but soon the little robot lost his composure, and he began wailing for lost friends and people that he had always meant to meet and would now never have the chance to. The Rangers were respectfully quiet until Alpha could pull himself together and finish up.

Damon broke the silence, "Man, this stinks! He isn't targeting us, he's targeting former Rangers. Why? Damn, I always wanted to meet the Rangers before me, after we beat Scorpius and went back to Earth."

Kai said, "Actually, this makes perfect sense. He's eliminated any experienced help we could've sent for or asked for adivice. We've just taken a major blow and he didn't even attack us. This could really put a crimp in our defense plans."

Leo agreed, "Yeah, now we have no defense force on Earth. I was meaning to ask Alpha about contacting them, to try to bring them up to active status, so we would have some backup. I should've anticipated this, and I should've warned them, or we should've gone to Earth to protect them." He immediatly looked downcast and cast his eyes down to the ground. He felt like he had lost friends and family for the third time. First his parents in the major California earthquake before he had gone on Terra Venture that had left himself and Mike orphans. Then he had lost his brother to Furio. And now he had lost people whom he had never met or talked to, but he had felt an immediate kinship with the former Rangers. And it was all his fault that they were dead.

All of the Rangers were silent, in memory of their lost comrades-in-arms. They realized that now the fight had gotten serious.