Notes: Hey everybody, the contest has been officially closed and a winner selected. Thank you for your entries. My ideas on Transformers are a combination of "official" Transformers mythos, some of what I've read on the web, and some that I've made up. Hope you enjoy the story and please e-mail me with your comments and suggestions.

Disclaimer: The most disclaimers yet! Saban owns the Power Rangers, Paramount owns Q and the concept, and Hasbro owns the Transformers, while George Lucas owns Star Wars and Rogue Squadron. Ravage Starkiller is my idea, and his name is a combination of a character from Transformers, Ravage, and Luke Skywalker's original last name. Read on! I know that the title stinks, but its 10 pm and I'm crashing. Just want to get this story out on time.

Enter the Path
By Adam Safran

Leo was waiting for Alpha as the little robot got out of his last checkup. The patient was heavily sedated, as his thrashing around had threatened to reopen many of his just closed up injuries. He had spent his time awake screaming in agony, weeping for his lost squadron. Alpha came up to Leo, somehow looking perplexed. "Leo," Alpha said, "there's something really weird with this guy. I did some deeper scans of his body, and not all of it is organic. There's something really weird in his system, some kind of technological apparatus that I've never seen before."

Leo was confused. "Let me get this straight, you're saying that he is not entirely human, part of him is robotic?" he asked. Alpha nodded his head, and Leo continued, "But I was under the impression that most member systems of the Council did not permit cybernetic enhancements except in the case of life threatening injuries."

Alpha said, "Yeah, most of them today are. In the past it was pretty much that way too. There were a few exceptions, mostly warrior races, and a few that were completely robotic. The Garindians, Therusians, Galacticans, Cybertronians…"

Leo said, "Wait, I've heard of all of those races, except the Cybertronians. Who are they? I've never seen any planet called Cybertron on the Council member list."

Alpha responded, "The Cybertronians were a pretty weird race. They

called themselves the Transformers, and they could change their shapes,

transform into other things. There were two offshoots of the race, two

primary factions – the Autobots and the Decepticons. They had a civil war going for millions of years until both sides finally sat down and agreed to a peace about the time of Rita's war with Zordon. During that they were members of the Council, but during the war and since they have pretty much stayed to themselves and declared themselves neutrals. And believe me,

their weapon technology was so advanced that everyone gave them a wide berth, even Dark Spectre. No one could mess with them and survive."

As Alpha continued to lecture Leo about the Transformers, Damon and Maya went to check on the patient. What they found was terrifying. Where the patient had been restrained and sedated, was a giant gray and black

robotic wolf with a pair of missles on his hind legs. He growled at them and raced through the open door, the two of them jumping out of his way. Maya tried to reach out to the creatures mind, but all she found was anguish, pain too much to bear, and an animal intelligence boosted beyond comprehension, somehow animal and at the same time not, beyond both categories. It was too much for her enhanced psychic senses to take in and she collapsed with a whimper. Believing her to have fallen victim to some kind of attack from the wolf, Damon stopped his pursuit and ran to Maya, simultaneously yelling into his communicator that there was some kind of creature onboard, and it had done something to the patient. The other Rangers acknowledged and began racing towards the disturbance.

The wolf was tearing down the corridors at high speeds, dodging attempts by the Rangers to grab him, so they morphed to keep up with him. The wolf came to an airlock that led out of the ship and blasted it with his missles, leaving a gigantic circular hole that he ran out of. When he was out of the ship he skidded to a stop on his paws, taking in his surroundings, and preparing to run, when his optics and olfactory sensors picked up a familiar form. He didn't quite realize that he was in a different time yet, he just thought he had been rescued by a group of Rangers, and he needed to find some ship and escape, to get back to his

squadron. He howled at the shape he recognized and raced forwards, and the shape was shocked.

"RAVAGE!!???!!!?!" The Magna Defender yelled at the top of his lungs. "How? WHat? YOu died over 10,000 years ago. How can this be? What are you doing here?" Ravage growled in response and then the Rangers came racing out of the Megaship. Magna Defender looked towards them, thinking out loud, "The Rangers had something to do with this, and they somehow must have brought you here. I can tell that you want to get back to your team mates, to join them in rest, an honourable death. So I will not keep you waiting." With that he drew his sword and pointed it at Ravage, preparing to strike him down. THen he was tackled by all five Rangers, who yelled at him to stop, that this wasn't the way. Ravage yelped and slowly began to transform into a human shape, and collapsed. It was Ravage Starkiller.