Notes: Hey all you people! This is part 11 of Q-Tastrophe, and boy, are things coming to a heat. One shall fall, and one shall rise, to quote the Transformers movie. One group will not be standing after this is over, and its not who you expect.

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers. Hasbro owns Transformers. Paramount owns the Q concept. Ravage Starkiller is my own creation.

By Adam Safran

"Well, now my intradimensional transport is ready!" spoke a very cheerful and high pitched voice. "I just need to attatch the particle accelerator to the cold fusion and antimatter power chambers, and engage the safeties, and then we're off!" With that the old man dragged his portly companion over to a contraption that looked like it came from a very cheap B-science fiction movie. It had dozens of flashing buttons, pipes, and was covered with things sticking out at odd angles. With his companion protesting, the old man opened the door, stepped inside the machine, and dragged his companion with him. There was suddenly a large amount of smoke from the machine, an awful noise, and then suddenly a loud pop! With a

flash of bright light the machine disappeared, leaving a small crater where it once stood.

Evil Q was ecstatic. He finally had the perfect plan to take care of those Rangers. He couldn't beat them in open combat, so he'd take what they couldn't do without, those who they were supposed to protect. He'd take all the people on Terra Venture hostage and in return he'd take the Rangers

powers. It was so brillant, that it couldn't fail.

The Rangers were sleeping, getting some rest after another fierce battle with Evil Q's forces, when they were awakened by Alpha's wail over the communicators. "Ayiyiyiyiyi Rangers! Report to the Megaship at once! Everyone but you on Terra Venture has gone missing!" This jolted the Rangers out of bed, and quickly dressing, they raced to the Megaship

Once they got there they did several scans of the surrounding area, trying to find out what had happened. They found nothing. For no reason they could detect everybody on Terra Venture had disappeared. They had left in the middle of sleeping, cooking meals, bridge duty, and play. They left no trace where they had all gone.

Then DECA beeped, "Rangers, we have an incoming communication from Evil Q." The Rangers all turned to face the main viewscreen and watched as Evil Q's horrible visage appeared upon it.

"Greetings Rangers. By this time you should have found out that all the people on Terra Venture are missing. I am responsible. Now, before you can tell me that if I do anything to harm them, you'll destroy me, I must tell you that that is my intention. I give you a choice, Rangers. I will give you thirty seconds to surrender yourselves and your powers to me, or I will execute everyone on Terra Venture. The countdown starts now.




"Oh my god! What are we going to do?"

"We can't surrender, we just can't. All the people are counting on us."

"In case you haven't noticed, all the people who count on us are captive, and if we don't surrender they'll all die."

"How do we know we can trust him to spare them if we surrender?"

"We have no choice. We can't let all those people die. The need of the many outweighs the need of the few, or the one." To this Leo heard only silence. He turned to the viewscreen. "Ok, you win. We surrender."

Evil Q cackled evily, and responded, "An excellent choice. I will

teleport all of you to my flagship, and I will then teleport all of the

humans I have taken back to Terra Venture. I will even spare your little robot and your little Megaship, so that your puny space colony will have some protection. I give you my pledge that as long as you are my prisoners, I will no longer attack it." And with that there was a flash of light, and all five of the Rangers disappeared.

Ravage stuck his head out from where he had been hidden and said, "We have a serious problem."

Q turned to the two companions who had only very recently been reunited and said, "You two are the only people left on the planet with enough contact with the Morphin Grid to accept powers. You are the only hope of the Rangers and the planet. Do you accept?"

"You got it!" They chorused in unison.

"Then receive your powers, and use them well." With a flick of his

hands he granted the two humans powers, wishing greatly that he had another option, but he did not.



And with that the two oddest Rangers in the history of the cosmos went on their mission to free the universe, in what was sure to be their craziest adventure yet.