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Coming of the Darkness
By Adam Safran

Six dark figures infiltrated Terra Venture. They all had one thing on their minds besides absolute destruction. That thing was the elimination of the Power Rangers, and then came the absolute destruction of Terra Venture, like any bad group of villains, they were having a hard time coming up with which one they would enjoy more. Two of them were arguing.

"All five of you couldn't even stand up to six Rangers. I nearly defeated five of them, in my previous incarnation. In my next I held off all six, until my posessor turned good. I am the more successful villain. I will lead!" The first one yelled, and a flash of green could be seen

under his cloak.

"Yes, you nearly were defeated by the most inexperienced Rangers ever, with the weakest powers and Zords. We stood up to the most powerful and experienced Rangers ever, and we nearly defeated them. And we don't have chronic problems with turning good either! I will lead." The second one howled in a dark voice, with a flash of red. The other four stood back and enjoyed the two fighting. Underneath their clothing could be seen flashes of black, pink, blue, and yellow. Finally the four of them interceded between the two combatants.

"Look at you fools! Fighting amongst yourselves! Why don't we simply do the Rangers jobs for them? And you remember what will happen to us if we fail once again!" This broke up the two before they went to serious blows, and the two nodded, and pulled their cloaks on over their heads, and continued walking towards the Megaship.

The Rangers and the Magna Defender anxiously waited, watching Ravage as he slowly came back to consciousness. He scanned the room, and his eyes glowed red. He interrupted their questions with a low growl, and howled, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" The Rangers stumbled back and quickly left the room. Magna Defender turned to look at him, but the glare from Ravage sent him out too. Ravage slowly, with great pain, worked his way out of the bed. He painfully raised his arms above his head and screamed, "Decepticons Forever!" With that a red light glowed from him and he changed into his Decepticon form, Ravage, a wildcat. He scanned the room for a computer

entry port, and noticed one on the wall of the sickbay. He jumped into the air and with a mechanical sound transformed into a cassette tape, entering the data entry port. He began downloading all of the information in the computers, from how the Synthetron worked to galactic history tapes, and the computer log. Nothing escaped his notice. Within milliseconds he was done. It was so fast that DECA never even noticed that there had been an entry into the computer banks. This done, Ravage planned. He reviewed all the information, and the computer logs on what had happened since his dissapearance. He immediately was able to corellate this Q being with several experiences that Rogue Squadron had had, several particularly nasty and unecessary battles. He recalled that the squadron tech, a particularly technically gifted Technopian, even for his species, had come up with a way to track Q by his energy. The big buffoon had never figured it out either, he was so full of himself and sure that he could never be expected. The squadron had been given forewarnings many times, and had been saved by the invention. He sent a message out to his home planet for futher support, and informing them of his continued existance, along with a summary of what had been going on. Ravage then realigned the sensors so they could detect Q

energy, and was soon aware of six figures employing some sort of cloaking device approaching the Megaship. Ravage cabled a warning to DECA and then began racing for the bridge, desperate to get there before the unknown and powerful attackers did.

DECA's feminine voice bowled out on the bridge, "Rangers, we have…" And was interrupted by a massive explosion as the top part of the bridge blew off, and six beings dropped down.

The Rangers dropped into defensive stances as the two in front, the Evil Green Dragon Ranger and Psycho Red said together, "Hello Rangers, did you miss us?" Then there was a flurry of evil cackling… The Rangers felt the memories of combat with the Psychoes and the Green Ranger flow into

them, and they were ready for anything.

On Cybertron a message was received. "A message from unit designate: Ravage has been received. Unit is being upgraded from missing and presumed destroyed to active. Will request to Megatron and Optimus Prime that relief force be sent to take Ravage home." And with that Soundwave stood up and left the main communications room.