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An Explanation
By Adam Safran

Everyone stared at Ravage. He was changing into a human form that the Rangers recognized very well. Ravage Starkiller. Leo spoke out first at the form, "What happened? How did you do that?"

Ravage slowly stood up. His eyes glowed a bright red, and he spoke, growling. "You rescued me. You fragellian muskrats! I was supposed to die with them!"

Maya broke the silence. "With who?"

"My squadron! You had to rescue me, but not them! You violated your oaths that Zordon made to the squadron. You could've cost him the war, if he that bubble head hasn't lost it already."

Leo was very confused. Shouldn't this guy be thanking them for rescuing him? What did he mean by that? Leo asked, "What oath? And what do you mean, 'lost the war?'" Zordon's war with Rita ended over 10,000

years ago. Zordon won but was placed in a time warp by Rita's last spell."

Ravage was stunned. "What do do you mean," he stuttered? "I'm in the future? This can't be. Yearrrgghhh!" Energy began flowing all around him as he collapsed to the ground. The Rangers moved to aid him but were stopped by the Magna Defender.

"Why won't you let us help him? He's in great pain and probably dying!" an outraged Leo yelled at the Defender as the Rangers prepared to attack to save their patient.

"Don't you see that you're torturing him by keeping him alive? The stress of the time travel is tearing both his halves apart. His human half and his Transformer half. If you don't let me kill him now his last moments will be of indescribable pain." With that Magna Defender shoved Leo aside and once again moved to behead Ravage. The Rangers shouted warnings at him and then finally drew their Quasar Sabers. Leo shouted at them to keep the Magna Defender busy while he went to grab Ravage and teleport him back to the Megaship. The plan worked, for the most part. Leo grabbed Ravage and teleported away, as did the Rangers. What they didn't expect was an outraged Magna Defender to follow them.

The Rangers had a swift and easy victory over the Magna Defender. It was almost as if something was holding him back. Finally he admitted defeat to the Rangers and the Magna Defender stopped fighting. He then proceeded to tell the Rangers all he knew of Ravage Starkiller.

"He's a human who settled on Cybertron after the peace treaty that

ended the Great War. It unified Autobots and Decepticons, and they allowed a small number of humans who had been allied with each faction to settle there as a reward. Ravage was the descendant of one of the original human occupants of Cybertron. As time passed a scientist named Perceptor discovered a way to bond humans and Transformers together, working through the Morphin Grid, similar to a Rangers ability to summon his weapons from out of nowhere, an ability that Transformers had had for millions of years, by storing objects in subspace. He found a way to store a complete Transformer in subspace, and link its consciousness to a human one. Many Transfomers and humans were linked in this way. Ravage was one of them. He was linked to a cassette named Ravage, a wildcat. During the war with Rita, he volunteered for Council military service, which Zordon kept to a minimum. Zordon preferred the use of Ranger teams over outright military force, something which many disagreed with. He was a natural flyer, and eventually he joined Rogue Squadron. I was part of a Ranger team out in the Trypticos Sector, and we were under heavy attack by Rita's forces. Rogue Squadron was part of the relief force that saved us. I met Ravage and became good friends with him. Our entire team held Rogue Squadron in awe. They were beyond legends to us. He was the most human of the group. The most recent member of the squadron, he hadn't changed from his original self the most. Shortly after that Rogue Squadron was transferred to another sector and that was the last I heard of Ravage until his supposed death, and until now when I saw him again."

Leo asked, "Why was Rogue Squadron held in such high regard by Ranger teams? Shouldn't a Ranger team be superior to them?"

Magna Defender chuckled, and said, "Simply hearing of the squadron

entrance exam should clarify that. To get into the squadron you had to beat a team of Rangers whose avatars were birds of prey, morphed, natural flyers, and in superior craft to yours. The squadron leader defeated the Ranger team in a garbage scow, if memory serves me accurately." The talk continued on while Ravage slowly mended, unaware as to what was going on, which was a great evil…

Evil Q was bored. His invasion of the galaxy was for the most part stalled. The Ranger groups were holding out much better than he had anticipated. He needed a new plan. He summoned two of his Generals to come and make a report on their progress against the Rangers in the Malkari Sector, including Terra Venture. Both of them hit upon the same idea at once, for a way to strike back at the Rangers. What better way to defeat Rangers than with other Rangers? With that the witch with cones all over her body chanted a spell and summoned an old coin with a triangular glyph on it, while the other produced a set of old, beat up data cards….

Laughter echoed throughout the ship.