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<P>Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. No really, they're not mine... honest. I do, however, own the original ideas herein, and there actually are a few.<BR> Thanks: To SirStack's spoiler warnings. Despite the fact that there will be no more spoilers written, this is still one the best websites out there for getting information on Power Rangers. <BR> Notes: Despite the title, this story only roughly follows the episode. </P> <P align="center">Green With Evil<BR> By Randel <P><BR> <BR> The Green Ranger appears</P> <P>An event Zordon and Goldar had hoped might never come to pass had finally arrived, Rita Repulsa had created her own Ranger using the Green Saurian Power Coin, and an unknown, likely unwilling, pawn. For the past two days, the Evil Green Ranger had been wreaking havoc on Angel Grove and it seemed there was little the defenders of the city could do about it. If only they knew the focus of the spell, the identity of the evil Ranger... anything that might give them the edge. But for now all they could do was wait. </P> <P>The six of them were in the Youth Center as was normal for the hours after school and before dinner. Zack, Jason and Goldar, or Gordon as he called by those who didn't know of his true origin, were sparing three-way on the mats. Billy and Trini were going over designs for increasing the power of their Zords. Kim sat at the table with them simply sipping her smoothie and staring off into space. She couldn't shake the feeling that there was something she was missing. Something about this whole Green Ranger thing... she just couldn't put her finger on it. </P> <P>"Kim?" the light hail brought her attention back to the real world and she twisted in her chair to see a young man new to the Angel Grove area, Thomas Oliver. He had brown hair to his shoulders and chocolate colored eyes. He was muscular, but not as built as Jason... taller though. She had to admit he looked good... very good in fact. </P> <P>Stop that she told herself, You're dating Goldar... heh, just a month ago that would have been unthinkable. </P> <P>Tommy, Billy and Trini were looking at her as though waiting for a response.</P> <P>"Oh sure, have a seat." </P> <P>Tommy smiled as the three made room for him to sit. </P> <P>"So what were you two working on?" he directed his question to Billy and Trini. </P> <P>"Just a physics problem," replied Trini smoothly. The four talked easily, Tommy quickly flowing into the group, but Kim said little. The feeling she'd had earlier was becoming stronger. Suddenly for some unknown reason, the uneasiness settled on Tommy. Hurriedly she thought back on all she knew of him, trying desperately to find out why he was beginning to frighten her... neither Billy nor Trini seemed to be affected in this way.</P> <P>When Tommy had first walked through the doors of the Youth Center he had been fairly shy, but once he hit the mats it was obvious he was pretty good. He had entered the martial arts expo and had fought Jason for the trophy, the match had ended in a draw, but Jason had admitted that if it had gone on much longer that Tommy probably would have beaten him. Not too long after that he had begun to change. He was colder... no longer the somewhat shy, kind young man he'd been only the week previous, but now here he was seemingly they way he'd been before... but the feeling that something was wrong hadn't left Kim. </P> <P>"Oh my God, it can't be..."</P> <P>"What was that Kim?" asked Trini. Kim started and stared at her friend, she hadn't realized she'd spoken aloud. Kim's stare shifted to Tommy, and to his dark green shirt... there was more than one guy in the place wearing a green shirt... but Tommy was always wearing green... just as she always wore pink...</P> <P>"Uh... nothing, nothing."</P> <P>"Are you sure?" asked Tommy kindly. Kim just stared, not able to hide her fear and surprise. Suddenly Tommy's kind expression turned to a snarl and his eyes flashed a hard green. "So you've figured it out have you?"</P> <P>Zack, having noticed the sudden tension at his friends' table, quickly stopped the sparing match and headed that direction; Jason and Goldar close behind him.</P> <P>"Tommy?" asked Billy, "Oh no..."</P> <P>"Oh yes, Blue Boy."</P> <P>"What's going on here?" Jason demanded quietly so as not to alert the other patrons of what was going on.</P> <P>"Well, well, if it isn't the fearless leader," muttered Tommy sarcastically. "How was your latest battle? The one where I wiped the desert floor with you and your team."</P> <P>"Tommy, I understand how you're feeling right now. You're confused..." started Goldar, but he was cut off by Tommy's contemptuous laugh.</P> <P>"Save it traitor. Once you're captured, my Queen has something special planned for you."</P> <P>"Hey back off man," replied Zack coming to his friend's defense. </P> <P>"I don't have time for clowns like you Black Ranger, now if you'll excuse me, I have an attack to plan."</P> <P>"Tommy," Kim's voice stopped the Green Ranger and he turned to face her. "Why are you doing this?"</P> <P>"Ah Kimmy... we could have had something, you and me. We still can. Come with me, leave these pathetic creatures behind."</P> <P>Kim's only response was a stony glare. Tommy shrugged, turned and left the building, after a few moments the other Rangers left as well and teleported to the Command Center. </P> <P><hr> </P> <P>"So now what?" said Zack, "We know the Green Ranger is Tommy, how do we break the spell on him?"</P> <P>"It is a spell correct? Tommy was quite companionable the first time we conversed."</P> <P>"Yes Billy, Rita has placed a spell upon Tommy putting him under her control."</P> <P>"So how do we free him?" Zack restated his earlier question.</P> <P>"The Sword of Darkness..." said Goldar quietly.</P> <P>"That is a possibility..." Zordon started to say when the alarms began to go off.</P> <P>"Ay yi yi Rangers... The Green Ranger is attacking civilians in the park."</P> <P>"Damn," muttered Jason, "alright, we're on it."</P> <P>"It's morphin time!"</P> <P>"MASTADON!"</P> <P>"TRICERATOPS!"</P> <P>"SABERTOOTH TIGER!"</P> <P>"PTERODACTYL!"</P> <P>"TYRANNOSAURUS!"</P> <P>In a flash of light the rangers teleported to the park leaving Goldar, Alpha 5 and Zordon in the Command Center. </P> <P>"Alpha, please scan Tommy's sword, I want to know if it is the focus for the spell that holds him."</P> <P>"Right away Zordon."</P> <P>Goldar watched the viewing globe anxiously, swearing revenge on Rita for turning yet another unfortunate soul to darkness, and for anything that unfortunate soul might do to his beloved Kimberly. </P> <P><hr> </P> <P>"Well, well Rangers, we meet again. I have orders this time to finish you off."</P> <P>"Tommy, come on man, you can beat this," Jason's voice.</P> <P>"How noble of you Red Ranger, showing pity to your enemy." Quietly, while his attention was focused on Jason, the Yellow Ranger began to slip around behind him. </P> <P>Kim stepped forward a bit, "Tommy, please..."</P> <P>The Green Ranger altered his voice to a high whining parody, "Tommy, please." With a sudden softness he addressed the Pink Ranger, "I have been given the option of keeping you alive Kim... you could be my partner, my wife..."</P> <P>"I have a boyfriend thank you."</P> <P>Before anyone knew it Green Ranger's blaster was in his hand and had shot Kim in the chest, sending her to the ground. Everything happened at once. Jason, Zack and Billy charged, but Trini got there first. </P> <P>A frightening snarl escaped her as she planted a firm kick in Tommy's back. Unfortunately the uncharacteristic anger had kept her from delivering the blow cleanly, and Green Ranger responded with a spinning backhand that knocked Yellow into a tree. </P> <P>"Trini! NO!" Blue Ranger attacked Green Ranger, Power Lance in hand. Startled at the cold fury in Billy's style, Green fell back. Finally at a small break in Blue's attack, Green launched himself through the air at the fallen Pink Ranger. Scooping her into his arms he looked up to see Billy quickly advancing, and he fled in a Green teleportation stream accompanied by a Pink one. </P> <P><hr> </P> <P>"I'll kill him..." snarled Goldar.</P> <P>"I wouldn't suggest it," replied Zordon calmly.</P> <P>The rest of the Rangers appeared in columns of light. Goldar began pacing and the power teens quickly got out of his way.</P> <P>"Zordon," said Jason looking up at his mentor, "We've gotta do something."</P> <P>"Indeed, Jason. Alpha and I have already begun scanning for Kimberly's location. She is not in the Moon palace."</P> <P>"A pocket dimension," muttered Goldar.</P> <P>"What?" said Zack.</P> <P>"A pocket dimension," explained Billy, "Is a dimension peripherally connected to our own. Apparently Tommy has access to such a location."</P> <P>"Honestly, Alpha, I'm okay," insisted Trini as the small droid waved a blue light in front of her.</P> <P>"Nothing is broken," conceded Alpha, "But you should take it easy for a while. Being thrown into large trees is not exactly conducive to being "'all right'."</P> <P>"So, when we find Kim," said Zack, "What do we do? Will you be able to teleport her out?"</P> <P>"That depends upon the composition of the materials of the pocket dimension and upon whatever enchantments may have been placed upon it to keep us from doing so," replied Billy who had gone to work on the consoles while Alpha was diagnosing Trini.</P> <P>The sirens began to wail and all the rangers looked, startled, at the viewing globe.</P> <P>"Rangers," it was the masked visage of the Green Ranger. "I know you can hear me, so listen well. You have one chance to get your Pink Ranger back. A trial of combat. Traitor, you and me, no interference from your friends."</P> <P>Goldar growled, his bronzed face a stony mask. "And when I defeat you in honorable combat, you will return Kimberly? You cannot honestly expect me to believe that, Tommy. I was in your place once, remember?"</P> <P>"You have no choice, traitor." The cold laughter of the Green Ranger was so unlike Tommy's that the others could hardly believe it belonged to him. "I will meet you in the park in ten minutes. And no Rangers, or you'll never see her again. Having been in my place, you can know the truth of that, traitor."</P> <P>The image in the viewing globe flickered and died.</P> <P>"I'm going," Goldar said immediately looking directly at Jason, waiting for an argument. He wasn't disappointed. </P> <P>"Not alone you're not," countered Jason.</P> <P>"You heard the man, Jason. If I don't go alone, Kim will be lost to us."</P> <P>"He'll kill you, Goldar," protested Trini. </P> <P>"Not if I kill him first."</P> <P>"Goldar." Zordon's voice was commanding and quite nearly threatening. </P> <P>Looking around at his friends, Goldar knew he had frightened him with his declaration. There were new to this war, they didn't realize just how deadly it could be. </P> <P>"I will not kill him," said Goldar into the silence. "He is, as I was, a pawn of Rita's evil. I will do my best to bring both Tommy and Kim back."</P> <P>Jason looked about to object again, but Alpha interrupted him. "Rangers, my scans have confirmed that the Sword of Darkness is indeed the weapon Tommy carries and is the focus of the spell that binds him to darkness."</P> <P>"Five minutes until the time indicated by Tommy for the duel," said Billy. </P> <P>"There's no choice, my friends," Goldar addressed them all. </P> <P>"I won't loose you too," answered Jason. "At the first sign of trouble, we're getting you out of there. No arguments, Goldar, he won't dare hurt Kim. She's too good of a bargaining piece." </P> <P>Goldar nodded. "Billy, please teleport me to the park."</P> <P>Billy did so and as Goldar disappeared in column of golden light, all in the Command Center silently echoed Zordon's words. </P> <P>"May the Power Protect you."</P> <P><hr> </P> <P>Goldar appeared in the park, his black hair held back tightly. He was clad in armor of plasti-steel, no where near as durable as a Ranger's armor, but it would have to do. In his hand he gripped a broad sword. Goldar turned in a slow circle, looking for the Green Ranger. </P> <P>The memorable sound of teleportation heralded the evil Ranger's appearance.</P> <P>"You showed up," Green Ranger said, "I wasn't sure you would."</P> <P>Goldar raised his sword, "When I am through with you, Green Ranger, you will regret taking Kimberly from me."</P> <P>"Lust isn't worth this," Green Ranger replied, "Why do you not come back to the service of our Queen?"</P> <P>"I am done with that part of my life. Her control over me is over." Goldar kept his eyes on the green armored Ranger and they began circling each other slowly. "They would accept you," Goldar continued speaking. "They accepted me into their ranks with open arms. You were not always evil, Tommy." </P> <P>When Goldar spoke the Ranger's name, the Ranger hesitated for a moment, shaking his head.</P> <P>"Enough talk, traitor." </P> <P>Green Ranger flashed the Sword of Darkness and charged at Goldar. He deflected the first blow and countered. Green Ranger slipped past Goldar's attack and struck the man on his shoulder. The armor took the blow but the strength of the Ranger made him stagger. From then on, Goldar was on the defensive. Just managing to deflect Green Ranger's powerful blows. As Goldar fought, he studied. </P> <P>Tommy was new in this town and Goldar had not had much chance to examine the way he fought, but as he desperately deflected blow after blow, he began to see an opening in the boy's style. Waiting until the proper moment, purposely making his parry's a bit sloppier, Goldar suddenly lunged. </P> <P>Sparks flew and Tommy fell back, stunned. Goldar followed up on the attack slashing Green Ranger three times. Then, Green Ranger pointed his sword at Goldar and a great energy struck the man. </P> <P>By the time Goldar could see again, Tommy was standing over him.</P> <P>"Prepare to die, traitor."</P> <P>But Green Ranger was again forced back, this time as Red Ranger plowed into him. Swords forgotten, the two Rangers punched and kicked at each other in a deadly dance. Goldar sat up and found Billy pressing some sort of a hypo to his neck. It was cold but made him feel stronger and he got to his feet.</P> <P>"I'm sorry, Billy," he told the Blue Ranger as he stood, "I couldn't beat him."</P> <P>"It's alright, Goldar," Billy returned, "Now let's help the others."</P> <P>But Black and Yellow Ranger were simply moving about he edge of the fight, neither wishing to distract Jason. Blue Ranger and Goldar joined them, witnessing the impressive match, waiting for an opportunity to assist their leader. </P> <P>That opportunity did not come. Green Ranger suddenly slipped inside of Red's defense and gripped the ranger about the neck and right arm, effectively capturing him. </P> <P>"You broke the rules, Rangers," Green Ranger growled, "And now I'll add Red to my collection." And then both Green and Red Ranger's disappeared in columns of light. </P></BODY>