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Author's Note: I am in the process of writing this story as it comes. I have several pages of this story written out and will get it typed up and posted as soon as I can. I am currently working on several other fanfics and this particular story maybe delayed. I am sorry for leaving you hanging like this.

I would also ask you to email me asking if you would like to use any aspect of my story. The reason for this, especially with Zelda, is because the storyline is complex and has taken me since 1991 to create to where it is now. It is also under constant reconstruction so some items are subject to change. I will also have several standalones, which have nothing to do with the main sequence of events. I will tell you when that is so. I just want you to know that I am posting this against my better judgment because all my ideas are subject to change. I really wanted to wait and post it when the whole thing was typed, but I just want to get it out there and then post the final version on my site when complete. Any critique is welcome. Thank you. I give to you now...

The Voices
By Zelda Martial

After the battle at Mirinoi, the days passed quickly for the chosen, and when they had finally reached Terra Venture, all seemed at peace once more. Leo knew, however, that was far from the truth. He knew ever since his first encounter with Furio that it was to be only the beginning of a long and hard battle to keep Terra Venture protected.

The day started like any other for Leo since the loss of his brother Mike and his gaining of his powers through his brother's red quasar saber. "It's up to you now." Mike had said. "I believe in you." Leo sighed.

"I wish it would have been that easy to let go of you." Leo was then walking across the park on Terra Venture's main colony platform. Leo began to do some martial arts moves that he learned as a young youth, out on the air. As you could imagine, he was still taking the loss of his brother pretty hard. It wouldn't have been so bad if he had lost his brother in a car accident, but no, it didn't happen that way. Mike had lost his life to the hands of Furio's lust for the quasar sabers. Furio had created a chasm on Mirinoi greater than that of the Grand Canyon of that on Earth, and Mike had just been caught in the middle.

The only problem Leo had with being the Galactic Red Ranger was that it was not meant for him. It was meant for his brother who died back on Mirinoi because of Furio's wrath. Mike was also the one who released the saber from the rock in which it had been held captive for over three thousand years. Leo sighed again at the thought.

No matter what any of the other rangers said, he wasn't one of the chosen and never would be. His brother, Mike, was the chosen one, and Leo had only received the powers of the red quasar saber by his death. Maybe that is all that the powers meant to him: Death. Maybe that's what the power is. Leo then punched forward and, without realizing it, hit someone in the gut.

"I am so sorry," Leo spoke apologetically. Unfortunately, when Leo looked up, he realized that he had accidentally hit one of Terra Venture's commanding officers- the second in command to be precise.

"No apology necessary Leo. I've been through a lot worse." The officer spoke serenely with no hint of anger in her delicate voice. All Leo could do was stand there, hold his right hand in which he had meant to punch the air with and stand there with his jaw dropped clear to the floor. He didn't mean to, honestly he didn't, but he kept thinking to himself that she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

"Huh?" Leo didn't hear the officer's words for he was caught off guard, and the officer just shook the question off.

"My name is Zelda."

"He." Leo's voice was still caught up in his throat.

"Your Leo right?" He nodded his head in response to her question. Zelda stuck out her right hand and as Leo took it, she shook it gently but firmly. Hovering above both Leo and Zelda was Marahute. Marahute gently glided down towards them and landed on Leo's left shoulder. Chirping a few notes, Marahute scared the daylights out of him. As Leo fell backwards down onto the ground, Marahute flew up and perched on Zelda's out stretched arm.

"Sorry about that." Zelda apologized to Leo, helping him off of the ground. "She's harmless really. She is so used to people around her knowing about her that she tends to forget that not everyone does know."

"That's okay." Leo said as he brushed off the dirt that had collected on his pants.

"Since you two have not been formally introduced…" Zelda trailed off her words slightly and then said, "Leo, I would like you to meet Marahute, my golden eagle." Marahute then bobbed her head forward in greeting. She then flew over and perched on Leo's left shoulder again. This time, Leo was not as frightened. "She likes you." Leo gave both Marahute and Zelda a lop sided smile as he stroked the feathers of Marahute's wings. "She hasn't perched on some ones shoulder like that since I left Earth several years ago." Leo just nodded, not sure what to make of Zelda's last words. Leo followed Zelda as she headed to her destination, talking as they went.

Ten minutes passed as Zelda stopped sixty yards from her destination. Leo then asked a question, which at first caught Zelda off guard.

"What exactly did you mean by having left Earth several years ago?" It was a fair and just question, and why Zelda didn't answer it directly she had no idea.

"Don't you know?" Zelda then quickly sprinted the rest of the way to the command tower, which was her present destination. She didn't exactly want to tell Leo of her greatest defeat. Sometimes, she forgot that not every one on Earth grew up in Angle Grove, and that they didn't know half the stuff the natives of the city did.

Zelda now stopped in front of the main level of the command tower as a sudden rush of voices filled her head knocking her off her feet.

"Help us," The voices pleaded. "Please, hurry!"

"Is she alive?" A worried nurse asked the doctor who had come to Zelda's aid.

"I don't know." The Doctor sighed with frustration. "Her hearts beating, but she has no pulse." Just then, Zelda bolted upright which made both the Doctor and Nurse scared for a brief moment.

"Too many voices crying for help. Must find those voices." Zelda than stood up abruptly and tried to bolt for the double doors that would take her back outside the tower. The doctor and nurse, however, grabbed Zelda's arms and held her back as another nurse came and tried to administer a sleeping agent.

"No! Must help the voices!" Zelda cried out, and using the last of her strength, broke free of both the doctor and the nurse. She made decide on second thought not to go through the double doors and instead ran up several flights of stairs leading to the command bridge. Both the doctor and two nurses ran after Zelda, but lost her within the first minute.

"Please, help us." The voices called out again.

"Where are you!" Zelda cried out to the voices just as she entered the Command Bridge.

"Is something wrong Commander?" Another officer asked.

"It's these voices I keep hearing Kai and I can't figure out where they're coming from." Zelda responded to his question of concern.

Kai motioned to Zelda to step outside the Command Bridge for a minute.

"When did the voices begin?" He asked once they were outside the Command Bridge.

"They beg-" Zelda never had a chance to finish answering Kai's question. The doctor and his two nurses came running around the corner from where the stairwell began its decent to the main colony. Gently, Zelda grabbed Kai's arm and dragged him back into the Command Bridge. "Lock sliding doors, authorization Venture 2681-Alpha 5" Then to finish Kai's question, "They began just before I came on board Terra Venture. When they came the first time, they weren't as strong. Now every time after that when I get them, I feel as if my head's going to explode." Zelda then got and idea.

"Kai? What galaxy are we positioned next to? " Zelda asked.

"Nothing registers on sensors." Kai replied.

"It can't be him, could it?" Zelda mused to herself.

"Couldn't be who sir?" A young man, who's name was Shawn McIntyre, asked out of sheer curiosity.

Zelda was at first hesitant to answer the young ensign's question, but he did have a right to know what she was talking about. To answer him, she said, "Zordon."

"You can't be meaning."

"The one and the same." Zelda smiled at the ensign, who was probably no more than twenty, smiling as she did so. Zelda then turned to Kai as he posed a question of his own.

"How can that be?"

"It's a long story, one I'll have to tell you some time." Zelda sighed heavily. She never thought that she would tell anyone that of the one fault in her life, one that apparently just jumped and bit her in the butt. Zelda sighed again, lighter than before, and then said to herself, "Much later." She then told Kai that he would be taking command of Terra Venture until Commander Stanton returned from his conference with the flight team back on Earth.

"May I ask where your going commander?" Kai asked Zelda.

"I'll be on Mirinoi, answering the call of the voices."

"Mirinoi. Wait!" Kai called out to Zelda, but it was too late. Zelda had already disappeared from sight. "Unlock sliding doors. Authorization Venture 2 2683-Terra 1." As the locked doors hissed open, Kai quickly spoke to Ensign McIntyre to stay positioned at these coordinates until Commander Stanton returned.

"Where are you going sir?"

"I'm hopefully going to be with the commander." Kai replied, making a quick retreat from the bridge in hopes to follow Zelda. As he made his way down to the main colony, he contacted Leo.

"Leo, are you there?" Kai communicated with the galactic red ranger.

"I'm here, what's wrong?" Leo asked Kai through his communicator.

"Contact the others and meet me at the Astro Megaship. I'll explain once were there."

"We'll be there. Leo out." Just as Kai turned off his communicator, he began to run to the main launch bay where the Astro Megaship was located.