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Loss of Darkness
By Omi and Luellon

Trini took a deep breath and knocked on the door, hesitantly. Even though it was three in the morning, she wanted to see her mother to say goodbye. A tall woman with long, black, flowing hair opened the door. "Trini, what are you doing here? Come on in. We need to talk."

Trini walked in behind her mother and closed the door. "Yea, we do need to talk."


Buffy sat in the car thinking about her mother. Ever since becoming a slayer, their relationship had waned. At first her mother hadn't known she was the slayer and didn't understand why Buffy kept sneaking out at night. Her mother had always assumed it was just teenage rebellion, but now that her mother knew things had changed. The initial denial and anger had subsided and her mother had come to accept that she had responsibilites that she could not abandon. Now she wanted very much to be apart of several aspects of Buffy's life, including those aspects that weren't so pleasant. Buffy only hoped that Trini's mother would be as accepting.


"What's wrong?" Trini asked as her mother sat down at the kitchen table.

"Your father left."


"We're divorced. He left."

"When…..Why…..What happened?" Trini sat down next to her mother.

"It has nothing to do with you, Trini. Your father and I haven't been getting along for quite some time. After you left, he wanted a divorce. I didn't tell you 'cause I didn't want to upset you."

"Did my leaving have anything to do with—"

"No, we've been unhappy for years."


"Trini, I can't bring him back or make any pain go away. But now we don't have enough money to support us here."

Trini took a deep breath, gathering the strength she would need to reveal her secrets to her mother. "Mom, I have a lot to tell you. I couldn't tell you before 'cause I vowed not to, but now I'm not working in that field anymore."

"What is it?"

"I used to be a Power Ranger. I was the yellow one with the Saber Tooth Tiger Zord. Once I went to Geneva I was replaced."

"Then I'm glad I made you take those martial art classes when you were little."

"But now, Mom, I'm needed in Sunnydale. The town's on a Hellmouth. There's supposed to be one girl in the world with the power and skills to fight vampires. Buffy is one of them. She died and was brought back by CPR. Then Faith came and she was killed. Now I'm a Vampire Slayer and I'm needed back in Sunnydale."

"Oh, well, a secret for a secret. Okay." Her mother took a deep breath. "I was born in Vietnam. I became an assassin and used that money to come here. I had no chioce in my occupation. It was either that or die."

"Oh. Well, uh, Buffy's outside. Let's pack and get going before someone asks why we're here."


After they packed they got in the car. "Um… much does she know?" Buffy asked.

"Basically everything. Let's go pick up Billy."



"Hi." He put his bags in the trunk and sat next to Trini in the back seat. He whispered to Trini,"Why is your mom coming? No offense, but I didn't know she would want to come."

"I'll explain later."

"Is there anybody besides a slayer I get to meet?" Trini's mother said.

"Well, there's my friends: Oz the werewolf. Willow the practicing witch. Angel, the only vampire with a soul and Giles, our Watcher," Buffy explained.

"What's a Watcher?"

"Mentor, researcher and trainer of Slayers."

"Does your mom know about your present occupation?"

"Yea. She just found out awhile ago."



"Okay, Billy, I'm gonna drop you off at Angel's."

"Isn't he the vampire?"

"With a soul and don't worry. He doesn't bite……often."

"Thank you for that comforting thought."

"Don't worry, Billy. He's a nice guy. I've met him," Trini said.

"Okay, maybe." He squeezed her hand and got out of the car.

Buffy knocked on Angel's door. He opended the door. "Hi, Buffy. Why are you here? It's almost dawn."

"Trini's boyfriend needs a place to stay for the day. Can he stay here?"

"Sure, if he doesn't mind my snoring."

"You don't snore, Angel."

Billy blushed slightly and turned away not wanting to know how she'd obtained that bit of information.

"I would tell you to help yourself to the fridge, but I don't think you'd find it very appetizing." Angel said.


Buffy returned home with her new guests. She opened the door, waking up her mother who had been sleeping on the couch. "Mom, I want you to meet Trini's mom…Ms……."


Trini's eyes widened at the mention of her mother's maiden name.

As a Slayer's mom, Joyce was used to last minute changes. She simply went upstairs to get more blankets.


The Mayor of Sunnydale sat in a circle of candles, chanting," Aperi, portite malite, et imperite meo mandato. Libere Angelum ab expugnato. Permitte daemonem ambulare in mundum ut occideret sacari monstrorum." Energy burst out from all around him. The spell was set and the slayers' deaths were near.



Buffy and Trini raced toward the sound of screaming. But by the time they got there, the woman was limp and on the floor. The vampire that had killed her ran seeing the two girls holding stakes.

They chased him, turned a corner and saw Angel being chased by another vampire. "Angel!" Buffy yelled. He ran and Buffy staked the vampire. "Uhhh, what's up? I know you're not exactly the run–screaming–in–the–dark–type."

He looked down at his hands. "I was fighting with some vamps when one of them cut me and I started to bleed."

"I'm guessing vampires don't normally bleed," said Trini.

"Not your everyday event," Angel said.


A vampire ran into the alley, running toward them. "Is it me, or is that you over there?" Buffy asked Angel.

"Only not," Angel said. "It feels like me." Angel contorted his face trying to call upon the demon inside him. "Something is wrong. I feel as if the demon has left me."

"If it's not in you, then where did it go?" Trini asked. "Oh, stupid question. Is that him over there?"

"Bad demon," Buffy said.

A red, swirling, portal opened up behind the demon. Angel backed away in complete terror, an emotion that was a rarity for him. He'd been trapped by a similiar portal and had nearly lost himself as a result.

Buffy launched a kick at Angelus trying to keep him away from Angel. The demon fought back with several punches and kicks. Buffy fell to the ground, dazed. Trini jumped in the way, blocked his punch and flung him to ground, using her years of training. He ran and pushed Trini into the portal and fell in himself due to his momentum.


Buffy stared in horror as the portal continued to swirl ominously. "She….died……for me," Buffy whispered a tear rolling down her cheek. Angel silently wrapped his arms around her. "She'll be okay. She's strong." Buffy buried her face into his shoulder. "It….should have been……me."


Trini looked around and saw a red world accented by sinister, black undertones. Angelus stood before her, snarling angrily. "You know, you'll be among them before long." He gestured to the numerous suffering people being tortured by demons. "And to think some of them have only been here for a few millenia."

Trini responded,"I won't be an addition to this demonic collection!"

Angelus grabbed the sword of a nearby demon, who had been using it to torture his unfortunate captor. Angelus was agile and furious, his attack was fast and accurate.

Trini, usually able to hold her own in battle, was now fighting desperately against a creature with eons of experience. She was only a novice slayer, how could she combat this? Trini launched into a jump kick so that she might part her opponent from his new weapon.

But, Angelus, having prepared himself for any move the girl might attempt, simply stepped aside and jabbed her in the side as she sailed past him. Pain seared through her, but now was not the time for nursing wounds. She had to fight if she wanted to suvive.

So she picked herself up , blocking out all feeling, and let out a scream. She felt a rush of adrenaline so powerful, that she felt invincible.

In the second before that feeling faded, she grabbed her stake and in one fluid motion stabbed him in the stomach as he turned to face her.

Taken by surprise, he gasped. She would be more of a challenge then he'd thought. No mortal had ever wounded him so quickly in battle. He would have to be more careful.


Meanwhile, in the library, Willow looked up from her book and said to Oz,"Hey, I found—" But before she could finish her statement Angel ran in looking frightened. Which would have been shocking to the Slayerettes in and of itself, but he was also bleeding. "Angel, oh, you're bleeding?"

Giles pokes his head in the room from his office. "W….W…What?"

"That red sticky substance does appear to be blood," Oz said.

Angel impatiently told them"Look, I have no time for 20 questions, the slayers are in danger. Come with me, Oz, and bring me a crossbow. Willow, I need you and Giles to research demon portals to alternate dimentions…."

"What are you doing? I scanned some strange activity in an alley downtown. I might be mistaken, but it appears to be an interdimentional gateway. This isn't your average town, is it?" Billy said as he entered the room.

"We were just going there . Trini's trapped inside. Let's go."


"Buffy, are you okay?" Angel asked as he, Oz and Billy approached the portal.

"Yea. The big swirly thing is still here, giving me the wiggins."

"Billy, can we get in there?" Angel asked him anxiously.

"I think so, but I'd have to use a scanning device, so I can get us back."

"Do you have it with you?" Oz said.

"Yea, I made it once I scanned the portal, but give me a few seconds to make some adjustments."

"Okay, Buffy and I will stay out here and guard the portal. You two need to get Trini and get out, fast."

"Sure," Billy said.

The werewolf and the former Power Ranger entered the unexplored dimension.


"Oz, stay close to me. We really don't need to get lost."

"Not that we know where we're going anyway."

"Trini!" Billy screamed, upon seeing Angelus hovering over his girlfriend, who was helplessly sprawled on the floor.

Angelus turned his head alerted by the new arrival.

Trini grabbed her stake and delivered a second and final blow to her opponent. She rushed forward and with cheetah-like speed and skill, stabbed him directly in the hollow place where his heart should be. She knew had taken a chance, hoping that since a demon inhabited a vampire it could be killed by the same means. The demon disintegrated. Then she collapsed.

Billy ran toward her, "Trini, we're gonna get you help. Oz, help me carry her, gently." Now, it's my turn to save you.


Trini woke up in a hospital bed, surrounded by people. "Trini, how are you feeling?" Giles asked.

"I'm fine."

"Where's Billy?"

"Sleeping on the chair. He passed out at dawn," Trini's mom answered.

"So, what have I missed?" Trini said.

"Well, you killed the demon Angelus," Oz said.

"She….did?" Willow said.

"Wow. Two points for the rookie slayer," Xander said.

"Yea, you really kicked butt," Buffy said.

Angel whispered something in Buffy's ear and they exited the room. They walked down the corridor until they found an unoccupied corner. "I guess Xander can't call you Dead Boy anymore."

"Yea, this is going to take some getting used to."

"We'll be here to help you along the way."

"Buffy, I can't protect you anymore."

"So, you can't be big macho man anymore. Big deal." To illustrate her point, she planted a firm kiss on his lips.

But then he pulled away and bent his head in sorrow. "I would never forgive myself if anything ever happened to you."

"Don't worry. The Scooby Gang will protect me and maybe I'll protect you for a change."

He smiled wryly. "If only it were that simple."


Meanwhile, on the moon, Lord Zedd laughed evilly. His plan was almost complete. Soon the Power Rangers would face their worst battle against his new allies.


Translation of Mayor's Spell: "Open, O evil gates, and obey my command. Free Angelus from his captor. Allow the demon to walk the earth in order that he might kill the Slayers of Monsters."