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Return of the Fire Priestess
By David Knight

On top of the Moon during the age known as the Silver Millennium, there was a kingdom known as the Moon Kingdom. It had been the center of the entire universe. From the Moon Kingdom, ruled by the noble and fair Queen Serenity and all of its rulers before her, peace had reigned thought the universe and all the planets in the solar system had kingdoms that were thriving and all races got along.

But then in the year 993 it all came to an end. The evil empire known to all as the Dark Kingdom had been plotting for millennia and had gone to attack the Moon Kingdom to solidify its position as the ultimate power in the universe. Its leader Queen Metallia, was a powerful woman. Her second in command was the evil Queen Beryl. Her Dark Generals were named Jedite, Nefilite, Malachite, Gaxite, and Zoicite, the only female in the Dark Kingdom to become a Dark General.

Metallia's surprise attack on the universe added by her mysterious brother nearly succeeded. He was causing riots all over the universe with his forces and all Power Rangers were tied at their homeworlds trying to keep their people save. Even Prince Trey of Triforia, a long time friend of Princess Serena, Queen Serenity's daughter, was hard pressed fighting the forces of evil that had come down on his world. The Moon Kingdom's defenders, the Inner and Outer Sailors and the Four Knights of Earth had been defeated and killed and Princess Serena was killed by Queen Beryl.

No longer concerned with the consequences, Queen Serenity unleashed the full destructive power of the item the Dark Kingdom had come to take in the first place. The Imperium Silver Crystal

It very much destroyed the Dark Kingdom. Very few survived.

Beryl and Metallia were not among them.

Metallia's brother from a distance saw the awesome power of the crystal and decided to take in the survivors of the Dark Kingdom into his own empire. He also vowed that one day he would gain the crystal.

And now our story open on the last moments of Queen Serenity and the event that will shape the future…


"You've done it your majesty," Luna said. "The Dark Kingdom is destroyed!"

"No Luna. Dark Specter still lives," Queen Serenity said she could feel, "As long he lives the evil of the Dark Kingdom will come back to haunt us in the future. Why Luna? Why did they have to die? Now who will be left to fight in the future?"

"Your majesty, they're not gone," Artemis said. "Look at the Imperium Silver Crystal!"

The Silver Crystal flashed brilliantly and the Queen could see fourteen faces… fourteen souls.

"They are still living!" The Queen breathed. "It can be done."

"You majesty what are you doing?" Luna asked.

"Fulfilling their request. To be reborn in other souls in the future.. Souls like themselves that will have a great destiny." Queen Serenity said softly. "They will come back in a thousand years one or two at time."

"But why are you crying my Queen?" Artemis asked.

"Because they will have no memories of our kingdom. Nor the evil when the are reborn." Queen Serenity said.

"There is another way."

All three looked up. Serenity as much as her body would let her. They all saw an incredibly beautiful woman in flowing white robes. Her hair cascaded down her back and was of the purest white. Her eyes were of the deepest blue sea. The crescent moon mark was present on her forehead.

"Lumina," Luna said.

"I'm sorry… but as you know Gods and Goddesses are forbidden to fight directly in mortal battles," Lumina said, "But I have a way of helping."

"How?" Queen Serenity asked.

"I shall make the fourteen souls one half of the soul of the person they will be reborn in," Lumina said. "At the appropriate time, their power shall enter them and the other half of their soul shall be awaken. The two will co-exist and learn from each other."

"That way they would know about the coming danger," Artemis said.

"Yes, Lumina please do this."

"I will… " Lumina said with tears in her eyes. "I so very much you were spared this tragic fate my daughter. You should have been able to live a long life and watch your daughter grow more."

"Don't cry… mother. We'll be together again soon." Queen Serenity said softly.

"Powers of Light and Creation, Send the Souls of These Children to the Future!" Lumina chanted.

The Silver Crystal flew into the sky and the fourteen lights shot out into the stars.

"Goodbye… my daughter." Queen Serenity gasped.

"QUEEN SERENITY!!!" Luna cried out. But it was useless. Queen Serenity was dead.

"Now it is your turn," Lumina said. Waving her hands the two cats were placed into crystals. "I will send you a millennium into the future. Watch for the fourteen, you will find them soon enough."

The cats disappeared as Lumina picked up Serenity's body, "Brother of Metallia I hope you hear my voice. You will die. Either by the hands of Power Rangers or Sailor Scouts. This I prophecise."

Lumina then left with Serenity's body, going back to her realm.


A thousand years later…

At the Youth Center, Tommy and Rocky were sparing with each other, while Kim looked on. The usually spunky Pink Ranger was looking depressed. Billy came in and noticed his friend's sad face.

"You okay Kim?" Billy asked, coming up to her.

"I miss her Billy," Kimberly answered, her voice soft.

Billy knew exactly who Kim was talking about. Trini Kwan, Kim's best friend and now ex-Yellow Ranger. She, along with Jason and Zack, had left the Ranger business to accept positions at the Teen Peace Conference.

Kimberly had been miserable for sometime now, and Billy knew she was just putting on an act. She was tough, but she couldn't keep up the façade forever.

"I wish they could have stayed, but it was a once in a life time deal." Billy said.

"I know. It's been 5 months now. Aisha, Rocky and Adam have been great Rangers and friends," Kim replied, "But I still miss her Billy."

"I know, Kim." Billy nodded, "I know."

"I got it. Maybe we can ask Zordon to let us teleport there!" Kimberly smiled at the idea.

"Um… let's think about this for a while Kim." Billy cautioned, worried that Kim might just actually do that.

"I know I know. Never use the Power for personal gain," Kimberly sighed. "I just wish I knew what it was that they were doing right now."


At that moment, the person in question, Trini Kwan, was at the lake at the Peace Conference; she was looking at her reflection in the water, thinking.

I miss being a Ranger, she thought, I know we're doing a lot here at Conference, but it's going so slowly. Things used to happen so fast as a Ranger. I knew that I was doing something for the world but here… it seems like years will pass before anything happened.

She remembered her trips to China, and how her Grandmother had taught her about her priestess ways. Her Grandmother had consulted the great fire, and had grown in wisdom. She was always fascinated by her Grandmother, and had always spent time with her in the summer.

You are the one…

"Who's there?" Trini called out looking around the area.

You are the one of fire… receive your destiny...

"Trini," Jason greeted as he came down to where she was.

"Jason…" Trini waved back, but frowned as she saw that Jason started to look pale.

"TRINI LOOK OUT!!!" Jason screamed.

Trini didn't have time to scream as a fireball twice the size of herself came crashing down upon her. She fell into the lake, the water beginning to steam from evaporation.

"TRINIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jason cried as he threw his shirt and shoes off, jumping into the lake. "Trini where are you!?!" He dove under the water, continuing to look for her… but there was nothing. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed coming up. Then he saw a body rise up. A female body. "Trini!"

Jason grabbed her and swam back to the shore. When he looked at the body he couldn't believe what he saw. "No way. That fireball should have left burns on her… not that I am complaining."

The woman got up and faced Jason… Jason couldn't believe it.


"Trini… is that you?" Jason looked at her in disbelief.

"Jason what's wrong?" Trini asked worriedly.

"Trini look at your reflection," he pointed at the water.

Trini looked at her reflection and saw someone else. Her face, still Asian, was different. Her eyes were brown now and her hair… her hair had grown to her waist and now was a purplish-black color.

"Oh my God! What happened to me?!" Trini gaped.

Finally! I'm awake!

"Who said that?" Jason asked.

You heard that! The female voice said. Wow, jumping in to help her must have given you a side effect of being able to hear me!

"Who are you?" Trini asked.

I am the teen-age girl you are now. My body is now the one you'll be using now, until I teach you how to change forms, the voice answered.

"So I can go back to normal?" Trini did not want to be stuck in her current form forever.

Girl, our life will never be normal. Thought your time as the Yellow Ranger had taught you that.

"What? How do you know that?" Trini asked in surprise.

I am you. The other half of the light part of your soul… I've been locked in silence until my powers came to us.

"The fire ball?" Jason asked.

Right pal.

"So who are you?" Trini asked.

A thousand years ago my name was Mars, Princess of the planet Mars, second in command of Princess Serena of the Moon's court, the voice replied, But now you, and any one that see us the way we are now, can call me Raye Hino.

"Princess of Mars?" Jason said, "Mars doesn't have any life on it."

It did before it was destroyed in the final battle, Raye answered sadly.

"Final battle?" Trini asked, now curious.

"Look let's go someplace more private." Jason suggested, "My place here is free. Zack's gone for the day."

"Okay then. Let's go." Trini nodded as they both proceeded on their way.


Meanwhile in a far corner of space…

"Is that the best you got?!"

A black colored, green grided, robotic warrior was now fighting with his sword. His opponent was a woman in black leather with orange colored hair done in many braids. She was holding off his sword strikes with a sword.

"I can take anything you can give me!" she cried as she slashed back at him but he dodged and then threw her to the ground.

"You are sloppy and not ready for combat." He said.

It was then she changed her sword to a staff and then started shooting purple bolts of energy at him in the back. He then went down to his knees.

"Take it back." She said.

The robot sighed. "I tell you take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses… not to cheep shot them Astronema. There is no honor or true satisfaction if you do what you just did in a fight."

Astronema, the Princess of Darkness, sighed. "… sorry Ecliptor. I'll remember the next time."

It was just then Ecliptor received something through his CPU. "Excuse me my princess." He then went to the main room and then checked the communications. There on the screen was a man in black robes. He's hair and eyes were completely dark. "My lord…"

"I have felt a presence I have not felt in some time. The Power of Silver." He said.

"It has returned…?" Ecliptor gasped.

"I do not know. What I do know is that a familiar power is now returning. Take Astronema search the universe but stay away from earth for now. I must be certain if it has returned."

"Not earth… but my lord, Zedd has become a baffoon on earth as of late. He couldn't find anything there. Not with his constant losing against children." Ecliptor said.

The Dark Lord smiled. "It's already taken care of. One of my very best has been sent to help… correct the problem. Now do what I asked."

"As you wish Dark Specter." Ecliptor said as the communication ended.


On the moon, where there had once been a thriving and beautiful kingdom there were now only ruins… and on the dark side of it was a very hideous looking castle filled with evil. Were she still alive Queen Serenity wouldn't have wasted a moment by ridding the moon of this evil presence.

"Finster!" Lord Zedd, the so called Lord of all he surveyed,  cried out.

"Yes, Lord Zedd?" Finster asked, coming into the throne room.

"Bring out the CyberShark monster that you have been making. I intend for you to use it against the Rangers," Lord Zedd ordered.

"And why use it against the Rangers… why not on their back up," a female voice said.

"Who goes there?" Goldar demanded.

A woman stepped out of the shadows. She wore a dark purple uniform with green highlights and a white-blue cape. She had blond hair and it was strung up in a ponytail. She just seemed to ooze power from her presence.

"Leave us now." Lord Zedd ordered his minions. They immediately obeyed. "Zoicite?"

"Yes Zedd. I escaped destruction at the Battle of Tyra 300 years ago," Zoicite said, "And you must know by feeling my aura that I have become more powerful than you."

"What do you want?" Lord Zedd asked, wary of her new powers.

"Dark Specter is getting impatient with trying to get rid of the Rangers of Earth," informed Zoicite, "As it stands, you haven't won a single battle yet."

"I destroyed the Green Ranger and the DinoZords!" Lord Zedd protested.

"And gave rise to the White Ranger and the ThunderZords," Zoicite replied sharply, "Therefore, Dark Specter says that for your next attack, you will launch two attacks, one at the Rangers and one at their old members. You are capable of eliminating at least THREE humans right?"

"Yes.." Lord Zedd growled.

"What was that?" Zoicite taunted.

"I SAID YES I WILL!" Zedd screamed.

"Good. I'll be back in a little while," Zoicite answered. Laughing in her annoying way, she left Zedd to himself.

"Finster! Prepare a King Sphinx and the CyberShark!"

"Right away Lord Zedd!" the imp replied.

I will not fail! I will be successful! Lord Zedd thought savagely.


A thousand years ago, Raye began, there was a great kingdom for this solar system called the Moon Kingdom. It was based on the Moon of Earth and consisted of all the planets in the system. We traded and prospered with other kingdoms especially the Kingdom of Triforia. Those people were the greatest. It was a time of peace for the entire galaxy called the Silver Millenium. Until…

"Until what?" Trini asked.

Until the forces of Queen Metallia and Dark Kingdom attacked us. We knew that they were coming and thought that our allies would come… but then Metallia's brother was revealed. We never knew that she had one… but when we saw him we knew that he was even more powerful than her.

"What was his name?" Jason asked.

His name is Dark Specter.


Goldar and King Sphinx teleported to Angel Grove, along with a group Z-Putties. "Remember the plan. draw out the Rangers and then we let them have it." Goldar ordered.

As Goldar and the monsters started trashing the park for the upteenth time, Zoicite watched from the shadows. "Those fools actually think that they can beat the Rangers?" she laughed, "I'll join later. Dark Specter said that Zedd was to kill them… but if I can leave them at his mercy and he fails to kill them, Zedd will lose even more!"

Laughing silently, Zoicite waited for the Rangers to appear.


He caused battles to spring up all over the universe. All of our allies were hard pressed to defend their homeworlds. In the end it was the Moon Kingdom against the Dark Kingdom… and most of us were unprepared for them. I was… but I died in the service to Queen Serenity saving her life from Gaxite. Raye said.

"I'm sorry," said Trini, her voice soft.

Don't be. I'm not. My sacrifice allowed the Queen to use the Imperium Silver Crystal to defeat the Dark Kingdom, kill Queen Mettallia and bring peace back to the galaxy.
Raye replied. Trini could almost see the smile in the other girl's voice.

"I see," Jason said, "So now what are you doing here in Trini's body?"

My soul was attached to hers at her birth. With her dying breath, Queen Serenity sent us 14 teens of the court of Princess Serena to become half of a future person's soul. souls that would be a lot like we were.
Raye explained.

"Like you were?" Trini asked.

You are a pacifist and a warrior. And you studied the art of the fire from your grandmother… just like me. For all intents and purposes the two of us are like twin sisters separated at birth.
Raye answered.

"She may be right Trini," said Jason, "I mean, you both work with shrines and martial arts."

"Yeah," Trini nodded, understanding, "This is just going to get a little getting used to."

Suddenly the wall exploded.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Jason cried.



The Power Rangers were quickly contacted by Zordon.

"What's wrong Zordon?" Tommy asked.

"Goldar and King Spinix are attacking in the park." Zordon explained.

"Understood," Tommy replied, knowing immediately what to do.

"Tommy. I wish for you to say out of this fight. I have a mission for you." Zordon said.

"But Zordon." Tommy protested.

"It' okay Tommy.. will take care it," Billy looked at Zordon, knowing that their mentor would have a good reason for leaving Tommy behind. "It's Morphin Time!"






The five Rangers left, leaving Tommy with Zordon. "Tommy, the reason I didn't send you with them, is because of Zedd's second attack… on Switzerland."

"The Peace Conference!" Tommy gasped.

"Apparently Lord Zedd wants to finish off Jason, Trini, and Zack in case we need them to come back. Plus the news would unfocus Billy and Kimberly. I trust you won't tell them about this until later." Zordon said.

"Right. I'm on it Zordon! It's Morphin Time! WHITE TIGER!" Tommy cried.

He was then teleported to the conference.


"Idiots!" Zoicite muttered, as she watched Zedd's minions losing their battle. "Must I do everything myself?" Teleporting onto the scene, she proceeded to blast all five Rangers.

"Who are you?" The Red Ranger cried, scrambling away from her blasts.

"My true name is unimportant, but for this fight. You can all me Galaxia." Zoicite announced.

The Blue and Black Rangers tried to double team her, but ended up swatted away like flies. "Who's next?" she taunted. The Pink and Yellow Rangers tried to blast her, but with no affect. Finally, the Red Ranger charged at her with his sword.

"A duel huh? Then face this blade! Laguna Saber come to me!" Zoicite cried. An onyx colored sword appeared in her hands. "Ready?" He came at her but she blocked all of his thrusts. "You're so weak." she sneered. He tried again to attack, but the villianess ended up breaking his blade, "Now it's time to pay the piper. ZOY!" She blasted him back to his teammates.

"Power Blaster! NOW!" The Red Ranger cried. Quickly forming it, they aimed it at Zoicite. Unfortunately, right before it would hit her, she aimed her own sword back at them. As the Ranger's beam collided with her blade, it reflected back at them. The Rangers fell to the ground, looking defeated.

"Well my work here is done," said Zoicite smugly. She then turned to Goldar and his thugs, "Do remember to kill the little pests."

"What in the world?" Goldar asked, looking around.

"FORGET ABOUT HER AND KILL THE RANGERS!!!" Lord Zedd screamed from above.

Obeying Goldar and his men moved in for the kill.


"Jason." Trini whispered. The former Red Ranger was unconscious and losing blood. "What can I do?"

Repeat after me. Oh sacred fire… I call upon you to aid us and heal our injuries, Raye said.

"Oh sacred fire… I call up on you to aid us and heal our injuries," Trini repeated. Before her eyes, Jason's wounds from the explosion were healed in a flash of light. He slowly opened his eyes. "JASON!"

"Raye… Trini… I owe you ladies one," Jason whispered.

Don't mention it, Raye replied.

"Come on let's look for others that might need help," Trini said.

"Right, see you at the Bell!" Jason answered leaving.

The Bell?

"In the center of the ground there this thing called the Bell" Trini smiled. "Looks like you don't know everything about me."

Not yet. Give me a break sis. I've been asleep for a millennium now. Raye replied.

"Come on," Trini said. She ran outside looking for people when suddenly she spotted a shark monster fighting with the White Ranger. "I don't believe it."

"You're going down fish boy!"

"Hardly White Ranger." CyberShark sneered back at the Ranger.

"Tommy?!? Oh crap, even way out here Zedd decides to attack us. He knew that we would replace the others if necessary, and decides to eliminate us. I wish I could fight that monster."

Then go ahead and fight. Raye responded.

"Are you nuts?! That's a monster!" Trini exclaimed, wondering what was wrong with her. "Only Power Rangers can fight that thing!"

And we are by far stronger than any Power Ranger!
Raye retorted. Demonstrating her point she took temporary control of Trini and shot her fist through a wall. It went right through the concrete. Trini didn't feel a thing, there was no bruise either.

"What in the world?" Trini whispered in wonder.

We princesses were much stronger than most people, in this form,
Raye said starting to smile in Trini's mind. Or in our other form.

"We have a third form?" Trini asked.

In flash of red light, a red stick appeared in Trini's hands with a gold star on the top. There was a red circle in the middle of the star; the circle contained the symbol of Mars.

Being a Ranger is nothing compared to being a Sailor Scout.
Raye said.

"Sailor Scout?" Trini asked.

Hold up the stick and say 'Mars Star Power'.

Trini complied, "Mars Star Power!"

A flash of red lights engulfed the ex-Ranger. These formed into rings of fire that encircled her body. When they touched her, she didn't feel a thing. The whole light show lasted for a minute.

I have waited a long time for this, Raye said.

Trini took a look at herself. She was no longer in her clothing. She was in a … sailor fuku? It was primarily white but the scarf and skirt were red. She wore red high heel shoes and red star earrings. She had a tiara on her head with a ruby jewel.

You understand what you are now don't you? Raye asked.

"I do now…." Trini said. Then she looked at the White Ranger. "Now to help Tommy."


"Time to die White Ranger!" CyberShark bellowed.

"No chance of that pal." Tommy retorted.

"Then maybe…" the monster produced a little girl. He had his weapon at her throat, "I'll just kill this kid! Who says evil never wins?"


"What?" the monster tried, but couldn't move his legs. He had three wards on his back. Unwillingly, he let go of the girl, watching as she ran off.

The White Ranger was confused, "What's going on?"

Suddenly a purple-black haired girl leaped down next to Tommy.

"I thought you might need some help White Ranger!" she said.

"Who the hell are you mortal?!" CyberShark snarled.

"You dared to kill an innocent… that is unforgivable and on behalf of Mars I shall kill you… I am Sailor Mars."

Cybershark sneered at the Sailor soldier, "As if you could kill me."

"Oh really…" Sailor Mars smirked, "MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE!!!!"

A large bird of pure fire came down from the sky and pierced the CyberShark's heart. He exploded in a glorious display of explosions.


"NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" Zedd screamed. Things had been going so well… until that girl showed up.

"No little girl is going to show me up!" Lord Zedd shouted pulling out a growth bomb. "Grow and destroy the White Ranger!"


The bomb exploded on the CyberShark, making it grow to a size of fifty feet.

"Oh crap!" Sailor Mars frowned.

"I'll handle this one," said Tommy, "TigerZord power up!"

The White TigerZord appeared from it's hiding place. Going inside, Tommy used Saba to convert it to Warrior Mode.

Cybershark laughed, "Fool you think you can beat me alone!"

Alright! Time to face this scumbag ourselves! Raye said.

"ARE YOU NUTS?! WE DON'T HAVE A ZORD!!!" Sailor Mars cried.

Raye smirked, We don't need a Zord.

"What?" Sailor Mars said. Then Raye took over, "Girl you have a lot to learn. By the Power of Mars… Make Me Grow!!!"

In a flash of light Sailor Mars grew to Zord size.

"What in the world?" Tommy said from the TigerZord, "Who in the world is she?"

"This is impossible!" the monster cried.

"Nothing is impossible for me!" Sailor Mars said, "White Ranger!"

"Right. White Tiger Thunder Ball! FIRE!" Tommy said. CyberShark fell down at the impact.

It time to finish this Sailor Mars, Raye said. And don't deny it you're a great Sailor.

Sailor Mars thought to Raye.

Now use your personal weapon… the Mars Crimson Sword
. Raye said.

"Mars Crimson Sword!" Sailor Mars said as a blade made completely of fire appeared in her hands. It didn't harm her because… she IS fire.

"Your life ends now. Fire Blast Slash!!!" Sailor Mars cried. Five blades of fire energy passed right through the monster. Sailor Mars then cut him in half with her sword. CyberShark exploded and this time he wouldn't be coming back. Sailor Mars reverted back to normal size.

"Oh man. Who in the world are you?!" Tommy asked as he came back to the ground and ran to Sailor Mars.

"I am the Priestess of Fire and the Princess of Mars. I am Sailor Mars."

"Look I want to…"

"There! I told you so!" a little girl cried. Soon, lots of little girls and teenage girls came running towards them.

"Um excuse me ladies but I can't stay and." Tommy started. But to his surprise and hers, the mob of women had surrounded Sailor Mars.

"You were unbelievable!" one of them exclaimed.

"Are you really from Mars?" another asked.

"You're cooler that the Power Rangers!"

"Can you teach us how to grow like that?"

"Can we have your autograph?!"

"Um, White Ranger." Sailor Mars said grabbing Tommy, "Please get me out of here. I wasn't expecting this much of a crowd."

"Neither was I," Tommy whispered.

"What was that?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Nothing.." Tommy said. "Sorry kids but we have to go."

In streaks of white and red the two teenage heroes vanished.

"SAILOR MARS! SAILOR MARS! SAILOR MARS!" the girls chanted as they vanished.


"Tommy what happened… and… and…" Alpha stuttered.

"Zordon , Alpha this is Sailor Mars." Tommy started. "She is an incredible fighter. She managed to take out a monster at giant size. She can grow." Suddenly the alarms went off.

"Oh no! Goldar is about to finish of the Rangers." Alpha exclaimed.

"Ready for another fight Sailor Mars?" Tommy asked.

"Just be my bodyguard from little kids." Sailor Mars chuckled.

"We're out of here." Tommy said. Then he and Sailor Mars were gone.


"And now Rangers I send you to the afterlife!" Goldar cried.

"Wrong Monkey Boy! MARS CELESTIAL FIRE. SURROUND!!!!" Rings of fire attacked both monsters. King Sphinx was reduced to ashes and Goldar was forced to flee.

"Who in the world?" Billy, his voice full of surprise.

"It's alright guys," Tommy said coming over. "She's on our side."

"Nice outfit," Rocky said. That got him slapped by his female teammates in the head. "Ouch!" The Red Ranger rubbed his head.

"Don't give her a bad impression of us!" Kimberly scolded.

"Don't worry I've dealt with worse. I'm Sailor Mars."

Suddenly King Sphinx was giant sized, stopping all conversation.

"Time for the Zords!" Billy exclaimed.

"White Ranger?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Guys, no Zords. Sailor Mars go for it," Tommy nodded.

"Thanks. By the Power of Mars… Make Me Grow!!!" she cried and was soon the monster's size.

"She can grow!" Adam gaped.

Sailor Mars was literally wiping the floor with King Sphinx with her combat moves. "Time to die monster… MARS FIREBIRD STRIKE!!!" Sailor Mars cried. The firebird came down and killed the monster in one shot. Sailor Mars reverted back to her normal size.

"Oh wow… you were awesome!" Aisha exclaimed.

"Totally!" agreed Kimberly.

"Come on guys. Time to get back to base," Tommy said.

The Rangers and Sailor Mars all teleported back to the Command Center.

Yet they had not noticed Zoicite watching the battle.

It can't be! Sailor Mars alive! She's been dead for over a thousand years! Zoicite blinked. Dark Specter must be told about this… a smirk crossed her lips. … but first. I have something to do. Also there's a little bauble I know Zedd has that I want.


Back at the Lunar Palace, Zedd was anything but happy.

"No!" Lord Zedd cried. "I can't believe this! That girl in that stupid uniform has ruined everything!"

"And once again you fail, Zedd." Zoicite chuckled as she appeared behind him.

"And what are you going to tell Dark Specter, Zoicite?"

"Nothing… for a price." Zoicite replied with a smirk on her face.

"What?" he asked.

"The Gem of Marine," Zoicite answered, "Give it up or I tell Dark Specter." The blue gem was placed in her hands with reluctance. "Thank you and goodbye, Zedd."

Zoicite could hear him curse her name in many languages under his breath. "Never curse my name, Zedd. I don't like that. Well I promised I wouldn't tell Dark Specter that you failed." She said traveling through space till finds the object she's looking for, "… but Dark Specter told me what kind of punishment to give you should you fail to kill the Rangers." Waving a stick in space like a golf club she winds up "Fore!"

The space dumpster containing Rita Repulsa is back on it's way to Earth.

"If I know that old witch she'll escape from that dumpster once she reaches the moon. Rita will probably make Zedd fall in love with her just to regain power. Gee… if that happens I wonder if Zedd would want children and what would they look like. Probably make their parents look beautiful in comparison." She laughed. "Well now I have done what I came here to do. Time to return to Dark Specter." And then she disappeared from space.


"Well we've shown you who we are," Tommy said, "Can you show us who you are?"

Be me… be Raye Hino,
Raye advised. Sailor Mars mentally nodded and then she transformed into her second identity. She knew she couldn't reveal who she really was. Not yet anyway.

"Raye Hino," Raye said, "I live in Switzerland for now. I hadn't expected trouble until today." Alpha came and presented her with a red communicator.

"Raye, would like you to have this in case we need your help in the future," said Zordon.

"I'm glad to give you my assistance Zordon. but now I had better get back to Switzerland before someone notices I'm missing," Raye said.

"Of course. Alpha, " Zordon looked at his robot companion.

"Raye thank you," Tommy said.

"Glad I could help. Until the next time," and then she was gone.

"Think we'll see her again?" Rocky asked.

"I think it's almost a certainty." Tommy said.


Meanwhile deep in space, Zoicite was reporting to Dark Specter.

"Sailor Mars?" Dark Specter said inquisitively.

"Yes my Lord Specter. I don't understand this. How is it possible? She died! Should I go back to earth and flush her out?" Zoicite asked.

"No. Not yet. She is but one scout and allied with no one. Still be on watch when you can." Dark Specter said.

"And what if the current UAE member trying to conquer earth fails in form us of the appearance of another Sailor Scout?" Zoicite asked.

Dark Specter's eyes glowed. "Then I will deal with them myself… personally."


Three days later…

Well you've adjusted well, Raye said, We both exist in harmony and we can fight the darkness, and most of all live, like teenage girls.

"And what about this," Trini asked holding the cover of Newsweek.

'Sailor Mars, Savior of the Teen Peace Conference. Is she part of the Rangers or is she a solo heroine?' Splashed on the front cover was a big picture of Sailor Mars killing CyberShark.

No one's perfect.
Raye sighed.